underrated bjds

Company: Doll-Love
Head mold: Deep Lake
Faceup: Rakeru Sensei/Sensei’s Make Up

Doll-Love sculpts are often severely underrated, especially their less popular molds.
It has such a cute, pouty top lip, quite a large nose (bless), and wistful eyes <3 Got some quirks but I love that.
The company photos don’t do it justice.

Don’t be fooled though, the Deep Lake sculpt is male.
I found him far too pretty in real life to keep him on his male body, so my boy is on a modified female body from the same company. The company faceup he originally had was nice too, but I feel other faceups can help to bring more life to the sculpt itself ^_^

I think the official site is no longer up for the company, but Alice’s Collections is a dealer for them, as well as Milky Queen Doll Castle (where I got my boy from).