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okay so as a british columbian i feel obliged to ask this but do you like/how much do you know about the temperate rainforest biomes??? honestly theyre so cool with all the different types of plants from like we even have some badass carnivorous plants like the sundew i feel like im probably biased as i live here but wvjnekcejncnjkw

they’re so cool like??? y’all got things like 


3. redwoods

4. beautiful and extensive non-redwood diversity 


robert: *manslaughters katie, manipulates everyone around him, holds aaron hostage and points a gun at his face, leaves lawrence to die, cheats on aaron and gets rebecca pregnant, repeatedly drugs lawrence, is general trash and a dick*

robert: *dates lawrence*


It can be hard not being dainty but growing up in society in which romance centers around being dainty. A woman can be picked up, lifted, carried. She is always smaller, always lighter than her partner.

But the real world isn’t like that. There a big girls, big boys, small girls, small boys, people who don’t want to be lifted, people who can’t be lifted.

You’re not less amazing just because someone can’t pick you up and twirl you around. Life is not a Rom-Com, it’s not Hollywood. All sorts of people date each other. Sometimes the girl isn’t the dainty one, sometimes no one is dainty and sometimes both are.

if concept art M*rcy had been the real design I woulda forgiven *verw*tch for every offensive accent and racially fetishized female design for the rest of its game life but here we are still stuck with wonderbread

but silver lining i hope bzard notices the fan buzz and actually does something with the design that would be nice

When I don’t compare I…understand what I am

…Throughout life, from childhood, from school until we die, we are taught to compare ourselves with another; yet when I compare myself with another I am destroying myself. In a school, in an ordinary school where there are a lot of boys, when one boy is compared with another who is very clever, who is the head of the class, what is actually taking place? You are destroying the boy. That’s what we are doing throughout life. Now, can I live without comparison—without comparison with anybody? This means there is no high, no low—there is not the one who is superior and the other who is inferior. You are actually what you are and to understand what you are, this process of comparison must come to an end. If I am always comparing myself with some saint or some teacher, some businessman, writer, poet, and all the rest, what has happened to me—what have I done? I only compare in order to gain, in order to achieve, in order to become—but when I don’t compare I am beginning to understand what I am. Beginning to understand what I am is far more fascinating, far more interesting; it goes beyond all this stupid comparison.

- Jiddu Krishnamurti - Talks & Dialogues Saanen 1967, p 86

Just thought about it. What kind of satisfaction do people get from shipping like bts with black pink?

They have like no interaction at all, and at the highest they greet each other, and then walk away. If you compare it with ships between the members e.g. jikook, they talk, hug, interact and stare at each other like ALOT. Now, again e.g., Black pink and bts, the only time you can see them together is at award shows. So every few months and… that’s it.

So how do people come up with those ships? And I’m really seriously confused about all of that. Some time ago some said there was an connection between the comebacks of bts and gfriend, and that shows that there are dating members among them. Or saying Jimin is dating that one girl group member (can’t remember who), BECAUSE they were wearing clothes that looked alike… On completly different days and even years. Like… Huh? Wtf…

Where is the satisfaction in that? What keeps them even going to continue their ship? Because their ships came from nothing, exists in nothing and continues in nothing.

Sorry for the rambling, but I really don’t understand them. Do they ship them just because they want their idol to be straight so they search for anything to proof that,or what? Idk…°3°

Edit: Please don’t misunderstand. This is no hate against black pink or gfriend. God no! I just used them as examples, cause I’ve read about them on Twitter some time ago.