BTS reacting to their S/O giving back their favorite Sweatshirt.

Summary: How BTS would react to their someone giving back their favorite Sweatshirt of theirs because it doesn’t smell like them anymore.

Kim Namjoon:
You’d press his oversized sweatshirt into his hands the minute you walked into the apartment, leaving him puzzled for a minute. 
What is this?” he’d ask before realizing that it’s the sweatshirt that has gone missing a few months ago. 

It doesn’t smell like you anymore.” you’d answer without looking at him, already looking for another shirt to wear. He’d raise his eyebrow at your answer and shake his head in disbelief. 
But I never knew you had this in the first place…?”

Kim Seokjin:
You’d be staying over at your boyfriend’s house for the night and when you ask him to get something from your bag, he’d notice a familiar looking sweatshirt peaking out from underneath your other clothes and pull it out, his eyes widening in disbelief. “When did you even take this?” He’d ask as he comes back into the bathroom and look at you through the mirror in confusion. 

A while ago. It didn’t smell like you anymore so I decided to give it back.”
He’d silently chuckle at your answer before turning around and leaving you to yourself while mumbling, 
I wonder if she has that hair brush too that I’ve been missing.” 

Min Yoongi:
He’d sigh annoyed when you pull out his favorite sweatshirt from your bag and give it back to him, smiling innocently. He’d grab it from your hands and shake his head at your behavior, trying to hide the smile that’s tugging on his lips as he gently beats you with the sweatshirt. After he calmed himself, he’d chuckle and point at his wardrobe.

Go pick another one. I’ll wear this one so it smells like me again.”

Jung Hoseok:
He’d be sitting on the couch, scrolling through Netflix when the door to his apartment suddenly flung open and a familiar figure ran past, giggling under their breath. Hoseok would get up from his seat and investigate it further, leaning against the doorframe of his bedroom and watch you eagerly go through his wardrobe. 

Did the sweatshirt I gave you stop smelling like me?” He’d ask, smirking at you knowingly. You’d slowly turn around to him and nod slightly, throwing the sweatshirt over to him. 

Park Jimin:
When he opens the door and sees you hugging his long lost sweater tightly, pouting as you try to not make eye contact with your boyfriend, he’d instantly giggle at the scene in front of him and sigh in frustration, already giving up before even trying to argue with you about the point. He’d take it from you and his gaze would meet yours. 

Do you want to choose another one?” He’d ask and you’d nod in excitment, dissapearing into his wardrobe.

Kim Taehyung: 
He’d pretend to be surprised when you hand him the sweatshirt you told him went missing a couple months ago and just take it back from you, his eyebrows raised in shock. When he notices you biting down on your lower lip to remain a straight face, he’d gently hit you with it and sigh.  

“It’s not like you basically already own my clothes anyways.”

Jeon Jungkook:
Jungkook was standing shirtless in front of his wardrobe, looking for his favorite black shirt.
Who’s wearing my clothes again?”, he yelled for the members to hear. They all promised him they had nothing to do with the dissapperance of his shirt.
Suddenly there was a knock on the door. He opened it half naked to let you in. Confused, you asked him why he was acting the way he did. In frustration he let out a groan and told you about the mysterious loss of his shirt. With a grin, you opened your backbag and pulled out a black shirt that looked exactly like his.

“It doesn’t smell like you anymore so I figured I’d give it back.”, You answered, flashing him a smile before walked towards his wardrobe to pick another one to take home.

~Love, Youngmi~

Underneath Your Clothes

Underneath Your Clothes by Shakira.

You’re a song written by the hands of God.
Don’t get me wrong ‘cause this might sound to you a bit odd, 
But you own the place where all my thoughts go hiding 
And right under your clothes is where I find them. 
Underneath your clothes there’s an endless story,
There’s the man I chose, there’s my territory.

Harry Styles Imagine Masterlist

  1. You have a bad day
  2. Yells at you when you bother him while he’s at the studio
  3. Convinces you not to break up with him
  4. Get into a fight
  5. Niall kisses you
  6. Both of you are famous and friends, like each other
  7. You find drugs in his gym bag - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
  8. He’s jealous of a frat boy 
  9. He takes you to his hometown to meet his family
  10. Fame gets to his head, you break up with him - Part 1 - Part 2
  11. Cheating on your husband with Harry
  12. He’s a bad boy and falls for you Part 1 - Part 2
  13. Reporter makes fun of Harry’s autistic girlfriend in an interview
  14. He gets drunk and tells you he likes you
  15. You think he is going to hit you during an argument
  16. Romantic smut 
  17. He forgets your birthday
  18. You find engagement ring before he proposes
  19. Based off of Underneath Your Clothes by Shakira
  20. Talks with you when you can’t sleep
  21. Sings Little Things to your Daughter on stage
  22. Harry is a boxer
  23. Louis was your childhood bully Part 1 - Part 2
  24. Plays Call or Delete at radio interview and calls you
  25. Cuddles
  26. Neither of you know how to take care of your newborn baby
  27. Harry is a soldier and comes home 
  28. He teases you during dinner
  29. Kisses pregnant girlfriends belly
  30. Finds out girlfriend is on drugs Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
  31. Based off of Stutter by The Veronicas
  32. Make him breakfast on his day off
  33. Going through a divorce Part 1 - Part 2
  34. Early morning together
  35. #TheAmandasMeetHarryStyles
  36. Y/N gets raped at a bar
  37. Yells at his daughter and upsets her
  38. Wants to date Harry, he doesn’t feel the same Part 1 - Part 2
  39. He was a player until he met you
  40. You have a panic attack at a meet and greet
  41. Sexy time
  42. He assures your child that he will love them all the same when you have his actual child
  43. Get drunk and confess you love him
  44. He helps you with body image issues
  45. Get drunk and reveal your biggest secret
  46. Get in fight on your honeymoon
  47. Gets mad when girl pays bill on date
  48. Both of you are famous Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
  49. Harry is a frat boy and you get into a fight
  50. He is a fan boy for you
  51. Likes to post about you and your baby online
  52. His long term girlfriend gets hate
  53. His son runs on stage to be with him
  54. Your son calls him daddy Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 
  55. His girlfriend has trichotillomania
  56. He helps you feel beautiful
  57. It’s your 21st birthday
  58. He is a soldier and surprises you on TV
  59. Meet online and you think you’re being catfished
  60. Had an unexpected pregnancy together at 16
  61. He’s a firefighter
  62. Kids are daddy’s girl and momma’s boy
  63. He gets your name secretly tattooed on him
  64. He confesses he loves you at award show
  65. Surprises you on the red carpet
  66. Catches his sister smoking weed
  67. Your relationship is falling apart
  68. Meet at after party Part 1 - Part 2 -Part 3
  69. He helps you with your sexuality
  70. Famous girlfriend finds out she’s pregnant, worried about fans reaction
  71. Girlfriend sings song in another language, he really likes it
  72. Find out teenage daughter is having sex
  73. Kiss in the rain
  74. Based off of Wolves by One Direction
  75. He gets dumped
  76. You find out he’s a boxer
  77. Based off of 10 Things I Hate About You
  78. You come out as bi and get hate
  79. Doesn’t know who you are after surgery
  80. Watches your Uni dance team practice
  81. He falls for a 16 year old
  82. Comforts you when you’re nervous before a big show
  83. Paparazzi make your daughter cry and son yell at them
  84. Announces you’re pregnant at award show
  85. Fans always ‘ship’ you together; end up dating
  86. He has a crush on you but thinks you hate him
  87. He comforts you when you’re on your period
  88. Helps you through childbirth
  89. His little sister is secretly dating Niall
  90. Little sister, jealous of him spending so much time with Gemma
  91. He takes you to see the Koala’s
  92. I Hate You, I Love You
  93. Birthday proposal 
  94. He surprises you at book signing
  95. When It All Falls Apart - The Veronicas
  96. Does a Youtube video with you
  97. “Living the Dream” Part One and Part Two
  98. Little sister jealous of his girlfriend
  99. Fluffy date night
  100. She’s a rich girl
  101. Little sister gets her period
  102. Valentine’s Day
  103. You break up with him
  104. He watches anime with you
  105. He’s nervous to talk to you
  106. He confesses he loves you at your wedding
  107. You confess you loves him before his wedding
  108. Makes Youtube video with you
  109. Dating Victoria’s Secret Model
  110. Boys make fun of your relationship
  111. Girlfriend has more tattoos than him
  112. Rude to you at the gym
  113. Romantic night in hotel
  114. Gets you pregnant at 16
  115. You do his first solo interview
  116. Flirts with Niall’s girlfriend
  117. Servant in your house
  118. Pool day
  119. Shadow 
  120. It’s your birthday
  121. Starts working with your abusive ex
  122. Cheers you up after bff fight
  123. Guest songwriter
  124. Supports model girlfriend
  125. “Sweaters”
  126. “Confessions” Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five(coming soon)

  If there was one thing about Dean Winchester, it was that he was always right. Even when he was wrong, he was somehow right at the same time. Most of the time, he did it to piss her off. Getting a rise out of her was something he enjoyed, especially when she would chase him around the bunker kitchen, trying to attack him with a smile on her face. 

  He argued with her until she was blue in the face some nights. It was usually about the stupidest things too. Old movies. Who saved who on the hunt. Who can drink more. The list went on. Anything he could argue with her about, he did. He enjoyed it. He enjoyed being right and proving her wrong. 

  But the thing is; Dean Winchester was always right.

  Even when he didn’t want to be. 

  When she came home with tears in her eyes one night. He knew yet again he was right. She went on a date, another one with a guy he knew wouldn’t treat her nearly as good as someone like he, would. She smiled weakly, trying to show him that she was a big girl and that she would get over this. Deep inside, Dean knew she was hurting inside. He knew she wanted something more than a one night stand. He knew she was worth more than one night. A girl like her deserved someone to give her everything she ever wanted.

  He wanted to be that guy so bad. But he knew a girl like her would never settle for a bad guy like him. 

  Instead, he got up from his seat at the table. He wasn’t going to fight with her on this one. He knew by the look on her face that she was expecting him to make a comment, rub it in her face. But he didn’t. He wrapped his arms around her, comforting her in the way he knew she needed. She didn’t fight him on it. She just melted into him, pouring her tears into his red flannel shirt. She was so looking forward to this date and it had gone horribly wrong. 

  He placed a kiss to the crown of her head before resting his cheek on her head. He held her tightly until her sobs subsided. She pulled away from him, wiping her eyes. Her make up had been ruined by her tears. He hated every guy who had hurt her even more now. 

  “Why don’t you go change into your pyjamas and you and I will take you on a Dean Winchester date. I’ll make a quick picnic basket, and grab a few blankets and we’ll take off down the open road and I’ll show you what it’s like to go on a proper date with someone who actually cares about who you are instead of what you’ve got underneath your clothes,” he told her. She pulled her bottom lip between her teeth, her mind reeling over what he just asked her. He could tell she was unsure, but she nodded her head.

  “You don’t have to, Dean. I already had one pity date today, I don’t need another,” she sniffled, looking up at him with her beautiful Y/E/C eyes. 

  “I know I don’t have to. I’m doing it because I want to,” he assured her, taking her small hands in his. “I’m doing this because I should have asked you a long time ago. Instead, you went out with guys who don’t care enough about you to treat you like you deserved to be treated.”

  “And you want to do that?” she questioned.

  “I want to do that,” he stated. “Besides, I know you can’t resist me. I’m never wrong.” She let out a laugh, making Dean smile. He had never been so thankful for a date gone wrong. 

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Mobile Masterlist (smut)

Here’s our smut masterlist for your smutty desires!


Shower smut (this is indeed smut)
95line foursome (smut)
First time (smut)
Jicheol threesome (smut)
Valentine’s Day (fluff; hints towards smut)
Emergency blowjob (smut)
Fivesome with hip hop unit where you’re Wonwoo’s girlfriend (smut)
Face riding (smut)
Morning after and a round two (smut)
College AU with thigh riding (smut) 
Morning sex on the kitchen counter (smut)  
Fingering/eating you out in the dining area, other members (…Mingyu) walk in (smut)
Backseat (smut)
Thigh riding (smut)   
Sex against a window (smut) 
Mutual masturbation (smut) 
Somewhat!Sub!Seungcheol where you’re sexually frustrated but he’s busy, but have your way anyway (smut) 
Jeongcheol hybrid AU (fluff, smut - longer, no reader) 
Overstimulation that ends with cuddling (smut) 
First time with Jeongcheol, poly relationship (smut) 
Eating you out in a bath (smut) 
Foursome with Seungcheol, Jeonghan and Jun (smut)


95line foursome (smut)
He misses your bday party due to a fanmeet and makes it up to you (smut)
Car sex (with some fluff?) (smut) 
Jihan threesome (smut) 
Thigh riding (smut; short) 
First time + morning after (smut/fluff) 
Jeongcheol hybrid AU (fluff, smut - longer, no reader) 
First time with Jeongcheol, poly relationship (smut) 
Foursome with Jeonghan, Jun and Seungcheol (smut)
Romantic sex in bath (smut/fluff) 


Kisses + Shower + “No, I’m not going to shower with you!” (slight smut)
95line foursome (smut)
Face riding (smut)
You’re eating a magnum ice cream suggestively and he gets aroused (suggestive fluff)
Jihan threesome (smut) 
Thigh riding (smut; short) 
Shower sex (smut) 


You’re having intense sex with Woozi but he walks in and joins (smut)
Face riding (smut)
Post-concert smut (smut)
Threesome with him and a girl (smut) 
Thigh riding (smut; short
Thigh riding (smut) 
Foursome with Jun, Seungcheol and Jeonghan (smut)


First time (smut)
You’ve been dating for a month and have you first intense fight that somehow turns into a make-out session (fluff? a mention of smut?) 
Thigh riding (smut; short) 
Thigh riding (smut) 
You turn him on during dance practice (suggestive fluff) 
Face riding (smut; longer one-shot)
Lazy day with him where you just play video games and it gradually gets smutty (fluff -> smut) 


Crossing the line (smut, threesome with Mingyu)
Daddy Wonwoo (smut)
Sub!Wonwoo (smut)
Smut with you tied to the bed and overstimulation (smut)
Fivesome with hip hop unit where you’re Wonwoo’s girlfriend (smut)
The other side (smut, threesome with Mingyu) 
Thigh riding (smut; short) 
Pool sex (smut) 


Stress-relief with other members nearby + Noona (smut)
Rain + Morning (smut)
Jicheol threesome (smut)
Shower sex (smut) 
Eating you out (smut)
You’re having intense sex when Jun walks in and joins (smut)
Face riding (smut)
Road head (smut) 
You’re planning the future and things may or may not get heated (fluff, smut) 
Blowjob and other stuff in a recording booth (smut) 
Thigh riding (smut; short) 
You get into a huge fight and ignore each other until it leads to rough make up sex (smut) 
Thigh riding (smut) 
First time (smut) 


Thigh riding (smut) 
You like each other & Seventeen locking you two in a studio leads to admitting feelings and then smut (fluff, smut) 
You use a vibrator on him (smut) 
Jealous sex (smut) 


Crossing the line (smut, threesome with Wonwoo)
Show me everything (smut)
Fivesome with hip hop unit where you’re Wonwoo’s girlfriend (smut)
The other side (smut, threesome with Mingyu) 
Thigh riding (smut; short) 
Thigh riding (smut) 

The 8

First time (smut)
Thigh riding (smut; short) 
Face riding (smut; longer one-shot) 
Daddy (smut)
He lets you sit on his face (smut) 


Your first time ever & together when you’re both a bit self-conscious (smut)
Thigh riding (smut; short) 
Seeing you all dressed up turns him on (smut) 


Fivesome with hip hop unit where you’re Wonwoo’s girlfriend (smut)
Thigh riding (smut) 
Shower sex (smut)
You go to the dorm to cook for the boys & he realizes you’re wearing lingerie underneath your clothes + You surprise him with lingerie (smut) 
You’re dating and things get heated (smut) 




Dry humping (hip hop unit; smut; short)
Dry humping (vocal unit; smut; short)

Boss!AU - Part 5

Part 1, Part 2, Part 2.5, Part 3, Part 4

Time for the final part! This is actually my favourite part! It’s more fluffy than the other parts and I can’t leave the characters alone for too long so I’m sure we’ll dip in to the universe in the future again! I hope you like it - thank you for all the lovely comments I’ve had since starting it x

“Harry?” You speak down the phone after arriving in the office. It’s like a blizzard outside, raining and windy, and the last thing you need is your phone ringing when you’ve barely taken your coat off. You have his spilt hot coffee over your hand, and your clothes underneath are wet from the rain too; not quite the same weather as New York just last week. Harry had let you take Thursday and Friday off as a thank you for working the previous weekend so you’d spent the past four days with your phone switched off and holed up in your flat with takeaways and movies in between sleeping off the jet lag.

Your flat mate had flittered in and out in between seeing her boyfriend and she spent most of her time at the weekends with him now, which you were more than happy to see her do (and it gave you the flat to yourself), and you hoped you might have the same soon, if Harry would only make up his mind about whether he wanted something serious or not. You understand he has more to think about than most men his age, with his four year old son in the picture, and being the number one priority in his life, obviously, but you’ve decisions to make yourself. On the screen of your laptop is a draft contract from one of Harry’s rivals sitting in your emails, all you have to do is read through, get back to them with any adjustments, sign it, and you’d be free to sleep with Harry without fear of anybody finding out and frowning upon it.

Shit, it did sound sordid when you put it like that. Sleep with him? Be his assistant-with-benefits?

“Hey…” he sounds breathless, as if he’s running late. “Listen, I wouldn’t ask yeh if I didn’t need to bu’ I need a favour from yeh?”

You sigh, placing the coffee on the desk and pulling your hair away from your neck, the phone safely nooked between your shoulder and ear as you did so, and tried to do open up the place as he speaks. “What is it?”

“Sam’s sick.”

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Requested by @samascara
Tommy falls in love with blind Reader.
Warnings: Fluff, Angst.
Hope you guys enjoy! Feedback is very much appreciated!

Note: I didn’t do much research for this Imagine, I also thought that in this time-period it would present more struggles for a blind person and their family than it would in today’s day and age. I figured the “reader” would need to have some sort of dependency on others – but also struggle with needing to be independent as well. Also, I kind of tried a weird point of view in this (I feel like it’s a little muddled but I tried to convey two inner monologues for two characters at the same time.)


You woke up to a loud commotion outside your window, screaming, shouting, some sort of loud engine, sirens and bells ringing urgently and steadily.

“Gilly?” You spoke up, feeling around the side of your bed for your walking stick. You felt for your sister in her bed, but only found the sheets and duvet to be empty – bed still made from this morning.

Gilly must have stayed out late dancing and drinking again. You shook your head and moved across the room to your door – but when you touched the door knob, a searing pain shot throughout your palm and fingers – causing you to let out a scream.

“GILLY?!” You yelled frightened, you couldn’t tell if you were bleeding or what even bit you. You put your uninjured hand against the door, an intense warmth enveloped it – you could only pick up the sounds of unknown objects shifting and shuffling on the other side of the door. It only took you a split second to realize that what you were hearing was furniture, walls and floorboard – crackling as the deathly heat began to overtake your flat.

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