understanding taxes

I don’t get it. Do people seriously hate the idea of taking care of their country and their community so much that they don’t want to pay taxes? Do they expect a decent infrastructure to exist without someone paying for it??

Or, like, is their hatred of disabled, poor, and sick people so strong that they would rather live in a post-apocalyptic world than give up a portion of their earnings to take care of them?


It was perfect, utterly perfect, and Neil felt at once inspired and horrified by the sight of it. How could he possibly play here? He closed his eyes and breathed in, breathed out, imagining the way bodies sounded as they crashed into each other on the court, the way the announcer’s voice would only come through in muffled, scattered bursts, the roar of sixty-five thousand people reacting to a goal. He knew he didn’t deserve this, knew beyond a doubt he wasn’t good enough to play on this court, but he wanted and needed it so badly he ached all over. 

… He’d made the right decision. The risks didn’t matter; the consequences would be worth it. He had to be here. He had to play on this court at least once. He had to know if the crowd screamed loud enough to blow the roof off. He had to smell the sweat and overpriced stadium food. He needed to hear the buzzer sound as a ball slammed inside the white goal lines and lit the walls up red. 

“Oh,” Nicky said … “No wonder he chose you.”

 - The Foxhole Court [Nora Sakavic]

My parents were pretty old when they got married, and they waited several years to plan to have me at a good stable time. So I’m still only 21 (about to hit 22 v soon) but my dad has just hit the age where parents go into Give Me Grandkids™ mode. He keeps asking when my bf and I are gonna get married and when I’m gonna get pregnant. Like bruh, slow down and at least let me graduate with my BAs first.

i get really irritated with statements like “animation just became cheaper” because ppl use it as a means to dismiss the sheer LABOR of creating an animation. i think everyone understands that “drawing a lot of pictures” is hard work but people dont understand how mentally taxing animation is, because you are CONSTANTLY thinking. there is no point at which you zone out and “just draw”. you are always applying math skills, acting skills, writing skills, and drawing skills simultaneously.

the new wave of digitizing animation allows animators to streamline the actual drawing process but pushes us to new heights wrt the mental and manual power we exert upon animations. dont think its somehow easier or cheaper than it was before. this new age of the industry is asking more than ever of animators, especially in places like japan (and korea, where both american & japanese productions outsource their work) that value the quality of animation more highly than american productions do. animators are being pushed to new lengths. dont think we’re somehow doing less work than before; its quite the opposite.

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Oh Goodness I thought I end part 1..What I was saying was Kate is still considered to be lazy and the press along with the general public who are taxpayers have a valid reason to criticize her. She spent thousands of pounds on clothes that she wears only once and barely wants to engage in charities that she's patron of. It's a Valid reason why people criticize her. Why waste their tax dollars on someone who is lazy. William choose in wife says a lot about him and let's hope Harry is not William

I understand the tax payers criticizing Kate and her spending, but MM has a lot of the same qualities and work shyness that people complain about when it comes to Kate. Keep in mind that MM may work on suits for maybe a total of 4 months, and I mean actual work because she’s not in every episode. The other time she’s has free is clearly documented on her IG, she travels and shops, shops and travels, maybe throw a little drinking and reading in as well.


Unreal. For the amount of innings [Bum] pitched last year… the amount that he has, y'know, improved this year… I don’t… it’s hard for people to understand how taxing that is on your body. I mean, it’s been a long time since I pitched, but I remember how sore I would get after pitching, and it’s a testament to his work ethic and the work he puts in in the offseason and it’s something that he should be really proud of. I mean, I’m proud of him for what he’s done this year.

I’m an 18 yr old girl.

I’m an adult.

I’m going to college.

But what am I doing, you may ask?

I’m screaming of joy because Kylo Ren is on mY STAR WARS THEMED GOGURT TUBE!!!!!!!!!