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Underused Settings: The all female ant-terrorism unit [Part 2/2]

Girls, we run the world. Strong, independent and empowered. They get things done - fast. Everyone has their own skill sets and together they’re a force to be reckoned with. Don’t be fooled for a second by their kind smiles, because they’ll take you down in half the time.

[Inspired by The Athena Project by Brad Thor]

T-B: Alyssah Ali, Natalie Portman, Camilla Belle, Kat Dennings

cheeky lil sprace soulmate au for yall!

The lines started appearing when Race was seventeen. One moment in class, he was working through a few physics problems, completely focused, and the next, he was staring at the black line on his arm. It was thin and scratchy like a ballpoint pen, and didn’t seem to follow any discernable pattern. Race watched in shock at the line continued slowly across the top of his forearm before coming to a close back at the start. He stared at the shape, trying to find any meaning in it, before realizing that it looked a little bit like a dog. After uncapping his pen, Race drew a quick face on what may or may not have been a dog, along with a bone.

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Golshifteh Farahani Gif Set - Part II

 -- golshifteh farahani gif set - part two -- 

↳ Below are #100 gifs of Golshifteh Farahani, from the 2012 Persian-language film The Patience Stone. Golshifteh is an Iranian actress, currently living in France. For the sake of a trigger-free gif set, quite a lot of content was omitted or edited out/around.  Kind of an intense film. For part one, see HERE

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Underused Settings: The all female anti-terrorism unit [Part ½]

Elite. That’s what they were. Skilled, fearsome, and elite. Who were they really? That’s classified, but they’re known as the Athena Project. A top secret counter-terrorism unit made out of all women to take on the world’s deadliest assignments. The world better be prepared. Justice is coming.

Inspired by: The Athena Project by Brad Thor

T-B: Mila Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez, Kelly Hu, Kate Beckinsale

Bokenkamp calls to pitch a show to FOX and Chris Carter answers the phone.
  • CC: (after introductions) But, you already have a show don't you?
  • JB: *beams* Yeah, The Blacklist.
  • CC: Right, right, I loved the first season. *a beat* Season two was kind of rough, wasn't it.
  • JB: Noo...not really. We are still the number one drama on NBC.
  • CC: Look at the numbers, Jon.
  • JB: *sigh* we slipped a little, yeah.
  • CC: Why do you think that is?
  • JB: I am really not sure to be honest. We had a great love story this season.
  • CC: Correction: You had a great love story *last* season. *rubs forehead* if you're going for slow burn Jon you're doing it wrong.
  • JB: Oh you mean Red and Liz? *nervous laughter* Well he's not her dad.
  • CC: *eye roll* Yeah that was some surprise. You know answering that is not enough. You have to help the story along. *forehead crease intensifies* Let's talk about your two leads. Do they have chemistry?
  • JB: They get along great.
  • NOT what I meant. From what I can tell from Season 1, they had chemistry from the pilot. you need to use that...capitalize on it. Put them in close proximity of each other...have them make a lot of meaningful eye contact...the occasional touches...sexual innuendo. You did some of that already in season 1, but then you seemed to lose your way a bit.
  • JB: Well, they're going on the run together.
  • CC: Perfect! Finally. You may be able to salvage this after all.
  • JB: What?
  • CC: Oh nothing. Now what about the supporting cast. You've got a lot of players on the field...I'd consider benching some.
  • JB: But Ryan Eggold...
  • CC: Tom needs to die Jon. It's the only way whatever you've done to Liz's character can recover. And Ressler...do you remember on The X-Files how Agent Pendrell had a crush on Scully, but Agent Pendrell wasn't end game so he had to go?
  • JB: *nodding*
  • CC: Trim the field. Keep it Red/Liz. That's why people watch this show, after all. The X-Files is not about aliens and The Blacklist is not about creepy criminals that may or may not have been inspired by The X-Files. Stay focused.
  • JB: Ok...
  • CC: Let me ask you a question. Do you have a central mythology to the show? I mean are there large, over-arching questions concerning these characters that beg to be answered?
  • JB: Red is not Liz's dad.
  • CC: I KNOW that. But what about Red? Remember in Season 1 where you alluded to this tragic thing with his family, and when you brought on the ex it was a major let down? She needs to go, too.
  • JB: You basically want me to kill everyone.
  • CC: Everything dies, Jon. But no, I only want you to realize what's important. Some characters didn't need to die. Meera, Fitch...even Berlin was underused. You set him up as your Smoking Man and then you write him off like that?
  • JB: *small voice* it was necessary for the story...
  • CC: And whose story would that be? Yours? Are you sure about that?
  • JB: ...
  • CC: Can you look at season 1 and honestly say that you have been truthful to the story you set out to tell?
  • JB: We have a lot of talented writers--
  • CC: Who can't even agree on how to spell "Lizzie." Listen...I'm telling you this because I hate to see this happen. Season Two was a wash. You get a mulligan, thank God, but you better take advantage of it.
  • JB: What would you have me do?
  • CC: Answer some major questions, definitively, and without trickery. Teasing an obvious answer to a ridiculous question does not denote intelligence, nor does it hook the viewers. When you answer big questions, you are free to pose new ones, and I'd start with Red's past. That needs to be settled (also consider killing Jennifer Reddington). The second thing I would do would be to capitalize on this Season 3 setup you've got. The key to saving this show is more Red and Liz. That's your golden goose.
  • JB: We divide the stories among ourselves, though, and the Lizzington writers--
  • CC: Did you just use a ship name? *chuckling* maybe there's hope for you after all. Forget certain writers doing certain things. You need to decide as a group the direction you want to take, the background for each character, and work together to make sure everyone is on the same page...I really can't believe I'm having to tell you this.
  • JB: Is this about the flashdrive thing?
  • CC: This is about the Season 2 thing Jon.
  • JB: *scribbling notes* So, you think if I do these things that the show will get higher ratings?
  • CC: Can't fail. The formula worked in Season 1...no reason to change it. Stick with what works.
  • JB: And that's Lizzington?
  • CC: There you go again! Yes, that's Lizzington. And tight writing with attention to detail. Interesting Blacklisters. A background for each of these characters that is consistent and that honors who they are. You good with that?
  • JB: Yeah...I think I can do that.
  • CC: You can do it. You've already done it. And don't give up the slow burn...it's better when everyone has to wait for it. As for the salvation of this show...well let's just say I want to believe.
  • *end call*

Underused Settings

I reached 500 followers and to celebrate that I’m making this masterlist and also because I’m seeing the same places in every roleplay - and by same places I mean: New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, etc. It’s time to use other settings; different and unique settings. What’s the point in using the same settings over and over again? I’m tired of it. Therefore, I’m making this masterlist to show you some amazing places that could be the setting to your new roleplay. Who knows? I will, as well, list some things you could do there and where you should go. I hope this helps you and I hope that you use one of these settings instead of the other boring and old overused settings. Okay, well, maybe not boring.

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Underused Settings: Fey Courts: Autumn

The leaves rustle. Once the plants had grown, but the time for that has ended. These fey they’ve come to collect. Take down what they’d once built. It’s the way of things - everything must have balance. They steal, they take and they ready the earth for its slumber. They are beautiful, they are stunning. But don’t be misled. They are dangerous, they are mischievous. They’re wise and they’ve been here for a long, long time. Though they cannot lie. You can be very sure they’ll outsmart you.

T-B: Anna Popplewell, Kerry Washington, Gemma Ward, Devon Aoki, Jamie Campbell Bower, Douglas Booth, Odette Anabelle, Ben Barnes.


Laura Lamb Brown-Lavoie - “Bean Meditation”

“This gratitude has a gravity to it. The core of the earth, pulling me to my knees.”

Continuing our staff picks highlighting some of their favorite poems that did not go viral on the Button YouTube this year. Sam says: “Simple and magical. This piece illuminates an underused set of tools available to performance poets. It is masterful and transcends in its simplicity.”

Anime Summer 2015 Impressions


It’s a breath of fresh air since most conventional anime are school shows or harem shows. It’s nice to have an anime in the crime-genre and I’m hoping for a good one. The anime is far from perfect as it has merit and gripes. It has impressive technical presentation from the fluid animation and backgrounds. There is also some kick-ass action with swordfights and gunplay. However, I don’t know much about the characters and the story is off to a slow start. Slow start is not a bad thing, but it will get exciting in later episodes. It’s a decent start so far, but they need to step it up in terms of pacing and characters to make a good series that is the shit. It could either A.) Be a highly-entertaining anime that has maintains a good quality (Attack on Titan, Your Lie on April, Psycho-Pass) or B.) have a good start and then go downhill from there (Tokyo Ghoul, Seraph of the End, Sword Art Online, to an extent Parasyte). It has potential to be more on the former. It’s a dark, stylish, and intriguing crime drama that is unique from most anime. This show has potential to be kick-ass and great though it still has a long way to prove that it’s a must see.


There are reasons to look forward to this show with the studio behind Kanon and Clannad involved. First thing I can say is that the anime is a cross between Angel Beats and X-Men. It involves students having special abilities by the time they reach puberty. Yu has the ability to take over people’s body temporaily and Nao can turn invisible. It does sound derivative, but putting it in the conventional school story genre makes it seem fresh. The anime got off into an interesting start. It does a good job establishing the characters and showing how the powers work. The episode does get slow in the 1/3 as the story lags at moments. For the most part, Charlotte could be a solid anime. I’m interested to see what happens next in the story.


Rokka is a fun anime with kick-ass characters and an intriguing world. What’s interesting is that the setting is inspired by Aztec America rather than Medieval era or Japanese settings since that setting is underused in fantasy. It does seem to bore some resemblance to The Road to El Dorado and The Emperor’s New Groove (practically its original story Kingdom of the Sun). It’s a typical fantasy story about a group of heroes fighting to stop a great evil. Aside from a long amount of exposition, it has entertaining action and good character interactions. It does a solid job establishing the world and introduction characters in beginning. The later episodes is where the adventure starts. Make it a good fantasy anime that is both enthralling and fresh.

Snow White with the Red Hair

I’ve read the manga the anime is based on and I enjoyed it and thought it was pretty good. It seems like another take on the Snow White fairy tail after two forgetten portrayals of the classic from 2012 which are Mirror Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman. But the first episode is a solid start so far. I like the character dynamic between Shirayuki and Zen. Both are good leads and the relationships between is well fleshed out. It’s a good mix good character moments and a fair amount of fun action. I was into the anime so far and it will keep me hooked if the story maintains interest. If you like the manga, there is a good chance you will like it if you’re satisfied how they portrayed the original story.