A hovercraft marked with the Capitol’s seal materializes directly over the barricaded children. Scores of silver parachutes rain down on them. Even in this chaos, the children know what silver parachutes contain. Food. Medicine. Gifts. They eagerly scoop them up, frozen fingers struggling with the strings. The hovercraft vanishes, five seconds pass, and then about twenty parachutes simultaneously explode.

A wail rises from the crowd. The snow’s red and littered with undersized body parts. Many of the children die immediately, but others lie in agony on the ground. Some stagger around mutely, staring at the remaining silver parachutes in their hands, as if they still might have something precious inside. I can tell the Peacekeepers didn’t know this was coming by the way they are yanking away the barricades, making a path to the children. Another flock of white uniforms sweeps into the opening. But these aren’t Peacekeepers. They’re medics. Rebel medics. I’d know the uniforms anywhere. They swarm in among the children, wielding medical kits.

First I get a glimpse of the blond braid down her back. Then, as she yanks off her coat to cover a wailing child, I notice the duck tail formed by her untucked shirt. I have the same reaction I did the day Effie Trinket called her name at the reaping. At least, I must go limp, because I find myself at the base of the flagpole, unable to account for the last few seconds. Then I am pushing through the crowd, just as I did before. Trying to shout her name above the roar. I’m almost there, almost to the barricade, when I think she hears me. Because for just a moment, she catches sight of me, her lips form my name.

And that’s when the rest of the parachutes go off.

The Terrible Terror is among the smallest of the dragons, but also one of the most feared.

It is roughly the size of a small cat.

The Terror can crawl into Viking homes, sheds, outhouses and shacks, attacking when its prey is least expecting it.

The only warning a Terror gives is the hissing sound it makes just before breathing fire.

These undersized creatures, travel in packs and are prone to infighting.

 They are small and underestimated

They are like naughty little terriers and make a lot of noise

Suited for you (Closed RP ft. vertoria-morningstar)

Alex walked into the tailor shop and looked around. he brought in a bag and smiled as he went to the tuxedo department and sat the bag down on the counter and looked over at a girl behind the counter. “Hey, I am a value customer and i ordered this tuxedo and i sadly cannot fit in it. I feel that it is undersized and too small for a man of my stature and girth. Could you please see me for a refitting and take this tuxedo back” he said as he laid the bag on the counter. “Please?”

Robert Downey Jr. is onscreen for all of about five minutes in “Chef,” but what Downey does with those five minutes is nothing short of amazing. (They should award undersized Oscars for best cameos, actors who do the most with roles of 10 minutes or less.) Marvin moves about his office like a slightly sedated wild animal. He’s clearly nuts but also fascinating.

Yankie - ProMeTheUs (Rap Monster’s verse)

but right now nobody recognize it
old farts who’re nothing but bluffs
they tryna undersize it
I’m a narcissist with perverted tendencies
I poke myself often
I kiss my own tightness
Who the damn mufucka do
really wanna fight it
I just like the arts
more than any kind of alcohol*
bastard, this is the cocktail bar that RM has laid out
you’ll drink them as I give them
please subdue my flame, after just taking out my fire
ah, oppa, I like it, please hit me a little more
Show what that bitch about
just try running your mouth
Show me what you got yo what you bout
Me gone headed to the top
make yo bitch rock but you not
I believe my team
me and my friends, we makin’ dreams
we’ll kill you half-dead with rap, come at us
call me rice wrapped in Kim**

* = “the arts” in Korean is 예술 and alcohol is just 술, which is where the alcohol and cocktail bar references come from
** = this is a double whammy pun. firstly, obviously Namjoon’s last name is Kim, but “김” in Korean also means seaweed, so he’s playing off “seaweed-wrapped rice” and his own last name. however, 싸먹다 also has a secondary meaning of quickly and efficiently finishing off something or someone that you don’t find important or worth your time, so in this case, he’s the Kim who finished off the “rice” (his less talented and less impressive opponents).

you can re-translate or repost anywhere but please credit to @BTS0222 when you do!

Vince McMahon Is Reportedly Losing Faith In Sasha Banks


Sasha Banks has been virtually invisible from WWE programming ever since she (and Becky Lynch and Charlotte) stole the show at WrestleMania 32. The accepted consensus was that Banks was being put on ice so she could come back and challenge Charlotte in time for SummerSlam. Now there are reports that Banks was injured at a house show when a referee kneed her in the head. This has not only led to speculation over concussions symptoms, but it has apparently left Vince McMahon to wonder if Banks is “fragile,” reminiscent of an undersized Daniel Bryan whose wrestling style and injuries eventually caught up to him.

The Wrestling Observer had this to say about the situation:

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The bad part of this is Vince McMahon has on several occasions said he believes Banks knows only one speed and that’s all out, and even months ago was comparing her to Daniel Bryan, feeling she’s injury-prone. That label isn’t the kiss of death, but there does come a point where if there are too many injuries they can get leery and you never know when that point is since Vince has put the two in the same category.

We’ve seen McMahon pump the breaks on stars who suffer from concussions before, especially in light of the CTE controversies all over the news. Most notably in recent years, Vince moved on from Dolph Ziggler as a main eventer ever since he started getting concussions in the ring.

Banks is a relatively diminutive wrestler compared to her peers. And she’s had a history of injuries and being banged up. But she’s also had these injuries coming off of classic, legendary matches. And a freak knee to the head from a referee could happen to anyone. I’m not sure what the dilemma is here. Banks has been able to tone down her style for TV and turn it up a notch for Network events, so I’m not sure if she “only has one speed.”

I really hope this is just a short-lived mood Vince is in because we deserve Banks vs. Charlotte at SummerSlam, and a dedicated title run for the best wrestler in the world.