This story has no moral but it’s a fun time to read or not idk

Oh dude did I ever tell you that story about the one time I went out at night with my friends and then like we met 3 shit faced drunk guys from a different city that were on vacation because I live in ‘’August Vacation Land’’ a.k.a Praia da Rocha in Portugal a.k.a hell. with a lot of night life,,,, 

Anyways…… I got 2 flirting with me and 1 backing them up, my friends are laughing, im okay so far. Then they’re like ‘’WOAH DUDE COOL HAIR WE DONT HAVE THIS WERE WE COME FROM’’ (i have a undershave dyed bright blue) they come from,,, lets say the religious capital district, which is Fatima. Anyways we walk down to the beach (the clubs are next to the beach- the beach is down the cliff) it’s dark there are not many people there, i guess i knew it was coming.)

One of the dudes asks me ‘’would you kiss me’’ m like no bitch, then his friend is fucking whispering on my neck ‘’oh come on you’ll never see us again’’ ‘’yeah thank fucking christ.’’ at this point my friend is recording…. then the other guy fucking picks me up- im light as a feather- drags me down the beach,,, ‘’to get some privacy’’ and im just letting my self get carried away my friend is behind recording, im fine I’ll punch him if i need- then there he is trying to make out with me fucking tongue and shit

I give in for a half a second (just to make him think he had a change and let down his guard), and then spit on his mouth :) and calmly repeat ‘’I said no.’’ And while he’s disgustedly whipping his face I say bye- and say bye to his friends, and go back to the clubs

then when i got I made a tweet making fun of the whole situation, next thing i get is a DM from the dude saying he’s sorry lol

and then i realise- I’m gay as shit.