Le me, surfin’ the web : “Oh DeviantArt released their new Commisions portal… let’s check it out! WAIT WHAT DID I JUST SEE? Are they out of their minds?

Lemme translate those pricing tiers for you DeviantArt.

  • $0.02 - $0.37
  • $0.38 - $1.24
  • $1.25 - $3.12
  • $3.13 -  $12.49
  • $12.50+

Way to encourage artists to underprice their work, DA! And I’m not even sure “underprice” is a strong enough word for that.

Oh and let’s not forget they’re taking a 20% commission on everything you “earn” (hahahaha) with their commissions widget. I wasn’t too fond of that but I thought “okay I guess you’re kinda paying for a service?”.

But this, this is just too much. See, I don’t really care about artists who choose to set low prices. It’s their decision, and I used to do it as well.

What I do care about, however, is the fact that more and more artists feel like they HAVE to underprice their work. As if you were being greedy for wanting more than 10 dollars for a piece you worked on for several days! 

No, you don’t and you aren’t. Your art, your work, your prices.

But when one of the biggest art websites, one I’ve be using for 7 years, deliberately worsens the situation, then it becomes a problem.


[EDIT: Had I known this would get so many notes, I would have made some things clearer. So here are some details, because some people apparently thought this post was some kind of hoax.

I hope that if one of you guys has doubts about all this, you’ll check the original post, find this edit and avoid calling me names for no reason (it actually happened LOLOLOL).

First, this is the link to DA’s commissions page: http://www.deviantart.com/commissions/. Some people got it mixed up with the Prints Shop, which, strangely enough, has much more reasonable price ranges.

Second, those prices are not in dollars, they’re in DA points, DeviantArt’s virtual currency, in which 80 points = 1 dollar.

Oh and one last detail, you CAN actually change DA points you earned from commissions into real money, just check the “Earnings” page on DA.

Also here’s a thing I wrote about why I blame DA and not the artists who choose to charge low prices.]


[EDIT #2: DA’s asking for feedback here: http://sta.sh/02dr2v2uwhiv]

anonymous asked:

if they don't want to sell their art for the prices listed why can't they just not use that function? people did it before I don't know how its encouraging people to under price their work

It’s encouraging people to underprice their work because it makes it seem like 1000+ DA points  (=$12.50) is the upper range of prices for art commissions, when it is absolutely not (it is actually extremely cheap).

Coming from such a huge art website, it is extremely irresponsible to make such prices seem like the norm to artists and commissioners (especially those who are new to the art market and therefore ignorant of the usual prices).

Besides, what’s the logic behind prices tiers like “$0.02 to  $0.37” and “$0.38 to $1.24”? Is art so cheap that a few pennies will actually make a difference when looking for an artist to hire?

Of course people are free not to use that system, but I believe DeviantArt, with the influence they have on young artists, shouldn’t promote such ridiculous prices.

I can see where they’re going with this though ; it’s just like those micro-transactions things with mobile games. Cheaper art means less hesitation for the commissioners, which means more transactions for DA, and more profit. \o/

Sorry I wrote a lot (again). But I love DA and I’m terribly disappointed if they’re really taking this direction. 

My Commission Prices

My friend from Deviantart and LCAD, RainbowFoxy helped me with this

I know I’m really nooby at commissions but pls bear with me
I realized my prices before were very underpriced (^: My friend told me I was underselling myself. (^: if you can’t buy pls share!

I need all the help I can get aha…. My sister cries and stresses trying to support me by herself without my parents and family’s support
I just want to help… But I can’t find a job. I feel useless aha

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I thought people were exaggerating about underpriced things in the stalls but holy shit they're NOT. Why are people so obsessively listing under sellback??? Even if its 1 FC under I'm buying your shit up and reselling myself, I ain't letting the economy be driven down to oblivion