underrated in genre

I love romance novels.
I grew up on them and they shaped my taste in media and what I want to create.
Romance is an extremely underrated and unfairly mocked genre and can be used to tell amazing stories about ANYTHING.
So it’s ok if I want to add a romantic subplot to this story or if I want to make it the focal point of another.
Stop letting the world convince you that romance cheapens a story.

Unpopular Opinions: Classical Edition

1. Popular composers you don’t like?

2. Popular pieces you don’t like?

3. Popular musicians you don’t like?

4. Hated musicians you love?

5. Which composers are overrated?

6. Which composers are underrated?

7. Any genre you don’t like?

8. Instruments you don’t like?

9. Worst “great” piece?

11. Your honest opinion about any “great” composer I mention?

12. Write in your own question