underrated book project

Underrated Book Bloggers Project

You guys probably know this already, but along with @bookavid and @b00kstorebabe, we have decided to highlight some lesser known book blogs that are amazing and deserve more recognition :) The girls have already started this, but life hijacked me and I’m only jumping on the bandwagon now. Well, better late than never, right? :D

Without further ado, I’m leaving a link here to a Google form I created for this purpose - just some simple questions for anyone interested in this. Don’t think of it as an application, just a way for me to know you guys better. Hopefully, everyone that fills it out will eventually be highlighted. Depending on the number of people, I might do several blogs/week, we’ll see. It’s still very much a developing, ongoing project and I hope you guys will have as much fun with it as we will.

Huge thank you to the two lovely girls, Jen @bookavid and Shauna @b00kstorebabe , who have decided to be a part of this and happy reading and blogging, everyone! <3

P.S. Please signal boost this, so it can reach as many people as possible! Thank you! <3

This week’s underrated book blog is….. *drumroll*…… Katy from @thee-singing-mockingjay​!!!

Katy’s best friends have always been characters in books and she adores reading :) Her favourite genres are Young Adult (contemporary, especially), and she loves taking book photos, as you can see here:

She’s been book blogging for about one year and is thrilled that her love of books can finally have an outlet, in the lovely book community here :) I can say myself that she’s an absolute sweetheart, she’s kind, lovely, smart and wonderful. So go check out her blog!

*Underrated Book Bloggers is a project that aims to showcase lesser know book blogs (preferably under 500 followers). If you’re interested in this, please follow this link :)