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Do you have any suggestions on what we can do as men to resist Trump and help protect others and ourselves? I feel so powerless and afraid and the women around me are afraid too and afraid of US.

it seems like you and the people around you have been taken over by the mass hysteria created by the media and others. What you and the people around you can do is:

1.) Calm down, and write down everything you are afraid of that you believe trump has the power to actually do. Then look those things up, research, and find out if trump can actually do it (if it’s within his authority), and/or if it’s something he actually said he was going to do, or is it something you heard from somewhere he was going to do.

2.) Research how the U.S government works and exactly how much power you as “the people” have compared to trump as “the government” . Research non-biased, (direct and quoted) promises trump has said/made. try to look find something that tells you direct quotes from trump and the others that are now in office, and do not look at what other people has to say about those quotes. Research Trump’s platform and do the same thing. 

3.) Think about how you feel after reading those things trump has promised to do/ his platform. try and decipher them into your own words (and incorporate the limits of the power you now know trump has, as well as the power you know the people have, as you logically comprehend/paraphrase his platform/promises.)

4.) Avoid media and sensationalized outlets for information about your government. Don’t look to other people’s paraphrased words or other people’s understanding of what your government has promised to do. Look at it yourself, directly, and make your own judgement. 

5.) Educate yourself and others on the power you have over your government, and also the limits your government has. Try and stop the spread of fear and the hysteria. This will reduce violence on the streets as well as the many many many false hate and discrimination stoires going around (that has only added fuel to the fire.) 

6.) Accept different views, and be open-minded to others as long as they aren’t hurting another person/people. 

7.)  Keep being the lovely person you are, and encourage others to keep being the lovely people they are. 

America = power to the people. Don’t panic. Don’t worry. He’s just another president. 

Stay calm, and keep up with the politics as directly as you can. 

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The Basis of Right Action: The Four Noble Truths

‘The Buddha always taught that we should practice the Four Noble Truths:

1. There is suffering.

2. There is an origin of suffering.

3. The end of suffering is possible.

4. There is a path to the end of suffering.

With the practice of mindfulness we are already working with the Four Noble Truths. When we practice mindfulness, we learn to stop and to calm ourselves; then we naturally recognize our suffering and the suffering of others. By looking deeply we see into the causes of suffering and the way to transform our suffering and the suffering of others. When you can transform the war and violence in yourself, then you can truly begin to help others find peace.

Suffering is a part of life. As bodhisattvas in training, we have vowed to use our Mind of Love to alleviate and transform suffering and the roots of suffering, we put into action the First and Second Noble Truths. By looking deeply, we can see the cause of suffering, we can see that it’s possible to end suffering, and we can also see the path that leads to the end of suffering. This puts into action the Third and Fourth Noble Truths.

Taking action to stop suffering is Right Action. Understanding is the foundation of every good action. No action can be called Right Action without Right Understanding. In order to understand, we have to listen, but how do we know we have Right Understanding? If you try to help someone but your actions only worsen the situation, then you do not have Right Understanding. If your government passes an unjust law, it is because your representatives did not have Right Understanding of the problem they were trying to address. All actions - all our personal, political, and humanitarian activities - must be based on a clear understanding of yourself, of your situation, of your own people, of your country.

Deep listening and loving speech are wonderful instruments to help us arrive at the kind of understanding we all need as a basis for appropriate action. You listen deeply for only one purpose - to allow the other person to empty his or her heart. This is already an act of relieving suffering. To stop any suffering, no matter how small, is a great action of peace. The path to end suffering depends on your understanding and your capacity to act without causing harm or further suffering. This is acting with compassion, your best protection.’

- Thich Nhat Hanh, Creating True Peace: Ending Conflict in Yourself, Your Family, Your Community and The World.

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Quick question. You claim that fascists in America like Trump (and you'd be right) are evil. Yet act like the left is any better. You claim the pro-life movement is an individuals right to choose (which it is) yet want the government to walk all over gun rights. Pick one. You're either a left wing fascist or blind hypocrite. You can't be both, and I'd prefer a public answer. Which is it. Do you want the government involved in everyone's life or do you want them out. You can only choose one.

Your binary “either you want government or not” is lame. We have a balance of government. If it gets too much, we vote. If its too little, we vote. It’s called democracy. When a state does too much or too little, the Feds jump in. Government is not “all or nothing”. Choosing only one, as you state, is a false pretense. 

Government is “we the people”. We self-govern. We hold elections. Your understanding of government is underwhelming.

[You disqualify yourself from any meaningful debate when you say both sides are the same, as you write to me regarding guns and abortion]

How am I walking all over your guns rights? The government has a right to regulate guns. Are you saying any regulation is ‘walking over your rights”? A state cannot regulate its militia? Name one gun right that has been walked over that you think is too much? 

A gun is an inanimate object. It is not the same as someone’s body. The government does not have a right to regulate choice when it comes to reproduction. Abortion is legal and Constitutional. Right to privacy and Roe v Wade. My right to privacy needs to be protected by the state [laws, courts, law enforcement, etc] It does not exist in a vacuum. Therefore, even though my privacy is a existential right, it needs to be physically protected. 

The rights of the minority [gun owners and people who get abortions are the minority of Americans] need to be protected. And just like abortions are regulated, gun ownership can be regulated. We do this through government. I am not a blind hypocrite. I understand the foundation of the country on the rule of law. A hypocrite would be someone who wants small government, then wants to regulate the personal sex lives of Americans and make decisions for people who become pregnant.

Lastly, there is no such thing as left-wing fascist. It’s like saying meat-eating vegetarian.