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Not too sure if this guy’s underrated but I’d like to share a photo of Malphas, my Dollshe DS18M Purebody Saint in Freshskin. He’s a fairly old sculpt but was re-released on a new body in an event a few years ago. I never really thought I’d get him but I caved in eventually as he’s my grail doll but had to wait 13 grueling months before he got home. As soon as I got him, I knew all that waiting was worth it. He really is gorgeous up close! Poor guy had to go through a couple of my faceup attempts before I finally got satisfied. Am really happy and lucky I got this grumpy frowny boy.

Oooh, he’s lovely, looks like he was well worth the wait and the work.

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These two cuties are from Souldoll. Soulkid Joelle (boy, l) and Soulkid Maa (girl, r) on the N.L body. The boy body is taller and broader than your average slim msd (47 cm) which makes dressing them a bit more difficult. The girls fit most minifee and similar clothes (for large bust). Their heads are smaller than average too. They take 6-7 wigs and 12mm eyes (the newer sculpts anyway). Souldoll offers great customer service, replacing faulty parts if neccessary. They have great events (especially around christmas) and come out with new sculpts on a regular basis. ^.^

Ohh Awesome. They both look gorgeous.

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Are large RS sculpts still under the limit? Here’s some grainy cell phone pics of Marlowe, my RS Dan, pre faceup. I’ve only seen owner pics of 2 or 3 others! 

Love the head like crazy! Unsurprisingly the body is the world’s biggest pain in the ass.

The large RS/BBB sculpts are still under the threshold but just barely(on page 48 of thread 9, so if you want to share your large RS/BBB sculpts better do it soon)

That said, thanks so much for sharing your girl. I love her little smirk.

Here’s my Buried in Oblivion Blackberry. I think there are only several of them out there and owner photos are so sparse. Too bad, as I find this face extremely cute. 

Also, shout out to anyone who owns this head, show your BB, please!

Ahh he looks so sweet and melancholy. And another introduction to a company I never heard of. God I love running this blog!

And yes any other owners please send in your boys(or girls)

B&G Ymir

i dont see too many B&G dolls out there and when i do its ususally an SD or a tiny, their MSDs are really scarce… and i only think ive ever seen one other Ymir out there in the five years since i got my boy! he was my first BJD and hes really special to me, hes my little child incubus so be careful you dont look into his eyes for too long!

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But his eyes are so enthralling ^_^.

This is Lupine, my Akagi Doll Yusri. Akagi Doll has currently SD and up sculpts, and they are gorgeous, not to mention cheap! They also have really nice company face ups (as shown on Lupine). The bodies pose SO well, even when loosely strung. I fell in love with his sculpt the minute I saw it!

What a sweet looking boy. I can see why you feel in love.

Crimson is a Bimong Shahti.  She is a resin 1/6 doll (roughly in scale with a ChicLine), currently carried exclusively by Jigamaree: http://www.jigamaree.com/Product/Category/list/cid/1102

Bimong is the sculptor of the more-popular Narin and Narae dolls, which have been carried by various vendors over the years.  Shahti, for whatever reason, is an undiscovered gem — she’s gorgeous, poseable, and can wear 16” fashion-doll clothing and shoes, which means that she’s a lot of fun to glam up.

More photos of Crimson, and her sister, Cerise, here:



Glam up is righ! She looks right out of a fashion magaize.  Awesome!

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I just want to second the appreciation for Hujoos! These little dolls are so versatile, easily modded, and have a lot of personality. They are great dolls for starters and experienced collectors alike. This is a modified Hujoo Wings! He was originally with sleepy eyes but I opened them a bit.

Ooh he looks awesome! That is a great face up.

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