underswap sans and papyrus

kdakina  asked:

If too many flowers kills them and sans is a bundle of emotions how has he not died from too many flowers

HNNGNHH I haven’t really put much thought into it but I’ll try to explain it

I’m gonna assume you mean regular UT verse, if you meant US I CAN ANSWER THAT TOO

In Underblossom monsters are affected by their emotions and flowers bloom depending on how they’re feeling. A lot of blossoming shows that a monster is healthy and happy, because flowers tend to bloom most often when a monster experiences positive emotions such as happiness, love, excitement, etc. and also when they get really flustered or embarrassed!!

Flowers can also bloom when monsters experience EXTREME spikes in emotion—this can be any emotion, even negative ones.

But for monsters who undergo negative emotions all the time like Sans does, he actually has a lot fewer flowers than most monsters do. Papyrus is able to make him blossom sometimes but the flowers are quick to wilt once Sans falls back into his regular sorta depressed mood.

Now as for your actual question lmao yes it’s possible for a monster to die from blooming too many flowers at once. It’s sort of like a sickness—too much of anything can cause a lot of health issues and possibly death so yeah in this case. There’s no such thing as dying from too many positive emotions lmao so Papyrus or Swap Sans wouldn’t die from blossoming too often because they’re just bundles of joy pretty much all the time—they’re fine lol. I think an extreme upset in the balance of a monster’s soul can cause too many flowers to bloom, so something emotionally devastating could end up killing them. (Sans almost dies right after Papyrus does in the Genocide route from “hyper blossoming” bc he just cannot handle it.)

Monsters can actually die this way from getting sick too; most sicknesses are inflicted with abnormal blooming patterns—for example there’s one scene I thought of where Swap Papyrus comes home to see hundreds of flower petals on the floor in a trail leading upstairs, and when he peeks into Sans’ room he’s like “bro, you sick?” and Sans is miserably like “…Yeah” while he coughs up flowers (this isn’t Hanahaki disease DON’T WORRY) so yeah depending on the illness they get affected differently and so do their blooming patterns!

Sorry for such a long-winded answer Kina but I hope that makes sense!!

peopleofmoonia  asked:

(part1) hey there! I've got another question for ya :) I'm very curious as to how you think the skelebois would react to someone who has had stomach surgery? I had sleeve surgery a little over a year ago and it really relieved some of the pressure on my joints after having lost 80 lbs. but on the flip side I often forget to eat or eat extremely little because the surgeon did something to what serves as the bodies signal to you to eat. so what I want to know is who you think would do what. like

13: I just got to say that this is a wonderfully written question. Like you ask the question but also explain a bit of backstory without going into to much detail. Like what the surgery is and how it could help but it doesn’t drown out your question with facts. IT WAS WELL WRITTEN!

More curious than anything. The scientist in him can’t help it. He’ll ask like a thousand questions and even go off and do his own research so he understands why you did it. Plus now he knows everything about it he becomes excellent at caring for you and has everything you need on stand by just in case something happens.

He doesn’t really understand it but if you insist that it’s for your health than he is all for it. He just wants you to be happy and healthy and if the surgery helps you be those things than he is on board for whatever. Since you have a tendency to forget to eat he will also make sure that you have at least one meal a day. He’ll prepare you dinner and get you to sit down with him and talk about your days as you eat.

Is more worried about your joints than anything. He understands that the surgery revealed some of the pressure that was there but he still worries about any remaining pressure. If he thinks your going to hurt yourself or if your pushing yourself to far he may take over whatever it was you were trying to do. Or at the very least give you a hand. The whole gesture is pretty sweet considering Red doesn’t particularly like to do anything.

He doesn’t really understand and often lectures you about forgetting meals or eating too little in his opinion, but you’ve noticed how he’ll check on you around meal times everyday just to remind you to eat something. He’ll also start preparing small portions of meals just for you. After a while he gets it down to an art and know exactly how much you can eat before your full.

Honestly the whole idea of surgery of any kind freaks him out a little. Like you are literally cutting a person open to mess around with their insides. The whole thought of it just sort of makes him feel sick. Because of this he tends to avoid the subject and just kind of accepts whatever it is your telling him like ‘oh you don’t want to eat anymore because you’re full? Ok dokkee then he shall clean up the table’. He doesn’t ask to many questions and trust that you know what is happening with your own body

He does get concerned when he noticed that you aren’t eating anything because you’ve forgotten. He understands it’s because you just don’t feel hungry but he also knows it’s not healthy for humans. Plus now that your stomach smaller he imagines it would be harder for you to get nutrients so you should probably eat more. Or at least that’s the conclusion he draws. He may start leaving you sticky notes or packing snacks that he can pull out to give you at any given time, and he’ll text you to ask if you’ve eaten anything that day.

Does get offended that you have stopped eating his cooking. Although to be fair nobody really eats his cooking. He’s more annoyed at this than anything else, actually it seems like he doesn’t care about the surgery at all seeing it as your excuse as to why your not eating the food he makes. He’ll continue to grumble about it but over time he’ll get more use to it just keep gently reminding him that you physically can’t eat anymore.

Honestly the most meh reactions ever. He’s not use to caring about people so I don’t know what you were expecting. He knows about the surgery, you told him and honestly it doesn’t seem to have a reaction from him. Unless you faint from not eating he isn’t going to change any. If you do faint he may get angry at himself and start focusing on your eating habits.

Often forgets that you’ve had the surgery. Please don’t take offence, his memory isn’t as great as it use to be. He may get mad at you a few times for not finishing your food until you quietly remind him that you can’t eat anymore to which he will shut his jaw and just take your leftovers. Later on he’ll just stare at you after you finish eating. He knows there’s a reason your not eating more but he can’t quite remember. He’ll snap out of his thoughts if you offer him the rest of your food. You only have leftovers when Axe serves your food because he thinks that the amount he serves is correct for the average human. Crooks remembers though so he serves you just the right amount of foot. The surgery is written up on Axe’s wall of things to remember so after time it may stick.

Actually thinks the idea of purposefully making your stomach smaller is a good idea. If your stomach is smaller and you don’t notice when your hungry odds are you won’t starve or at the very least feel the pain of starving. Plus if you were trapped underground with them or if the world ever started to run out of food you’d be easy to feed meaning he’d be less worried about you. He doesn’t mind that you eat less and he doesn’t think it’s offensive.