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11 Korean Rock Artists Everyone Needs To Hear

11 Korean Rock Artists Everyone Needs To Hear

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When people talk about music in Korea, most refer to R&B and K-pop groups, yet there aren’t many who talk about rock music. This underrated genre certainly deserves more attention, especially considering many K-pop groups use elements of rock in their own music. So take a look below at some of Korea’s greatest rock artists. You’ll be surprised at how talented they truly are.


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syzara  asked:

Tell us the moment Zoe thought 'this is the person I want to be with' (in the romantic sense)?

It’s not so much one moment as it is a whole series of things.

After Habitat 7, a good portion of the Pathfinder team requests reassignment. Some of them have medical reasons, and their requests come with a supporting note from Harry. Some weren’t prepared for the level of adversity they’re facing; Zoe can’t blame them, she sure as hell wasn’t, either. Some of them don’t quite say, but she’s pretty sure they signed on to work with the great Alec Ryder, not her. Whatever their reasons, she grants all the requests without question. If they don’t want to be in, she doesn’t want to be relying on them.

Cora and Liam stay, and she is so grateful for both of them that she almost can’t breathe for a second.

Whenever she makes a dumb joke to relieve tension, Liam laughs first. Whenever he makes a dumb joke, it’s right when she needed to hear one.

They plumb each other’s knowledge of shitty action vids, much to the eye-rolling of others on the crew, and when she claims that Butterfly Warriors of Thessia Dawn is an underrated genre classic, he goes off and watches it before coming back to tell her that he doesn’t agree, but he sees her point. This is dumb, silly stuff, she knows perfectly well, but it’s also the stuff that keeps her from tearing her hair out or screaming or committing homicide of Nexus leadership.

It’s that when she comes up from Elaaden, swearing and covered in sand and sweat, and Liam asks what’s wrong, and she explains about finding the turian stasis pods and finishes, “It would have been nice to find a real Pathfinder,” he says, “Whoa, hold on, what do you mean real Pathfinder?”

And he means it.

It’s that he had the crazy optimism to ship a car to Andromeda the slow way, and the stubbornness to stick around even though their pretty propaganda posters haven’t panned out.

She watches him frantically apologizing, reprimanding himself so she doesn’t have to, gesturing wildly, his face so earnest, and any anger she had left dissolves into helpless fondness, because they might get in the shit together, but they work together to get out of it, too.

It’s that he never stops trying to build bridges, and when he screws up, he picks himself up and tries again.

It’s one moment after another, after another, and by the time she’s standing on Eos with sun on her face and wind in her hair, she already knows, but there was no one moment she realized.

yuri on ice crackfic recc’s wanted!

hey all,

i’ve been thinking a bit about starting a regular fic rec list, but with a twist: a rec list especially for crackfic. there are a lot of people doing rec lists already, but i’d like to use mine to help get writers of crackfic exposure. 

crack is an underrated genre. i think that a lot of funny fics go unnoticed and the writers of humorous fic don’t get the kudos they deserve because people don’t give crack a chance: people assume crack will be badly written, plotless, or pointless. but funny writing is real writing! it takes a lot of work and talent to write humor–it’s just as difficult as writing angst or smut,

so, please hit up my askbox with funny YOI fics! all pairings and ratings welcome. i’m hoping to post the first rec list in a week or two. thanks for your help!

tap dance.

When I tell people I’m a dancer, they take one look at my frame and assume I’m lying. I don’t have what’s considered the conventional “dancer’s body” because I’m big boned and I’ve always been a bit chubby.

But what they don’t realize is that there is a whole world of dance outside the principal ballerina; that not all dance requires you to be that petite size two model that stands with her legs perfectly turned out and toes pointed all the time.

(Side note: big girls can do that, too. I danced en pointe for 5 years, and soft shoe ballet for 15.)

When I tell people I’m a dancer, what I mean is that I lived in my tap shoes. Rhythm has always been my strong point, being that I’m a musician as well. Tap helped me with music, and music helped me with tap.

I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I kicked ass at tap. For once, I felt like I was up to par with the other girls around me, and that I really knew what I was doing. The ability to create rhythm gave me a level of creativity and freedom that other genres didn’t, and for the first time, I felt confident.

I worked my ass off at that studio, and though I left every class drenched in an appalling amount of sweat, I also left with a huge smile on my face.

As cliche as it sounds, I found myself through tap. Its such an underrated genre, and I’m tired of the stereotype that you “aren’t a dancer” if you can’t slide into a split or nail 6 pirouettes in a row. 

For the first time since I was two years old, I’m not dancing, and I miss it terribly. I’ll never forget all those years of ballet, jazz, lyrical, modern, pointe, and broadway, but I definitely will hold on to the skills tap taught me and hope to pick it up again next year in college.

Tap is beautiful, and tap is dance.

The Lost Souls [Steve Rogers x Reader] Part 2/6

Title: The Lost Souls

Pairing: Steve/Reader

Summary: Steve Rogers felt helpless when you were captured by Hydra. But he couldn’t imagine what they had planned for the both of you.    

Prologue | Part 1

Originally posted by neulina

Chapter Two:

Three Months Ago 

“Time to cross another item off your list,” you insisted, as Steve rolled his eyes in amusement. He knew you were just trying to distract him. His search for Bucky was going nowhere. Wherever he was, he didn’t want anyone to find him.


Steve had been a bit down in the dumps since he had returned from his last fruitless search, and you hated to see him sad. No one deserved to be happy after everything they’d been through more than Steve Rogers.


“Well Tony already had me watch Star Wars, and Clint says he wants to be the one to introduce me to I Love Lucy. So what’ll it be?”


“Disco,” you stated, grinning.


“Really?” he asked skeptically.


“It is a highly underrated genre,” you defended your choice. “But I’m going to narrow it down. Today, you shall be schooled in Donna Summer.” He raised a brow. “Trust me, I’m sure Sam would agree that she was the queen of Disco. Bad Girls, Last Dance, MacArthur Park…”


“It is on the list,” he gave in with a smile. “But I draw the line at dancing. Sam showed me some of his ‘moves’ once and I think I could actually injure someone if I tried that. I was never much of a dancer,” Steve admitted with a hint of melancholy.


“Deal,” you agreed, squeezing his hand gently before dragging him from the couch to look at the albums you brought with you. “But one day I’m going to get you to dance with me, Captain.”


He chuckled, letting you lead him around like a puppy. “Yes, ma’am.”

Present Day

It had been four days now since your abduction.

There had been no rescue attempt. No sign of Nat, Steve, or the team.

Whatever Rumlow had you injected with caused searing pain throughout your body. He delighted in your every scream and groan. When the iridescent blue liquid was finished being injected into your arm, the pain finally subsided and you were able to catch your breath again.

That lasted an hour, before it was time to start again.

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I think metal is one of the most underrated genre of music. It’s always “their just yelling” or “that’s devil worship” or “that’s not real music”. Yeah it’s rough and aggressive and SOUNDS hateful, but it’s not always. If you actually listen to what is being said you’ll hear a lot of messages of encouragement, motivation, and perseverance in a lot of songs. Being someone who suffers from depression and self harm, I can’t tell you how many times heavy metal has pushed me to keep fighting through my lowest moments. So the next time you wanna judge somebody for listening to the metal genre, I suggest you shut the fuck up and rethink your statement. Cause you just might end up sounding like an asshole.

I love romance novels.
I grew up on them and they shaped my taste in media and what I want to create.
Romance is an extremely underrated and unfairly mocked genre and can be used to tell amazing stories about ANYTHING.
So it’s ok if I want to add a romantic subplot to this story or if I want to make it the focal point of another.
Stop letting the world convince you that romance cheapens a story.

Date Night

A/N: I’m still alive! Bits of this may feel rushed, that’s because I’ve been tweaking this thing for weeks now before finally deciding, screw it, I’m going to post it anyway. There should be some other fics coming along soon, too. Lots of half-finished ones lying around here…

AO3 linky.

You may remember Vincent from chapter 5. This thing is part of the demonology student Dipper arc which started here.

Date Night

The television played some mindless comedy show. In the background her aquarium made a soothing bubbling sound.

Elisabeth was curled up on the couch, snug under a fleece blanket. Her eyes were glued to the screen of her tablet computer, a reading program opened up. Romantic science fiction was an underrated genre, really.

A quiet evening at home.


“H̢̙̫̻̮E͈̱̮̰̳͡Y͢ ̖͙̗͚͙A̘̦̞ͅD̟̮̻͡A͇̠̠̱̫̬̱͞M̶͓̰̪̪S͙̦̹̕.”

The empty air between her and the television was suddenly full of demon and it was only years of experience that stopped her from throwing her tablet at its head and drawing her spray can with holy water.

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anonymous asked:

recommend all the tv shows that you think everyone should watch pls. in the flesh is great.

with pleasure!

  • My Mad Fat Diary [genre: dramedy/a godsend]
  • Wonderfalls [genre: dramedy/some sci-fi] *check out this post where I wrote down a quick summary and reasons why you should watch this clever little underrated gem
  • Dead Like Me [genre: dramedy/sci-fi/REAPERS!]
  • Pushing Daisies [genre: fantasy/dramedy/the cutest and most colorful show you can lay your eyes on]
  • Orange is the New Black [genre: dramedy/just watch it]
  • Veronica Mars [genre: dramedy/crime/cult classic don’t miss out]
  • Misfits [genre: sci-fi/comedy/yet so much pain/stellar show]
  • From Dusk Till Dawn [genre: sci-fi/horror/favorite 2014 discovery/SUCH A GOOD plz do yourself a favor and watch this]
  • American Horror Story [genre: take a wild guess/only here for season 1 tbh]
  • Supernatural [genre: sci-fi/horror/primarily listing this for the first few seasons they were glorious]
  • Harper’s Island [genre: horror/mystery/surprisingly good oneshot series]
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer [genre: sci-fi/drama/CLASSIC.]
  • Moonlight [genre: sci-fi/drama/if you’re not tired of vampires yet this was a cheesy~ but very good short lived tv series]
  • Legend of the Seeker [genre: fantasy/adventure/well-written badass female warriors in a fictional medieval setting/UNFAIRLY CANCELED/FOREVER BITTER ABOUT THAT]
  • Community [genre: comedy/so much geekiness/so much heart]
  • Broad City [genre: comedy/even better: female-led comedy]
  • Friends [genre: comedy/what are you doing with your life if you haven’t watched this yet]
  • Daria [genre: comedy/don’t be fooled by the animation this is actually gr8]
  • Miranda [genre: british romcom/relatable for the socially awkward/piss your pants laughing]
  • Scrubs [genre: HILARIOUS]
  • 10 Things I Hate About You [genre: romcom] *if you’re a fan of the movie, check out the short-lived tv series. It’s utter teen cheesiness but worth it for kat/patrick alone
  • Great Expectations [genre: period drama] *it’s only a 3-episodes miniseries so if you feel like watching an eerie period drama you should totally give this one a go, it’s captivating.
  • In The Flesh [genre: drama/horror] recc’ing for the other followers. I’ve only started watching this one recently but so far i’m reallyyy liking it.

I think jazz is a highly underrated genre of music.

While I don’t mean to sound like a special snowflake, I don’t think many people my age really appreciate it. That’s fine and I respect that (music tastes are extremely subjective after all), but it would be cool to know I’m not the only one.

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on Stephen King?

He’s a great writer whose work is horribly underrated because it’s commercially successful genre fiction. Also, he was badly injured after being run over by a van. When he got out of the hospital, he bought the van from its owner for the sole purpose of beating the shit out of it with a bat. Stephen King seems like a pretty cool dude.

Unpopular Opinions: Classical Edition

1. Popular composers you don’t like?

2. Popular pieces you don’t like?

3. Popular musicians you don’t like?

4. Hated musicians you love?

5. Which composers are overrated?

6. Which composers are underrated?

7. Any genre you don’t like?

8. Instruments you don’t like?

9. Worst “great” piece?

11. Your honest opinion about any “great” composer I mention?

12. Write in your own question