underrated bluth!

You wanna know an underrated movie? Titan A.E. 

Reasons you should watch it

  • its by the guy who made Anastasia
  • its solid Sci Fi and utilizes the conventions really well
  • it stars Matt Damon and Drew Barrymore
  • Joss Whedon was a writer on it and it feels sorta like Firefly 
  • it blends traditional animation with CGI and this is one of the few films where that REALLY works (there are some gorgeous space scenes)
  • Goon (you’ll see)
  • its got that early 2000′s grunge rock where you can’t tell if they’re actually using words half the time but it still gets you pumped
  • Sort of a jim hawkins-ish lead
  • some really unique aliens
  • the main reason it didn’t do well is it got marketed poorly and it isn’t really a kids movie but its animated so people kind of thought it was but its actually really good
  • that guy who plays Timon is in it too