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hey guys, i’m making a list for potential t100 oc faceclaims. the list has underrated/underused fcs and includes all sky people/mountain people and grounder potential fcs. so far i have about 75 fcs on the list, and if you have any suggestions shoot them my way so i can add them to the list! i know there’s a list floating around somewhere already, but mine is aimed more at the underrated/underused side of fcs. so bring me any suggestions you may have!! (:


↳ favourite current player - Nemanja Matic

Why Matic? Nemanja Matic *is* one of our most important players, yet he’s rarely praised the way some of our other players are (like Hazard, Costa, Cortois, etc.). If he has a bad match, our whole team tends to struggle. If he has a great match, we’re usually unstoppable. He is passionate and devoted to the team, and always work hard until the very last minute. 

“For any player, there are no limits to how much you can improve. I will try to do even better this season but for me the most important thing is that the team wins.I just want to help the team. Last season was good for me but I think I can do even better this time around.” - Matic

- “Chelsea have lost three games all season, and it’s not a coincidence that Nemanja Matic was absent for two of them … Matic is arguably Chelsea’s most important player in terms of what is lost when he’s not around.” – Gabriele Marcotti, March 2015.

- “The Rolls Royce of defensive midfielders, Matic is simply imperious. A stifling presence for Silva, smothered loose ball, and got important tackles and blocks in throughout the game. Distribution second to none.” – Mark Worrall, January 2015.

- “He is a giant, not for his size but for the way he plays. The man is a giant” – Jose Mourinho