in which the understudy recaps the month of May

This has by far been the craziest, hardest, and powerful months of me and my families life. To start things off I have to let you in a little more into what makes me, well, me.

I am the only person from my family that lives in California. My Dad passed away when I was 5 and my mom and sister moved to West Virgina a couple years ago. The rest of my family lives in Mexico. So I am very close to my wife’s family and everything that happened this month has been directed right at them.

For starter’s my Father-in-law has cancer. He’s been on an experimental treatment that seem’s to be going well. So, the whole first week of May he’s feeling kind of ill, but he’s going on like normal. He goes in for a check up Friday afternoon, and by that evening they tell him to go to the ER. Turns out his kidneys are backed up (hence the ill feelings he’s had lately) and he end’s up having to be in the hospital for a week. He gets operated on, and it turns out the experimental treatment is a bust. Now he’s going to be put on one other experimental test and if that doesn’t work then its time for radiation.

So three days after he’s released from the hospital my wife’s grandma is rushed to the ER. This ends up being Thursday. Turns out that the nursing home she’s been at has been mistreating her. They broke her finger, fractured her wrist, and bruised both her forearms. Due to lack of care she developed an infection that on Monday about 3 days after she was put in the ER, and then checked into hospice, took her life. She is now in the presence of God.

Then a week from her passing my sister-in-law was on her way to work. When, while driving on the freeway, she lost control of her car and ran into an RV. She ended up flipping her car twice in the air, landed upside down, and the air bags did not deploy. This was around 11:45-noonish and we weren’t notified til around 2ish. The only thing we knew was she couldn’t feel her left arm and legs. Turns out it was just shock and she literally walked away from the accident like Bruce Willis in Unbreakable (minus Sam Jackson). The car is completely destroyed and the guys at the impound lot said they couldn’t believe she lived, yet alone, walked away with nothing wrong.

So here at the end of the month… we’re tired. But God is awesome. Only a loving Father like Him could take these things and work them out for our good. How’s that you say?

The week that my father-in-law was in the hospital was long and difficult. But we laughed the whole time, and on Sunday had our very own church service. It was a great time and we grew closer to God and each other through that.

What about Grandma? She’s with Jesus now! She lived to be 92 years old and served God to her fullest. She’s resting and soaking up heaven right now. Yes, the way it came about was tragic, but the outcome is far better than any of us can imagine.

I know I don’t even have to mention why the car accident ended up good right? It is a MIRACLE that’s what! Are you kidding me, flipped in the air, land upside down, no air bags, the car crushed like an old Pepsi can, and she walks out of there with a sore back!!!

Our God is Greater, Our God is Stronger

                                 God You are Higher than any other

                                                              Our God is Healer, Awesome in Power

                                        OUR GOD….          OUR GOD