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Okay but why is this so underrated— Lydia literally looks like a princess saving her prince, or the queen saving her king and then we have the precious cinnamon roll that is Scott McCall watching both of his best friends in the background again at yet another great moment.

💕cherosie: the power couple everyone forgot about 💕
“i need star power. i need the pussycats.”
↳ “ i love my girl cheryl.”

why is the cherosie tag so dry i’m angry these two deserve more content
someone get on it i’ll sell you my soul for it

also,,,shipping multiple ships doesn’t make me a hypocrite smh. just saying. it means i’m fine with either couple working out.

on the bright side, cherosie seems devoid of hate bless

anyway, this is yet another aesthetic in the set of many i have posted in honour of 1k. i spent a lot of time on these and i’m genuinely so happy with how they came out, so i hope you guys like them too!

requests are always open for aesthetics and theories, and always make my day.

xoxo, v

This is one week set apart from the rest of the year that will be entirely dedicated to Padmé and Anakin, in the form of — ART! If you’re interested in participating, let’s delve into this, shall we? Calling all shippers, you are invited to show your love for this pairing using any artistic expression of your choice, be that; drawings, edits, videos, gifs, literature etc. Be creative, and take your muse wherever it leads you! This is not a contest of skill, but an event to showcase our appreciation for literally how much we cannot contain our love for this couple (it’s not something to be suppressed, believe us!) What will happen is between the dates of May 4th to May 10th there will be a theme idea posted each day. We hope everyone participates and has a wonderful time celebrating this beautiful, underrated couple.” 

 Here are the themes for each day: 

05/04. Day 1: Happy Skywalker family AU 

 What if Anidala and their children had their happily ever after? 

 05/05. Day 2: Favorite Anidala scene 

 Your favorite scene of Anidala from any of the movies, shows, etc. 

 05/06. Day 3: Modern AU 

 Anidala in a modern setting 

 05/07. Day 4: Favorite Anidala quote 

 Your favorite Anidala quote from any of the movies, shows, etc. 

 05/08. Day 5: Song inspired 

 Creations inspired by a song/lyrics 

 05/09. Day 6: Favorite Anidala kiss 

 Your favorite kiss they shared in any of the movies, shows, etc. 

 05/10. Day 7: Free day 

 A day where you can do anything you’d like. Any Anidala AU or prompt that you can think up! 

Just remember to tag your posts with #anidalaweek2017 as one of the first five tags so that we are sure to see it and reblog it! Have fun everyone and may the Force be with you ⭐️ 

 Thank you to @anidalafeelss for the beautiful banner!

can someone pretty pls write a pining stony fic where both steve and tony are so fucking in love with each other, but they’re just too scared to tell the other about how they feel? you know, the usual.

but here’s the thing: one day, tony gets a visit from peter quill who asks him to fake marry him so he doesn’t have to marry the royal consort that has been chosen for him (i’m not really familiar with gotg comics, but peter is a prince, right? and he’s not really fond of that title? pls correct me if i’m wrong). tony is reluctant at first (“just because we fucked once, doesn’t mean you can ask me to fake marry you, quill!”), but eventually he agrees to help because tony cares about peter. so off they go to the space (idk how, but somehow, at that moment tony is all alone at the tower, so the other avengers don’t even know that tony flies off the earth).

meanwhile, steve is out of the country for avengers business with a few other teammates. but something really bad happens, and it makes steve realize he could’ve died and he even hasn’t told tony his undying love for him! so he decides once he gets back home he’s just gonna ‘fuck it, i’m going to kiss tony senseless and tell him how much i love him’. he’s just gonna pour everything to tony, and hoping that tony feels the same. but of course, once he gets back, tony isn’t there. steve panics, the other avengers panic, and they’re even more panic when jarvis informs them that tony is currently not on earth. at jarvis’ words: “sir has to marry a prince and couldn’t be reached for further information for the time being”, steve doesn’t even ask what does that even mean; he’s just…sad and resigned. tony is marrying a prince (a fucking prince!), he doesn’t know why, he wants to know why, why is tony marrying a prince without telling anyone, it doesn’t even make any sense, but he’s just…heartbroken. he’s completely, utterly, overwhelmingly heartbroken. the other avengers feel sad for steve too, because they all know how much steve feels for tony.

now, imagine it takes a lot longer for tony to stay in space. and tony almost gives up, he really does, because he needs to go back to earth asap. he needs to explain some things to the avengers, especially steve. steve is the most important person that needs to know that the marriage is not real. but tony also can’t leave peter just like that! or else there’s going to be a lot more to deal with (somehow, both tony and peter are getting in real deep shit with the whole fake marriage thing??? it’s bad enough that some people there are watching over tony and giving him no freedom at all). but eventually they go back to earth, though; tony remembers bucky and nat are going to get married, and he’ll be damned if he misses it. and imagine how steve reacts when he finally sees tony again after months of not seeing each other. imagine the avengers’ reactions too, they’re probably like ohmygod???? where have you been???? tony???? do you not see???? how absolutely crushed steve is???? imagine steve meets peter for the first time and just simply understands why tony chose him. imagine all the feels when steve and tony are in the same space but they’re always sort of avoiding each other (for some stupid reasons ofc). imagine how conflicted tony is when peter finally admits that he fell in love with tony since the day they met long time ago. imagine tony probably feels the same for peter, though maybe not as deep as his feelings for steve, but that alone is enough to make tony thinks “well i can’t have steve so maybe i can have peter instead? at least he loves me back.” he knows it’s probably cruel, but gdi tony just wants to be loved! imagine?????

(somewhere in the background, the newlywed buckynat just facepalm at the idiocy of this affair.)

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What your opinion on krillen and android 18

I love everything about it and it is pure and it is wonderful and it has so many layers of depth to it that no one wants to look into which is frankly a crime…


When you get right down to it, the progression (stated progression at least) of their relationship is easily one of the healthiest in comparison to an irl relationship and would, therefore, be one of the stronger bonds in the show. On her part, it’s simultaneously easier to see, yet harder perhaps to understand, what it means for her to choose him. He’s not what most would consider a conventionally attractive man, he’s not as comparably strong, he’s not very exotic or wealthy, etc. and the last bit there is actually pretty sacrificial on her part. While 18 isn’t necessarily what I’d call materialistic, she does have a love for the finer things in life, likely both due to her delinquent lifestyle and being used to taking what she wanted, and also likely due to simply never having had them. Whether it’s residual memories of childhood, or simply the lack of memories of these things, I can’t say. But she gave that up, or at least put it on the back burner, when she married him. 

As for why she married him… it was because he wasn’t like anyone she’d ever met before. He wasn’t two-faced, he didn’t really serve any ulterior motives, he didn’t try to act tough to impress her, didn’t change himself to be more like what he’d assume she’d like him to be. He was just himself, he was honest and straightforward with her, he was a nice guy and not wild or “bad” at all. And that attracted her to him, she wanted more of that. He represented a normal, happy, decent future for her with someone who only wanted to see her happy, and she wanted that, and him, more than anything.

As for his POV, it’s easy to see why he’d like her, but also harder to see what he had to overlook. On the one hand, let’s get real: she’s one of the few women who ever showed any kind of interest in or paid attention to him. She was the first one to ever even so much as kiss him on the dang cheek, so far as we ever saw in canon at least. And that did endear her to him. Is that sad and kinda pathetic? Yes, it honestly is to an extent, and he himself recognized that. But at the same time, as he learned more about her and even her brother, his outlook changed. These were two kids who, in the prime of their lives, had them stolen away, turned into weapons by some madman obsessed with revenge, who’d then decided they were outmoded, defective, and had tried to simply put them into storage like some kind of toy. He also noted, as Kami had, that the two really hadn’t done anything wrong. They’d killed Gero and had intended to be on their way until Vegeta had pressed a fight with the two, and the sole reason they were looking for Goku was so 16 could fulfill his prime directive and they could go live their lives however they wanted. 

He saw they wanted a semblance of normalcy, a chance to live. It’s part of why he smashed that remote rather than deactivate her, take away her personhood and reduce her to a thing again. It’s why he used a wish to try to restore her and her brother back to being completely human, but at least removed the explosives planted within them. He did this without thinking he’d get any benefit from it; hell, he was sure that her brother was her boyfriend at the time, that as attractive as she was she had to have someone, that he had no chance in hell of having any relationship with her at all, but… he still genuinely cared, wanted her to be able to have her life back, or at least some semblance of it.

On the flipside, this is also why 18 snapped at him and accused him of saving her and expecting her to just fall at his feet in gratitude, why she tried to accuse him of making that wish to “win her heart”. It was how everyone had treated her. People were only nice to her when they expecting to get something in return, or helped her seeking some form of gratuity. But this man, this weird, funny little man who’d tried to reason with her instead of assuming she was a monster… he hadn’t. He treated her like a person and gave her a chance to live expecting absolutely nothing from her in return.

That’s what sparked off their relationship, that’s what bloomed into love, a marriage, a family. And that is why I do feel they are objectively among the most underrated fictional couples of all time in ANY series.



someone grab me a spoon so i can eat my tub of icecream rn

did you guys see seonho omg

and while he’s hugging minhyun guanlin hugs lee woojin omg another underrated couple

okay but can we talk about the fact that abigail and john are one of the most underrated couples ever ?

they wrote over 1,160 letters to each other ,,

 adams even bought a leather binder to keep and store all of the letters that she wrote to him because he loved them so much

Abigail even wrote a letter to him IN THE MIDDLE OF LABOR wanting to describe to him every moment since he was so heart broken that he couldn’t be there.

adams addressed her as “miss adorable” while they were courting and if that doesn’t melt your heart then ???

I could go on really, and if you don’t think that they are absolute couple goals then b o I you need to wake up

the white princess is honestly trash but lbr it’s some quality trash content and we get to see an updated live action ver of elizabeth and henry. plus the show def seems more committed to giving the characters more life than the novel ever attempted and more committed to actually exploring henry and elizabeth’s relationship.

philippa gregory wrote that novel almost in a way where it felt like she hated her own characters, the show seems to care far more. and on tv sex, scandals, and controversy seem to sell so while im disgusted with *that* scene it’s becoming more evident the showrunners used it as pure shock value to try and drive ratings and as irritating and disgusting as it is, it’s part of their marketing. so when all these people question how can you fangirl over the show and be excited about it despite that scene it’s because as ugly as it is, it’s part of their show business and honestly i’d rather focus on the fact that one of my fav and one of THE most underrated historical characters’/couples of all time is finally getting some sort of attention and spotlight

plus, let’s be honest we’re all trash for some pretty gifsets of our otps.

Underrated Gems” playlist

A couple of underrated songs you should hear!

Young Cream - “Night”
Junoflo - “Deja Vu”
DayDay ft Loco - “Angel”
Changmo - “Wait for Me”
Electroboyz - “Let It Rain”
Electroboyz ft Jc Jieun - “Ride With Me”
Ravi ft Microdot,Jero - “Ladi Dadi”
Super Bee - “My Name Is SuperBee”
Electroboyz - “Diamond”
Rudals - “I Be The Man”
Osshun Gum ft Swings - “Naw Mean”
Kim Sunjae ft Hyorin - “Bell”