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CarBot gets it. If you think this scenario might be exaggerated, you’d be dead wrong. This animation appears to be a direct reference to a video clip from the Overwatch beta, likely to be remembered for all of Overwatch history.

justexpecteverything  asked:

What would be the heroes' reaction to certain moments in Undertale. (Or any video game with lots of emotional moments, it doesn't have to be Undertale.)

  • Mei finds the Temmies adorable and gets very invested in finding enough gold to send the shop owner to colleg.
  • When Hanzo finds out what LV and EXP mean after doing a Genocide Run he throws his laptop across the room and screams at it in angry Japanese. Only Mercy dares to go and see what’s up.
  • D.Va streamed her entire playthrough (twice) and regularly questions her audience about random shit, like why Heat Flamesman is in any way important.
  • Reinhardt tries it out and gets insanely attached to Sans, because he reminds him of Torbjorn. Torby resents this.
  • Lucio just really likes the soundtrack and does a remix of Dogsong. Everyone has it stuck in their head for weeks and it tops charts across the globe.