UROCARIDELLA SP 3 por Sonja Ooms
Por Flickr:
Artsy glowing in the dark Commensal shrimp sp 3 (Reef Creatures ID Humann, Deloach) This one with the yellow and brown spots is not as common as the ones with white and red spots or the transparent ones. They are cleaner shrimps. Anilao, South Luzon, Philippines.

Another Photoshop brush test I did a few days back. Some people asked me why I’m switching from SAI, I’m not switching but I want to expand my skillset and styles and being more comfortable with Photoshop is a great way to learn :) we should always challenge ourselves to new things.In other news, my wonderful SO’s family is visiting so I will be a bit mia due to that. I’ll do my best to keep up with inktober though!HD files and video process on Patreon.com/Yuumei Credit for photo reference goes to the amazing @elenakalis on instagram

natgeo Photo by @laurentballesta| This « bullet time shot » allowed us to distinguish how the sharks hunt in pairs. If the first shark fails to catch the prey, the scared fish ends up in the the second jaw in ambush. This video technique, mostly known in action and Syfy movies, has been applied for the first time to UW wildlife during the GOMBESSA IV Expedition. My team and I imagined and built « The Arch of Image », a semicircular rig of 32 synchronized GoPro cameras. The goal of a « bullet time shot » is to freeze the image and turn around the frozen scene. This scene is visible among many others in our film « 700 sharks into the dark » -
Excerpt from 700 Sharks Into The Dark, a film directed by Luc Marescot. Produced by Arte, Le Cinquième Rêve, Andromède Océanologie, Les Gens Bien Production, Filmin Tahiti and CNRS Images.