underwater surface


Weird Fact of the Day:
The Blobfish (psychrolutes marcidus) owes its unusual appearance to its gelatinous flesh, which is slightly less dense than water and allows it to float above the seafloor without expending too much energy on swimming.
It has no bones or muscles - this is why it turns into a ‘blob’ when it reaches the surface. Underwater, it is suspected to look more like its cousin, the Blob Sculpin (second picture).
(Photos belong to Claf Hong and NOAA)

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???? stand swap


-yeah real name star last name kujo the teachers can never blieve it

-Big buff runner art student now uh. teaches

-Shouts everything

-booty shorts + knee high socks


-big coat. legs (?) maybe 

-quiet dad stand and takes care of Star 

-power is kind of like time stop except time slows down and gravity stops working (imagine being underwater but its the surface w 10m radius)

-not much in terms of fighting power but hes speedy and long range (can go quite far away from star)  

Shout man and scary dad sea cap ghost

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Yuuri out of water

There was one time Yuuri got to the surface.

He was 20, going to participate in a competition that was being held at a more tropical territory. Some kind of ‘summer games’. He was with Phichit and Celestino, a few days earlier than the competition’s date so that they had extra time to train– and of course, to explore and enjoy themselves.

One afternoon, after a training session that left him slightly frustrated,Yuuri decided to wander through the new territory’s rocky reef. It was similar to a coral reef, but it extended itself past the water surface. Yuuri had seen things like that before, but never got too close, so at the moment he was much like a child that just found a new playground.

The structure was interesting, full of caves and all kinds of different algae and animals living in it. But it was its greatness in size that impressed Yuuri the most. It stood before him like a huge wall, imposing but beautiful. However, since it extended past the water, what did it look like above?

Even though he had always been taught to not cross the surface, his curiosity was louder. And so, Yuuri began swimming up, towards the edges of their world.

The rocky wall began to become steeper and with less life. There was nothing but sand, some molluscs, seashells and other kinds of crawling beings.

Once he got close, Yuuri hesitated. Going to the surface wasn’t exactly safe– at least that’s what his family always told him, even though he never really knew why. But he wanted to see, he wanted to feel. So he went up, climbing on the steep full of rocks and sand, and out of the water.

The merman felt dizzy for a second- he could feel the water gently brushing his tail in small waves. He was at the shoreline. Opening his eyes, Yuuri saw a vast areas full of near-white sand, and some strange looking, yet extremely tall vegetation in the back. Above, the calls of some flying animal echoed. The…sky? That’s what they called it? Was blue,with some white smoke-like shapes lazily moving.

He felt something brush against his exposed skin. Something cold, but invisible, just like a water current. Wind, was it? Yuuri didn’t knew much about the names of what was above the surface.

Time passed quickly. The merman opened his mouth, letting soft gushes of water leave through his gills. He was starting to feel breathless, hot, dry. His muscles became heavier each second, and Yuuri panicked. With quick and jerly movements, he managed to crawl back, taking deep breaths once his entire body was underwater.

The surface was fascinating, but scary. It was something unknown, mysterious.


He didn’t wanted to cross the surface again.

Some late mornings feel like they belong in romantic stories, full of dramatic confessions, heartache and breath-taking conclusions. This is not one of those mornings; instead, it’s a halcyon thing set on the summer cusp. While the air is warm and humid, the rain softly pattering over rooftops still holds a certain chill. A film of water makes the world look clean, windows and cars shimmering in the sun peeking in and out from behind clouds, golden rays reflecting against puddles nested in the cracks of New York streets.


The clock is nearing the 10 a.m. mark, when Alec transfers the last pancake onto the already high-stacked, indulgent plate. There’s also freshly cut strawberries and maple syrup alongside a French press full of freshly brewed coffee. The muted music from the radio melts into his skin as Alec hums along to random notes, bare feet quiet on the kitchen floor, his hair mussed up and his face a home to dark stubble that he didn’t bother with shaving.


As Alec pours the bitter-sweet coffee into two mugs, there are steps near the door, then a warm hand at his lower back and even warmer lips pressed into his shoulder. A shiver runs through his skin, leaving behind goosebumps all the way down his arms and his bare chest; previous hours come back to mind, images hazy like half-developed polaroid pictures.


It was much earlier when they woke up, skin against skin, tangled in thin sheets and in each other, a want thrumming in their veins. There was no rush – at first kisses slow and wet and deep, kisses that lit fires along Alec’s spine and made Magnus hum with delight, kisses that left their mouths tingling and red. Then, hands pressed against hipbones and heavy breathing laced with laughter as Alec shifted himself into Magnus’ lap; it felt so good, to have Magnus so close, to have his arms around his waist as they moved together, a slow and steady trickle of heady pleasure rolling through their bodies.

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Former Disneyland mermaid, Edie, shares what it was like to don a tail and swim in the happiest place on earth:

Being a professional mermaid for Walt was nothing to take lightly. The Productions Department measured us from hip to toe for neoprene tails, complete with large flukes, and green starfish bras. We were taught to slither into the Submarine Lagoon from a hidden chamber and dolphin kick underwater to magically surface in the center of the pool. There we sat on a rock and untangled our hair with immense blue and yellow plastic combs, and plucked ersatz lyres.We worked in shifts of two, and traded off hourly.
Each time a submarine passed, we dove underwater to frolic about, hang upside down by spinning our tails, and to wave at curious faces plastered against the portholes. With practice we learned to smile without emitting bubble screens that would distort our faces into repulsive creatures from the deep. For all this we were paid $1.85 an hour - a whopping net of $59.55 each week.

Day6 reacting to their S/O pushing them into the pool

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Sungjin is so oblivious that it’s extremely easy to push him in the pool the first time. And the second time. And the third time, too. To be honest, you could probably push him in the pool a hundred times in a row, and he’d still be caught off guard every time. He tries to push you in once as payback, but he somehow tripped and just fell in again.

“How do you manage to get me every single time, Y/N?! I’m gonna get you back eventually, when you least expect it…”


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It was shockingly easy to push Wonpil into the pool the first two times. Little did you know that you started an all out prank battle. He would come up behind you and push you into the pool, you would pour water over his head or splash him. All hell broke loose when Wonpil pulled out a water gun and chased you around, giving you time to find one of your own before having a war.

“You can’t prank me and then expect me to not get you back! Now come back here so we can get even!”


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You snuck carefully and quietly behind Dowoon, ready to shove him into the pool. Unfortunately, when you pushed him, he instinctively grabbed on to you, and you both screamed as you fell into the water. After that, Dowoon made sure to grab you every single time you tried to push him, and in the end, you were both soaked and laughing.

“Gosh, you scared me! Look, and now you got soaked too. It’s your fault for trying to push me!”


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When you decided to push Jae into the pool for the third time, you were expecting him to laugh and be a bit dramatic. However, you weren’t expecting him to be this dramatic. He stayed underwater, floating to the surface face down, pretending that he drowned. You rolled your eyes and jumped in, pulling him upright. He laughed and grabbed you by the shoulders, and pulled you underwater with him.

“Y/N! You came to save me after I nearly drowned, you saved my life! And by the way, here’s payback for pushing me in!”

Young K

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Pushing Young K into the pool took practically all of your strength, so you happily smirked when you watched him fall into the water for the fourth time. When he came to the surface, his expression was completely blank, almost… annoyed looking. As he walked up to you, you almost started apologizing until he picked you up, throwing you over his shoulder, and then threw you into the pool with a big smile.

“Did you actually think I was mad, Y/N? I guess I got you then, huh?“


bughead fanfiction – unbeta’d – oneshot


“There is no greater agony than
bearing an untold story inside you.”
—Maya Angelou

The room is white, with accents of gold and cobalt.

An ivory bassinet sits in the center of it, the gold-starred mobile Betty had crafted herself hanging above, completely still.

Jughead stares at the array of children’s books lining the new shelves he and Archie had installed a month prior. There’s stacks of pampers in the closet and a corner filled with the large boxes and items from their baby shower they hadn’t yet opened.

He doesn’t wonder why the light is on. Instead, he merely flicks the switch off and wanders down the dark hallway leading to his bedroom, following the sound of running water. A deep frown set in place, he shrugs off his jacket and throws it carelessly onto the unmade bed before pushing the door leading to the bathroom open.


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