underused faces

psa. i want to roleplay against your muses who most people over look. i want to roleplay against your little hidden gems who never get enough attention. i want to roleplay against your first draft muses and watch them turn into the final copy. i want to roleplay against the muses who have a different backstory, the muses with underused face claims, the muses who aren’t good people, the muses who are possibly too good. the muses that you feel like are neglected… let me love them.

Masterlist: Models - Part 1

Primera parte de una masterlist de modelos; en esta lista, 200 nombres de modelos poco vistos ordenados alfabéticamente.

Sugerencia: Selecciona toda la lista, ve a Sortea2 o alguna página para que te seleccione 1 nombre al azar, y crea un personaje con lo que te inspire ese pb.

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lydia graham rp icons;

hola, hola, ¿no es esta nena hermosa, completamente divina y perfecta? ¡lo es!, y por eso mismo me decidí a hacerle un par de icons, todos de un par de vídeos que hizo, iban a ser de mi uso pero gracias a mi ausencia de tiempo elegí compartirlos. por favor like o reblog si son de utilidad, ¡gracias! if you don’t spea english i’m so sorry hehe. 

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My Favorite (330+) Faceclaims 

As requested, this is a list of my favorite faceclaims! There’s a mix of #331 overused and underused faces, and I also included their age and ethnicity (if it’s available). The list is also divided by gender, and listed alphabetically. There’s probably not going to be a lot of model/musician/reality TV/Youtuber FC’s since I’m not a big fan, and the FC’s I’m most familiar with are popular in Western culture just you’re aware. So yeah, enjoy!

Note: All ethnicities were found on either ethnicelebs.com or Wikipedia. If you notice an error or have the answer to somebody’s unknown ethnicity, please message me with a valid source and I’ll change it! 

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