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What To Wear While Streaming NYFW

New York Fashion Week is here—and while little compares to catching all the front-row action, watching from the comfort of your couch with your hair in a top bun comes pretty close. Thanks to the magic of livestreams, you can see the hottest shows instantly—but that doesn’t mean you need to skimp on style.  We’ve put together the perfect looks for your streaming parties—so grab your girls, get comfy and prepare for Spring/Summer ’16!


We’re in a LTR with everything sporty, and it’s getting serious. Think skinny joggers, bold logos, striped cuffs and waistbands. No hand-eye coordination required.


There’s no better way to get cozy than to curl up in a chunky knit sweater. Go for heathered shades and statement Nordic prints. Just add friends & ice cream.


Channel that cool, understated look that launched a thousand 90’s-inspired Instagrams. Soft tees & tanks meet loose, model-off-duty shapes and mesh details. Watch the runways for the next new simply sexy trend.

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1. She was my mentor.

She and Lexa have been dating for six months before Clarke gets to meet the ‘famous’ Anya in person. Lexa might try to be understated and cool, but Clarke’s fairly sure she’s barely gone a day without referencing Anya.

“Anya gave me this record, you should listen to it…”

“So there’s a new restaurant I think we should check out, Anya recommended it to me…”

“Well I guess it’s technically a scotch but Anya says the taste is more reminiscent of an Armagnac…”

“I need a different jacket if I’m going to wear those flats, Anya says the cut really doesn’t work…”

Given Lexa’s exacting standards and practiced indifference towards many other things Clarke later found out she was adorably enthusiastic about (dogs, cooking, candles) her unbridled admiration throws all expectations out of the window.

Lexa makes Anya sound like she has every worthwhile quality in the world. Clarke’s not often intimidated, but she will admit to feeling a little disquiet about the whole situation.

“So who is Anya… to you?” Clarke asks cautiously, about five minutes drive from the restaurant where they’re meeting Anya.

“She was my mentor,” Lexa replies with a faint smile.