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On the Right Wavelength with @minduim

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Fabio Minduim (@minduim) has a unique morning ritual: He starts almost every day by getting wet in Rio de Janeiro’s ocean. “I have a special connection with water. I shoot waves, surfers, anything in or above the water. That could mean dogs, people and jellyfish,” says Fabio, a 40-year-old photographer who usually spends three hours before work getting creative with Rio de Janeiro’s waves. His passion for water dates back to when he was a kid. “I began surfing when I was six and later started bodyboarding,” he says. “At the age of 15, I got my first surfboard and never stopped.”

Fabio began shooting photos with his father’s camera, and soon enough he discovered photography as a way to constantly be in touch with the ocean. “When I was tired after many hours of surfing, I would shoot my friends and the waves,” he recalls. Today, as a professional photographer, Fabio is paid to combine his two passions. Still, he doesn’t let work get too serious. “Without joy and playfulness, photo shoots get boring and annoying,” he says. “I like to be free to create and have fun while I shoot. Every moment must be shot with pleasure.”