It’s like the coral is waving at you!


Moray Eel on coral reef, with school of fish, Sumatra

flower asks ♡

dandelion: if you had a superpower or magical ability, what would you want it to be?

primrose: how do you usually style your hair?

hyacinth: sexual orientation?

daisy: romantic orientation?

daffodil: favorite season?

iris: do you have a favorite myth or fairytale (from any culture)?

buttercup: pastels or bright colors?

trillium: do you like stargazing?

violet: if you had wings, what would they look like?

water lily: crayons or washable markers?

sunflower: do you like taking personality quizzes?

california poppy: even or odd numbers?

lilac: would you rather be a merperson or a fairy?

snapdragon: how many active tumblr blogs do you have at the moment?

wisteria: have you ever wished on a shooting star?

clover: do you sleep with a stuffed toy?

tiger lily: favorite planet?

dahlia: do you wear glasses?

honeysuckle: if you were a magician, would you rather live high in the mountains surrounded by flowers, deep in the forest in a mossy fairy glade, or underwater in a coral reef teeming with sea life?

magnolia: opinion on perfume?

lavender: do you like to make up stories in your head before you fall asleep at night?

lupine: opinion on sparkling water?

bluebell: do you feel like your zodiac sign suits you?


Moray eel swimming on coral reef