gggAU Underused Pairings Headcanons:

-Shai Ni and The Old Man of the House on the sofa, binge-watching Netflix and tawdry telenovelas.  At first The Old Man hated the idea of having a television in the house, let alone a nice flat-screen with wifi streaming.  Things have changed.

-Way back in the day, when Meadow Lark was first assigned to the old “Haunted House”, it was in a fair state of disrepair.  Being the enterprising young man he is, Meadow Lark put on his headphones and came a-callin’ with a toolbox and a “I don’t get paid enough for this shit” bad attitude.  The Old Man of the House, still unable to materialize at this point, was livid at the irreverent fellow ripping up rotted floorboards and peeling wallpaper that was older than his grandparents.  But no matter how he wailed and rattled and flashed lights about, Meadow Lark didn’t pay it any mind.  Just old pipes, drafty walls, and bad wiring as far as he was concerned.  But in the end?  The Old Man couldn’t help but swallow his pride when Meadow Lark replaced everything he’d yanked out with a great attention to detail, restoring it in proper quality and care while chewing out any hired workers who tried to half-ass any part of the job.

-Brainstorm keeps trying to set aside project time to investigate the old ruins on the far end of town, but keeps losing his keys for some reason.  He tried walking there with his gear in a backpack, but stepped in wet concrete and twisted his ankle.  He tried using Google Earth to get a top-down view of the place but his apartment had a sudden blackout that lasted all day, and it caused a partition corruption on his computer when he got it booted back up again.  He is not deterred.  He will get this done… just as soon as he gets over this nasty stomach flu.

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i still wanna know why fate never brought in shaka zulu. one of the classes is lancer and shaka's entire thing is spears

I feel like the Fate/ franchise has a tendency to underuse any history/mythology that isn’t European or Japanese. It’s a shame, because I always thought Māui would lend himself extremely well to it (using Muri-ranga-whenua’s jawbone as a Noble Phantasm, etc.). But it’s also probably a blessing in disguise, because if how they handled Geronimo is any indication, Type-Moon’s renditions of African and Polynesian figures could turn unintentionally offensive very quickly.


hailthehelpful’s alternate fc suggestions

Is the RPC’s favorite white boy taken in the rp you’re applying for? Or maybe you play him a lot and just want to switch things up. Here are some alternates for Dylan O’Brien (24). Click their names to be directed to gifs!

JACOB ARTIST (23) He’s not just for glee rps, friends! Jacob has plenty of gifs from before, during and after his time on the show. 

MAX EHRICH (25) The majority of his gifs are made by @kbunburyhelps​ @jaifkncourtney​ and me for @gifpacknetwork​. Clicking his name directs you to that blog instead of his gif hunt tag. ( BONUS: his role as Hunter in Under The Dome puts him in nerd glasses a la Dylan in The Internship )

LOGAN LERMAN (24) Last time I checked, Logan Lerman was still an attractive white kid with resources, so why did we abandon him?

Under the cut you will find #150 small/medium gifs of YAMI GAUTAM. She is an Indian film actress and model who appears in Hindi and Tamil films. None of the following gifs are mine & all credit goes to their respective owners. If you see your gif in this hunt and would like it taken down or given credit, please contact me. Please like and/or reblog if you found this useful.

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Masterlist: east (mostly) asian faceclaims

Since I’ve been extremely sad lately because I haven’t seen that many east asian faceclaims (or asians in general tbh I just know more about east asian fcs), here you have a list of east asian faceclaims (mostly korean, but there is a some diversity) WITH RESOURCES + some links & blogs you should totally check out.
PS: special thanks ovrdosc & serehnes for helping me with some faceclaims !!

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ruth negga gif hunt

at THE LINK you will find 100+ gifs of the very talented ruth negga from various roles. she is most known for her roles from preacher and agents of shield. she is ethopian and irish and is thirty four years old. all the gifs are hq, textless and roleplayable. i do not own nor do i take credit for any of the gifs. please like or reblog this post if it helps you. requests are open


hi friends! so, as a gift to you all for getting me to 300 followers, i’ve put together a masterlist for you all to enjoy !! under the cut you’ll find a list of 42 underused female poc! included beside their names are: age, ethnicity, what they are known for, & any resources i could find for (some don’t have resources, but that could change)! ((i italicized my faves))

please like/reblog if you found this helpful in anyway as this took a long time to finish!

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Under the cut you will find #117 small/medium gifs of DEEPIKA PADUKONE as Veronica Malaney in the Bollywood film Cocktail. None of the following gifs are mine & all credit goes to their rightful owners. If you see your gif in this hunt and would like it taken down or given credit, please contact me. I apologize for any repeats though there shouldn’t be any. Please like and/or reblog if you found this useful!

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below the cut, you will find #37 gif icons of the delightfully adorable aisha dee. she is an australian actress best known for her role on chasing life. these gifs all came from an earlier gif hunt i made, and other than cropping them to size, i claim no credit for any of them. more gifs will be added to this hunt!! 

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Alternate Uses of the Mind Palace

As aspiring deductionists, the Mind Palace, also known as the Memory Palace or Brain Attic, becomes exceedingly important. It has the potential to be useful to anyone in any walk of life, but as people training ourselves in the art of deduction, having a wealth of reference information to draw back on becomes paramount. I highly recommend this technique for anyone studying deduction. There are plenty of posts and resources on the Internet detailing the what the Mind Palace is and how to make one, but I’ve noticed how shockingly underused the Mind Palace is. Many refer to it as a Memory Palace, as I stated earlier. The truth is, this technique can be manipulated to become much more useful.

1. A calming technique 

Most of us watched the BBC version of Sherlock. He gets shot, having only seconds of consciousness left. So, doing what he could to save his own life, he fell back upon his Mind Palace. He figures out what he needs to do to save his own life, one of them being the prevention of shock. He falls back on a childhood memory of his pet dog named Redbeard, effectively calming him.

 This can be accomplished by having a specific room or section in your Palace dedicated to emotionally calming objects and locations to you. This can involve the beach, your Grandparents’ living room, your bedroom, or a completely made up room that would relax you in real life. Mentally hang pictures on your wall, add a fireplace, calming music and aromas to this room. This is immensely underrated, and could one day be incredibly important, whether you are in a life-threatening situation or are just incredibly stressed. Never underrate the necessity for a relaxation period. 

2. Visualization 

This one is rather broad, so I’ve split it into sections. All of these will progressively get more vivid and realistic as you progress. 

The Visualization of Worlds: 

This one seems sort of obvious. However, most don’t realize the potential this possesses. Most use it to visualize objects, paintings, memories, etc. However, you can go much, much further. For example, take the Sherlock Christmas special, The Abominable Bride. The majority of that episode is Sherlock’s own little world, one he completely imagines, but for a practical purpose. Through a combination of his knowledge of the case and his own imagination, he is able to construct an entire world inside his own mind. 

The Visualization of People

Besides worlds, you can also remember people. When you look at a complete mental universe, remembering and visualizing people may seem fairly obvious, but hear me out. You can remember your friends, family, inspirational characters, etc. You know how when you know a person, you can predict what they would say to certain things? You memorize their personality, the different quirks of their person, and their little habits. Using that, you can create a mental version of them in your head, and, with practice, have full conversations with them. This takes a large amount of practice and is fairly difficult to pull off. After all, this is you essentially pretending to be them, and you can’t guarantee  accuracy. This isn’t them, and you need to keep that in mind. This is your mind’s version of them, your mental interpretation.  I won’t lie, it is somewhat awkward when you first begin. This can also serve as a calming technique as well (or incredibly stressful and terrifying, depending who you visualize) This is seen in Sherlock as well, not only in the Christmas special but we also see him have a conversation with Moriarty, a mental version that he had locked up, chained, and put into a padded room. There is some psychological tells on how he views Moriarty here (many not being very obvious) but that’s a post for another day.

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The Visualization of Complex Events and Timelines

This visualization technique can serve many purposes, as clearly shown. However, while in school, I used this to memorize events in history. In order to memorize battles, I would actually put myself there in the heat of the battle, a calm and careful ghost walking amongst the chaos. I would visit each side, the plotting of strategy, or if it was a surprise attack, the calm before the storm. I would visualize (as gruesome as it is) the blood flying. The explosions, the expressions of the soldiers, overhead view, all of it in slow motion. With waves of my hand, I pause the scene. I slow it down or speed it up. I can zoom in on particular details, for example, the marks of rank on a general. You can use this while deducing a room, a house, or a person, whether it just being a few seconds or, in Sherlock’s case, visualizing the murder, not unlike how Will Graham does in the popular TV series ‘Hannibal’.  It is important to realize that this is your head and therefore, you are God. You control time, location, and your view of the situation. Depending on what you’re using it for, practice some form of caution if you tend to be squeamish. You can imagine how it could be potentially disturbing to the mind to be able to picture (in vivid detail, the more practice you get) a murder take place. 

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All of these techniques have the potential to be challenging, but all can be incredibly useful. They will take time to master. Some may be more difficult than others based on your own natural abilities, but do not get discouraged. Use these techniques and develop your own uses for your Mind Palace. Utilize it to it’s full potential. Remember, your Palace is limited only by your own imagination. Be creative with what you do with it.

If any of you have any alternate or creative uses for your Mind Palace, feel free to message me and I’ll either create a new post or add to this one. I’m interested to see what people have done with theirs!


1. Work to become more observant in your day to day life.

The more observant you become in real life, the more you’ll be able to visualize and picture in your Mind Palace, making it more vivid and giving you the ability to notice more. There are some very good programs and videos on how to become more observant, find them and utilize them. 

2. Practice mindfulness and concentration techniques (post on that in progress), this will give you the ability to focus in your Palace for longer periods of time. 

3. Visit your Mind Palace often and run over important info.