You pick up weird hobbies,

Harry reflected, when you’re a hundred-year old fishman living at the bottom of the local lake. 

Not that he’d know personally. But he could observe his grandfather. And Grandpa Morty had the expected hobbies of a ten foot tall primeval man-fish hybrid- briefly surfacing in a way to confuse hobbyist  monster hunters and ruin their attempts at clear photography,  terrifying the local duck population, and the like, but then there was his other hobby.

Uncle Morty liked to solve crimes.

It started during the business when a cult had decided Morty was actually the  god of the lake and started sacrificing virgins to him.  Tips from Morty had been key in allowing the Sheriff’s office in tracking down the cultists and saving some of the victims.

But since Uncle Morty couldn’t leave the lake for very long, he couldn’t really do his own legwork.

And that was where his family came in, and since Harry had a government job that gave him an excuse to turn up just about anywhere in the area as the County Tax assessor, he wound up acting as the Archie Goodwin to his grandfather’s Fishman Nero Wolfe, more often than not.

And that’s why Harry, was sitting at the edge of the lake, reading the police blotter into a microphone whose terminal end was a transmitter about a hundred feet underwater, in case his grandfather had theories or information about one of the ongoing cases. 

Listening for History: Exploring Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary with Sound

How do you find a shipwreck in a 23,000-square-mile lake? For researchers, it can be like finding a needle in a haystack. 

This spring, researchers in Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary undertook the second phase of a research expedition to find lost shipwrecks within sanctuary waters in Lake Huron. From May 15 through 26, they used acoustics to explore deep water areas off Presque Isle.

University of Delaware researchers monitor incoming survey data from R/V Laurentian’s science lab. Photo: NOAA

Unlike on land, where features can be documented with aerial imagery or satellites equipped with cameras, visual survey isn’t practical underwater. In some cases the water is too murky, or turbid, to take photographs. At deeper depths there simply isn’t any ambient light. A camera, therefore, would only see darkness unless an array of lights was lowered down with it to illuminate the area.

Sound, however, is astonishingly efficient underwater. The density of water, both freshwater and saltwater, allows sound waves to travel great distances. When these waves encounter an object, they bounce off and in some cases reflect back in the direction of their original travel. In fact, by knowing the speed of sound through water, researchers can calculate how far away an object is. If the object being mapped is the lake floor, in this case the bottom of Lake Huron, the distance to the bottom, or water depth, can be determined by the time delay between a sound wave emitted at the surface and its travel to the lake floor and return back to the source at the surface.

The behavior of sound in water is so reliable that hydrographers can make detailed maps of the seafloor, accurate to within inches. Archaeologists can also use this technology to locate undiscovered shipwrecks. Where the lake bottom is flat and even, a historical shipwreck will appear as a large “anomaly” in the sonar data, a feature that sits upright off the bottom in stark contrast to the surrounding natural features. Once located, researchers can return with additional tools, such as underwater robots or divers, to further document a potential discovery.

University of Delaware sonar technicians Kenny Haulsee and Peter Barron route cables from the echosounder (yellow device in foreground) along a pole mount used to lower and secure the echosounder along the side of the vessel. The team installed and tested the entire sonar system while dockside to ensure proper operation before getting underway within the survey area. Photo: NOAA

Using sound to reveal lost shipwrecks

When researchers are first characterizing the lakebed or seafloor, we use a sonar system that can see a wide strip of the bottom at once. By running a pre-planned grid of overlapping passes – a technique referred to as “mowing the lawn” for the pattern it creates – researchers end up with a complete map of a given area. However, this wide-scanning sonar results in a less detailed image, or lower-resolution one, than a more focused sonar would reveal.

As a result, a dual-phase approach is often needed. That’s where the multiple phases of the Thunder Bay shipwreck expedition come in. In Phase II, completed in May, researchers used a wide-reaching sonar to scan large portions of the lake floor. By surveying large areas as quickly as possible, previously unexplored areas can be covered and new discoveries made.

Once surveyed, archaeologists will examine the data and tag anomalies against the surrounding lake floor. These may turn out to be lost shipwrecks. Then, in June’s Phase III, researchers will return to those targets with more detailed documentation methods.

University of Delaware sonar technician Peter Barron prepares to lower a device that will measure the speed of sound throughout the entire water column. These sound velocity profiles were collected once every four hours during the entire survey. Photo: NOAA

Presque Isle: The intersection of a maritime highway

The waters off Presque Isle in central Lake Huron form a sort of crossroads for the area’s shipping lanes. The lanes for vessels traveling up and down the lakes, whether to and from the Straits of Mackinaw or the Soo Locks, all converge within about 10 miles of the Presque Isle lighthouse. Within this area, many ships have collided and sunk during periods of bad weather or limited visibility. Dozens of known shipwrecks are spread across the lake floor off Presque Isle, and many more have yet to be found.

Many ships have met their end off the shores of Presque Isle in Lake Huron. Photo: David J. Ruck/NOAA

For this reason, researchers from Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary selected a large, 100 square mile area off Presque Isle for a wide-area exploratory survey. Partnering with the University of Delaware and using a research vessel from the NOAA’s Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab (GLERL), they conducted a two-week survey mission in May to search for undiscovered shipwrecks.

With a six-person survey crew, the mission involved 24-hour continuous operations for six days. Breaking into two-person watches, members of the team would spend four hours running the survey gear, followed by eight hours off, then another four hours on within a given 24-hour time period. That way, a team of researchers was constantly operating the sonar. The teams logged and organized data files, selected and managed survey scan lines, and communicated with the research vessel’s crew regarding navigation, survey speed, and general movement throughout the survey area.

A preliminary side scan sonar mosaic composed of 24 individual survey lines. Across the lake’s bottom, numerous features can be seen, including geological formations and variable bottom types. Image: University of Delaware.

As sonar data was logged, researchers also took additional measurements of the speed of sound through water. Approximately every four hours, a device was sent to the bottom of the lake. As it traveled, it measured the speed of sound and produced a sound velocity profile. By accurately measuring how fast sound was moving through the water, the researchers could accurately determine the distance to the bottom.

As six days passed, over 400GB of sonar data was logged and 100 square miles of area were covered. Now, researchers have to process all of the data and review it for anomalous objects that may turn out to be new shipwreck discoveries. During Phase III operations, these targets will be investigated with high-resolution sonar onboard an autonomous underwater vehicle operated by Michigan Technological University. Stay tuned for a recap of that leg of the expedition in a few weeks!

‘Tea Party’ Sounds Dumb

Request: Imagine being Jim’s daughter and dating Bruce. You guys go swimming one summer day. After a little while Alfred and Jim go looking for you and they find you to in the pool goofing around and being cute?

Warnings: None.

Author’s Note: I love this request! It’s such a cute idea and honestly I always want more pool requests. Like, if I was Batmom you’d find me at the pool almost 45% of the time. (I know this isn’t a Batmom request but still.) Also, I tried to find a gif from the scene where Bruce is practicing holding his breath but I couldn’t *insert sad emoji*

Y/A/N: Your Aunt’s Name

(if you don’t have an Aunt- just put in any name)

“Bet I can beat you to the other side!” You say to Bruce as you come up from the water, flipping some hair out of your eyes.

“Uh-huh, okay. We’ll see about that!” Bruce says as he wades over to the closest edge of the pool.

“Mmhmm, we’ll see.” I repeat to myself as I make my way over to where he’s waiting. 

Mentally I go back to all those years I was on the swim team, learning all the different strokes. Of course Freestyle was the easiest and probably the fastest stroke to get me to the other end. However, should I suggest we do something different? Backstroke only? Nah… Maybe later.

“Ready?” Bruce asks as I make my way over to the edge, readying myself to kick off the wall in a minute. 

I haven’t been on the swim team in years, so I might be out of practice, but this doesn’t stop my confidence from overflowing my body as back when I was on the swim team I was always the fastest, the strongest and most diligent swimmer.

“Yeah,” I breathe out as I look to him, waiting for the count-down.

“Okay, go!” 

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well, not all the elder dragons have that last name just because their power and size, in my opinion i think its because their age, since they are old or extremly old monsters, here I’ll show you a few of them, I’m only showing the gigant ones.

also, have you though about going on a trip Ms Alessia? so you can meet new monsters and who knows meaby make new friends and know new places, meaby make new friends with some of the gigant elder dragons and even the smaller ones, also i need to add, if you know how to swim, you can meet even the ones that live underwater.

also ill put their names and sizes just in case and also elemental control, so when you talk with them, you can have a topic to talk about :3

-Goldbeard Ceadeus - Size: 5837.2 cm 

-Ceadeus - Size: 5837.2 cm

Ps: The ceadeus brothers live underwater, just in case and their element is water

-Raviente or great crag wyvern - Size: emmm there is no size for this snake, it only says colossal, s..so..ehem….it makes sense, t..this monster has the same size as an island - Element: Fire

Ps: the Raviente and its other two brothers, the white raviente or Violent raviente and berserk raviente live in an island

-Ashen Lao shan lung or Rock mountain dragon - Size: Large…..i think its name speaks for itself (also the ashen lao shan lung its a subspecie of lao shan lung its difference is its grey scales) - Element: Dragon

-Lao shan lung or Old mountain dragon - Size: Large……..ok…i dont know how the hunters can hunt these dragons, the dragons dont even die!! they ran away when the hunter deals them the enough damage…i mean…the lao shan could just step of one hunter to finish him off!! - Element: Nope

Ps: the lao shan lung brothers live in a fortress

-Shen Gaoren - Size: Large….hey look its Mr tall crab, but did you know he has two brothers? - Element: Nope

-Tappeki shen gaoren - Size Large….well this is one of them, the difference is that this one is using an Akantor shell instead of a lao shan shell - Elements: Fire

-Guren Shen Gaoren - Size Large….same as tappeki, but its entire body is emiting fire - Elements: ??????

-Yamatsukami or Floating Mountain dragon - Size: Very large…really i dont need to explain this one, and it has a brother too - Element: Nope

-Yama Kurai or floating peak dragon - Size: Large - Element: Nope - element: nope

-Berserk Raviente or Great Crag wyvern - Size: Colossal - Element: Fire

-Violent Raviente or White Raviente - Size Colossal - Element: fire

ps: yeap these two are the brothers of the raviente, but the Berserk one lives underground on a huge cave of the island

-Jhen Mohran or Crest Mountain dragon - Size:11161.9 cm…….this is like a ceadeus, but it swims on sand…yeah…..dont aske me how…..magic meaby? - Element: Nope

-Hallowed Jhen Mohran or pUrple Jhen Mohran or also Soul Mountain Dragon - Size: 11161.9 cm…….yeap…jhen mohran brother…… - Element: Nope

why do i keep saying only brothers?…….im pretty sure they have sisters, but how could i know if for example the purple jhen mohranis not a sister instead of a brother…..i just cant ask them that..its rude!!!….besides i cant just go under them and check their gender…!!!!

-Dareh Mohran or Huge Mountain Dragon - size: 11446.5cm…brother…sister….i dont know….!! T_T - element: Nope

-Dara Amadyura or Dalamadur or also Serpent King Dragon - Size: 44039.7cm …..yeah…it has a brother….sister…….NVM - Elements: Nope

-Dara Amadyura Ashu or Shah Dalamadur or also Snake Emperor Dragon - Size: 44039.7cm - Elements: Nope

-Gogmazios or Giant Halberd Dragon - Size:4920.5cm - element: fire

Ps: i have a theory for this elder dragon, i think gogmazios is the Papa of all the mogalas, but if he is the papa who is the mama? meaby the dalamadur? 

if you decide to make a long trip, meaby you can meet these elder dragons and make friends with them, just try to dont be scare of their size!!

((submitted by @thedragonkingdom))


While it will indeed be a thrill to meet them up close and personal, it is never a guarantee that it will be a peaceful meeting. But who knows, maybe they would actually be friendly and accommodating.

So, the Ceadeus brothers live underwater. Well, they would be difficult to meet, unless they go on shore. (I wonder what it looks like underneath the sea?)

The colossal Raviente… wait, the size of an island? Wow! I could be standing on him without me even knowing! That’s waaaaaaaaaay bigger than tall crab!. He even has siblings. I wonder if they live together. Maybe they themselves constitute their islands, haha. Just kidding.

The Lao-Shan Lung… hey, his face resembles tall crab’s shell. Hmmm, maybe– no, it is indeed a Lao-Shan’s skull.  I don’t think they’re immortal though, it could be that the hunters are just dealing moderate damage to him, but not enough to kill them (Why though, elder Lao’s just passing through)

And look, it’s tall crab and his brothers! Except they’re wearing  Akantor skulls? Maybe the Akantor’s reaaaally fiery, and that Tappeki and Gurren lived in the same place, hence giving them an affinity to fire.

The Yamatsukami siblings would be easy to miss, since they do resemble mountains, but the only difference between them and the peaks are movement xP. Strangely, they don’t have an wyvernlike or dragonlike characteristics, but yeah.

And then the Mohrans… wait, swimming on sand? What comes to mind is usually the desert sand, which can be walked on. Perhaps the sand that they live in is really fine that it’s swimmable, not to mention really vast. It would be a challenge to meet them, since I’m… not a fan of the desert heat, but I can always try.

And then we have the Dalamadur siblings… they reign over a large area, such that they reside on the peak of their respective homes… They’re quite strong ( and boop-able) x3c

You also included Gogmazios again… so that’s what he looks like. I expected him to have a more amplified version of the Frenzy, but he spews beams of fire instead. (Awesome)

It could be that I’m a bit lazy, but if time wills it, I would definitely go. It will be fun.


@harrypotternetwork’s Create Your School Event

By: Vivian @pumpkinjily & Rose @pumpkinspicepomfrey

Name: Aneropos
- Variation of Anapos (Water god of Eastern Sicily) and Nero (meaning “water” in greek)

Underwater Eastern Sicily

An underwater dome complete with a neighboring town with shops and housing


Living on islands
- Pantelleria
- Lipari
- Ustica
- Vulcano
Exchange students from other schools

“σφουγγαρίστε το σφουγγάρι σβήνουν τη σάλια” (I would like to point out that it was going to be “this is motherfuckin’ seahorseland”)


All uniforms include a black robe with a collar, cuffs, and a school logo coloured depending on their house, and a shell necklace
Ex. Pygmy

Houses: (Named after seahorse breeds)
Traits: resourceful, inventive, determined
Logo: coral gradient shell

Traits: sensitive, curious, nurturing
Logo: green gradient shell

Traits: outgoing, leader, devoted
Logo: yellow gradient shell

Traits: spontaneous, prideful, adventurous
Logo: purple gradient shell

- Common room connects all 4 dorms together, which is where all houses can meet in the lounge and be together in unison
- Entrance to each dorm requires their specific house necklace
- Each house tower is painted with their official colour
- All dorm rooms include 4 beds, complete with a loft and a seating area
- 6 floors per tower

At the age of 10, each student gets sorted into their houses where they receive a wand and a shell necklace, which corresponds with the colour of their house. Each necklace allows the students to breathe underwater (bubble charm) in case they are ever in a situation. If a dangerous creature happens to be lurking near, the seashell will detect it and start making a slight beeping sound as well as turning white to warn the student to return back to school.


Anapos, the god of water, always stood up for what he believed in, one of these things just happened to be not kidnapping young nymphs. Hades disagreed. Because of this disagreement Anapos unfortunately lost his life as a god, and was transformed into a river for opposing Hades. Anapos did not let this get him down, instead he chose to try to stay positive. He devoted his days to trying to learn how to unriver himself, however, this was rather difficult seeing as Anapos was now just a body of water. Luckily for him, his charm and charisma made the creatures of the sea, particularly the merpeople and seahorse community, like him. Together the merpeople and seahorses worked to bring young witch and wizards to the mediterranean sea to see if the brilliant young minds could help unriver their dearest friend. The Aneropos school was founded in the deep waters near Sicily and eventually the students were able to unriver Anapos. Nerma Splurk, a mermaid who stood by Anapos’ side, has since been named headmistress of Aneropos School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. The school stands today for equality and fights to do the right thing, most notably during the second muggle war when witches and wizards were welcomed into the school to escape the violence and brutality of the muggles.


Semuc Champey is a naturally formed limestone bridge consisting of several stepped pools with the most magnificent turquoise water you’ve ever seen. The Cahabón River flows beneath it, so you’re essentially floating in paradise. There are some secret caves you can access by swimming underwater, it’s completely unreal. It’s located 2 hours away from Cobán, Guatemala. It’s not all that easy to get there, but it’s well worth it. 

ps. I seriously need an underwater case for my DSLR.

Winchester brothers-Mermaid tales

Title: Mermaid tales

Pairings: Winchester brothers x mermaid reader

Word count: 1185

Request:Could you do one where the reader is a mermaid when touched by water and Sam or Dean accidentaly like spills water on her and she has to run to her room before she turns so they won’t find out but they do, thanks!

You sighed as you leaned your head back, the cool water ripping against your skin. You glanced at the aqua blue tail that hung out of the bottom of the bath. The glimmering scales shined towards you as you splashed at the clear water playfully. 

You groaned when it was time to come out, this was what you always hated. You braced both arms on either side of the tub as you tried to lift yourself out. With a thud and a groan you fell to the floor. 

You rolled your eyes at yourself before turning yourself over and grabbing a towel. It took a long time but you had finally got yourself dry and pulled on your clothes. 

‘’I’m done, I’m done!’’You sighed as you opened the door to where Dean had been jigging about on the spot, banging his fist against the wooden door. You had tried to be fast since you knew Dean would probably get so impatient that he’d bang the door down or pick the lock.

You wouldn’t be able to handle their reactions when they would have witnessed your blue tail and coral shells covering your chest. Neither of the Winchester knew. They hunted monsters for a living. 

They had a ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ motto. You couldn’t handle not being with them, you had grew close to the Winchester boys and hoped it stayed that way. 

Dean danced on the spot, hands cupping his manhood as he desperately tried to hold himself. He sighed in relief and rushed past you when he was finally allowed to the toilet. 

Sam chuckled at his brother’s desperation, sharing a amused look with you. 

‘’hey Samantha’’You teased, earning a playful glare from the younger Winchester as you sat down on the chair that Dean was previously sitting one. 

‘’Hey (y/n)’’Sam said as he looked back at his laptop screen. It was a miracle he hadn’t damaged his eyes by how much he stared at that laptop. Dean came out of the bathroom, a smirk on his face as he slumped in the seat next to yours. 

‘’Ahh, relief’’He smirked. You cringed, throwing a pillow at him. It bounced off his head as he glared at you before tackling you to the floor and smacking you with the pillow. 

You laughed as you caught the pillow and flipped the both of you around. 

‘’Alright!’’Sam called down at the pair of you. He rolled his eyes at your childlike behaviour before motioned for you to come to him. 

‘’I found us a case’’


You sat in the Impala, dreading this case as soon as Sam told you what it was. It was a underwater urman. The whole case was revolved around water and you knew you had a slim chance of staying dry. 

As soon as Dean pulled baby up you stepped out, eyes nervously checking everywhere. Sam walked towards you, large figure looming over your smaller one as he placed a gentle hand on your shoulder. 

‘’You okay?’’He asked. You nodded, gulping thickly. He narrowed his eyes, unconvinced but he decided to let it go. Walking towards the sheriff’s station you all got your badges out ready. 

‘’So people have been going missing?’’Sam repeated as the sheriff nodded at Sam’s words. 

‘’Ay Sir. People been missing from all over town’’He nodded, explaining more. ‘’We’ve been keeping it on the low though’’He added. 

‘’Why?’’Dean frowned, brows knitting together as he shoved his hands in his pockets. 

‘’We don’t want to frighten any of the civilians now, Sir’’The man answered politely. You gave a nod, it was understandable. 

‘’Is it correct that it’s all been around water?’’Dean asked, flashing you and Sam a look. The sheriff sighed, running his fingers through his grey hair as he took off his hat before placing it back on. 

‘’Ay. We thought maybe they could have drowned but we can never find the bodies’’The sheriff informed. 

‘’Thank you for your time’’Sam smiled gratefully as he dragged the two of you to a secluded corner.

‘’This is like that case again, remember. The boy in the lake kept on taking people’’Sam explained. You nodded, mouth falling open as Dean caught on too. 

‘’So you think that we’re dealing with another ghost who’s latched onto the water?’’Dean asked. Sam nodded. 


‘’HEY!’’You screamed, the three of you running towards the lake. You were scared out of your mind that they would see your form but a little girl had wondered towards the lake after hearing a melody. 

You jumped in, not even thinking as you searched for the girl. The boys caught a glimpse of a blue tail but they thought it was probably their imagination or it belonged to this ghost. 

Dean rushed off to salt and burn the remains as Sam waited for you to resurface. He prayed that you and the girl were okay and it looks like someone was listening because you came back up. 

Sam ignored the fact that you didn’t seem in need for air since you were under water for so long. He pulled the girl out of your arms and placed her in the Impala. He frowned when he noticed you hadn’t followed him. 

Dean and Sam both made their way back to the lake when they noticed you were still in it. 

‘’(y/n), you can come out now. It’s gone’’Dean said to you. You looked down, ashamed and embarrassed since you had no idea how to worm your way out of this one. 

‘’I can’t’’You whispered, eyes tearing up. Both brothers looked at each other with a frown, brows knitting together. 

‘’Why?’’Dean questioned. 

‘’(y/n), what’s going on?’’Sam gulped. 

‘’You’re going to hate me’’You whimpered, tears spilling over. They looked at you with shock as they shook their heads. 

‘’We’ll never hate you, (y/n)’’Dean reassured. You sighed as you gave in and nodded. 

‘’Okay, pull me up’’You grimaced. ‘’I’m heavy though’’You warned. They both rolled their eyes. You were petite, they knew you were light. But when both brothers grabbed your arms they found you were heavier than you looked. 

‘’Holy crap!’’Dean panted as he and Sam turned their back to you and hauled you up with pained expressions. neither brother wanted to admit that you were heavy since they knew it would upset you, but when they turned around… they knew why. 

‘’Is that a- a…’’Dean stuttered. 

‘’A tail?’’Sam breathed out, nodding at his brother. ‘’Yes… she has a tail’’He whispered, trying to believe his own words. 

Dean rubbed his eyes as if he was seeing things. 

‘’You’re a mermaid?!’’Sam choked. You nodded, flushed face looking away. 

‘’Those things exist?’’Dean stated bewildered. You nodded, fumbling with your fingers. 

‘’Cool!’’Dean smirked making your mouth drop open. Sam nodded giving a ‘hmm’ as he threw you a towel. 

‘’Y-you don’t hate me?’’You gaped. 

‘’no, we know who you are (y/n). If anything were just a little sad you didn’t trust us. but given our history.. you’re forgiven’’Sam chuckled as he helped you dry off. 

‘’Plus you make a hot mermaid!’’



13ruizann  asked:

Did you notice that Youngjae isn't part of the underwater scene in the behind the scenes video that just got released? Or maybe I just didn't see him...

Hi dear, 

Yeah I do notice that. The reason why Youngjae wasn’t there with them filming the underwater scene because Youngjae is allergic to chlorine. I think I did mention this before when last year during the year end festival where every members did a underwater scene except Youngjae. So, it’s not surprising that Youngjae wasn’t there with them. You see Youngjae has a rhinitis allergic. It’s a type of inflammation in the nose which occurs when the immune system overreacts to allergens in the air. So basically, when his allergy attack especially if he breathe in dust or animals’ feathers (also the reason he’s allergic to some of animals like cat) you noticed Youngjae scrunches his nose or touches his nose more often because of his allergy. I’ve also read that someone with allergy rhinitis is not encourage to swim at chlorinated pool especially if you’re going to be in the water in this case underwater for quite some time because it can affect his respiratory health. So, I’m kinda glad that they considered his condition and gave him to perform other scene since it could affect his health. 

I hope everyone would understand about Youngjae’s allergy and not make fun of him especially when he touched his nose often. 


Some photos I took with our underwater camera case the other day! These photos were all taken at Two Step. 

We saw a White Tip Reef Shark resting under a coral ledge with a sea turtle. You can see the turtle’s flipper on the left there, but I was a lot more interested in the shark! (I had to dive so many times to get a good photo!)  Incidentally, we’ve seen turtles here every time we’ve visited.  <3

anonymous asked:

I want a magician!Magnus fic with Clary as his assistant and they go around doing shows together and Magnus is super dramatic and Clary is really funny and they have amazing show chemistry and its great and Alec, Jace, and Izzy go to see one of their shows and after Alec is talking to the Magnificent Magnus ((Jace and Izzy are talking to the cute redhead, both trying to vie for her attention)) and he's just so mystified because it looks so real?? And Magnus asks if he wants to see a close up

trick and Alec is like hell yeah!!! So Magnus does this really long and complicated card trick and Alec watches with intent the entire time, determined to figure it out, and finally Magnus pulls out a card and Magnus is like “was your card the king of hearts???“and Alec is like damn son!! It was!!! And so are u ;))

Alec Lightwood didn’t believe in magic.
Logically speaking, magic could not exist. Rationally speaking, it shouldn’t. Alec being both, had no trouble to decide for himself that magic, delivery of a result using supernatural powers that is, was not real.

What Alec believed in firmly, was the human flaw. Magic might not be real but deception was, and humans, wanting to always believe in something wondrous happening for whatever philosophical reason (and Alec was sure there were several), let themselves be deceived.

Alec Lightwood didn’t believe in magic. Alec Lightwood believed in illusion. As a sceptic, Alec always wanted to be surprised. Entertained. Just because he didn’t believe, it didn’t mean he didn’t want to. Enchantment. Mirage.

One day, Alec didn’t find magic. Magic found him.


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evayna  asked:

Finn/Rey 8


(while you were crying) - send me numbers + ships

There are dreams he thought he had done away with, visions of what passed as a childhood playing behind his eyelids as he is held captive witness. He sees the shine of Phasma’s helmet from which she barks orders, looming even farther over him when he was smaller, and he feels the weight of armor on his body.

Finn knows it is a side effect of his time in medical, where he has been kept since Kylo Ren’s attack, but he knows it somewhere too deep for his dream to reach.


The voice is distant, like he is leagues underwater. In any case, it can’t be Rey. She has been gone for weeks, off to find Luke Skywalker, and he tries not to think of how long it could be before she comes back.

Finn doesn’t realize he is crying until there are hands on his face, and then he jolts awake. Thumbs swipe under his eyes with a tenderness he isn’t ready for.

“Finn,” she says, again and again. “Finn. Finn.”

He focuses on her hands, and the sound of his name. His name.

“Rey,” he says. “You’re back.”

Rey looks much the same as when she left, though she is wearing something he has never seen before, and it is enough to reassure him he isn’t still dreaming. She smiles and raises one of her hands to his head, gently stroking his hair.

Her eyes are wet. He’s not alone.

“I have so much to tell you,” she says, and he can feel her fingertips smoothing over his scalp, the places where his nightmare had plagued him.

“Tell me,” Finn says. “I promise I won’t go anywhere.”

Rey laughs, taking in the sight of him slumped against his pillows, his limbs heavy with medicine. She half-rises out of her chair then stills, something unsure in the set of her mouth.

“You can come here,” Finn says. “If you want.”

Rey looks relieved, and Finn thinks she must have missed this too. She climbed onto the bed and eased herself down next to him, each of them lying on their sides to look at each other, only inches apart.

And there it is, Finn thinks. There is the closeness that reminds him he is a person now, not part of a collective but someone with fears and comforts and choices. They’re learning together, he and Rey, to adjust to having someone who cares like this.

Rey wipes away a last lingering tear, and she looks at him like he hasn’t seen in far too long.

“Where to begin?” she says, and her crooked smile lets him attach a feeling to the word home.

Flying Turtle by treythomas123 Had a nice swim with this guy near Tamarindo Beach, on Culebra Island in Puerto Rico.

This was my first time using my new Outex underwater case. That first dunk in the ocean was a little scary, but it worked perfectly!