undersea animals



lapis: *takes the entire ocean, possibly making many undersea animals extinct, resetting all of earth’s currents, tries to kill connie, steven, greg lion and the gems*

steven: she just wanted to go home. she is just misunderstood.

peridot: *tries to take steven and the gems back to homeworld, hurt earth, helped with the cluster, tried to kill the gems numerous times and kidnapped steven*

steven: she didn’t know better! she didn’t know she was doing a bad thing and now she’s sorry.

jasper: *seperates garnet, gives steven a black eye + knocks him out, takes the gems, fights garnet with brute force, forces lapis to fuse with her*

steven: shes just doing her job. its wrong but she believes its right.

kevin: *ruins steven and connie’s first date*


The Year of The Shark

If I could live underwater for a year I would choose to be a shark. A shark is the predator of the deep, and all the other sea creatures fear him. As a shark, I would not have to risk being eaten by other sea creatures, and then I would be sure to return to dry land once my year underwater was up. A shark has the best selection of sushi out of anyone! I would eat all sorts of fish and swim faster than most of the other undersea animals. I would explore the vast ocean and hope that I can remember my travels when I become a person again.