Followers~~~ Undertaospandasheets has branched out to all the EXO members! Follow them please~

They aren’t fully finished via webpage

Tao -Under Tao’s Panda Sheets

Kris -Under Kris’s Dragon Sheets

Chanyeol -Under Chanyeol’s Mr. Krabs Sheets

Chen -Under Chens Ram Sheets

Kai -Under Kai’s Panther Sheets

Kyungsoo -Under Kyungsoo’s Owl Sheets

Lay -Under Lay’s Unicorn Sheets

Luhan -Under Luhan’s Deer Sheets

Sehun -Under Sehun’s Cat Sheets

Suho -Under Suho’s Angel Sheets

Xiumin -Under Xiumin’s Snowflake Sheets

Baekhyun -Under Baekhyun’s Puppy Sheets

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I love my Unfollow catcher!

I follow everyone who follows me and sometimes they are people who have nothing to do with kpop.

But those are usually the ones who stay the longest O.O 

But then when someone does unfollow me please do expect an unfollow to yours too, unless I really do like your blog. (I usually really do like the blogs I follow, its usually the people who follow me first are the ones that i’m iffy about)

Actually, I would appreciate if people were to tell me why they are unfollowing me… 

A lot of weird things that I reblog one after another is just me being stupid since my friends comment on them or we talk about them and then boom, i’ll reblog the shit out of them for a good laugh. 

I know I lost around 7 followers when I reblogged “Happy Trails” of men. But I didn’t have the unfollow catcher at that time so I couldn’t really go and tell them that it was a one time thing and that I was sorry if I was being offensive towards them…

Everyone does get a little craving for pictures of animals, or food, or anime, etc… 

And as all Tao followers can tell, good quality pictures of Tao are kinda hard to come by.

Whenever I go to the Tao tag on Tumblr I usually accidentally reblog the same picture a few times without realizing it. 

I’m sorry for the ramble, but I realllllllly want my followers to understand that they can talk to me about things and if they feel uncomfortable by some things I reblog they can tell me! Or if they want more reblogs of a certain Kpop Idol, Actor, Actress, ETC I’d gladly go through and reblog the shit out of them!