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My hands are trembling as I’m typing this oh my god this was a show in the 1990’s and tHEY CALLED THIS BUDDY BREATHING BUT I KNOW I KNOW FOR SURE THAT’s A KISS THATS A MOTHERFUCKING KISS IN THE 1900’s BETWEEN TWO DUDES OK DO NOT DENY ME OF MY OTP

haha sorry I got caught up in the moment I just couldn’t believe this actually existed :)

Boss Machina

Grog is a literal mountain of hit-points and anger. He’s fast, strong, and difficult to hurt. A boss fight that would mostly come down to avoiding being hit or outsmarting him. He can grow to massive proportions and has access to many powerful weapons. No matter what magic or weapons you use, he’ll shrug it off easily. I’d suggest you flee, but Grog doesn’t like it when his playmates get away.

Vax in a dark cave with high ceilings and no light. Extremely fast and can attack from any angle. If you don’t see him before he strikes, you won’t survive long enough to hit back. But is a glass canon. A few good hits is enough to break the raven’s wings if you can hit him in the first place.

Vex in a dark forest. Similar to her brother, she can attack from most angles and is difficult to spot. You cannot hide from her keen eyes and your intentions will be clear as day. If you get separated from your group and can’t fly, you’ll quickly find an arrow in your heart. If you can ground her and get close, you may have a chance, if you avoid her dangerous little Trinket. Perhaps money would suffice her greed? If not, the forest’s brambles will restrain you until she finishes you off, leaving a freshly grown tree to mark your demise.

Percy is a genius. A mad scientist who can build all kinds of traps in his battle area, Whitestone Castle. Loud explosions of fire and metal will slam into you every step you take from the labyrinth Percival calls home. The hex he lays on you will weaken you, and he’ll make sure he takes advantage of it. He’s unnaturally lucky and dangerous. I’d recommend getting close or trying to talk to him. In both cases, Diplomacy will not be on your side, and neither will the law.

Pike is a surprising foe. With the power of a divine god by her side and immense strength for her size you will find that you’ve underestimated her. Every time you think you’re getting somewhere she heals herself and stands again. Even if you do manage to take her down to zero, divine fire will scorch you in an explosion and she’ll rise again for round two. She’s not particularly fast with her armor, and she won’t surprise you, but don’t let this small tank call her goddess for help. If she answers, you’ll never stand a chance.

Scanlan is a silly little man. He has tricks, traps, and troubling ideas. He can become an ancient dinosaur capable of destroying an entire building. Create a massive hand that can crush you into paste. If you bring friends and hope that more targets will make it easier, you may find yourself fighting who you once called a friend. Perhaps you’ll sneakily capture his daughter and demand he surrender. Just make sure the locks are strong, otherwise you’ll deal with two Shorthaults instead of one.

Keyleth, Voice of the Tempest, will be your biggest trial. She can take any form. Dragon, Demon, Beholder, Elementals, and monstrous Beasts. That’s if she wants to play with her food of course. If she was really interested in killing you, she wouldn’t change at all. Instead, she’d summon an elemental and the forces of nature against you. Spell after spell will strike you. You might be shocked by lightning, you could be withered away, a massive tidal wave can sweep you away, perhaps she’ll have mercy and simply drain your mind of thought and make you no more than a stupid doll. She will live longer than the next ten generations of your family and will never get any easier to defeat. Incredibly wise and self-aware, tricking her will prove difficult. She may seem awkward or clumsy, but don’t mistake that for weakness.

Taryon is Glass Joe. It’s the robot to watch out for. Just fight him underwater, and watch the ring.

Like Silver Glass

Part Two to this Part One!

ITS FINALLY HERE! The much awaited second installment to the Merman!Bucky fic that was originally a drabble, then grew to become a series is finally updated haha! I’m truly sorry for making you all wait so long, I’ve been in a weird funk lately which is why none of my fics have been updated and why I’ve been pretty silent over messages! Forgive me? Anyway I hope you enjoy xx

{also this music vid was inspiration for this part xx}

Chapter II - Wet Sand, Dry Sand 

Something calls for you. 

The wind whispering through the open window washes over your hot skin, brushing sure fingers through your loose hair and kissing your sticky temple, pressing cool palms to your burning cheeks and caressing its invisible lips against your ears. There’s an elemental inhale and –

The world narrows then stills. 

Thick silence engulfs you, like your head slipping underwater; your eyes softly close at the esoteric sensation swirling in your chest – ink in water, magic in blood, staining your insides. Awakened by the touch of invisible tender fingers your soul floats to a place far away, below crashing waves and rocky cliffs, down down to secret depths of blue darkness. Only once you’ve reached this place, sense the yearning that throbs under the deceptive layer of quiet peace, only then does the wind sing it’s song to you.

Go to him, it lulls in your ears like waves lapping at the shore, Go to himGo to him…Come to me, the wind hushes now with a new twist in its tone, Come to me

From the clench of your heart you know that the voice the wind carries is his. Basking in the brilliant belonging of his call you open your eyes and know that your soul is no longer yours. You feel it, feel him, in the very core of your being. There’s an elemental inhale and –

You go to him.

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pls ship taejin more

i just watched jin’s graduation vlive again and damn, the amount of taejin gives me life. tae couldn’t keep his hands off of jin. he wiped jin’s lip and licked his finger 😭they hugged thrice 😭but of course no one talked about it enough. if it was a maknae line ship everyone would talk about it 😔 i can’t ship maknae line with each other i need more people to ship taejin and jinkook. the amount of jinkook and taejin fics are sad. i probably read them all. even the ones with the bad writing 😩it’s really boring not shipping maknae line with each other. i’m a hyung line trash so my ship has to include at least one hyung ☺️i wish people would appreciate taejin though. they have such good moments. they even kissed ON THE LIPS(AT LEAST the corner of the mouth) jin kissed jungkook too. i am sick of being thirsty for taejin/jinkook ☹️

Enouement- 5

Summary: Told in reverse-chronological order, Enouement is the story of love and loss, telling the journey that led you to your ultimate destination: a life full of happiness and regret, mistakes and laughter- and the man who gave you it all. Bucky x Reader

Words: 1329

Warnings: Language and so mUCH ANGST

Author’s Note: So much is happening. I am so sorry.

Master   Part 4

The smell of sauteed vegetables fills the kitchen, gentle steam rising toward the vents overhead. The sizzle fills the air as you shuffle mushrooms around on the pan, chewing the inside of your cheek. You risk a glance up when the sound of footsteps echoed down the hall and Bucky appears, hair disheveled and yawning. He blinks the sleep away and peers at the pan, brows raised.

“Looks good,” he mumbles, shuffling past you to the cabinets, careful that his back doesn’t brush against yours as it’s done so many times before. The faucet runs as he fills a glass. “Steve texted me. We have a mission. I gotta get going.”

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Sebastian Stan! PotC AU

Hello! I have this idea on my mind and you’re such a great writer so here it goes: Sebastian pirate!AU and its kind of like the plot from pirates of the Caribbean in which the crew take a mermaid (y/n) but treat her poorly because they only need like her tears or something but he helps her out and they develop feelings and all?

It was a nice day and the night was coming. As your friends hung out on the shores and rocks of the island, playing around with each other and splashing in the water, you had followed the path of the water into the island and sat on top of the large rock, watching the sunset by yourself. While you had a special connection with all the other mermaids that lived around the island you need peace and quiet.

The sun had been replaced by the moon and you looked at it as you laid against the rock in your safe haven. As you enjoyed the moon and it’s stars you heard the yells of your friends echo to your spot. Fear ran through you and you submerge yourself under the water so that only your eyes peered out at the area around you. You swam slowly back towards the sea, still looking above the water, but stopped and took cover when you heard footsteps approaching. You stopped and took cover behind the large grass on the bank of the water.

“Follow this stream and make sure none are escaping this way. We need to make sure we catch one. Captain needs the tear of a mermaid to give to complete the ritual.” You waited until they walked away to plop down under the water and you took off swimming as fast as you could towards the ocean.

You saw your friends as they scattered the flame covered ocean and just as you were about to cross back into the open sea a net was thrown down upon you and you were flung down onto the shallow sand.

You struggled to break out of the net but hands reached down below the water’s surface and grabbed the net, hoisting you out onto the dry land. You wiggled around trying to get free of the net and the hands of the men who had captures you.

“Let me go!”

“She can talk,” one of them gasped.

“Take her to the Captain.” They twisted you tighter in the net and carried you aboard the ship. When they entered a room off the main deck they threw you onto the floor and you hissed in pain.

“Easy,”  a new voice yelled at the men. “I asked you to capture a mermaid not torture her.”

“Sorry Captain,” they all said and lifted you up, dumping you into a small glass container with dirty water.

“Leave us.” Then men left you alone with the man who they called Captain. “Do you understand English?”

“I’ve traveled the 7 seas. I understand many languages.”

“You speak,” he was surprised. “Do you know why you are here.”

“I live on this island, that’s why I’m here. But I don’t know why you are here. Torturing my people.”

“I can assure you we are not going to torture your people.”

“I was ripped from the ocean by a tight tangled net that rubbed my skin. And now I am in a small glass container with dirty water.”

“I will get you clean water.”

“I don’t need clean water. Just help me out.”

So you die? Good try,”

“Being out of the water won’t kill me as long as I don’t go too long without it.” The man reluctantly came over and lifted you from the small glass cube.

He sat you on one of the chairs in his room. “Why do you need me?”

“I am working for a man that needs the tear of a mermaid.”

“For what?”

“He’s found the Fountain of Youth and all he needs are your tears. He sent me to collect them.”

The Fountain is nothing to play with. It is a dangerous game to play with a man’s life,” you scolded.

“I know. But I’m afraid that you’ll have to stay here until I get what I came for.”

“Then you might as well set sail,” you told him. “A mermaid can not cry unless their heart is touched with immense emotion.”

“Then I will get you clean water and will wait for you. I’m Captain Sebastian.”

“Y/N,” you told him.

The next three days passed and you weren’t sure how far you were now from your home but you found a little solace in your conversations with the Sebastian. You spent your time talking to him and he was genuinely interested in your stories and making sure you were comfortable. It was late on the third night when loud banging came from Sebastian’s doors.

Three men came into his quarters and gave you both a menacing scowl. “What’s the meaning of this?”

“It’s been three day’s Captain. We were suppose to be rid of this mermaid right after we caught her. It was suppose to be catch, collect, and kill,” the man gritted his dirty teeth.

“Are you declaring mutiny,” Sebastian placed a hand on his sword.

“Not if we can get her tears and kill the mermaid.”

“That is not going to happen,” he said stiffly.

“We need a Captain who will get the job done.” You sat helplessly in your glass box as the three took out their swords and attacked Sebastian. You watched underwater as Sebastian fearlessly fought off all three men by himself. He was doing well until one of the men sliced his arm as he killed one of the others. He hissed before getting back on the attack side.

All three men lay slain before you as you stayed as close as you could to the bottom of the glass box. “Y/N, are you ok?”

You heard Sebastian’s muffled voice and floated up to the top to see his blood stained arm. “They hurt you.”

“I’ve had worse.”

“You got hurt protecting me. You should have let them kill me.”

“I would never let them do that.” You pushed open the ripped fabric of his shirt and looked at the long, deep wound, he had gotten from protecting you. Something no one had ever done for you before. Something you never thought anyone, much less a human pirate, would do for you. You leaned over the wound when you felt tears pooling in your eyes and let them fall onto his cut.

With each tear a little steam came off his now healing wound. “Your tears heal,” he said bewildered. You grabbed his necklace and let your extra tears pool onto the smooth stone that was on the bottom.

“That’s why they need them for the Fountain. Put these in a vile and give them to the man that hired you.”

“Thank you.” He grabbed the vile from his desk but stopped before he poured the tears inside. “Why did you cry?”


“You told me only great emotion can make you cry. So why did you cry when you saw my cut.”

“Because you risked your life for mine. And, for some strange reason, I care for you. A lot.”

You watched as he looked at the tears on his necklace and the vile in his hand…then you watched him drop the tears onto the ship floor. “Why did you do that?”

“Because I’m letting you go. And we are running away together.”

“Running away together,” you grinned confused. “Sebastian, I can’t run,” you joked.

“Then we will swim and sail the seas together. What do you say?”

A large smile overcame your face, “Do you think you can keep up?”

kikkerokero  asked:

I used to connect hardcore to Lapis. We were so alike. I love swimming, the ocean, the color blue, am the lonely type, and suffered through the greater part of my childhood in an abusive household. In fact my favorite description of how I felt at the time was "like being chained up underwater", even before I watched the show. But what happened to her is just... It makes me so sad. Where did the strong, quiet lapis go? Why is she making trauma jokes? Why is she just shipping bait?

Siren Song - 5

Although Y/N had been exposed to magic her entire life, few rooms had left her in awe; her breath caught in her chest. She was transported into an alternate world, a subterranean haven disjointed and isolated from the rest of the castle and its inhabitants. As she stepped into the Slytherin common room, Y/N brimmed with an overwhelming sense of house pride. With her initial sweeping glance of the room, she knew this was where she belonged. This was her house. The sorting hat had chosen Slytherin for her for a reason, and Y/N was tooth and nail determined to make the most of her placement.

She surveyed the room closer, familiarizing herself with her new surroundings. The long room was bathed in soft green light that danced upon rough stone walls and Y/N’s eyes immediately were drawn to the large, ornate windows that offered no tableau of the night sky. Her eyes widened when she realized she was gazing into water and, much to her amusement and satisfaction, Y/N felt as if she were peering into an untamed, overgrown aquarium.  

“Wicked, huh? We’re under part of the Black Lake. No other common room is underwater.” Blaise had been watching Y/N’s reaction to the room. “It’s my favorite thing about our common room.”

“It’s awesome.  I’ve never been in a room like this before.” Y/N continued to search the room, her eyes settling momentarily on dark green blown glass lamps suspended by thick metal chains dangling from the ceiling, massive tapestries that dominated wall space and told moving stories about the trials and achievements of Slytherins past, high-backed chairs and large and small tables crafted long ago from some dark and sturdy wood, plush leather sofas sprawling in front of a tremendous stone fireplace, a fire that roared, crackled and glowed bright from its many embers, a tall bookshelf that contained an assortment of old, important looking books, and numerous serpents of all sizes incorporated into the architecture and decor of the room. The common room was dotted with several Slytherin students either doing homework or chatting with friends.

Visually overstimulated by the opulence and detail in front of her, Y/N turned her attention to the distinct smell of the room. If you had asked her an hour ago what she believed a dungeon smelled like, Y/N would have replied with damp, musty, stale, or stagnant. Pleasantly surprised, however, she couldn’t have been any more incorrect about this room. The Slytherin common room instead smelled of leather, rich-wood furniture, parchment, and burning logs from the fire. Occasionally, a whiff of cool, sharp lake water drifted into her nostrils.

Y/N inhaled deeply, “I could get use to this.” She turned her attention to the boy next to her, “Thanks again for bringing me here.” She smiled at him. “Could you also possibly point me in the direction of where my room might be? I want to check and make sure all my stuff got here okay. I already know my owl is in the owlery, but I’ve not seen my trunk or anything in hours.”

“I can do better than just pointing you in the right direction.” Blaise walked to the back of the room and Y/N followed. He approached a swarthy girl with thick, unruly eyebrows. “Hey Millicent, could you do me a favor?” Blaise had heard a rumor that Millicent fancied him and he was willing to exploit this crush. “Y/N here is our new Slytherin. Snape said she’ll be in your room. Would you be a doll, Millicent, and show her where that is?”

Millicent stared at Blaise and nodded, “Sure, Blaise. Anything else you need me to show her?”

He shrugged his shoulders, “Whatever she needs, thanks.” Blaise spun around and addressed Y/N, “I’ll be in the common room for a bit if you want to find me after you’re done getting settled.” Often apathetic to the people around him, Blaise couldn’t help but be attracted to Y/N; she was like a shiny new plaything, but Blaise allowed that she probably wouldn’t let anyone treat her as such. Nonetheless, he wanted to get to know her better. And to be perfectly frank, she was appealing to look at and he wasn’t bored with her yet.

Blaise glanced at Y/N’s lips and wondered what they tasted like.

“I’ll be back here after I’m situated,” Y/N promised the boy. She turned to Millicent ready to follow her. The pair exited the room and proceeded up a spiral stone staircase to a dark door on the left. Carved on the front of the door was the Slytherin serpent standing upright with a coiled tail. Millicent pushed back the door and the girls entered the room.

Echoing the design of the common room, the entire back wall of the room was one large panel of glass that pressed against the murky green water of the Black Lake.

“Okay, now that’s fucking cool,” Y/N emphasized her approval of the room.

“Your bed is that end one I’m guessing, closest to the lake. The other three are mine, Pansy’s, and Daphne’s.” Millicent pointed at each of the fourposter beds. “Looks like your things are here. If you need the bathroom or shower,” Millicent waved her hand, “go through that door. I’m going to head back to the common room and work on my essay. Transfiguration is kicking my ass.”

“Thanks for showing me everything,” was all Y/N managed to get out before Millicent had turned around and disappeared completely.

Y/N approached her bed and flung herself upon the deep green comforter. She sank into the the material feeling as if she were floating on a cloud. The fabric was soft and silky, and Y/N knew she wouldn’t have trouble falling asleep tonight. She listened to the room around her and could faintly make out only the low bubble and gurgle of the lake around her. Her room was incredibly peaceful and Y/N couldn’t help but wish she didn’t have to share it with three other girls. Especially Pansy Parkinson.

After arranging her belongings for what felt like an eternity (and exploring the low ceilinged stone bathroom), Y/N returned to the common room with her class schedule, wand, a blank piece of parchment, a red quill, and a pot of ink. She intended to find Blaise and ask him for help with directions to her classes. Scouring the room, Y/N failed to locate him. The common room was considerably more crowded than earlier, but Y/N noticed an empty leather sofa directly in front of the fire. Placing her belongings on a dark end table by the sofa, Y/N walked to the tall bookshelf and browsed its contents. Settling on an ancient book about the founding of the Slytherin house, Y/N returned to her spot on the couch and decided to read until Blaise reappeared.

Absorbed in her book, she payed no attention to the three pairs of footsteps approaching the back of the sofa.

“You can’t sit there.” The voice coming from behind Y/N was cold and familiar. “L/N,” snapped Draco Malfoy, who was flanked by Crabbe and Goyle, “you need to move. That’s my seat.”

She whipped around to face her aggressor and met his gray eyes. “Do you have assigned seats or something?” she asked defensively.

“Not per se. But I always sit there — it’s my seat. And you need to find somewhere else to move to, away from me, because I’m allergic to blood traitors like you,” he spat his words like venom.

However handsome he was, Y/N thought Draco was acting like a toddler throwing a tantrum. “Well, Malfoy,” she stressed his last name as he had done with hers, “I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I’m not moving just because you tell me to. If you want to sit next to me, you’re more than welcome to, there is plenty of room. But if you’re going to keep insulting me and calling me a blood traitor, let me stop you right there. Because I won’t listen.”

Draco narrowed his eyes viciously at Y/N. He wasn’t use to being challenged by his housemates. How dare she speak to him that way… Who did she think she was? She was below him, a blood traitor. Fire from her words surged within Draco, and for a fleeting moment, his anger seemed to dissolve into something else entirely. He was torn and couldn’t determine if he was experiencing outrage or desire. Where was this coming from? He wanted her to shut up, but he found her combativeness to be oddly enticing. He rebuked himself and dismissed the thought as quick as a lightning strike. Yet he couldn’t pull himself away from her. Instead Draco leaned over the sofa, purposefully encroaching upon Y/N’s personal space, and whispered loudly, “Move, or I will move you myself.”

His breath was warm on her ear and neck and smelled of peppermint. Y/N was twitching nerves inside, but she hardened her face and projected calm confidence. She could fight fire with fire and decided to do just that. She slightly turned her head and positioned her mouth by the blonde’s ear.

“Touch me,” Y/N replied slowly in a whisper, her breath now electrifying Draco’s skin, “anywhere,” she pulled away from Draco and stared, challenging him again, “and I will jinx you all the way to the hospital wing. Now please leave. Me. Alone.”

Draco was shocked not only by Y/N’s feistiness, but also the palpable tension that existed between them. Taking a step back from the sofa, Draco quickly replied, “Tonight you can sit here. Since it’s your first night, I’ll let it slide. If we see you sitting here tomorrow, we will really have a problem, won’t we now, boys?” he asked Crabbe and Goyle. The three boys laughed and sneered at Y/N before leaving to find an open table across the room.

“Well Malfoy,” Blaise had strolled out of the boys dormitory in time to witness the scene unfold and sauntered up to Draco. “She certainly ruffled your little white peacock feathers,” Blaise snarkily alluded to the preening pets that the Malfoy family kept on their lawn.

Snapping his head up towards Blaise, Draco growled, “Leave it alone, Zabini. Or else.”

He chuckled at the blonde’s hollow threat before turning to leave him, “Whatever you say, Malfoy.” Blaise felt his friend’s heavy, blistering stare as he joined Y/N on the leather couch.

Draco sat fuming at the table irritated by both his interaction with Y/N and Blaise’s subsequent, snide comment. And the fact that they were now sitting together in Draco’s spot. Since when did Zabini and some random girl get to insult him and get away with it? His pride stung, he was ready to regain his composure, move past tonight, and then stonewall Y/N for good. But he couldn’t get her out of his mind; she filled him with contempt and something else Draco was hesitant to identify.

anonymous asked:

Since you just did a Frozen AU, how about a Tangled AU? Obviously, Lusamine would be Gothel, and Lillie would be Rapunzel, but where would that leave Gladion?

So, I was looking around the net for an ENG SUB watch free for the new Free! Timeless Medley ~Bonds~ movie. I was waiting since last last month for it but there’s still no Eng Sub, which I get. I waited 2 months until the Aikatsu Stars movie got an Eng Sub. But still, I kept looking. And found. A downloadable version with Indo Sub. :|

Anyway, this ask cheered me up a bit. My dad told me that if I was any Disney Princess, I’d be Rapunzel. IDK what he means we are not alike. He loves this movie though.


  • As per canon, Lillie is part of the royal family of Aether and so is Gladion. Queen Lusamine oversees most of the politics though while Mohn tends to plants and makes cheap medicine and watches over the needy making sure there’s not too much tax and stuff. 
  • Bless him.
  • Let’s say Lusamine was with child when Mohn discovered the magic glowing flower.
  • It was actually a part of his medicinal garden, it just popped up there one day. 
  • He wanted to study it so of course he pulls it out of the ground to harvest it.
  • But, unlike pretty movie flower this flower has poisonous!!! thorns!!!
  • Of course, this kills Mohn.
  • I’m so sorry Mohn. But you didn’t die in the Frozen AU.
  • And Lusamine becomes absolutely batshit and tries almost kills Lillie and herself from the pain because she doesn’t want to live anymore.
  • But lil Gladion, being the sweetheart he is, manages to separate the flower from the nasty thorny stem and create a medicine that would help Lusamine give birth easier.
  • He also doses her with anaesthetic on the sly so the delivery is silent.
  • And fortunately, Lusamine sleeps long enough to get Lillie delivered safely by the chambermaids.
  • Lusamine however does not take kindly to being drugged by her son so she packs to leave under cover of night completely determined to live out her days alone in a boat house she recovered some years ago.
  • She however is still pretty hurt from labor and stumbles as she’s pacing and her leg starts bleeding.
  • Tiny baby Lillie hears her mummy in distress and grabs one of Lusamine’s long hair strands and hums/babbles until the wound is healed.
  • Big Mistake because now mumsie has pLANS FOR YOU.
  • Lillie - as per canon - ends up living with nutso mummy Lusamine in a boat house off the shore of the Kingdom of Alola in an underwater cave.
  • Too bad magical healing powers can’t heal trauma.
  • Anyway, this is where reader comes in.
  • Reader is a…

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