Almost at 500 followers and I honestly just sat in the shower and cried about that for near enough 35 minutes....

SO, I’m at 496 followers! Which is close enough to 500 that I wanted to give you all something to say thanks. I’m working on little something about an au I have where the horseman are like, constantly in their Chaos forms. Much more angst. :) 

 It’s a comic? I guess? Not a very good one tho :S

 ANYWAY. I’ll get on that. 

Thank you all so much for being here with me. <3 xxxxx

Reading Nora’s extra content on the Courting Madness blog

And I come across these two gems: 

  • Andrew: “Maybe next year Coach will recruit a quiet child that won’t bother anyone.
  • Renee’s POV: One unknown striker sub couldn’t shake things up that badly, especially if Kevin was hellbent on recruiting him.

I am deceased!!!!

Neil was the next child!!!

Litotes (Just a Little Fall)

It wasn’t that bad at all;
Just a little fall - a scrape
Just her hands and arms and face.
Yeah, I pushed her in the well.
But it wasn’t that deep,
The height from which she fell.
Hey, it was just an attempt by me
To get her out of her shell.
It worked didn’t it?
Once she recovered she beat me
Worse than the scrapes she got.

To Rincewind’s annoyance the Luggage barrelled after her, cushioning its fall by dropping heavily onto a slaver, and adding to the sudden panic of the invaders because, while it was bad enough to be attacked with deadly and ferocious accuracy by a rather pretty girl in a white dress with flowers on it, it was even worse for the male ego to be tripped up and beaten by a travel accessory; it was pretty bad for all the rest of the male, too.
—  Terry Pratchett, Sourcery