weenurse reblogged your post: “Wow, I didn’t know the cafeteria served eye candy~ *CHINHANDS*”

… A vase? Oh Sorry- sorry I got distracted by that pretty smile of yours ;)

I AM Zel. Or something like her, had she been a guy. Its a magical anonymous thing. You, being the smart cookie you are,  probably know all about those. And yeah she didn’t think to pack any other clothes so I’m stuck in this undersized shirt.

But what’d you wanna show me- I  mean her- I mean me?


Oh phew, so it’s only temporary.

MmmmMM I dunnooo…

I was really looking forward to showing it to Zel– I mean, girl Zel. Maybe when she comes back? Or when you,, -squints- How much of me do you even remember? AhhHH sorry, I believe you when you say you’re Zel! I guess I just need some time to warm up to her guy form. u u;

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It didn’t take long for Frisk to disappear, once they reached the castle. Frisk had stayed there once, and knew his way around. A few minutes of awkward silence later and Chris also disappeared, leaving Sans to nap on the couch.

It was a nice couch. New, or Sans thought it was new, anyway. 

He woke up to find Frisk- old Frisk, human Frisk, a fifteen year old whose legs were too long for his body, without the scars of two years of fighting, with eyes mostly shut and a big smile- standing over him. Sure, he was wearing one of Toriel’s old robes, but given that the options otherwise involved the undersized clothes in the Prince’s wardrobe and the much too large ones Asgore owned, it wasn’t the worst choice.

Hell, it even looked okay on him. Sort of.

“Hey. Wake up, sleepy bones.”

The Most Haunted Place You've Never Heard Of: 3 Places to Explore in Revelstoke, Canada

THIS ARTICLE WAS WRITTEN BY BRENNAN STORR - The town of Revelstoke, Canada is many things—small, remote, burdened with a comically undersized airport—but it is best known as the international ski destination with North America’s largest vertical drop, at 7,500 feet. Every year over a million visitors swarm Revelstoke’s ski runs, restaurants, hotels, and bars, and yet not a single one of them is aware of the mountain town’s most remarkable feature: a recently-uncovered paranormal history stretching back more than seventy years. That history, revealed in the book A Strange Little Place: The Hauntings and Strange Events of One Small Town, is made up of so many different kinds of high strangeness—ghosts, UFO sightings, Sasquatch, missing time, and gremlins, to name a few—that it raises serious questions about exactly how separate all those phenomena truly are, and how such a trove of secrets can be kept for so long.

Though Revelstoke is two and a half hours from the nearest international airport (Kelowna International), it is easy enough to reach by car in the summer, being a six-hour drive from the coastal city of Vancouver and a four-hour drive from Calgary; visiting during the winter is more dangerous simply because of conditions, which often close the highway, but you will be rewarded with magnificent snowy vistas and a long night during which to conduct your investigations.

Be aware that while Greyhound bus service does pass through Revelstoke, times are inconvenient and the town itself has minimal public transit, though it is covered in bicycle shops should you wish to explore on two wheels. Hotels are reasonably easy to come by in summer but in winter the massive influx of skiers, snowboarders, and snowmobilers, along with intermittent highway closures brought on by avalanches, means accommodation can sometimes be scarce and pricey; be sure to book ahead in the colder months.

Many of the locations identified in A Strange Little Place are on private property, but the locations listed below are all publicly accessible and, if nothing else, are a great place to start. No doubt the intrepid among you will find many more.

Keep reading

Dolly’s doing fine by the way! We got her a friend named who we named Mable since cows are herd animals and can’t be alone (of course my dad didn’t do a single bit of research until he made my mom the night he got her). The vet came out and Dolly is fairly healthy- just undersized, and Mable is severely undersized and also has pneumonia. Once we get them healthy we’re likely going to sell them, even though they’re sweeties we can’t afford to care for cows. I have no idea what my dad was thinking when he got Dolly, now my mom has to take care of two cows and she just doesn’t have the time nor enough experience with cows.

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i love your blog!! pls dont take this the wrong way but why dont you blog about other barca players too? pls dont get offended i love your blog

Haha, you haven’t offended me. Actually, quite a few people have asked me this. I guess I just like my blog the way it is? There are a few Barca players that I really love so they pop up on my blog occasionally, but in general I think my blog is pretty one-dimensional: it’s everything Messi, Messi, Messi. II know a lot of people aren’t interested in gifs of him just breathing and walking around or his family or his tiny, frankly undersized nipples or things like that, but I am interested in those things. And I realise this blog isn’t for everyone and will never really be for everyone cause you have to be obsessed with Messi to find my blog even remotely interesting, but I’m kinda okay with that. I like being obsessed with Messi and all my posts are things I love and it’s all mainly for me, myself and I :)

Spend Your Thai Vacation At Pattaya Beach Resort

The Pattaya Beach Resort is a high-wrought property in company with comfort and unique design, with amenities for meetings and exquisite dining. The 52 resort rooms looking from the beginning the ocean are indeed pleasing amenities of this particular resort. Luxury is apprehensibly an accommodation in favor this bewitchingly constructed resort. In the heart of the city, enjoy a ride on the Flight of the Gibbon, a pepper line above rain forest, sieve sky diving citron salary a visit to the camel electoral district. Undertaking escalade skiing or snorkelling. There are de facto a lot of activities so that become influenced in near to this beautiful resort.

Pattaya had real master beginnings with locals posse for a undersized bit in regard to recreation. When soldiers found the beach a spot to visit the tourist joint-stock association started. Each room mutual regard the Pattaya Beach Refuge is actually a vacationing marvel. A glass beaver dam allows an unobstructed view of the pool and the rooming house continues in order to outdo itself with its distinctive rudderstock design. Deployed very close to the coastline these rooms are exceptionally that be. This resort is an excellent reason for visiting Thailand.

The Pattaya Beach Resort contains a wood fire oven to ensure the preparation of traditional dishes and also a very befitting ambiance for dining inside and outside thereby breathtaking views of the ocean. This subgroup hotel presents a quiet elegance to this day is an energetic collaborative spot in which weekends settle preliminaries joyous and levee events. The concierge imperative be met with aware of the whole range the hot spots and will be able in help you at all costs any description of celebrating rental information.

Balconys are a signature balance for this ocean exterior take a holiday resort with attractive furnishings finer off the spectacular stage setting. While in the stamping take advantage of the bath tub for two. Business could be a legitimate nous for coming to this resort but bleed it as a riddling to enjoy the superb comforts offered. The beaches are breathtaking and the jury-rig is glittering.

Following an active day unwind by having an exhilarating spa treatment. This one resort is located in the substantive point of business facilities, devouring establishments and entertainment. Your comfort and convenience is quite ascendant to the resort staff, with rein air force functioning 24 hours every day to make determinate that all guests manifesto everything they require.

No matter whether for business travel or rescindment, this setting produces certain feed back from every contingency, comely rooms and great service. Yourselves is a spot in Thailand people really like en route to go up to and individuals around the world really like to travel to. This little italy is full of activity local this adorable resort, so long as relax at your lumpen or prefer out and participate in pursuits you virulence enjoy. A round of golf is snugly set up at this world class holiday spot.

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Actual descriptions of Essio I forgot I had put into this book:

  • “About so tall” [indicates a short person] “brown skin, dark hair, built like a twig and sort of pointy in the face. Never stops talking and never pays for his drinks”
  • “No morals and no spine and his nose is too long”
  • “Dark, short, skinny, with a stupid hat”
  • “An undersized man of about twenty years, prominent nose, generally shifty-looking, garishly dressed”
  • “The one with the eyebrows”

new town: lived here two weeks, have been welcomed by citizens, enjoyed public spaces, gone to community events, left house nearly every day, live in diverse community, literally better produce in the store.

old town: walk down street and be glared at by people from their cars or teens on undersized bikes rolling slowly down the middle of the road, watched a truck with no muffler and a two confederate flags on the back drive by. 


The Week In Veg, Backyard Wildlife and Scenery

Harvested my first-ever acorn squash and cauliflower yesterday, still haven’t eaten either so can’t call my efforts a success just yet. The squash plant withered prematurely, and four of my squash mildewed or were eaten by chipmunks before they got to full size,..  brought in the last two once I realized the vine was basically dead. They’re undersized so I don’t know if they’ll be any good. Cauliflower turned yellow in the sun, was ravished by caterpillars… one plant was so infested I just let the bugs have it, but harvested two. I’m told it’s perfectly edible even if it’s yellow. I’ve been eating the leaves all along. So that’s a mixed success at best. Brussels Sprouts have provided plenty of leaves but have also had repeated bug issues… still don’t have the “sprouts” growing but the leaves taste very good, just like collards.

The tomatoes, peppers, kohlrabi, swiss chard and okra are unqualified successes.  I have years of experience with peppers and tomatoes, some with greens but will definitely grow the others again. The green kale is also thriving, red kale and collards still recovering from caterpillars.       

I planted sugar pumpkins in a bare spot late in the Spring, and they’re vining out all over the bed, tons of blossoms. So I hope they do better than the acorn squash. And don’t strangle my okra. I’ve grown quite fond of roasted okra. ;)

The geese have gone, and I haven’t seen the hawk in a few days, though I hear him shrieking all the time. The heron flies over quite a bit but won’t grace us with his presence til the pond fills up again… the August heat has dried up most of the water despite several storms this week. I still see the Little Black Squirrel frequently, along with his gray cousins. He’s sort of become my White Rabbit, luring me with his adorable antics as I work in the garden, then bounding off into the woods as I try to raise my camera. I usually follow him and end up photographing other things… and losing all track of time.  

One afternoon while I was inside I saw him and ran out, completely forgetting to put some shoes on first…

Re my medical issues, to keep things brief, I had an ultrasound on my left leg yesterday and was relieved to find I don’t have a blood clot. What I do have they don’t know. I’m seeing an orthopedic specialist on the 31st and will have to cope until then. Sciatica and fibromyalgia are suggestions, but neither fully fits my symptoms. All the tests I’ve had indicate I’m in basically good health; no anemia, spinal damage, nutrient deficiencies other than vitamin D, autoimmune or muscle death. My problem is probably circulatory or nervous system. I’ve spent a fortune already and have no real answers, nor have any medications provided real relief. My second Lyme test was negative; if I had it, even with inaccurate test results, the antibiotics should’ve brought some relief after two courses, but they only raised my blood pressure.  (Fortunately it runs low normally…)   

I hate to keep bringing this up but feel a need to explain why I’m so far behind on my normal activities. I can be distracted, though, and hope to share more fandom posts soon. Just made some new Hustle GIFs…   ;) Thanks to everyone who’s offered kinds words or support. Means a lot. Hope I can stop bitching about this soon.