Okay, so I decided to make an updated fanfiction authors list because there are some new or recently discovered authors that are amazing and deserved to be recognized.

I listed the everlark author’s pen names on ff or AO3 and their tumblr names. Some authors don’t have tumblr accounts or I couldn’t find some of them.  If I listed an author as “no tumblr” and they do have one, please let me know!

I added my old list to the new list.


Josh Hutcherson Fanfiction

  • allhailthehutch
  • areyouserial
  • bigdhutch
  • boomboom80s
  • hutchdreamer
  • hutchhitched
  • jamiesommers23
  • joshmopolitan
  • lovesbiggerthanpride
  • lurkinginthecorner
  • myusernamehere
  • underthedesertstars
  • youarebeingridiculous

Everlark Fanfiction

  • abagail_snow (tumblr: absnow)
  • acciograce (tumblr: justmellarky)
  • agirlnamedwhiskey (no tumblr)
  • aimmyarrowshigh (tumblr: aimmyarrowshigh)
  • alatariel-gildaen (tumblr: alatarielgildaen)
  • Alexabee (tumblr: alexabeeff)
  • ambpersand (tumblr: ambpersand)
  • amelia day (tumblr: stutteringpeeta)
  • angylinni (tumblr: angylinni)
  • annieoakley1 (tumblr: annieoakley1)
  • aquarpisc (tumblr: aquarpisc)
  • arollercoasterthatonlygoesup (tumblr: arollercoasterthatonlygoesup)
  • atetheredmind (tumblr: fuckingplebe)
  • bakerswiife (tumblr: mellarkspearls)
  • Baroness Kika (baronesskika)
  • billiebee3 (no tumblr)
  • biopolarism (tumblr: biopolarism)
  • bohemianrider (tumblr: bohemianrider)
  • books-are-better (tumblr: books-are-better)
  • Brianna Jackson (no tumblr)
  • bubblegum1425 (tumblr: bubblegum1425)
  • burntbreadandshinypearls (tumblr: peetamellaark)
  • Court81981 (no tumblr)
  • c_r_roberts (tumblr: c-r-roberts)
  • dandelionsandroses (tumblr: starveinsafety)
  • dandelionsunset (no tumblr)
  • Demona424 (tumblr: drivebyanon)
  • diana_flynn (no tumblr)
  • dispatchesfromdistrict7 (tumblr: dispatchesfromdistrict7)
  • dracoisalooker76 (tumblr: dracoisalooker76)
  • eirenewrites (no tumblr)
  • emeraldgrey22 (tumblr: asemblanceofart)
  • english5672 (no tumblr)
  • Everlark_Pearl (tumblr: mellarksloaves)
  • fairmellarky (tumblr: fairmellarky)
  • faithosaurus (no tumblr)
  • falafel_waffle (no tumblr)
  • famousfremus (tumblr: famousfremus)
  • fanficallergy (no tumblr)
  • ficwriter1999
  • flythruflames (tumblr: peetadelrey)
  • fnurfnur (tumblr: fnurfnur)
  • fortunefaded2012 (tumblr: fortunefaded2012)
  • gentlemama (tumblr: gentlemama)
  • GHTlovesTHG (tumblr: GHTlovesTHG)
  • Gozips28 (tumblr: Gozips28)
  • graphitegirl (tumblr: shewhodraws)
  • greenwool (tumblr:yesscoolverygoodok)
  • HGRomance (andshewaits)
  • historyinbooks (tumblr: historyinbooks)
  • icbiwf (tumblr: icbiwf)
  • ijustwritehungergames (tumblr: ijustwritehungergames)
  • iloverynmar, loveisallwereallyneedtosurvive (tumblr: thegirlonpeetamellark)
  • itsmorgan (no tumblr)
  • Izzy Samson (tumblr: izzysamson)
  • Jamiesommer23 (tumblr: jamiesommers23
  • jawshfuckerson (tumblr: jawshfuckerson)
  • jeeno2 (tumblr: jeeno2)
  • jennagill (tumblr: jennagill)
  • Jenye (tumblr: fourfinick)
  • jgem87 (tumblr: jgem87)
  • JLaLa (tumblr: jlalafics)
  • jypzrose (tumblr: jypzrose)
  • Kaceywithak (tumblr: starks-and-mellarks)
  • kdubs (tumblr: walker)
  • kismet4981 (tumblr: kismetff)
  • knotted energy (tumblr: knotted energy)
  • ktfact3 (ktface3)
  • Lauralulubee (tumblr: lulubee1234)
  • lbug84 (tumblr: bitcheslovesprinkles)
  • lollercakes (tumblr: lollercakesff)
  • loupee (tumblr: loupeeuk)
  • loueze (tumblr: louezem)
  • loveleee (tumblr: imreallyloveleee)
  • maddmaddworld (tumblr: maddmaddworld)
  • madefrommemories (tumblr: madefrommemoriesff)
  • MaggsAM (no tumblr)
  • maktub (no tumblr)
  • MalTese (tumblr: malteselivesonanisland
  • manniness (tumblr: manniness)
  • mariannalark (mariannalark)
  • marycontrary82 (tumblr: marycontrary82)
  • Meggie-Mellark (tumblr: meggie-mellark)
  • Mejhiren (tumblr: porchwood)
  • mellarkberries (tumblr: mellarkberries)
  • Michelleleahhh (tumblr: bottledmichelle)
  • Misshoneywell (tumblr: peetaspenis)
  • Miss Maia (tumblr: thesagaciousowl)
  • mockingjayflyingfree (tumblr: mockingjayflyingfree)
  • Monroeslittle (tumblr: argyledpenguin)
  • morethanagame (no tumblr)
  • msdisdain (no tumblr)
  • MTK4FUN (no tumblr)
  • nonemoreblack (dirtytalkingpeeta)
  • ohalaskayoung (tumblr: ohalaskayoung)
  • outofthemarr (tumblr: outofthemarr)
  • Panem (tumblr: loveforpanem)
  • passionately_curious (tumblr: mitchesbcray)
  • passive_impulsivity (no tumblr)
  • peetasandherondales (tumblr: peetahutcherpeen)
  • peetasbunmyoven
  • penelopeweaving (tumblr: penelopeweaving)
  • plumgal1899 (no tumblr)
  • pompeiigraffiti (tumblr: yourpeetaisshowing)
  • Pookieh (tumblr: pookieh)
  • prisspanem (tumblr: prisspanem)
  • purple_cube (tumblr: purple_cube)
  • Ronja (tumblr: ronjar)
  • Ro Nordmann (tumblr: ro-little-shop-of-wonderss, ro_nordmann)
  • sassyeverlarking (tumblr: ichooseupeetachu)
  • slagheapwhore (tumblr: slagheapwhore)
  • salanderjade (whowhatsitwhich)
  • seaquell (tumblr: seaquell)
  • sec982 (tumblr: fratniss)
  • shesasurvivor (tumblr: shesasurvivor)
  • silvercistern (tumblr: silvercistern)
  • simply abbey (tumblr: simplyabbeycat)
  • slstrow (tumblr: supportyourlocalshannon)
  • soamazinghere (tumblr: soamazinghere)
  • sohypothetically (tumblr: sohypothetically)
  • solasvioletta (tumblr: solasvioletta)
  • sothere (sothereff)
  • sponsormusings (sponsormusings)
  • stacylk (tumblr: stacylk)
  • streetlightlove (tumblr: streetlightlove1)
  • sunfishdunes (tumblr: sunfishdunes)
  • Swishy Willow Wand (tumblr: swishywillow)
  • therebelliondies (tumblr: therebelliondies)
  • theunclosetednerd (tumblr: theunclosetednerd)
  • titania522 (tumblr: titania522)
  • trippy41 (tumblr: trippy41)
  • twilightcakes (tumblr: twilightcakes)
  • twopisces (no tumblr)
  • vikki1818 (tumblr: everlarkanxiety)
  • wakebytheriver (tumblr: wakebytheriver)
  • wollaston (tumblr: alonglineofbread)

This is for Jackie underthedesertstars that was receiving unnecessary hate from a cruel anon. Here is some yummy Josh to make up for it. :)

Single Ladies Josh

Drunk Josh

Boxer Josh

Turkey Lovin’ Josh

Manhandled Josh

Air Kisses Josh

Josh explaining Peeta’s backstory

Dancer Josh

Embarrassed Josh

“The real rock star” Josh

Dapper Josh

“I’m fine” Josh

Jaw Porn Josh

Climber Josh

And last but not least…

“I prefer working at nights” Josh *wink, wink*

Gifs not mine

I may have joined tumblr because of this man and ill never deny that but the friendships I’m making from here go way past even Josh(I still love you baby)
At the end of day, if i ever leave tumblr I will always carry the girl/guy friends I’ve made close to my heart. You are the reason I stay on here. Love you all<3 special shout out to just a few that never fail to make my days better.

Lazy Afternoon

This drabble is dedicated to Jackie who reblogged this picture yesterday and asked, “Imagine those legs rubbing against yours while he spoons you." 


I’m loving this lazy afternoon. I’m sitting on the sofa watching an old movie on TBS with Josh while everyone else is baking in the heat outside. I have the thermostat set to 76 so its nice and cool in here, but warm enough for him to show some leg. I remember dating a swimmer in high school who always shaved himself before a big meet. I never liked that. There’s nothing that says "man” more than some nice hair on the face, chest, legs, and all those bits and pieces too.

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This post is for Jackie underthedesertstars whose birthday is today. I hope you had a great day! Here is my present to you. Although it’s not as awesome as the trailer! Enjoy!

“What My Trailer Would Be” Josh

Kisses Josh

“Clapton Don’t Dance” Josh

“None for you” Josh

“Row, Row, Row Your Boat” Josh

“JT Wanna Be” Josh

“This isn’t as Great as I Thought it was Going to Be” Josh

Lip Porn Hosh

Dapper Josh

“Josh Has Periods” Josh

Crickets Josh

Jaw Porn Josh

Cannibal  Josh

Josh as Peeta

And last but not least…

Shirtless Josh

Gifs not mine