another unpopular opinion while im at it:

it annoys the shit out of me that people treat ballet training as an optional bonus to gymnastics training instead of a fundamental underpinning of the skills the sport requires. 

if you want to know why some gymnasts can churn out difficult tumbles all day long but cant hit a 180 degree split or do a 720 degree turn without falling out of it, start there!


Here’s Good Guy Kops back again with another stellar corset- this time with the exceedingly iconic straight-front corset. This is what made those crazy S-Bend silhouettes that reached their height in about 1905.

Be sure to read the patent pages BEFORE TRYING TO MAKE THE CORSET. Things registered to the patent office are not always what they seem- they generally have an odd quirk of some kind that you may be ok with or that you may feel you need to work around. So, please read carefully when it comes to these corsets! :) Hand-snagged for your pleasure from Google’s digital US patent archives. Please mind the page order, as sometimes Tumblr likes shifting them about!

So this is the project that I’ve been immersing myself in for the last few months: The Underpinnings Museum!

The Underpinnings Museum is the first extensive online museum dedicated to showcasing and documenting the history of lingerie, through an exquisite selection of historical and contemporary objects. The museum will offer free access to all, with high-quality photography capturing the garments in exquisite detail. Each object will be accompanied by extensive contextual and technical information.

We are currently crowdfunding through Kickstarter to cover some of our set up costs.  If this is a project that you would like to see come to life then please give us your support!