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give me them good british empire facts

  • The strength of the British Empire was underpinned by the steamship and the telegraph 
  • Despite being considered in 1897, it wasn’t until the year following Queen Victoria’s death that the first annual Empire Day was held for people to celebrate being proud to be part of such a large, powerful grouping of nations.
  • The most famous part of the British Empire was the East India Trading Company
  • It controlled 23% of the world’s surface
  • Britain also outlawed the slave trade in the early 19th century and soon began enforcing this principle on other nations.
  • The so called “First Empire” (1600-1776) ended with the loss of the thirteen American colonies, in the War of Independence
  • 1931 transformation into the Commonwealth.
    1950s/1960s granting independence of many colonies. 
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Here’s Good Guy Kops back again with another stellar corset- this time with the exceedingly iconic straight-front corset. This is what made those crazy S-Bend silhouettes that reached their height in about 1905.

Be sure to read the patent pages BEFORE TRYING TO MAKE THE CORSET. Things registered to the patent office are not always what they seem- they generally have an odd quirk of some kind that you may be ok with or that you may feel you need to work around. So, please read carefully when it comes to these corsets! :) Hand-snagged for your pleasure from Google’s digital US patent archives. Please mind the page order, as sometimes Tumblr likes shifting them about!