underwear on the floor

  • Movies: *wearing snazzy clothing, maybe a cloak*
  • Me: *sitting cross-legged on the floor in my underwear and a facial mask probably*
  • Movies: *has beautiful grimoire that's been handed down through twelve generations*
  • Me: *has a messy pile of spells and info copied from the Internet*
  • Movies: *muttering Latin as they light their candles*
  • Me: *mumbling over a cigarette as I light my candles* do the magicks, lil fuckers.
  • Guzma, laying on the floor in his underwear at 4am: I haven't slept in weeks. I have severe depression and it's only getting worse. I have began drinking away my problems, which in turn only leads to more sadness. I wish I was good enough for my family. I wish I was good enough for myself. I'm so useless I can't even beat an 11 year old in a pokemon battle. What have I become? When will this nightmare be over
  • Grunts: God he's so cool
fav topp dogg memories
  • hansols ‘dandy happy birthday sexy man’ 
  • fan asking bjoo where xero is and bjoo replying with ‘xero is an idiot’ 
  • bjoo slapping xero while hes talking and then xero slapping him back, harder and then bjoo getting up and looking like hes Ready To Fight™ 
  • xero drinking cooly and everybody thinks its a coffee but in reality it was hot chocolate 
  • bjoos ‘drop the beat!!!!’ 
  • hansol spraying bjoo with water and making bjoos shirt all wet 
  • the pepero game 
  • sangdo hitting the ‘ghost’, then apologizing afterwards 
  • xero kissing the members 
  • yano nakta hansol and a-tom getting brazilian waxing
  • hansol hugging bjoo, bjoo screaming ‘LET GO’ and then bjoo hitting him with a plushie 
  • hansol telling everyone that xero seemed to like his underwear and then telling xero that he will give him one pair of his underwear and then slapping him with these, xero throwing it at the floor, bjoo getting them back and then xero smelling these 
  • pgoons ‘einstein sunbaemin’ 
  • kidoh promoting his solo album and telling ‘so i’m giving this to hojoon as a birthday present!!’
  •  bjoo: you can have the buffet. hansol: with you? 
  • bjoos ‘WAOW’ and screams
  • bungee jumping
  • yano saying ‘disgusting’ in english in topp dogg all kill
  • jenissi tasting  coffee to guess the brand name
  • kidohs ‘im fresh like ur backpack!!!’
  • xero bjoo pgoon and hojoon dressed as girls
  • atom xero nd hojoon pranking bjoo and xero slapping bjoos ass afterwards
  • jenissi freestyling and then xero interrupting him with the squeaky chicken toy
  • kidoh in annie fanchant video, his foot dance and jenissis reaction to it
  • hansol chasing chickens
  • jenissi perfectly pronouncing western name and when the girl tells him it was good he mumbles ‘english good’
  • xero holding the card with his info and being all cool and then hojoon telling him its upside down 
  • hansol hugging bjoo and then pushing him out of the chair hes sitting on
  • hojoon atom bjoo and xero trying to dance along to gfriends glass bead and when the stardom poster behind them pells off bjoo starts to laugh hysterically and ruins everything
  • hansols ‘its td boys not titty boys’
  • gohn: im sorry for interrupting bjoo: if youre sorry then just stop
  • bjoo talking about how his shoulders got wider and hansol rolling his eyes
  • yano making a bracelet and trying to put it on the show writer’s wrist and then breaking it
  • pgoon scaring members
  • girl commenting ‘gay’ on hansols instagram and hansol replying with ‘so? you hate gay guys? really??’ and just basically being a hero we need
  • hansol dancing to red velvets dumb dumb
  • hansol voguing
  • nakta telling everyone that he talked for two hours about frogs to sangdo
  • nakta not picking yanos call but picking bjoos and not saying anything
  • hansol talking and holding the cookie in his hand and then yano takes it and eats it and hansol getting all shocked
  • hansol getting the cake on his birthday and he gets it on his hand and slaps bjoos cheek with it and then he goes to bjoo and bjoo do the same with him
  • xero and jenissi getting a challenge to hold hands when it was jenissis birthday
  • xero dancing in his cow pajamas in the middle of the night  outside
  • seogoong asking whos the best looking, atom screeching and seogoong telling him to go back to the building
  • i just love topp dogg

So, I spilled soup on myself. In my trailer on the set of Supernatural. It was lunch time, I was wearing my Castiel wardrobe, and I spilled soup on myself. I spilled enough soup on myself that I had to take my underwear off. Um, I had to take off all of my clothes, and I had to take off my underwear. Wardrobe brought me a new set of clothes and I left my underwear, I guess, on the floor or something like that. And Kelly from costumes came and scooped up all of the clothes, including the underwear, and went back, washed them, and then she was like… “What the fuck is this orange underwear?” Bright orange underwear. And she brought them to the only obvious answer, which was to Richard Speight. And left them in his trailer, like “Richard, here you go. Here’s your underwear.” And then Richard came out like, “What the fuck is going on? Who’s leaving underwear in my trailer?!” [x]

Send one to catch my muse...

🎤 - Singing in their room playing some savage air guitar

✍️ - Drawing something with so much focus they don’t even notice your muse walking in

😴 - Asleep on the floor in just their underwear holding a dirty rag

👀 - Looking at something nauuuuuuuughyyyyyyyyyy

👒 - Cross dressing and posing like a total rockstar in the mirror

🎶- Dancing around like crazy listening to their favourite song

👶 - Having a baby. Like just holding a baby. They don’t even have a baby. There is a baby.

😈 - Literally trying to summon satan

😕 - Staring at the wall, they’ve been there for three hours

🤓 - Digging into a study that they like, nose deep into a book or article with a cluttered desk of notes


this plant vaguely matches my underwear & i’m very pleased about that | my pictures, pls don’t steal

Waiting - Eisuke Ichinomiya

An attempt at a little angst - not 100% sure about this. Let me know what you think. May go with another idea and delete haha.

It was as if I could feel a sickness beginning to stir vigorously in the pit of my stomach; something akin to the feeling of melancholy laced intricately with rage and sugar dusted with regret. The bright; art style night skies of Tokyo filtered in through the penthouse lounge windows to wash over me; a romantic comedy buzzing on the ridiculously oversized tv which I had no interest in; nor could I make out through blood shot, tired eyes. A numbness; a feeling of rejection had pulsed and flooded through my veins.

Crossing and uncrossing my legs over and over and over again uncomfortably, I sunk further down into the grand leather sofa and fixated my eyes on the underwear I’d placed on the coffee sidetable to my left – the underwear that I’d found on the floor beside our bed – a lacy, tiny red pair that just oozed with sex appeal and instant betrayal. Words tried to slip from my lips; songs of a broken bird agitated and upset, yet instead only a sigh escaped – no words at all to be said. They weren’t mine – the underwear that is – the inventory of what I owned; of what Eisuke liked and approved played over and over inside my head and this; finding this, meant a combination of three things. One – there was another woman; - ha, what a surprise. Two – he had cheated on me. Three – worst of all; he had lied to me.

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No better February desktop than this hilarious painting that is practically the queen of art memes. Just remember the face of the dude on the floor while thinking people didn’t wear underwear back then. LOL.

The image is “L’Escarpolette”, ca. 1767, by Jean-Honoré Fragonard.

Get it here:

1280x800 or 1920x1080 or 2560x1440

I would selfdrag via dragging viktor nikiforov about laundry instead of the dishes, only he clearly has super nice expensive clothes that he takes to the cleaners to get professionally dry cleaned once a week, and does not have an ikea bag of wet clothes sitting outside NEXT TO the line

Love and Marriage

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Characters: Dean, Lisa, Ben, Mary (kind of an OC, but I’ve seen the Dean’s-daughter-Mary thing played out all over the place)

Summary: AU, Dean stayed with Lisa after Sam came back. You want to spend the day with Sam alone, but Dean plans a family day.

Word Count: 3,500 (oh, that makes me so happy!)

Warnings: lightly implied smut, cursing, drinking, daddy!Dean, fluff, angst

A/N: Little idea that popped into my brain as I was laying in bed last night. Hope you like it! 

*flashbacks are in bold

Originally posted by cheerfulsammy

Stretching and yawning, you swung your legs around to the side of the bed and placed your feet on the cold hardwood floor. As you walked to the bathroom, you scooped up your shirt and underwear, but apparently left your dignity on the floor the night before. You turned the water on and let it get warm before splashing some over your face. When you looked up into the mirror, you noticed a purply-reddish bite mark at the base of your neck.

“Damn it, Sam.” You grumbled and threw the towel down on the corner of the sink, stomping into the kitchen.

“Mm, mornin’ beautiful.” He barely turned to look at you over his shoulder, one hand holding the phone to his ear while the other covered the microphone.

You should’ve been calling him beautiful. He was standing at the counter, waiting for the toaster to pop. His bare back was to you, making it hard not to gawk at him. The way his muscles flexed even when he was standing still, the perfect v-shape that his body had, his dark grey sweatpants hanging on to his hip bones just so, it was all too much to resist. So you didn’t. You walked to him and wrapped your arms around his middle, laying your head between his shoulder blades after pressing light kisses to the skin there.

“Yeah, see ya then.” He hung up the phone and snapped the phone shut before setting it on the counter.

“Mornin’, Sammy,” you said.

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I woke up at around 4AM to go to the bathroom this morning. I usually HATE going to the bathroom that early because I’m half-awake and I don’t sit on toilet seats, not even my own. Usually, after hovering successfully, I go back into my room and lay a clean t-shirt on the floor, take off my pants and underwear, step onto the shirt, put on a clean pair of socks, put on new underwear, put my pants back on, and then go back to bed. WELL NOT THIS MORNING. I fought the urge and went back to bed. No clothing swaps. Granted, I didn’t go back to sleep, BUT I DIDN’T DO MY RITUAL. I’m still alive, the earth is still spinning, nothing bad happened at all. Baby steps, guys. Little baby steps. 🙂

i love reading the serving suggestions on the backs of triscuits boxes that say things like “top with bruschetta and garnish with oregano and serve as a tasty snack at your next get-together!” while I eat the entire box in my underwear on my bathroom floor

People: Narcissists are usually well-groomed, physically attractive, and charismatic speakers. Beware their manipulative charm!

Me, a Narcissist™️: *after laying uselessly awake for most of the daylight hours, rolls out of bed in sweat drenched underwear and t shirt on day three of not showering, flops on floor, perplexed by the functionality involved in combing my hair, picks at skin instead* a,

Robin Wright, Caught in the Act, 2013

Photographer Howard Schatz coaxed dramatic portraits out of top actors, for his “In Character” portrait series in Vanity Fair.

From top left:

Your slob husband has just walked out the door, leaving his stained underwear, muddy boots, and newspapers on the floor one damn time too many, and you’re screaming at him from the bedroom window as you throw his entire wardrobe onto the front yard.

You got married at 16, divorced at 20—three children and no idea where your ex has gone, three months overdue on your rent, wondering whatever happened to the romantic vision of the future you had as a girl.

You’re with two friends who were at college with you, talking about the basketball star you all dated in school.

You’ve been the executive assistant for the same man for 15 years—and sleeping with him for almost as long—hearing him fire you and knowing that you have enough evidence to make you rich.

cute things the signs do on a rainy day
  • Aries: collects all the fuzzy and woolly socks they can find and takes selfies in every pair
  • Taurus: makes super fancy hot chocolate and gets a hot chocolate mustache while drinking it
  • Gemini: puts all their indoor plant friends outside so they can take a nice shower
  • Cancer: builds a blanket fort in the living room and naps under it with all their animals
  • Leo: does their hair up all fancy and puts on their hottest outfit then wanders around the house complimenting themselves in every mirror
  • Virgo: opens every window and dances around half-naked to the sound of the rain
  • Libra: tries to read to their animals but gets frustrated when they won't listen and ends up watching their favorite movie just so they can recite all the words
  • Scorpio: sits on the kitchen floor in their underwear and makes up a thousand stories inside their head
  • Sagittarius: runs outside immediately and dances in the yard under the rain but regrets it later when they get the sniffles
  • Capricorn: tries out every recipe they can get their hands on and invites all their friends over for a rainy day tea party
  • Aquarius: builds little shelters out of things laying around the yard so the neighborhood animals can be safe from the storm
  • Pisces: drives to the nearest park and plays on the swing sets until the rain stops
Scruffy-Looking Nerf-Herder - Smut - Nerdgasm Part 1

Originally posted by starwars

Author: @dumbass-stilinski

Rating: NSFW 18+
Paring: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 1389
A/N: Please beware, if you have no knowledge of Star Wars this might confuse the shit out of you. But I’m a nerd and I can’t help myself okay?

Part 2
Part 3

You leaned against the wall, tugging at the short skirt you were wearing, and feeling decidedly uncomfortable. It was your own fault, you’d let Lydia dress you up for this party, but you knew you looked damn good. Lydia had impeccable taste. You were more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl normally. You’d had to fight Lydia to let you wear your Star Wars underwear underneath it. Shifting around again, you scuffed your heeled foot on the floor and took another sip from the red solo cup in your hand.

“Wow.” You head jerked up to see Stiles standing there looking at you appreciatively.

“Shut up, Stiles.” You grinned.

“You look beautiful.” He said. “I mean, you always do, but, you know what I mean. Shut up, Stiles.” He leaned up against the wall next to you.

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anonymous asked:

My mom told me to gather up some laundry (my room is a mess and I'm wearing my only clean underwear rn) and I just looked at my floor and felt like crying. I managed to gather it up and then just laid on my bed for a while because I couldnt get myself to go all the way to the basement to put it in the washer. I think it was b/c executive dysfunction but idk and idk how to explain it beyond "I want to do the thing but cant do the thing right now" and I ended up crying b/c I had to do laundry?

This does sound like executive dysfunction. A good way to explain it when you’re feeling like this specifically is “I’m really overwhelmed and I can’t do the next step.” Most people understand that when they don’t understand wanting to do something and not being able to make it happen.


Wonho Scenario- Morning Sweetness 

Genre: Romance (Warning: Smut)

Your eyes fluttered open, slowly adjusting to the rays of the sun. As your vision became clearer, so did the face that was soundly sleeping in front of you. “ How could such a perfect human being exist?” you thought to yourself as you absorbed all his facial features; his soft thick pink lips, sharp nose, perfectly shaped eyes and eyebrows, and adorable big ears. As you gazed at his peaceful state, a small smile began to form as your index finger grazed over top his luscious lips. You recalled the previous night, unable to forget how his large hands held you, the feeling of his tongue on your skin and the way he whispered your named into your ears.

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part of this has been sitting in my notes for ages so i decided to finish and post it. it’s another tattooartist!luke thing- enjoy! 

“I got it,” Luke murmurs as he leans over you in the dark to turn the baby monitor off, quieting the screaming.

He smiles softly when your hand reaches up and grips the side of his neck, pulling him down for a half awake kiss, “you’re the best,” you sigh, your fingers brushing his scruffy cheek as you release him before snuggling back into the warm blankets, not once opening your eyes.

He chuckles as he rolls out of bed completely naked, grabbing his underwear off the floor before pulling them on and heading out of your room, hissing when his toes hit the cold hardwood that’s spread throughout the house.

“Daddy,” Willa, your almost-3 year old, mumbles around her tears when he pushes her door open, her nightlight illuminating the room enough for him to find his way to her little pink princess toddler bed without stepping on toys.

“What’s wrong baby?” He murmurs tiredly, yawning as he lowers himself onto the tiny mattress, letting her climb into his lap as he leans back against the wall.

“I ha’ bad deem,” she murmurs around her thumb as she snuggles against his chest, tucking her other arm between them as she hides her face in his neck.

Luke hums, twisting the soft ends of her nearly white blonde hair around his finger where the strands have started curling slightly, “do you remember what happened?” He asks, scooting down on the tiny bed and rolling on his side, his arm wrapping around her to keep her cuddled against his tattoo covered chest. His long, lanky limbs make getting comfortable difficult, but he gives it his best attempt, his legs ending up half hanging off the mattress.

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