underrated bjds

Company: Doll-Love
Head mold: Deep Lake
Faceup: Rakeru Sensei/Sensei’s Make Up

Doll-Love sculpts are often severely underrated, especially their less popular molds.
It has such a cute, pouty top lip, quite a large nose (bless), and wistful eyes <3 Got some quirks but I love that.
The company photos don’t do it justice.

Don’t be fooled though, the Deep Lake sculpt is male.
I found him far too pretty in real life to keep him on his male body, so my boy is on a modified female body from the same company. The company faceup he originally had was nice too, but I feel other faceups can help to bring more life to the sculpt itself ^_^

I think the official site is no longer up for the company, but Alice’s Collections is a dealer for them, as well as Milky Queen Doll Castle (where I got my boy from).

Hope it’s ok to submit another Aquarius Doll in a different sculpt!
They finally released SDs as well, for those interested. :D
(This is the Mia sculpt in light brown skin. MSD size)

I really love this company, and plan to get another girl from them in the future!

of course it’s ok to submit different sculpts from companies that have been posted here. It’s ok to submit multiples of individual sculpts that have been featured.  In fact it’s encouraged! I(and probably all the people who follow this blog) love to see how sculpts can be styled differently.  It helps show off all the potential a sculpt has.

That said, your Mia is absolutely stunning.  Thank you so much for sharing her.