underrated lines

Underrated lines of Spiderman: Homecoming (P.5)
  • Peter: Hopefully soon it’ll lead to a real job with him.
  • Ned: That’d be so sweet. He’d be all, "good job on those spreadsheets, Peter, here’s a gold coin"
  • Ned:
  • Ned: I don’t know how jobs work.
  • Peter: That’s exactly how they work.

The Batkids aka Bruce Wayne has an adopting problem


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the most savage dialogue a character on eldarya had has to be that one time when kero said that lance’s and valk’s parents’ deaths were not enough for him to learn how to respect other people’s pain like my guy literally roasted the living shit out of valk using his own trump card against him, throwing away his ‘my entire family is dead so i understand your pain’ exuse out of the window and if this isn’t what genuine friendship/love is i don’t know what else it might be