Under the cut you’ll find roughly 69 gifs of the handsome Cameron Moulène from his role as Wade in Faking It season 2 episode 18 & 19. Moulène is known for his roles as Will Armstrong in Happyland and Raising Hope. The gifs are all small/medium, textless, and mostly hq. Any repeats were only because I wanted closer shots of him… No shame. Anyways! I made all of these gifs and honestly you can use them in anyway but if you add them to a crackship or gif hunt or anything of the sort please give me credit. Please like or reblog if you plan on using. Thank you! 2/?

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◤ ✕ ° ›› Under the cut are #134 gif icons of JOHANNA BRADDY in the style K1. Requested by me. None of the gifs were made by me so all the credit goes to the original creators, but I did resize and edit them. If any of the gifs used belong to you, let me know and I’ll take it down !! If you plan on using these, give it a like or reblog !! ( gif hunts used: x ) tw: guns

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Every LTE call, text, can be intercepted, blacked out, hacker finds
Emergency fail over provisions abused

Zhang says the attacks are possible because LTE networks allow users to be handed over to underused base stations in the event of natural disasters to ensure connectivity.

“You can create a denial of service attack against cellphones by forcing phones into fake networks with no services,” Zhang told the conference.

“You can make malicious calls and SMS and … eavesdrop on all voice and data traffic.”


SHADOWHUNTERS MEME | 1/1 Family Dynamic
Jace & Isabelle

Her eyes rested for a moment on Clary. “Why not to his sister?” she said. “Family-”
Isabelle is Jace’s sister,” interrupted Clary.

A list of 250+ POC face claims in varying ages. 

These are almost all off the top of Lia’s head, or from our roleplay’s potential fc list, so this is by no means thorough. We will be updating this as we go, and publishing various FC lists in the future. This is just a severe head shake at those who claim it’s harder to think of POC FCs (only those that use it as an excuse). Representation isn’t hard.

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hey, instead of using HOLLAND RODEN/KAREN GILLAN/EMMA STONE, have you thought of...

  • Jade Thompson: 23, but can play 18-24;
  • Ciara Baxendale: 19, but can play 15-19;
  • Georgie Henley: 18, but can play 16-19;
  • Sophie Turner: 18, but can play 15-19;
  • Carmen Solomons: 21, but can play 17-22;
  • Dakota Blue Richards: 20, but can play 16-21;
  • Allison Scagliotti (not pictured above): 23, but can play 20-25;

added bonus: most of these girls can actually pass as teenagers