underrated moments

one of the most underrated heartbreaking moments in the series to me is leela’s life in the late philip j fry. she never found love again after fry. he was her one true love and she’d only given him a chance a few months before he disappeared, or in her mind, died. she never got to spend the time with him that she wanted to. she was so desperately lonely that she married cubert simply because he resembles fry. she seemingly had no friends except hermes. but you want to know one thing that i find beautiful? even though leela believes fry to be dead, she still leaves him that message in the cavern on the green because she felt that somehow he would see it one day. leela felt his presence in there. she knew that fry would come back to that abandoned restaurant and read her message. they really are soulmates when it comes down to it and that small little scene shows how connected they really are.
even if that timeline is erased because fry showed back up in an exact replica to it (meaning he’d show back up in all timelines), it’s still heartbreakingly sad and it really shows just how much leela loved fry.

underrated TAZ moments

-“I say we head towards the meat…”
-“remember Christmasses at Aunt Blarg’s house?”
-“uhh I’m pretty sure he was… riding two horses.”
-“yeah I uh… I have a stutter. I am… part robot.”
-“is it a real spider?! ‘cause Magnus doesn’t like spiders.” / “well uh spiders are pretty small so I don’t understand how it could uh…”
-Taako encouraging the evil belt to go on with its argument and Magnus responding by punching him unconscious.
-the unmasking scene in Petals to the Metal

 the most underrated monster factory moment, in my opinion, was in the oblivion video when griffin kills a prison guard, changes the corpse’s name to “bookshelf”, and puts a book on top of him, without saying anything at all


this is such an underrated clexa moment like we all notice and talk about protective lexa which is true, but no one’s really talked about why it’s important. Clarke’s face in the second gif says everything. She is scared. She’s 18 and she spent her whole life in a box and suddenly she’s in a foreign place and people are dying and they are at war and she’s right on the front lines and she’s freakin scared. and then there’s lexa, who she has feelings for and who she knows has feelings for her, fighting right next to her, strong and brave, and making sure she’s safe and protected. and you can see even through clarke’s fear that lexa’s support helps her. it helps her find strength and security and makes her feel like she’s not alone anymore. they can do this together.

and that’s what makes lexa’s betrayal later hurt so damn much. clarke truly believed that she and lexa were in it together, that they would fight and win together. “not everyone, not you. you should come with me to the capitol. for those we’ve lost, and those we soon shall find. no, you stay with clarke.”

she truly believed it was her and lexa against the world, until it wasn’t.

Underrated Game Grumps Moments

So my roundup of how fucking wacky batshit the grumps are in general got loads of notes, and I wanted to do a list of, y’know, their actual show’s best moments. 

But we all know Battle Kid, Teletubbies, Mark Zuckerberg and all those sorts of classic moments, so I’ve, over several days, accumulated a number of my personal favourite moments that are underrated compared to the classics, because most of my personal favourite moments are. I’ve used quotes as titles that hopefully give the flavour of the moment without spoiling the moment itself.

So without further ado….

Probably more to come later because I couldn’t find a number of Steam Train/Grumpcade/Table Flip moments I wanted to add but fuck it, take this and enjoy it, you bastards. 


underrated moment 😌❤