underwood tattoos

“Hey, guys?”
“Yeah, big guy?”
“First of all: don’t call me that. Second: I- I saw a, eh, a ta-tattoo- stud-studio down t-there. A-and I have thought about getting a -a tattoo in a l-long time… and I don’t had the time at home, so-”
“Tattoo. Now. I want one.”
“Woah, hold on Piper! You want a tattoo all the sudden?!”
“Yeah? I love tattoos, and if Frank want one now, why can’t we go get a tattoo together? Who wants a tattoo now?”
*Percy, Frank, Nico, Piper, Hazel, Leo, Reyna and Rachel raised their hands*
“Okey! Now that’s clear, we’re gonna get tattooed!”

Frank has always wanted a tattoo (except the one he got from Camp Jupiter), and it turns out that some of the others also wants a tattoo.

(Note: I LOVE TATTOOS!!! And I think that I have found some ones that the demigods may want to have)

Photo: Hazel