underwear fashions

👑 I S S U E S 👽
Model: Christopher Marrs
IG: @marrs_the_martian

The Belasco, Los Angeles, Q&A. Someone asked where he likes to shop for clothes.

He laughed and then identified where each clothing item came from including shoes from Bloomingdales, pants from All Saints (which he later confirmed were from Graceland and he has them in EVERY COLOR), shirt from John Elliott, beanie from Urban Outfitters and… Calvin Klein underwear from Amazon…

QA man: “Prove it.”

Aaron without hesitation… 👀👀

He confirmed he likes to shop at Barney’s, Bloomingdales, Urban Outfitter and Nike Town.

Mimsy Farmer in Spain, in the Canary Islands, in Lanzarote, in 1969, during the filming of ‘La route de Salina’ by Georges Lautner. Photo by Philippe Le Tellier (Paris Match magazine)

AU where Voltron is a model agency run by Allura’s dad and all the paladins are models there (??)

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