underwater in art


I really loved how the drowning piece [x] turned out so I sat down, put Blue Planet II on again and drew something a bit more uplifting this time. Originally I planned to have Blue snorkelling but since skeles don’t have lungs I thought “why snorkel when you can dive? Its not like he needs oxygen or has haemoglobin”

I tried to put most of the detail into the environment itself and I planned on having octopuses or bio-luminescent fish at the front in the dark rock ridges but they frame the scene really well and I didn’t want to make them look too busy.

Hope you guys enjoyed watching ♥


A sailor!lance and mer!keith au but listen,,,,,, lance loves sharks

The setting is the mid-1800s, probably New England. I’m still working out the details :> 

Basically Lance loves to sail and works on a trading vessel called the Lionheart. Keith is a loner, swimming up close to ships and docks to observe people milling about. One time he gets a little too close, a little too observant of one particular human and is accidentally seen….

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