When I say you complete me I don’t say it to be cute. I don’t say it to be a cliche couple. I don’t say it because at that very moment I feel so in love with you. I don’t say it because I want to find true meaning to the statement. I say it because you do, you complete me in ways that are unexplainable. You complete me in ways I never knew to be possible. You complete me in ways that I never knew could ever be accomplished by another human being. And when I say you complete me, it is an understatement.


For someone who is admittedly terrible at math, I’ve given up at trying to figure out which timezone I’m in and what time it is in any given location.

England to Paris to Cincinnati to Nashville + pregnancy - copious amounts of caffeine + waking up at 4:30 am CDT to get work done on time for clients back in England = persistently befuddled. 

This last minute, covert decision to head to the Mother Ship is courtesy of that adorable, pint-sized nugget on the right, my youngest sister Allison. Long story short, I hopped on a couple planes and suffered through an insanely long detoured road trip to Nashville to surprise support her while she defended her PhD dissertation. She did beautifully and I could only love her and be more proud of her if I’d birthed her myself!

That’s the cover story anyway. The real truth is that all Americans must leave the UK during the Fourth of July or otherwise renounce US citizenship and pledge allegiance to her majesty the Queen. I just wasn’t ready to make that commitment.

I do have to thank my sister for managing to schedule her presentation around one of my favorite holidays so I can partake in the festivities I knew I would desperately miss. Rooftop fireworks with my entire family? Yes, please and thank you. 

Next on the list, (yes, of course there’s a list.)

  • Homemade buttermilk biscuits and sausage gravy
  • Sweet iced tea
  • Cheese coneys
  • Wandering around wide-eyed Target
  • Swimming
  • Cook-outs
  • Eating enough pickles to swell my eyes shut
  • Mexican food
  • Chipotle

This list is growing at a rapidly, alarming rate. 

My heart is so happy, it might explode. For the baby’s sake, let’s hope it doesn’t.