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Sea, Katie had to stay 5 years, without showing that she was in a relationship because of a divorce clause. I wonder if Louis actually broke some contract clause, and had to negotiate a new contract with Simon, which is absurd in this new contract. This clause of Katie is absurd and it looks like it was with another actor. Imagine what Louis had to sign and for how many years. Only some absurd clause can explain what Louis is going through. Thank God he's got some support.

Five years isn’t even the longest that someone has had to adhere to a contract.

Kelly Clarkson had a 13-year, 7-album deal with American Idol, finally becoming a free agent in 2015.


Just before the contract expired, Clive Davis of Sony slammed her work ethic in his book. Kelly defended herself, without impugning Sony.


A collective lawsuit was filed by American Idol winners in 2014, alleging underpayment of royalties in the millions of dollars (ongoing, as far as I know):


These practices are widespread. They didn’t start or end with Michael Jackson and Prince. Record labels are now concentrated into even fewer companies, effectively acting as monopolies. Not only record labels— but performance venues and radio stations, too, as we have seen.

The artists who are established, and have the financial means of owning their creative work (like Louis), at least have some control over their own material. Artists just starting out are at the companies’ mercy.

Acceptable Minimum Pay Rate Standards for Freelance Japanese-English Game Translation

While we’re on the subject of freelance translator wages, I’d like to take the time to say that underpayment in Japanese-English game localization can be a serious issue, too, especially when you’re starting out as a freelancer. You’ll mostly see this happen with really small mobile game app development outlets, as most any other company that’s bigger knows better than to try and pull that. Anyway, as an example, I’ve seen numerous job ads for phone otome games and the like that will offer $1000 for 100,000 characters’ worth of Japanese text to translate.

That’s 1 cent per character. It can be tempting to take up that offer when you’re poor and ambitious and looking for experience (and boy, they’re willing to take most any comers desperate enough for it), but if you’re an aspiring translator and see something like that, don’t accept the work. 100,000 Japanese characters is a serious time investment (close to, if not a month for most translators) and you’re worth more than that. Don’t let employers trick you into thinking you’re worth that little even if you’re new and don’t have a credit to your name. If they can’t afford to pay you more fairly, that’s their problem, not yours. LOOK ELSEWHERE.

As such, if you’re starting out, 5 cents per Japanese character is the minimum you should seek, especially if you’re working through a third-party agency. It can see you through slow months if you don’t end up quite doing 100,000 characters in a given month. More is obviously ideal, especially if you have to pay a lot for rent and whatnot, but when you’re starting off in that position where you don’t have an official credit to your name, 5 cents per character is generally to be expected and can see you by as you work on networking and getting your first gigs.

Hope this helps any aspiring translators out there!


My Traumatizing Experience As An Artist

Today I had a traumatizing experience as an artist.

So here’s the story. I’m here at my old high school selling some prints because my old high school art teacher invited me to their art faire. Now this lady walks by my stand, sees some “Frozen” prints and says to herself “yeah, I think I’ll get some Frozen shoes.” And I didn’t really understand why. Until my OTHER high school art teacher, who I will call Ms. X, comes to me and asks me if I will paint a little Frozen Shoe for this lady’s daughter. This is important, Ms. X tells me that she will pay me for doing this. I was put on the spot. I was VERY reluctant. But I said yes, and instantly regretted it. I felt like I was a Starbucks that sold coffee, and this lady was a customer that had just asked for a pizza. In a starbucks. And I was the barista that, despite starbucks not having pizza on their menu, made the lady the pizza like a little bitch. 

So After a 7 hour day at the art faire, I want to relax. But no, I have to get out my paint and paint this Frozen shoe for this random lady (who I don’t even know the name of) who now feels like she can order a pizza at Starbucks. It took me an hour, but I finally got it done and out of the way.

The next day, I bring the lady the shoe, all decorated and nice, and she says “thank you, my daughter will love it.” Okay, not so bad. At least I’m making this daughter happy. And hey, I’ll get paid right?

So I go to Ms. X to ask her for the payment. I just expected to get the money, say thanks and be done with it. Instead, Ms. X asks me “Do you really want the 5 dollars?” …Yes, I want the 5 dollars, I say. I have a very bad feeling about what will happen next. And my fears are confirmed when she says:

“I think it’s a bit mercenary of you to be expecting payment for this.”




Is what I was thinking.

Unable to comprehend what to say next in response to the incredible stupidity, I say “uhhh…..”

She then continues and says “I don’t think it’s right for you to be making profit here. I’ll give you 3 dollars, because that’s how much I normally charge for the shoes.”

And there I am holding the 3 bucks. I felt utterly used like a little bitch. But I wasn’t going to accept it. I was made a little bitch yesterday already, and i’d be damned if I was going to be made one today. I wouldn’t be a pushover anymore. So I walked up to her, and told her:

“I understand you not wanting me to sell prints here. Even though I was invited, that’s understandable, because I don’t go here anymore. But what I don’t understand is that you employed my services and told me I would be paid for them, and then act like I’m crazy for trying to accept the payment you promised.”

So she finally handed over the remaining 2 dollars.

I got the money, yes (5 dollars is still severe underpayment). But I still felt traumatized. It is probably the sheer fact that a grown adult tried to take advantage of me and my artistic services when I spent all of my precious time on a humiliating project that I didn’t want to do. 


“C,mon the world has so many more serious problems (ie war, starvation, genocide global warming, economic woes, etc)  .  There are so many things that need fixing in our society (ie highway potholes, bridges, deteriorating infrastructure, scholl buildings, etc)  and there are so many other problems in the world that deserve immediate attention (ie wildfires burning up the western USA,  gun nuts killing kids on our college campuses, dogs and cats running wild in the streets, etc).”

Manslation: Ladies, ladies, I KNOW you’re upset about all the things being done to you from underpayment to outright murder… so how about if… we prioritize EVERYTHING else in the world before you! And then you can (probably) have a turn! Clearly it is right and proper for you to agree with this. How could you be so selfish? Think of all the puppies we can save if you stop insisting you’re human!

  • dennis: look dee, i think you're really just misunderstanding us. it's all really about ethics in games journalism
  • sweet dee: oh, i get it, so you guys are gonna criticize paid reviews and journalism's leniency with first-day dlc or broken games, or maybe glib, incurious coverage that praises companies with track records of terrible labor practices and chronic underpayment
  • mac: i mean, mostly we were just getting hyped up to yell at women on the internet
  • rest of the gang: (assenting mumbling and head-nodding)

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Enjolras, Jehan and Feuilly are vegetarian / vegan. Enjolras because he's being Enjolras, Jehan because he refuses to harm animals and Feuilly because he used to work in a slaughterhouse and the experience left him fairly traumatised.

For Jehan and Feuilly it’s absolutely clear that they’d be vegetarian or could be vegan but tbh I think Enjolras is way too french and socialist for that. Like, stopping eating meat, milk, fish, honey and therefore negating the greater part of french culinary inheritence and endangering the future of small agricultors and producers who fight the agro-alimentary industry ? Enjolras would fight his ass off against supermarkets and GMO and go to ecological and agricultor’s protests against underpayment of producers and unfair concurrence of big structures, but he would bloody well keep eating all those products he would buy from muddy organic farms in the country to make sure to fuck the capitalist system as much as possible while staying french to the tip of his toes.
He’d eat organic steak. And Jehan would cry.

Federal Government dished out over $100 BILLION in improper payments every year for the past 5 years

This officially makes President Obama the worst executive to ever serve the office.

from ABC News:

Tax credits for families that don’t qualify. Medicare payments for treatments that might not be necessary. Unemployment benefits for people who are secretly working. Federal agencies reported making $100 billion in payments last year to people who may not have been entitled to receive them.

Congressional investigators say the figure could be even higher.

“The amounts here are absolutely staggering,” said Rep. John Mica, R-Fla. “It’s over $100 billion each of the last five years. That’s a staggering half a trillion dollars in improper payments.”

Mica chairs the House Oversight government operations subcommittee, which held a hearing on improper payments Wednesday.

Each year, federal agencies are required to estimate the amount of improper payments they issue. They include overpayments, underpayments, payments to the wrong recipient and payments that were made without proper documentation.

Some improper payments are the result of fraud, while others are unintentional, caused by clerical errors or mistakes in awarding benefits without proper verification.

In 2013, federal agencies made $97 billion in overpayments, according to agency estimates. Underpayments totaled $9 billion. That adds up to $106 billion in improper payments, or 3.5 percent of all the payments made by the federal government.

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The worst year on record was 2010 in which the Obama administration presided over $121 Billion in improper payments.  And I can just hear the Democrats out there: “See, Obama has improved the situation!”  That’s like only losing $900 the next time after you’ve lost $1,000 at the casino. 

the biggest genderist political issue is whether or not you feel comfortable in yourself and your style of dress, whether you feel validated. the biggest feminist issue is the systematic and documented global sexual and physical violence by males against females, human trafficking, structural sexualization and dehumanization, consistent underpayment and lack of material necessities, all underpinned by a segregated system of “IDENTITY” that identifies us from the rest of the population EG: FEMININITY. This is not a privilege. 

70 per cent of those living on less than $1 a day are female, if you can understand this but still deny the reality of sex based oppression, you need to come to terms with the fact that you are a misogynist.