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22 movies for understanding Italy

Do you want know Italy? Do you want see the deep contradictions of this country and his beauty? I’ve choosen 22 movies that, according to me, show my country without explanations or something like that.

Obviously, this is a personal and non complete list. Let’s begin.

Il Gattopardo - The Leopard (1963, Luchino Visconti, adapted from the novel of Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa.)

Why you need to watch: the birth of Italy in 1861 and the first political class of the new nation.

Il Portaborse - The Yes Man (1991, Daniele Lucchetti)

Why you need to watch: political class of Italy 130 years later, and scandal of “tangentopoli”.

Divorzio all’italiana - Divorce Italian Style (1961, Pietro Germi)

Why watch: there is not law in Italy before 1970 to get divorce. If I need divorce, how can I get it? This movie show this.

C’eravamo tanto amati - We All Loved Each Other So Much (1974, Ettore Scola)

Why watch: this movie talks to your heart. Illusions of youth days, love, friendship, political involvement, and evolution of three friends through the years.

“We tought we could change the world, but the world changed us”

Diaz - don’t clean up this blood (2012, Daniele Vicari)

Why watch: also this is Italy. Brutality reaction of police during riots against G8 of Genova. “The most serious suspension of democratic rights in a Western country after the Second World War.“ (Amnesty International)

Il giovane favoloso - Leopardi (2014, Mario Martone)

Why watch: the story of the best italian poet. This is enough to watch it.

Parenti serpenti - Dearest Relatives, Poisonous Relations (1992, Mario Monicelli)

Why watch: a malinconic movie about christmas. A typical southern Italy family reunites in the native home in Abruzzo for Christmas Seasons. The most poisonous dark comedy made in Italy.

Romanzo di una strage - Piazza Fontana: Italian Conspiracy (2012, Marco Tullio Giordana)

Why watch: the most turbolent years of Italy. Terrorist attacks of marxists, red brigade, anarchist, fascists, and golpe against the goverment.

La meglio gioventù - The Best of Youth (2003, Marco Tullio Giordana)

Why watch: the story of two brothers trough the most important events of Italy from 60s to 2000.

La vita è bella - Life is Beautiful (1997, Roberto Benigni)

Why watch: a wonderful and humoristic tale of a jew librarian during holocaust who wants preserve his son from horror of Lager. Italian movies can shows malinconic things with a taste of humour, and comic things with a taste of malincony.

Il secondo tragico Fantozzi (1976, Luciano Salce)

Why watch: one of my favourite comedy. The frustrating life of an employee during 70s.

I soliti ignoti - Big Deal on Madonna Street (1958, Mario Monicelli)

Why watch: a group of crooks decide to rob a pawnshop with a perfect plan. The life in slums of Rome.

Johnny Stecchino - Johnny Toothpick (1991, Roberto Benigni)

Why watch: a comedy about mafia in southern Italy. Because to destroy Mafia; also a laugh can be powerful.

Ladri di biciclette - Bycicle Thieves (1948, Vittorio de Sica)

Why watch: one of the most famous italian neorealist movies. How to start again with the background of ruined nation after WWII.

Accattone (1961, Pier Paolo Pasolini)

Why watch: It’s a story of grit, that is thrilling and fascinating in equal measures, and with the stamp of a great director.

Scialla (Stai sereno!) - Easy! (2011, Francesco Bruni)

Why watch: to be an adolescent in Italy during 2000s.

Roma, città aperta - Rome, open city (1945, Roberto Rossellini)

Why watch: how was the Nazi occupation of Italy.

Il grande cocomero - The Great Pumpkin (1993, Francesca Archibugi)

Why watch: How children were treated in italian asylum and how this is changed. Real life of a doctor who changed this.

Totò, Peppino e la… Malafemmina - Totò, Peppino and the Hussy (1956, Camillo Mastrocinque)

Why watch: one of the best ever made comedy of Italy.

Mediterraneo (1991, Gabriele Salvatores)

Why watch: “for everyone who wants to escape”.

Non essere cattivo - Don’t be bad (2015, Claudio Caligari)

Why watch: to understand how is live in the outskirts of Rome to Ostia.

La mafia uccide soltanto d’estate - The Mafia Kills Only in Summer (2013, Pif)

Why watch: to understand that mafia is not tourism, is not folklore, is not culture, is not fascinating.

I recommend to watch italian movies in original language with subtitles. Listen the orginal voices of actors its a completely different thing.

This is an open list, I am sure I forgot something. Advices are wellcome.


I cut my hair in June last year, really short. It was too much too soon. I actually look back at photos like, oh my God it was so cute, I want to do it again. But at the time, it was a very emotionally-driven hair change. It was a big change, very quickly.

“i want to watch skam italia to improve my italian” well good luck buddy i’m italian and i don’t know 99% of the slangs used and sometimes they speak in a way that’s barely audible which is funny considered italian is supposedly a quite clear language shjdjmdjd

about the racist comments in skam Italia

I’m kind of sick of reading “it’s okay but I cannot stand the racist comments” or “I don’t watch because of the non-addressed racism”. Okay, I understand where you are coming from, but you should understand where Italy is coming from here. So please read this. I apologise for the lenght. 

I’m Italian and from Rome. I have a poc friend (my boyfriend’s best friend) and you have no idea how many racist comments he doesn’t answer to. Why? Because he is so, so, so used to them that he doesn’t care anymore, especially if they come from stupid highschoolers. Is it right? No, of course it is not! but that is what happens in Italy. I am sure he responds to some, but most of the time he just doesn’t. Also, most of the time these comments that in another country someone would see as insults, in Italy they are seen as … jokes.

Here you might say “okay, he doesn’t respond to them, but what about his friends? don’t they defend him?” Yes. But, for example, once, my boyfriend tried to defend him and my poc friend got mad at him. He already has a lot of attention because of his skin colour and he doesn’t want any more. 

However, I know that the situation with Eva and Martino was different. Sana wasn’t there and Eva didn’t say anything. Do you want to know why she didn’t say anything? Because most of the time reasoning with guys like Giovanni, Martino and Elia equals to receiving this response: “oh come on, I’m not racist, you know I was only joking, haha, fuck you Eva, you’re such a bitch”. She would have been judged. I am not kidding, this is how they would take it. And I know because I know these guys! I have met them! Some of them are my friends. They believe they can judge whoever. Also, I would like to draw attention to one thing: in that clip where Martino calls Sana  “O-Sana bin Laden”, he also calls Federica  “ciaciona maniaca”, which means a fat and a maniac, he calls Eleonora “mezza-pariola”, which is an Italian very insulting way of saying “daddy’s girl/spoiled girl”. It’s not only about racism, it’s about this disgusting Italian youth who do whatever they want. I would also like to point out that these comments are not made to be insults, they are meant to be jokes. I know, it’s even sadder, but it is true. They think it’s funny.

You can see that Eva is not happy with the comments made about her friends, but you know who also should’ve said something in that clip? Giovanni. Because, before being her friend, Martino is his best friend. Plus, it was Giovanni who told her to find new friends and he should say something about how rude Martino is being with Eva. Why doesn’t he say something? Because he would get the same response, because he actually finds it funny, because he doesn’t want to side with his girlfriend against his best friend. 

I agree that Eva could have and should have said something, but I understand why she didn’t. It’s heavy when you defend somebody and these guys respond to you in an even more rude way. I have tried so many times, they just don’t stop, they could go on forever until they have the last word. Eleonora manages to shut Edoardo up, but Silvia for example doesn’t succeed. It depends on the character. Eva isn’t as strong, probably.

I would also like to remember that in Skam OG, in the third season, Isak and Sana are not very good friends in the beginning. Why? If I am not mistaken, Isak was kind of judgmental of her. He also made homophobic comments! Then eventually he comes around. But it is a long process.

Please note: I am not justifying their “jokes”. They are not funny. They are insulting. They shouldn’t be racist against Sana, they shouldn’t be derogatory of Eva’s friends, or anyone, as a matter of fact. But they are. And you know why they are? Because Skam Italia is portraying Italy as it is NOW. You are probably surprised, but I am not. When I watch the clips I find people I have actually known in them. This is good. Not RIGHT, but GOOD. What I mean by good is that I am sure that they will adress these comments to teach a lesson to whoever watches the show. Be patient. 

Skam is about youth culture. You are not experiencing ITALIAN RACISM, you are experiencing ITALIAN REALISM. This is what happens in Italy.

Nyotalia Italian Names

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a short post about a more accurate version of Nyo!Romano’s human name, and since it gathered more attention than I would have expected (read: more than 2 notes) I decided to write a more extensive post on the subject - which human names I see used for Nyo!Italy and Nyo!Romano, their accuracy and possible alternatives.

Please, understand that this post isn’t mean to be patronizing in any way and everybody should be free to use the name they want, whether they are truly Italian or not (this is also the reason I focus only on the names for the Nyo versions - Feliciano and Lovino, real Italian names or not, are canon, and since I’m not Himaruya I don’t think I have any right to change them). Being Italian, I just want to provide people with accurate information, in case they were interested.


- The most common fanon names for Nyo!Italy are Feliciana and Felicia. Both are existing Italian names, even if they are quite uncommon, and in particular I think that the first one has quite an old vibe. The most common nickname would be Feli. An important note is that the pronunciation is different from the English one - the ‘cia’ is pronounced as ‘cha’, not ‘sha’.

- Always following Italy’s canon name, I’ve seen the Nyo version called Felice. This is a real Italian name that literally means happy - however, in Italy it’s a masculine name (note: the pronunciation is ‘Feh-lee-che’). Some Italian feminine names that follow the same theme could be:

  • Ilaria (pronunced ‘ee-lah-ree-ah’). This name comes from the Latin adjective hilarius, that means cheerful. It’s a quite common name. The most common diminutives are Ila and Ili/Ily.
  • Letizia (pronounced ‘leh-tee-tsyah’). From laetitia, Latin for happiness. The word letizia itself means happiness in Italian, but it’s a bit old-fashioned, a term you’d see more in written Italian than everyday speech. The most common diminutives are Leti/Lety or Titti.
  • Gioia (pronounced ‘Joy-ah’). Italian for Joy, and also a given name.
  • Gaia (pronounced ‘Gah-yah’). This name comes the Ancient Greek word for Earth, it was also the name of the goddess who represented Earth - however, in Italian it’s also an adjective that means cheerful.
  • Serena (pronounced ‘Seh-reh-nah’). An adjective, it means calm,serene, but it has a positive connotation, it means being calm but also implies happiness. The diminutives would be Sere and Seri/Sery.
  • Allegra (pronounced ‘Ahl-leh-grah’, in Italian when there’s a double consonant you hear it in the pronunciation). An Italian adjective that literally means ‘cheerful’ (and it has the feminine termination, for the record). Not particularly common, but still more than Felicia or Feliciana. The diminutives would most likely be Alle or Alli/Ally. (note: once again, it’s pronounced differently from ‘Ali’ because of the double ‘l’)

- Himaruya suggested the name Alice. It’s a real Italian name and it’s also quite common, but once again, the pronunciation is different from the English one - it’s ‘Ah-lee-che’. The most common diminutive is Ali/Aly.

- Another name I saw is Daisy. This one isn’t an Italian name at all, it’s English - the Italian version of this name (the name of the Daisy flower) is Margherita (pronounced ‘mahr-geh-ree-tah’). It’s pretty common. The most used diminutives are Marghe, Megghi/Meggy and Rita (but this one is quite old-fashioned, you’ll rarely find a young girl who goes by Rita).


- The most widespread name for Nyo!Romano is the female version of the canon male name, Lovina. Like its male counterpart, however, this isn’t an Italian name. For a real Italian name that sounds similar, I’d suggest Lavinia (pronounced ‘lah-vihn-ee-ah’). I already wrote a more detailed explanation about this name [x]. The diminutive would most likely be Lavi.

- The name suggested by Himaruya is Chiara (pronounced ‘Kee-ah-rah’). This is a very common name, it’s also the name of a famous Saint, Saint Chiara of Assisi. The most common diminutive is Chia/Kia, but I’ve also heard Kiki/Chichi, Chicca, and, for small children, Chiarina, Chiaretta and Chiarella (coming from their grandparents, mostly. I doubt friends would call anybody this way).

- Something else I’ve seen around is Katarina/Katrina. None of them is Italian - the correct Italian version is Caterina (pronounced ‘kah-teh-ree-nah’). This is a common name as well, and it’s also the name of one of the two Patrons of Italy, Saint Caterina of Siena. The diminutive is usually Cate.

…and that’s all for now, I hope it will be useful for somebody. If you have any question or want to correct something, don’t hesitate to ask!

eurovison 2018 is basically;

  • norway and czech republic bringing the most HYPE songs
  • spain and portugal going off for most sad song
  • sweden and iceland being countries i really look forward too but have let me down the most…
  • switzerland and bulgaria for actual hits outside of eurovision as well as in
  • denmark and greece bringing strong viking tunes
  • italy and france having their own countries loving and hyping up their own entries more than any other country entering
  • austria and australia just here for fun but actually deserve like 1000000% more recognition and love
  • estonia and montenegro really like opera don’t they ???
  • the netherlands and hungary being on the scale for possibly the worst but most out there entries this year
  • ireland and finland just really hoping to make it through to the final this year
  • israel and russia having rather novel on stage perfomances

Alright, I’m gonna finally stop procrastinating and write this post! Sorry about taking so long, anon, haha. 

So, what I listed in my introductory post was… wow, a lot. But I’ve put a lot of thought into this character, believe me, so I’ll hopefully be able to give you a bunch of info and stuff under each category! So! We’ve got likes and dislikes, which is basic character shit that most people know already, but, like I said, I’ll go a little more in-depth. 

A lot of this depends on your interpretation of the character, and what kind of AU they’re in, if it’s not canonverse. But, we’ve got some of the basics that probably should be kept the same, like an independent variable in science, right? So (and this is the bare minimum, imo), we all know that our boy likes material things, like pasta, pizza, tomatoes, so on. Food, I guess, haha. Also, Spain. And that doesn’t have to be romantic, if you don’t want it to, though most people will make it romantic. Such is the nature of Hetalia. It’s all gay. But, if you wanted it to be friendship-based, there’s a HUGE amount of canon material that shows that they are, at the very least, good friends. 

I’m gonna skip fears for now, and sort of continue this train of thought, moving on to personality and common misconceptions about his personality. So, in most works that I’ve seen, the key trait that I’ve seen portrayed is that our boy is, to put it simply, an asshole. And, anon, that annoys me too. There are so many more facets to his personality than that. Buuut, while on the subject of him being an asshole, I’m gonna ask this. Why? 

As a writer who puts a lot of thought into making characters believable, asking yourself that question is really fucking important. There has to be a reason a character acts a certain way, or it’s going to feel contrived and fake. So, let’s get an example out of the example box. Put on your hard-hats, guys. 

In canon, Romano acts like a dick, yes, to people he doesn’t know well, and even to people he does. So, let’s ask ourselves, why? There are tons of reasons. Romano feels overlooked and overshadowed by his little brother really early on, yes? That’s canon. People have tried to use him to get his grandfather’s inheritance, too, I remember him saying. I don’t remember the exact line, but that suggests that something has obviously happened before. And probably multiple times. Something important to remember is that if people screw you over too many times, it becomes really hard to trust anyone. I have experience with this. So, there’s one thing. He’s afraid of being used. And he reacts a little differently than some people would to this. Instead of just shutting himself away, he decides to actively push others away, as a sort of unsaid warning. “Don’t come any closer if you don’t want to get hurt.”

I didn’t even go into his insecurities about his brother, wow. So, people, following the canon example, he’s said that he feels worthless compared to his brother, being a worse artist and a much more rude person overall. Let’s go in a little deeper, shall we? Even though it’s not directly stated, that I know of, Romano cares a lot about how people perceive him. And this actually a really great chance for some angst/internal conflict. He wants people to think that he’s not someone to be taken lightly, yes? Because he wants to keep people away, he wants to protect his heart, he doesn’t want to get hurt. But, at the same time, he doesn’t want to be seen as the “asshole of Europe”. He wants people to admire him, like anyone would. And you know what, it probably hurts, a whole fucking lot, that he’s seen as the lesser brother. If anyone wants to argue with me on this, I’m just going to point something out. Romano’s the older bro, yes? Veneziano is the younger bro. But listen, my dudes, Veneziano is referred to as Italy by the whole world. I would feel bitter, and probably erased, too.

So, he’s got a lot of insecurities. There are so many chances to use them to your advantage, guys. And, luckily, with this character, I see those addressed a whole lot. Let’s move onto another common misconception. Or, more accurately, an overlooked character trait. 

Guys, Romano’s a fucking dork. There’s endless evidence for that. Every single one of his lines in the English dub, holy SHIT. Someone made a compilation, and I laughed for like five minutes straight. Even if you’re going to make something completely serious, just remember that time he tried to belittle Germany with a mustache. 

On the subject of serious stuff, this is a little side note, PLEASE REMEMBER TO BALANCE OUT YOUR ANGST WITH GOOD TIMES TOO! Really, my dudes, even if you’re writing an angst-filled historical fic, if it’s all heavy angst, all the time, it’s just depressing and honestly kind of unrealistic. And I hate to bring it up, but Hetaoni is a really good example of a fanwork that balanced out everything really well. To this day, I haven’t found anything that’s broken me inside as much as that fucking game, but somehow, guess what, it still had funny, lighthearted moments amidst the chaos. What a miracle. Well balanced stories can still break your heart. End side note.

Let’s see, what’s another common misconception that bugs the hell out of me because it’s not in character… Oh, yes. This one actually applies to both Italy bros. I’m going to say this many, many times, probably. 

Stop. Making. Them. Idiots. 

This is probably one of the things that annoys me the most. My dudes, I get that in canon, they’re portrayed as empty-headed, but fucking listen to me. If you’re going to write something that characterizes the bros realistically, they’re not going to be fucking dumbasses. Listen, guys. Hetalia as a whole reduces characters down to some of their most basic traits, being a parody, but they still manage to give nearly every character some depth. I’m gonna say it again. It’s a comedy, a parody of history. So, if you’re going to try to write some angsty, realistic historical thing (I love those when they’re done right), don’t just make the circumstances realistic, make the characters realistic, too. There’s no way that Romano, being alive for over a thousand years, doesn’t know how to hold and shoot a fucking gun. Remember the mafia? Those are some scary motherfuckers. 

I feel like I have so much more to say, but I don’t really remember it all right now, so I’ll probably come back to this post later, haha. Anon, if you want to chat about m’boy, I’m always up for a conversation!! I love seeing different people’s perspective on characters, so I’d probably love to chat with you! Have a good day, everybody!

anonymous asked:

How would luciano react to seeing the full blood moon eclipse?

He used to be really scared of eclipses, no matters the color, and now they lost most of their charm after 2000 years. He probably still stops to look up at it while having a coffee but that’s all: there’s work to do, animals to look after, more important things to worry about. Flavio can enjoy the night for both of them.

anonymous asked:

if ur accepting asks how would the 2ps react to a s/o who has never been in a relationship before and is anxious about all the physical stuff and gets really flustered, but they want to move forward with the relationship (i'm sorry if this is too specific omg don't feel pressured to do it)

2p america: Respects it, but he’ll get you out of your shell fairly quickly.

2p canada: Gives you time and lets you warm up to him.

2p england: Will treat you like a princess so it’s easier to warm up to him and forget your fears.

2p france: Just gives you time.

2p china: Will talk to you about it so you both can figure something out, bcs he doesn’t understand??? He’s so presious?? Like??

2p russia: Talks you about it once and then lets it go and gives you space.

2p italy: Understands, will give you time, but will be a bit insecure and irritated. Don’t you like him? Did he do something wrong? Etc

2p germany: At first be dissapointed that he has to watch what he does all the time, but then gets over it.

2p japan: Respects you, your personal space and your needs. After all he is the one with the needed personal space.

2p prussia: Feels insecure and wants to talk but he’s too shy. He’s worried that he’ll say something wrong. 2p lovino: Just lets it go. You’ll warm up to him eventually, but he’ll make sure to be nicer to you.