-The Return of the 'Timeless' Queen-

It did not take very long for Undertakercestor to make his way quickly back to some sort of civilization, though not to any place that would be familiar to the Queen. She had continued to remain unconscious as they travelled, the ancestor only stopping for an occasional rest or supplies.

It had been a few days since her resurrection that the ancestor reached the home of Miss Shanza, the one who had previously cared for the Queen’s well being.

{}|//The sooner I get you out of my hands, the better. I will not lie when I say that I will be happy to have peace again without your loud voice…\|{}

{}|//Miss Shanza! I request your presence if you are in your home! These vessels are in your care from what I understand!\|{}

He hoped that she would be here and that he was not just shouting into her empty home. He wanted to leave from the mortal realm as soon as he was able to, but not before he knew that Azrael’s body and the resurrected form of Habibah were in capable hands.

The Awakening of an Ancestor


That’s what the ancestor felt as he opened his eyes lazily, blinking a few times before everything came into focus. It had been so long since he had actually been able to breathe.

He sat himself up and groaned, this body feeling beaten and sore. {}|//Azrael… What foolishness you’ve put yourself through.. You are more of an idiot than I believed when I watched over you..\|{}

The ancestor stood his vessel up and brushed off the sands that had settled on the grey robes.

{}|//At least you will be fine once I deem it acceptable to let go of your body. Please do relax your screams. We both cannot crowd this mind with thoughts. Rest,\|{} he said aloud, his frame relaxing and straightening as the ancestor took complete possession.

He moved over to the body of Habibah, still wrapped in bandages. With a frustrated sigh, he crouched down to her and began to remove the bandages from her face. {}|//Let’s see if your foolishness was worth it, dear Azrael.\|{}

And his sacrifice was worth it, it seemed. A tangible and beautiful face was revealed once the bandages had been stripped from her face.

She was breathing, her skin warm to the touch with life once again.

{}|//Still unconscious, but that hardly matters. I do not wish to hear you speak so loudly as I take you back to Miss Shanza. She will be happy to deal with you more than I. Perhaps it will finally be quiet in the calm of our existence again, even if it was not supposed to be.\|{}

He would definitely enjoy the quiet, though still was bitter of Azrael’s choice.

{}|//The mask… He had your mask…\|{}

He patted against the vessel, finding the mask tied to his right hip.


He placed the mask on her face to conceal her again before he slipped off his cloak. He laid it aside and carefully sat the Queen’s frame up and clothing her with Azrael’s robes. They practically swallowed her up, but better to have her covered than carried in bandages alone.

He secured the cloak and began to pick up her still frame from the sands, standing tall, and looking around at his surroundings before he would set out back towards the settlement.

He was curious, though he did not approve of this creature, of Nephilis’ whereabouts.

He had a few thoughts he would love to share if he had ended up in the same area from the dark journey Azrael had embarked on with him.

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♫words cannot describe♫the twinkle in your eyes♫ the fireworks that happen♫ inside my heart they're snappin♫ i'm wishing on a star to be with you~~♫ no seriously sempai pls notice me

{}|//Then unmask yourself so that I may ‘notice you’ or anything else you request, strange wayfarer. Or perhaps, you wish to remain anonymous so that no one knows that you’ve truly lost your sanity.\|{}

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