understanding taxes

Not wanting to sound like I’m shaming anyone who doesn’t understand the US tax code, but y’all need to know, anyone who claims that rich or marginally rich people pay over half of their income in taxes is full of shit.

Firstly, because the highest tax bracket is 39.6%, which you might be able to tell is less than 50%.

But second, because the US tax system uses graduated brackets. No matter how much you make, the first $9275 is taxes at 10%. If you made $10K in 2016, a whole $725 is taxes at the second tax bracket of 15%. If you make the median US income of $51,939 then you’re still going to have $9275 taxed at 10%, and then $28375 at 15%, and the remaining $14,289 at 25%. If you know anything about math, you can probably tell that this means, even though your tax bracket is 25%, you’re not actually being taxed at 25%. At that median income, your real tax percentage is actually 16.86%

And thirdly, this is all based on normal income. Long term capital gains, i.e. the biggest source of income for affluent Americans, are taxed at a substantially lower rate.

So once again, no shame if you don’t understand the tax code and think it’s too complicated for you to get. But I can 100% guarantee that anyone complaining about the rich paying “too much” in taxes is either straight up lying, or manipulating their data so much that it no longer even bears a passing resemblance to the truth.


Here’s the Yuri On Ice mini illustration collection. There are 13 colored illustration in box and cost 5200 yen (plus tax) for the whole collection. You can buy it per piece for 400 yen (plus tax) but it is usually sold randomly in stores like Animate.

They also released a Mini illustration set a few months ago. But unlike the previous collection, Georgi, Leo and Emil are included in here.
(I’ll post the previous collection and compare it with the newest collection later)

I don’t get it. Do people seriously hate the idea of taking care of their country and their community so much that they don’t want to pay taxes? Do they expect a decent infrastructure to exist without someone paying for it??

Or, like, is their hatred of disabled, poor, and sick people so strong that they would rather live in a post-apocalyptic world than give up a portion of their earnings to take care of them?


It was perfect, utterly perfect, and Neil felt at once inspired and horrified by the sight of it. How could he possibly play here? He closed his eyes and breathed in, breathed out, imagining the way bodies sounded as they crashed into each other on the court, the way the announcer’s voice would only come through in muffled, scattered bursts, the roar of sixty-five thousand people reacting to a goal. He knew he didn’t deserve this, knew beyond a doubt he wasn’t good enough to play on this court, but he wanted and needed it so badly he ached all over. 

… He’d made the right decision. The risks didn’t matter; the consequences would be worth it. He had to be here. He had to play on this court at least once. He had to know if the crowd screamed loud enough to blow the roof off. He had to smell the sweat and overpriced stadium food. He needed to hear the buzzer sound as a ball slammed inside the white goal lines and lit the walls up red. 

“Oh,” Nicky said … “No wonder he chose you.”

 - The Foxhole Court [Nora Sakavic]

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I noticed that people who shout "Taxation is theft" don't actually understand the economy or taxes.

I noticed people that say “tax the rich” and “make college and medical care free” don’t understand basic economics and monetary policy.

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If you think your child is old enough to go out to the dollar store to buy things of their own, then your child is old enough to understand how damn tax works SO THEY CAN BUY THINGS PROPERLY! That'll be great thanks.

I firmly believe that most parents are fully aware of what they are doing when they send the child in with the pre-tax amount hoping that the cashier will let them go because they are innocent, cute, whatever. Just so they won’t have to pay tax. I’m the heartless bastard that sends them back out without their item to get the correct amount. The number of parents that come in yelling that I should have just let their little crotch fruit have the item for what they want to pay used to surprise me.


Fire and Ice (Connor Murphy x Reader)

Alternative ending from my friend: My Ass Requested by @solitxde Thank you for your request I hope you like it! 

 You hated this, your family uprooted you from your childhood home and hauled ass half way across the country to this rural hell hole. You’d been here for a week, the week before school started and you hadn’t bothered leaving your house, why would you? “(Y/N) it’s the first day of your senior year, cheer up you’re almost done!” Your mother sang and she placed a bagel in front of you. 

“First day of senior year! Sounds like hell,” you deadpanned, grabbing the bagel and your keys. “Mom I love you but this whole chipper moving attitude needs to stop,” you pleaded. 

 She smiled sweetly, understanding just how taxing this has been on you, “try to have a nice day sweetie, I love you too,”

 "So this is my new purgatorial hellhole huh?“ You said to yourself walking up to front of the school.

"Welcome to satan’s sweaty grundel,” a shadow of a boy grunted as he walked past you. You smirked at his disgusting humor and followed in his tracks, grouping into the crowd of teens walking through the gates of hell. 

 "Move freak,“ a hard shove to the back and suddenly you found yourself stumbling into lockers. "Maybe you’re new here but you should already know not to get in my way, skank!” A black haired girl in a cheerleading outfit chided. Who the fuck wears their cheer clothes to school, let alone the first day of school? What is this a high school drama movie? You regained your balance and headed to your locker, 306 on the top floor. Once you arrived at your locker you saw a flash of brown hair spring up and speed away. The same boy as before, you wondered how many times you’d cross paths before you’d learn his name. 

 Overall your day had been going pretty well after Regina George’s Walmart knock off pushed you into a locker. You had math, biology, foreign language, and gym in the morning, and they all seemed like okay classes. But as you made your way to the cafeteria you realized lunch meant spending time with friends, and you had none. You decided to purchase your lunch and sneak it into the school library, hoping to eat in peace. Apparently the universe had other plans, “Well if it isn’t our new resident freak, what’s your name loser?” A familiar nasally voice sneered from behind you.

 "(Y/F/N), and your the wicked Bitch of the West,“ you growled back, not even bothering to turn around. 

 "The name is Sydney, and you need to learn your place here. Your an unknown newbie, so do yourself a favor and listen to us when we tell you to do something, slut!” She hissed following you out of the cafeteria with three football players behind her.

 "Ok listen, I literally have been here for 5 hours and you already want to ruin my life. Maybe it’s because your just that sad of a human being or maybe it’s because you already know I’m twice the person you are,“ you taunted, you’d dealt with enough bullies to not be afraid of anyone. Suddenly the lunch tray was slammed out of your hands. "Are you fucking kidding me, what kind of life are your trying to lead here? What the fuck is this, is your name Heather?” You barked. “

You think your smart don’t you whore? Have fun with the football team, it’s the only time a guy in this school with even look at you,” she jested sashaying away. 

 The three football players who you had decided to name Chad, Chæd, and Ch@d stalked over to you. Chæd shoved you to the ground and than chucked your bag across the hallway, your papers flying everywhere. Chad leaned down and started spitting insults in your face, you were intimidated but kept standing your ground. Than you heard the familiar sound of metal slicing through the air, Ch@d pulled out a switch blade. “Not scared freak? Well you should be, you better watch you back after school, you can’t hide,” he spit into your face. Dropping you to the floor and walking away. 

You collapsed on to the linoleum floor and let your fearless facade fall. Blinking back tears, you felt a hand land on your shoulder, you flinched and quickly tried to fight them off. 

 "Hey hey hey, it’s okay, it’s okay. I’m not gonna hurt you,“ a deep but soft voice assured you. ”(Y/N) relax,“

 "Who are you? We seem to cross paths a lot but I haven’t caught your name,” you whispered letting your heart rate go back to normal. 

 "I haven’t thrown it, but it’s Connor Murphy, our high schools resident freak and school shooter according to everyone but me,“ he grumbled helping you up, once he made sure you were okay he left you alone with $5 for a new lunch. He was cold and closed off but he was the closest thing you had to a friend and he made you feel like you weren’t alone if even for five minutes.

 You’d missed the bus, which after the threat to your life seemed like a better idea. You were quickly walking home taking all of the short cuts you could find, when a car full of three Chads pulled up next to you. 

"Hey loser. You missed your appointment with the surgeon, but that’s okay we do home visits,” Chad said gesturing to his friend holding an open switch blade. Suddenly your life went from Mean Girls to Heathers to the Outsiders all in one day, and personally you liked to keep real life and Hollywood separate. You were cornered and lost, the three boys climbed out of the car towards you, and a shadowy figure stalked up behind them.

 "What the fuck do you think you’re doing Magnus?“ The shadowy figure growled scaring Chæd so he dropped the switch blade. "I already called the cops to alert them to check the bank security cameras. Fucking dumbass,” Connor continued coming into the light and grabbing your hand. Police sirens in the distance came closer and Connor pulled you down the alley. The three Chads ran the opposite direction but it was apparent that they were already fucked. Connor walked you home and told you to wait at your door for him tomorrow morning. 

 Turns out Magnus’ switch blade was a fake but he still made threats, people still called you names and made fun of you, but it didn’t matter. No one could touch you as long as you were with Connor, he was your best friend and you were his. You were the only person he let into his life, he told you about his parents and how he needs therapy. He told you that he’s never had a friend and if he hadn’t chosen to make your life his problem, he would have killed himself that night. You two were inseparable, you went everywhere together, at first it was to protect you, but now it’s because you wouldn’t want to spend time with anyone else. And four months later nothing but the weather changed. It was the end of December and snow covered the ground so thickly that you could walk on it a foot above the grass. It was a particularly cold winter night when Connor Murphy, like a phantom , showed up at your bed room window. 

“Get the fuck out of bed," 

 "Jesus Con it’s midnight what are you doing here, aren’t you cold?”

 "I wanted to see you, thought it was a better idea than just dying. And no I’m not cold, I’m hot as fuck can’t you tell?“ You feigned laughter and climbed through your window, pulling your winter coat tightly around your body. 

He took your hand and lead you down the high way to the empty field by his house. You both laid on the hard icy snow, it was so cold that it didn’t even melt below you. The night sky was full of stars, even thought the atmosphere was still, you felt lightning shooting through your arm where it touched Connor’s. 

"So why’d you come and get me?” You whispered not wanting to the shatter the silence 

 "My house was empty and I just felt so alone all of the sudden, i couldn’t take it anymore so I came to you. That’s what I always do,“ he whispered back taking your hand in his and rubbed his thumb over your knuckles.

 Your face flushed, it felt like you were on fire even if you were laying in a foot of snow "I’m glad you are comfortable enough to confide in me, I’ll always be for you,” you murmured as you laid your head on his shoulder.You had never been this close to Connor but you were glad he wasn’t pushing you away.

 "You’re the only thing I find comfort in anymore. I need you more than you’ll ever need me, but that’s okay,“ his eyes were red and he had tears pooling in them, they were happy tears that he blinked away. Usually he’d never believe someone when they said they’d be there for him, but he so desperately wanted to believe you. 

 "Connor I need you so much, you’re my best friend, you literally saved my life -" 

 ”(Y/N) it was a fake knife,“ 

 "Shut up and let me finish Connor, you’re the only person I’ve let in and you make me so happy. God Connor, I-I love you!” You confessed, you were never one to back down from anything, and admitting your feelings to Connor was one of those things. 

 "(Y/N) do you want to know how much I love you? I love you so much that I live for you. I would die for anyone, but it takes so much to live for someone,“ his voice cracking and the tears creeping from his eyes. You turn to him and wrap your arms around him, you spent the rest of the night cuddled up in the snowy field.

 Connor decided that you would spent not only that night but you’re entire lives together. 6 years later after high school, college, and a lot of therapy Connor finally felt ready to take your relationship to the next step. He proposed in the spring and you decided on a winter wedding. Another six years had passed And your 4 year old daughter sat on your dresser examining the engagement ring you wore everyday. 

"Mommy what does this say?” She asked while you were applying mascara, you took the ring and examined it closely. 

You had never noticed it but engraved into the inside band, in worn lettering that looked strangely like Connors sharp cursive from high school was ‘I live only for you’

About A Girl (Tate Langdon x Reader)

Request: “If it’s not too much trouble, could you write a post-death Tate oneshot/headcanon (whichever) about a “preppy” girl that moves into the murder house and Tate doesn’t really like her at first because she reminds him of the popular kids at his school but then one night he hears her blasting nirvana and starts to fall in love? Sorry if this is really long! 😳 thanks!”

Warnings: Plaid (it deserves its own warning, okay? I think I meant checkered though originally), small cliffhanger, poking fun at preppy kids, I went a little off-request

Word Count: 1,018

A/N: I actually really love this request, thank you. I’m a lil’ nirvana stan have no idea why, though. And when I wrote this, I typed a whole, like, 300 words but they’re missing? RIP? It was about 1.2k but I totally forgot what the hell I used to fill it in, so like I said, RIP.

BY THE WAY: I’ll make a more informative post on this later, but one of my kitties is heavily pregnant. If I go missing for a while, it’s because she’s had her babies. Don’t worry. I will probably take a hiatus and/or close requests when they arrive, since kittens are a lot of work, but I can assure you that I’ll be back.

Tate had always liked girls that were more on the “grunge” side of the spectrum. Girls that reminded him of the 90′s, when he was alive. He had never gone for preppy girls (which is what he classified Y/N as), in fact, he often made fun of them. Never out loud though, he was only that much of an ass to his mother. At least she gave him those morals. Though, that might just be his common sense.

“I’ll finish that box later.” You say, scooting the box containing your clothing out of the bedroom doorway. Tate watched from the opposite door, silently laughing at your plaid skirt. Who wore plaid these days?  He knew a few girls that wore, like, plaid dresses in his days, but it wasn’t quite in-trend in the 2010′s, in his opinion, at least.

And you seemed a little… Off. Kind of like the vibe he got from Kyle Greenwell. He was a football player who came from a rich family, everything he could’ve asked for served to him on a silver platter. Tate knew he probably wasn’t as bad as he had made it out to be in his head, but Kyle was still bad. You came off as a little… Well, preppy. And as we said earlier, Tate never liked preppy. 

Your mom mumbles an agreement, hunched over the stairs. Her attention was focused on some kind of legal papers that you didn’t understand. Taxes, maybe? Or was it something to do with buying the house? Either way, it was holding her attention and looked heavily confusing.

Deciding to avoid whatever those paper were, you walk back to you room. Tate quietly follows you. As you push the bedroom door shut, Tate sneaks through. Perks of being a ghost, right? You start to un-zip your skirt, letting it pool at the floor. He watches you as you undress. He knew it was weird and pervy, but he was Tate Langdon for God’s sake.

Once you’re changed into some comfortable clothes, you hear a knock at your door. Sighing, you open it to reveal the blonde haired boy. He walks in, looking at your bedroom.

“It’s not unpacked yet, sorry.” You stand awkwardly at the door as he picks up several of your possessions, examining them. “Who are you?”

“Tate.” He simply says. “I live next door.”

“Oh! Are you, uh…” You trail off, almost expecting him to read your mind. “That blonde woman’s son?”

“Constance?” He snorts. “Yeah.” 

Tate fiddles with the small radio perched on your nightstand, and soon enough, some band starts playing at full volume. He doesn’t bother to turn it down, instead making funny faces as he listened to the lyrics. He obviously didn’t care for modern music.

You rush over to the device, twisting the volume knob down before your parents could hear. “Look. You seem nice, but I think you need to go.” Shrugging, he flips through the preset stations, twisting the knob back up. You shoo him away from the bed, and soon out of the bedroom. “I trust you can find your way back out?” He nods, and when you look away, he’s vanished.

That was the first night Tate visited you. Well, that you were aware of. He had mainly stayed away when you were home, not liking you very much, but when you were gone, he snooped in your belongings. He didn’t find many things that seemed important or deemed you worthy of his liking (unlike his previous flings, of which he found these things quickly. That’s where a lifetime of sneaking around came in handy). That was until he found your stash of mixtapes and whatnot. 

He wasn’t able to play them very long before you came home and forced him out again, but from what he heard, nothing changed. He still disliked you, if not a little bit more. 

A few days later, you hear a knock on your bedroom door. “Come in.” You groan, expecting a member of your family. “Oh my God, not you again…”

“I came to apologize.” Tate sighs, walking in. “It was rude of me to come in that last time and go through your stuff.”

Damn right it was wrong. Didn’t he know about personal space? Or personal belongings? Surely Constance taught him better than that…

“Just that last time?” You ask. He shrugs, half-nodding. “Fine, come on.” Putting down your book, you watch him like a hawk watches prey. He sits down in the rug in front of your bed, looking around. You somehow know exactly what he’s thinking. “Go for it.”

His face lights up, and he crawls quickly to the radio. For some reason, that was always the reason why he had snuck and your room. 

“You can tell a lot about a person by their music.” He says, flipping through the preset stations again. He knew all (well, most) of them, but still liked to see what was on. You nod, picking the book back up. Opening the cover, you notice something. The library slip had several names written in it, the most recent being from November of 1994. Tate Langdon, the neat, yet messy, cursive read.

“Tate Langdon?” You question, staring at him. He shakes his head, seemingly ignoring your wait for an answer. As he presses the CD button, the first track of Nirvana’s Nevermind album blares at what seemed like the loudest setting. 

“Huh.” He smirks. “Mixtape or album?”

You turn the volume down once more, frustrated that he always turned it up. Nothing seemed to get into this boy’s head. “Album.” To confirm, he turns it to the next song, In Bloom. Tate flips it once more so it’s on Come As You Are. 

“This one was always a favorite.” The boy smiles, leaned over the nightstand. You nod. 

Somehow, the two of you ended up spending the night talking about Nirvana, music, the 90′s, and school. You never asked him 1994 was stamped next to his name. In fact, you forgot about it for the most part. You forgot about it until it happened. 


Going to be spending the next couple days with my in-laws. Please send good thoughts that they won’t a) say really dumb political shit and provoke me into snapping at them and b) decide to go on a hike that I am physically incapable of doing and then passive aggressively guilt me about it and c) not listen to us when we tell them how to treat Vega.

You know I wrote out a big post about how fucked up the US tax system is but I can do it better in one sentence:

A lot of people don’t understand taxes to the point of there being a secondary market for “tax software”, and that in and of itself indicates that the system is fucked.

Taxes are a necessary evil because you need them to run a state and you need a state to provide certain things and create a good ecosystem for trade to work in so that people can go out and live their lives. I hate paying them because I hate being compelled to pay up by a group that refuses to listen to reason and use that money for anything useful. But I hate paying them even more because my employers have to hire people specifically to make sure a specific amount of money comes out of my paycheck every month (which depresses profits, and therefore my paycheck) for the government, I have to spend time filling out forms to show that I’m not “””cheating””” the state out of money that they cheat out of me, and then at the end of it they take my money, the money that I pay in the hopes that I’ll get some return on it- returns like not having to see homeless people on the street because we built more public housing, or having a decent public healthcare option, or having some sort of robust welfare option so that people stop starving, or going to public parks, taking public transit, and other things- and just seeing it funneled into programs that are bloated and inefficient, and paying 18 year olds to go waste multiple years of their life fighting useless and illegal wars in places I don’t want them to go.

And then they arrest people for the utterly heinous crime of smoking fucking weed, and guess who picks up the tab for uselessly imprisoning this person?

It’s you.

The I'm-Finally-Back-Post aka What The Functions Are Like Actually

Ti: (ISTP and INTP) I’m convinced that half the time it works like an android, in binary code and everything, and the other half it’s like you gave a really sweet, quiet child a bunch of sugar and they just can’t stop giggling. I’m also convinced that types with high Ti know this, so instead of coming off as insanely logical or toddler-on-a-sugar-high they just shoot for the midground of pure chill. There is no-one more chill than people with high Ti. They are the chillest of the chill.

Te: (ESTJ and ENTJ) Holy crap Te is terrifying. Like, I don’t want to piss off anybody but I ESPECIALLY don’t want to piss off somebody with high Te. I think Te users are basically well-intentioned people that want the best for everyone, but they don’t really get how to be nice. They really just need a lot of hugs. Then a lot of space and a lot of minions to help them conquer the world.

Fi: (INFP and ISFP) I adore Fi users. Who doesn’t adore Fi users? They’re soft and warm and bake you cookies and share their soul with you and brutally murder you in an epic fit of passion and add you to the pile of bodies they’ve been collecting for twenty years. Basically what I’m saying here is don’t underestimate someone high in Fi just because they expect you to.

Fe: (ENFJ and ESFJ) The great (read: awful) thing about people high in Fe is that you don’t realize you’re spilling your guts to them until they are already gone. The great thing is that you have a new best friend. The awful thing is you were pretty much blackmailed. Don’t want Karen from accounting finding out about why you’re so terrified of termites? No? Best friends it is.

Si: (ISTJ and ISFJ) This is the one nobody gives much thought to because people high in Si are just so. Damn. Quiet. It takes an average of seven years to penetrate an ISxJ’s titanium exterior. Why? Because they know things. They’re like the secret service, they operate by knowing everything about you without letting you catch on to their existence. I know they seem harmless and usually they are. Just, don’t try to challenge them. Trust me on this.

Se: (ESTP and ESFP) Pure sex appeal. Nobody can convince me otherwise. There are a few telltale signs someone is high in Se that so far haven’t failed me. Your first clue is going to be the fact that no matter where they are and what they are doing they are incapable of sitting still. Then there’s the very broken filter – oh, you didn’t want to know that they really need to poop? Too late. Basically they are all permanently twelve years old, but for some reason they are also bursting with charm, charisma and way too much sex appeal.

Ni: (INTJ and INFJ) Imagine that your mind is a ball of yarn. Now imagine that that ball of yarn has been a toddler’s plaything for the past month. And imagine that it’s been in the bath three times, left in the woods twice and occasionally randomly catches on fire. That is what it is like to think with introverted intuition. Yes, people high in Ni are sensetive, self-absorbed and melodramatic. They also just found a third end in that ball of yarn they call a brain, so deal with it.

Ne: (ENTP and ENFP) Well, love it or hate it, because you don’t really have a third option. I have never met a single person in my life who has had neutral opinions towards Ne. I mean, it’s not as if – SQUIRREL! Oh speaking of mammals, have you ever felt like your mind was a swarm of bees? Yeah I feel like honey really is the way to go with sweeteners, especially with Monsanto taking over our government. By the way what’s your opinion on Bernie? I mean free college sounds great and all but have you ever tried to understand the tax system? Oh, well let me explain it to you…

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Today I had this rude ass old couple come up, kept changing what they wanted, got mad when I read it back and it was wring. Got passed off that it wasn't to-go(even though I asked like three times). Demanded a free cup since they didn't order any drinks, didn't understand taxes. Wanted 20% off instead of 10% because they were bother seniors(didn't happen). Told me it was my fault that "nothing in this damn world is free anymore". They leave and just hit my head on the wall and shut down.

It’s interesting how alcoholism is seen as acceptable when you’re a mom on facebook joking about needing a bottle of wine. Maybe nobody knows that you intend to drink the whole bottle tonight and do the same thing several more times this week. Maybe people would see the problem if instead of posting a silly picture of a minion you posted a picture of your daughter crying after you told her she was stupid and couldn’t do anything for herself because she had trouble understanding a wordy tax form while recovering from an anxiety attack. Maybe people would see that getting drunk on wine every night makes you just as much of an alcoholic as someone who gets drunk on beer every night if they heard you screaming at your kids and threatening to jump in front of a car just because they asked you to help them with something. Maybe people would see there was a problem when you tell your kids that the way they feel when they’re nagged about having a messy room is the way you feel when they tell you you’re drinking too much.Drinking an entire bottle of wine by yourself every night doesn’t make you a fun facebook mom, it makes you an alcoholic.

"We did good, didn't we?" - Nate Maloley

3rd person

“You look really beautiful.” Nate says in awe seeing his daughter in her wedding dress.

“I haven’t even had my make up done yet, but look at you dad! You look really handsome.” Nour says tugging on Nate’s tie making him laugh.

“I’m not used to seeing you in a suit.”

“I thought I’d dress up for the occasion.” Nate grins.

“How are you feeling?” Nour asks and Nate looks at her confused.

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that question babygirl?” Nour laughs.

“I just really wanted to talk to you, before you walked me down the aisle.” Nour nervously smiles at her father. This was supposed to be the happiest day of her life, but she couldn’t help but feel like it was the saddest day as well. She knew her father was happy for her, but he also felt like he was losing ‘his little girl’. Nour just wanted him to know that wasn’t the case at all. Even though she wouldn’t officially have her own last name anymore she’ll always be a daddy’s girl and she just wanted to make sure he knew by taking him on a trip trough memory lane.

“I can’t believe this day’s finally here.” Nate says tucking his hands into his pocket.

“I know right. I’m going to be someone’s wife” Nour says smiling widely.

“Do you remember when you used to take me to the studio? I just remember watching you work so passionately on something that you love. It inspired me to always do what I love amd follow my dreams no matter what.”

Nate gives her a small smile and clears his throat. He knew this day was going to weigh hard on him, but he didn’t want to cry even before the ceremony began.

“And the days I couldn’t go with you, I jumped in your arms when you finally came home from being at the studio. I was always so happy to see you.”

Nour chuckles and takes her father’s hand in hers.

“Do you remember when you found out I’d been on my first date and had a boyfriend?”

“Oh, don’t even mention that bastard.” Nate answers making Nour laugh.

“You’re right. He was a complete bastard. Of course I couldn’t see that then and all I wanted to do was impress the guy. I even got that stupid tattoo.”

Nour used to date a ‘good for nothing low life’ as Nate likes to call him. Rick. The guy was constantly in and out of trouble with the law, disrespectful, and honestly just not doing anything with his life. It came as a huge shock when Nour introduced the guy to her parents. Nour has always been a good girl, a little bit shy and Nate was not about to let this boy ruin thay. He immediately took a dislike to the guy while Y/n wanted to give him a chance. When Nour came home with a tattoo Nate had had enough, and threatened to snap the boys’ neck in two if he ever saw him around his daughter again. With Rick having a sleeve of tattoo’s Nate knew she only got hers to impress him. Luckily it wasn’t a huge tattoo and to make her feel better about the life long commitment she made at the age of sixteen Nate and Y/n decided to get the same one.

Nate chuckles

“I called you crying, I was so scared to tell you, but I was even more scared of mom killing me so I ended up calling you. I’ll never forget that day. You could have said ‘I told you so’ but you didn’t. Instead you suggested you’d get one just like mine and just like that you made everything okay again.”

Nate laughs.

“Yeah I remember that babygirl.”

“To me that was just the ultimate proof, no matter what mistakes I make you’ll be there for me, and I can never, ever thank you enough for what you did for me.”

“Nahh, babygirl that’s my job. It’ll always be my job to protect you, no matter who’s wife you are.” Nour smiles and she can feel herself starting to tear up.

“I always used to look at you and mom and just hope I could be as fortunate as you two were. I used to see the way you treated mom and I just wished I’d someday find someone just like you.”

“Have you? It’s never too late to come back home, mama.”

“I did.” Nour says smiling widely. 

“I really love him dad.”

Nate smiles too, but Nour can see a little hint of sadness in his eyes.

“If Michael were to leave me hanging at the aisle today, I mean he isn’t going to, I mean I’m not assuming he does, but íf he did… No matter how heartbroken I’d be I know I’d be okay. You can’t ever be replaced dad, not even by Mike.” Nour says and she can feel tears start welling up in her eyes. Not because she’s sad, just for the simple reason she’s now realizing how lucky she’s been to have an amazing man like her father in her life. Through all the years he understood her fears and protected her, he loved her unconditionally and even now when Nour knows he’s having a hard time letting go of her he’s trying his hardest not to let it show.

“I’m happy for you Nour. And I never thought I’d ever say this, but I actually do like the guy.” Nour smirks.

“I know you do dad. I mean this whole intimidating act you’ve been putting up is just you being protective over me but I do know how to pick ‘em dad. You thought me well.“ 

“I sure did. And I need you to know I’m proud of all you’ve become.” Are you ready to walk that aisle?”

Nour nervously nods and fiddles with her hands.

“I’m ready! extremely nervous, but ready. I’m just happy you’re walking me.”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world. ” Nate says and kisses his daughters’ cheek. 

“I’ll leave you to finish getting ready baby. Do you want me to call over your mom?” Nour nods.

“I love you dad. Thank you for everything.“She says while hugging her father tightly and for some reason it feels really special. It might be because this is probably the last embrace Nate will spend with his daughter while she’s still carrying his last name. When she’s still his girl. After tonight Nour will be someone’s wife and even though it’s hard for Nate to let her go, he knows she’ll be in good hands with Michael.  

“Wait, dad” Nour stops her father in his tracks before he can leave the room. 

“I wrote you a letter.” She says quietly and hands him an envelope from under her make up bag on the table. Nate can tell she’s having a hard time keeping her tears at bay and he can feel tears forming in his eyes as well. 

 “I’ll see you at the altar babygirl.” He whispers, earning a small nod from his oldest daughter. The minute he closes the door he opens the envelope. He smiles when he sees Nour’s handwriting all over the piece of paper. 

 Dear Daddy, 

We both knew this day was coming. While it’s the happiest day of my life, it also comes with a heavy heart. For as long as I can remember, it’s been you and me. Now the day has come and you have to share me. I know your heart broke when he asked for your blessing and I bet you held back tears as you said yes. To give away someone you love most you must believe that he can handle the responsibly.  

I know I won’t make it to the end of the aisle without shedding many tears. But you should know the man that stands before us, is only there because he has some of the great attributes you have. From the moment I was born and every day since, you have demonstrated what I deserve in a man. You have shown me love and respect. I spent many hours wondering if there could possibly be another man who treats me as well as you do? And with much trial and error and tears shed over the men in my past, you always held me, reassuring me that pain always goes away and hating the men my heart couldn’t. I’m happy to say I’ve finally got it right.

I won’t be turning to you for every single thing anymore (like understanding taxes or understanding exactly what was said in a political debate). But I promise I’ll save a few questions for you. The man before us is someone I spent my entire life wondering if he even existed or that you were the only good guy out there. 

 I know love because you loved me unconditionally. I believe in love because of you.   I know I won’t make it through our dance without bawling. And I know you know the song I chose; it’s the same one that has been our song since I was 7. I still remember our first daddy-daughter dance, when mom bought me my first pair of heels and I stood on your feet dancing. 

For me it seems it took a while to get here, but I know for you the years flew by. I still remember running down the staircase every time you came home from work. I still remember every Saturday morning when you’d make breakfast, or when you’d drive us to school while insisting that we were going to Disney World. While I never quite understood the sacrifices you and mom made to give us everything we ever wanted, I know, as I embark on this new journey to start my own family, I’ll get it someday. 

Thank you for every family vacation. Thank you for the love and support you continue to give me. Thank you for believing in my dreams even when I failed to believe in them myself. 

While marriage means vowing to share my life, the only reason I can share a life with another person is because you have given me the fundamentals to stand on my own two feet and confidence that I can.  While it may seem like you are losing me to the love of my life, my future husband, you aren’t. You are handing me off to a man who will forever live in your shadow and spend the rest of his life trying to reach the bar you set so high.

 I love you.

“Nate, are you okay?” The melodic voice of his wife sounds and soon after she has her hands wrapped around his shoulders and her head pressed to his chest. 

 “It’s hard isn’t it.” She asks into the crook if his neck and he simply nods. Y/n pulls off and uses her thumbs to wipe away his tears. 

 “We did a good job Y/n.” 

Nate says looking deeply into his wife’s eyes. She simply smiles and nods. “We really did didn’t we. Who would’ve thought.” She says chuckling causing Nate to laugh as well. 

 “Nour needs you though. I think she wants to have a heart to heart with you as well before the make up people come.” Y/n nods and pecks his lips. 

 “Oh, and no smoking! I know you’re anxious, but I don’t want you high off your ass at you daughter’s wedding. ” 

 “What I look like mama? I wouldn’t do that.” Nate answers, feigning to be offended.

“I’m just saying. John’s already mad at me because I threw his blunt away. I’ll tell him I’m sorry later but you know I’ll do anything to make this day perfect for her.” Nate laughs. “Babe why you’d do that for.” He says still laughing. 

 “Swazz can’t stay mad at me anyways, so it’s all good.” She answers, also laughing now. 

 “Now go. Nour needs you.” Nate says while smacking y'n on her ass when she turns around causing her to giggle. “I’ll see you in a bit Ma.” He says smirking, thanking his lucky stars he’ll always have one of the Maloley women to come home too. 



An Open Letter to My Dad on My Future Wedding Day - By Kirsten Corley

 These Nate imagines seem to be really popular, thank you all for the love. Let me know what else y'all like to read!

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This whole thing on twitter with that awful women attacking Ben for not coming to the stage door is making me sad and angry. I have only seen a bootleg and I can understand how draining and taxing Ben’s job is and she has seen the show LIVE TWICE, but still can’t understand how much stamina it takes and how hard it is to do the things Ben does every night.
I don’t personally know Ben, but he seems like a sweet, genuine person and, as seen above, he has been out at the stage door many times. He leaves everything he has on that stage, every night, sometimes twice a day. I know he can fight his own battles but this is making me so sad that after everything he has given this show and it’s fans it’s still not enough for some people. I just want Ben and the rest of the DEH cast to know that only a handful of people actually think like that women. Most of us 100% understand how much they have sacrificed, how hard they have worked, and how demanding their job is. We 100% want Ben and the entire cast of DEH to put themselves first. Even if that means missing a show once in a while, taking a vacation, or going straight home to get some rest before going back the next day to do it all over again. We KNOW that when you buy a ticket to the show you are only guaranteed a performance. NOT a meet and greet and Not even a certain cast member because we know that things happen and if an actor could be there they would be. Mostly I just want them to know how much we appreciate everything they have done and know that they are loved by us and that we are grateful for what they do.

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I can't wait until Abby has to go back to jail for non-payment of taxes because whether she knows it or not she still owns the Pittsburgh Studio and is 2 years behind on the property taxes there.

i don’t understand taxes