underrated disney characters

the signs as underrated disney characters
  • Aries: Kuzco (The Emperor’s New Groove)- successful, competitive
  • Taurus: Nigel (Finding Nemo)- practical, dedicated, dependable
  • Gemini: Milo (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)- brilliant, witty
  • Cancer: Bagheera(The Jungle Book)- protective, considerate
  • Leo: Flower (Bambi)- fun, happy, cute
  • Virgo: Zazu (The Lion King)- bossy, observant, honest
  • Libra: Timothy Mouse (Dumbo)- curious, peaceful, committed
  • Scorpio: Jim (Treasure Planet)- independent, forceful
  • Sagittarius: Nani (Lilo and Stitch)– caring, responsible
  • Capricorn: Kevin (Up)- fierce, passionate
  • Aquarius: Lucifer (Cinderella)- rebellious, clever, determined
  • Pisces: M-O (Wall-e)- positive energy, modest, enthusiastic
The Signs as Underrated Disney Characters

Aries: Esmerelda; The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Taurus: The Muses; Hercules

Gemini: Megara; Hercules

Cancer: Nani; Lilo and Stitch

Leo: Sebastian; The Little Mermaid

Virgo: Kida; Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Libra: Flower; Bambi

Scorpio: Ray the Firefly; The Princess and the Frog

Sagittarius: Lottie; The Princess and the Frog

Capricorn: Zazu; The Lion King

Aquarius: Wendy; Peter Pan

Pisces: Mermaids (Ariel’s sisters); The Little Mermaid

the signs as underrated disney characters
  • aries: tiger lily (peter pan)
  • taurus: duchess (the aristocats)
  • gemini: babette (beauty and the beast)
  • cancer: the centaurs (fantasia)
  • leo: lilo (lilo and stitch)
  • virgo: wendy darling (peter pan)
  • libra: the blue fairy (pinocchio)
  • scorpio: megara (hercules)
  • sagittarius: esmeralda (hunchback of notre dame)
  • capricorn: tiana (princess and the frog)
  • aquarius: jane (tarzan)
  • pisces: honey lemon (big hero 6)

“I find Miss Bianca to be a very underrated Disney character and one of my favorite Disney heroines. Mainly because of how calm,sweet, and caring she is with Bernard and Penny in the first film. She shows alot of affection with Bernard during the first film and this film along with The Rescuers made me love Eva Gabor.”

Let's talk underrated characters!?

If you could choose one underrated Disney character to get heaps more attention, who would it be? 

I think I would choose Timothy Q Mouse… I love the lil guy. He is the best friend you could ever get!

He stands up for Dumbo when everyone else is busy rejecting him, encourages and guides Dumbo and always believes in him. Even when Dumbo doesn’t believe in himself, there’s Timothy telling him that his ears are beautiful and he is going to be the most famous elephant in the history of famous elephants :)

He is brave, funny, loving, loyal and supportive! (Also adorable)