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oh man so i woke up this morning thinking, has anyone done this yet???

  • Papyatta: Ball is Life
  • Al.pha: she built the mech herself!
  • Reingore: He’s basically already Reinhardt, but now with upgraded mustache.
  • Reapstablook: He really wanted to be Lucio…. but it’s ok….
  • Sansbjorn: You don’t have to be awake to launch molten hot dogs at your enemies.

I’ll probably finish up the series, Undyne as Zarya, Mettaton as Genji, Tem as Tracer… I don’t know who Flowey or Toriel or Tobydog should be though!

Headcanon: Unlike her Prime counterpart, in another world, Widowmaker succeeded in slaying Ana during their sniper duel. However, the sight of her friend falling dead by her hand rattled the Talon operative enough to bring Amelia back to the surface as her dominant personality. In a day, she returned to her handlers, only to slay them in a fit of rage. For months, she remained locked away in her family’s ancestral home in France, knowing her life was in shambles and by her own hand. As news of monsters terrorizing the world spread, Amelie knew she had to make amends for her sins as the Widowmaker. Donning the attire of a huntress, she set out to slay the monsters that had risen to menace humanity, praying that she might find redemption.

- Submitted by erikhowlett.

Headcanon: In an alternate reality, during the fall of Overwatch, Gabriel Reyes truly died in his duel with Jack Morrison, his head crushed by a steel girder as the organization’s HQ fell around them. In the darkness of limbo, unsure of Jack’s demise, his soul longed for revenge. Then, a voice called to him, offering him a chance to punish those that had “torn their family apart.” The choice was obvious, and a pact struck. Replacing his lost head with a ghoulish Jack O’ Lantern, Gabriel Reyes was no more. He was now The Reaper, a dullahan in service to the Witch of the Wilds, her knight and second-in-command over her army of monsters.

- Submitted by erikhowlett.

Underwatch: Lucio Correia dos Santos

Before I get into what exactly I mean by an “underwatch,” I would just like to make a disclaimer here.  As a gamer, I have absolutely no interest in playing this game and I will likely never see more than what can be casually observed.  I will, however, read what information is available on each character that I place “under watch,” and will speak to the representative aspect of them.

I don’t care which TF2 character is represented here, and I really don’t care how fun the game is/isn’t.  This is purely a social review of the characters present.

That being said, the concept of representation is what brought me to this.  As a lifelong “fan” of Blizzard’s games (well, WC2 and on), I held a certain fondness for the series that bled into Starcraft, Diablo, and World of Warcraft.  By comparison, had this game come from Valve or Bioware I likely wouldn’t have given it much of a look, but then perhaps that is some of the problem.  When Call of Duty and its perhaps mishandled female lead has more representation of non-white, non-male protagonists than your company, it’s time to really take a look at what you have before you.

For the record, the World of Warcraft and its subordinate games still have no actual non-white representation among important human lore characters. You may take or leave that, but it’s what made me pay special attention to Overwatch.  Regardless, here we go.  

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Headcanon: In an alternate reality, Jack Morrison truly died the day Overwatch fell. However, thanks to the super-soldier treatments he had undergone, his cells still lived. Originally buried with military honors in his home state of Indiana, the strange magicks that had seeped into the world at the awakening of the new Witch of the Wilds served as a catalyst to bring him back from beyond the grave. However, while the cells in his body were reanimated, due to some unforeseen mutation, decay had somehow set about devouring his brain, degrading his intellect to that of an instinct-driven revenant. He knows that he has a “mission,” and that it must be completed, but beyond that, he is not sure. He now walks the earth, an undead slayer of monsters. Zombie: 76.

- Submitted by erikhowlett.