Now, please, hold your applause for just a second!

We’ve got some fabulous fighters in this lineup, as well as some familiar faces. Our esteemed earthbending Team Captain Raye–and her fierce teammates, waterbender Di, and firebender Shae–are sure to rock the competition, folks!

Don’t let their height fool you; these girls are here to kick butt and take names!


First ever animation, like, ever. So yeah, it’s obviously not perfect, and it’s obviously not fantastic by any means. But I figure, all things considered, it works. With some more experience, my skills should get better. Anyway, I did this because Shannara told me to, and I thought it’d be a lot of fun (which it was, but it was also frustrating). Soooo enjoy?

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Did you know about Korra's duel with Amon? How did you feel?

“Honestly, I didn’t know about it. To be honest, I still don’t know the complete truth, just that she challenged him, it happened, and she came back fine. I haven’t talked to her about it yet, but I am kinda worried…”

“…kinda really worried.”

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Just keep slipping~

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YES DRAW MORE BABIES! Your Borra kids are adorable! x3



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hello! c:

1. First impression: JAILBAIT. just kidding, i remember seeing you in the tinychat and thinking you were too sweet and horribly funny. like disgustingly funny, the kind of funny i could never hope to win against in a humor deathmatch. i got the impression that anyone would be crazy to not adore you.


3. How old do you look: LEGAL

4. Have you ever made me laugh: you are literally the funniest person i’ve met on tumblr, i dont even know how your brain works so beautifully. 

5. Have you ever made me mad: NEVER

6. Best feature: VENTURE BROS LOVE (hank5evr)

7. Have I ever had a crush on you: wait you’re 18 now right… c8

8. You’re my: one of my favorite art pals on tumblr, one of my favorite blogs, such a good friend, gah. you’re my friend that i admire a lot but you’re younger so i play it cool and blow on my nails and shrug at you when really deep down inside im hyperventilating

9. Name in my phone: shae!

10. Should you post this too? if you wanna <3

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You and Mako must've had a rough time on the streets as boys, but surely you had some adventures too? I know you were a little young, but does anything particualrly exciting stand out to you?

“Oh man, of course it was hard but if anything, it was all just one huge adventure! I remember once Mako and I decided that we needed to get some bread for dinner, and we were gonna have to steal it. Of course we weren’t too happy about it, but with some other kids, we made this plan where we’d hang one of the kids off the roof of a shop and lower him down to get it!”

“…well uh, needless to say that wasn’t the smartest idea we’ve ever had and Mako was against it from the beginning but we ended up dropping the kid on the stand and he broke it and we all got in huge…trouble…at least the kid wasn’t hurt?”

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Did you look for any other gifts for Korra before deciding you just couldn't afford them? What would you have liked to give her, if price wan't an issue?

“Well of course I did! I wanted to get her something big and extravagant, after all she saved my life! But you know, that’s not really possible for me. Still though, every time I looked at those big things, it just didn’t seem right for her.”

“So I guess, even if price wasn’t an issue, I would’ve still gotten her the same thing! Sometimes simplicity’s the best way to go.”

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It's sweet how, even though Mako wasn't happy with you about money for groceries, that he went out and spent money on your favorite dumplings anyway. Do you ever think about the little things he does, despite the expenses, to keep you safe and happy?

“It was really sweet of him wasn’t it? Mako might look like a big stoic rock on the outside, but one the inside he’s a real caring, genuine guy. People don’t believe me, but it’s totally true!” Bolin turns his eyes towards the floor, smiling warmly as he thinks of the brother he admires so much. 

“Of course, I think about them all the time. They’re things he doesn’t have to do, but to know that he does them for me just makes them all the more special. I really love my brother.”

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Did you ever work any odd jobs when you were younger? (Not including "moving boxes" for the Triple Threats; no more dangerous gang business!)

“Heh, well if we take out moving boxes and jobs for the Triple Threats then not a whole lot–Mako and I spent a while with them but uh, I did do some things! I remember for a while Mako and I did a couple of deliveries for a restaurant, it was just kinda a ‘when we were needed’ thing, but the owners were really nice about it and paid us in food!”