underneath the moonlight

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#1 | “Pull over. Let me drive for awhile” + road trip au + jeon jungkook
word count: 1,864

Jeon Jungkook has always been a little too reckless for his own good. While sometimes his spontaneous actions make you smile or laugh at the level of excitement in his step, most of the time, it makes you want to clobber him for not thinking through the breadth of his decisions and the consequences that would be sure to follow said decision.

It can be anything, really, from that time he thought he could down six shots of vodka and walk along the edge of the pool (which went as well as one would think), or that time your phone had run out of battery during the rainstorm and Jungkook was in such a mad rush to find you and reassure himself of your safety that he ran out in the cold and endeared a week of a terrible flu. You never thought there would be an end to the amount of times you wondered just how on earth your boyfriend could be considered an adult.

But this definitely takes the cake, the crown, the first place trophy of Stupidest Decisions Jungkook Has Ever Made - and by this, you mean a roadtrip, and by a roadtrip, you mean Jungkook’s internal challenge to see if the pair of you could cover hundreds of miles to get from point A to point B in just a couple of hours.

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“Together” (Fire and Ice) chapter two

a/n: What happens the after boatsex. Got damn this ship is going to kill me. I WILL GO DOWN WITH IT.

Part 1 is here

If you prefer to read on fanfiction.net: Part 1 | Part 2


Jon woke with a start sometime in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. His heart was racing. Visions of falling dragons and ice and the dead burned in the back of his eyelids …all his loved ones, every single one…and at the front…Daenerys, naked and dead, flesh rotting off her bones, holding a baby with terrifying blue eyes.

Jon…” she had whispered eerily, voice dead and hollow and raspy with decay.

He squeezed his eyelids shut tight, trying to burn the image away. Opened them again to dimly lit planks above his head. The candles had nearly burned low. The baby’s cries rang in his ears like the chilling sound of three blows of the horn.

He turned his head to his right. She lay with her back to him, sleeping soundly, soft little snores vibrating in his heart. Her silver hair shimmered in the candlelight mixed with the moonlight streaming through the window.

Terror gripped his heart.

The dead were coming.

He felt it, more and more everyday. The longer it went on, the more terrified he was. This…waiting…traveling…it was taking too long. He needed to be at the wall now with a host of men and women and his back to fight the dead.

He leaned over and kissed her hair. Daenerys stirred, but did not wake. He sighed. Sat up.

Jon placed his head in his hands, rubbing his eyes hard, still unable to burn the image from his mind.


Gods, why now. Why here. Why now, at the end of the world, was he only allowed to find this? Find her? Find love like this?

He drew a deep, heavy sigh. His heart rate was slowly returning to normal.

He leaned back, over his Queen again. Hooked a finger around her silver curls and pulled them behind her ear. Kissed the skin now exposed and down her neck. She stirred. Her eyes opened a sliver.

“I’m going to go take a piss,” he whispered softly. “I’ll be back.”

She nodded sleepily. He kissed her cheek again and she smiled half a smile. He softened. Oh, how he’d fallen.

He stood, dressed as quiet as he could, leaving his armor behind and only putting on his fur-lined leather shirt. He checked to make sure the coast was clear before leaving Daenerys’ cabin, then went above decks.

Only a small skeleton crew piloted the ship this late at night. He nodded to the helmsman, who nodded back and returned his eyes to the open sea.

It was beautiful out here, fresh sea air filling his nostrils, moonlight bouncing off of the calm sea. Rhagael paddled softly in the water at some distance away, moonlight reflecting off of his green scales. He watched as the the dragon took a long draw of water and puffed, smoke and steam rising from his nostrils. Jon inhaled deeply at the same time as the dragon, his deep breath finished long before Rhagael’s giant lungs had filled even halfway.

The air was slightly chilly, and he felt the heat that he had garnered over the night quickly disappate. He shivered once more and sighed.

Jon walked to the edge of the ship and took out his cock to piss over the side. The air filled with the scent of sex that lingered on his cock.

Daenerys’ beauty filled his mind once more, and made it slightly difficult to piss as he grew slightly hard. He winced and forced it out.

Thunk. Thunk. Thunk.

He heard footseps behind him and he turned his head.

“Snow,” said Tyrion.

“Tyrion,” Jon replied.

Tyrion stood beside him at a decent distance and also pulled out his cock. The hard sound of his stream hitting the water below filled the night. Jon continued pissing.

“Beautiful night,” said Tyrion.

“Yes,” said Jon. He has no reason to know, Jon thought firmly.

“I am sure our Queen would appreciate this beauty,” said Tyrion slyly.

Fuck, he knows.

Nevertheless, Jon played along.

“I’m sure she would,” said Jon.

Overhead, he heard a soft, deep growl. He looked up to see Drogon flying in circles overhead, ever watchful. The Dragon tilted his head and one of his great red eyes met Jon’s briefly, examining him, looking straight into his soul, before looking out to sea again. Jon shivered. They were so much more intelligent that he had ever thought. Not just beasts.

“Our Queen has not recovered from the loss of her child yet, I think,” said Tyrion softly. He had finished pissing and now he was watching Rhaegal with a tight expression on his face.

“No,” said Jon softly in agreement, shaking off and putting away his cock. “I don’t think she quite…believes it happened. Not really.”

Jon had felt grief before, many times, had seen it in many men and women in his short life, had seen it destroy many men and women; but he didn’t think he would ever understand…hoped he would never understand… how it felt to lose a child. Much less a child that was one of the last great wonders of its kind, such a marvel of a beast that all around the world were in awe and fear of it. He thought back to when he had touched Drogon’s hard, scaly smooth snout. The heat that had radiated from him and filled Jon with fire. His heart mourned for one less in the world.

“It was a reckless thing,” said Tyrion, jaw tight. “Her going to your rescue. Reckless. Foolish. She shouldn’t have done it. I advised her not to, but she wouldn’t listen to me. She had to save you.”

Jon didn’t answer. He avoided looking at the dwarf, eyes fixed on Rhaegal out to sea. He could feel the dwarf’s eyes burning into him.

“Love makes people do reckless, stupid things without a thought to the realm, Jon Snow.”

He could hear some unspoken pain and anger in Tyrion’s voice and finally looked at him.

“I know that,” he said. He could not help the bite in his voice, feeling strangely defensive. Of course he knew that, he’d seen it. Heard about it. Read about it in history books, how two people’s love for each other would almost always make the world burn and the common folk reap the consequences.

“Do you?” said Tyrion. “Because I’m not so sure. This relationship you are forming with our Queen-”

“I’m not-” he said defensively.

Tyrion silenced him with a look.

“I may be a foolish, drunken dwarf, but I’m not an idiot, Jon Snow. Nor am I blind. It’s in my job description to know what goes on behind closed doors, especially in regards to our Queen. It’s in my job description to protect her from all threats, political and otherwise.”

Jon sighed.

“Look I don’t know how you found out-I don’t care. But what happens between her and whoever she chooses to spend her nights with is her business, and hers alone.”

Tyrion shook his head.

“You know nothing of politics, Jon Snow,” he said, his eyes hard. “This is not like a battle, or a fight against the dead, or wildlings. Politics is a long game. If you don’t learn how to play it, you’ll be as dead as those beyond the wall before you know it.”

Jon swallowed, anger rising.

You don’t-”

“Jon, I’m speaking as your friend and as the Queen’s Hand. I don’t wish to anger you.”

Jon huffed and looked back out to sea, watched Rhagael groom underneath a wing. The moonlight shone green through the outstreched translucent wing. He sighed again.

They were quiet for a moment.

“When we left Meeren,” started Tyrion. “Daenerys had to leave a lover behind, a man she thought she loved but told me she had felt nothing when ending it. She had done the right thing. She knew it, I knew it. She had to leave him behind.”

Jon didn’t know why Tyrion was telling him this.

“When we reached Westeros, we would need to form alliances. Strong alliances that could not easily be broken, not even with time. I told you, politics is a long game. We would need to secure an alliance that would last for life, long beyond the War with Cersei. Long after Daenerys sat on the Iron Throne. I knew this going in. She did too, I think.”

“Marriage,” Jon realized, his heart sinking.

“You learn quickly, Jon Snow. Very good.”

Jon’s heart sanker deeper.

“I didn’t know who it would be,” Tyrion continued. “However, I knew she would need to be unmarried and unattached. My mind ran through several options. There was Loras Tyrell, after all, the Reach is the second richest house in the seven kingdoms, they would be a powerful ally. Although that idea got blown up along with the Sept, courtesy of my dear sister. There was Dickon Tarly, after that, a second, less powerful house, but the next most logical to take over the reach after the death of the Tyrells…although that went up in flames as well. Perhaps a Dornish prince? For sure, they were one of weaker alliances with a powerful position. There would always be one of the many sons of Walder Frey, perhaps? The twins is a strategically valuable position…although Winter Came for House Frey, as the common folk whisper. Good riddance. They were a terrible family, with no loyalty, and capable of much worse things than even the Red Wedding. That never would have been my first choice, only as a last resort.”

“Get to the point,” muttered Jon. Tyrion ignored him.

“And then there was my brother, who, although he would hate it as much as she would, would make a very strong, powerful alliance and put an end to the war in a swift stroke. Though, of course Cersei would never go along with that…for reasons you and I both know. She wants Jamie all to herself. And she would never give him up to her worst enemy, of all people. I do believe my dear sister hates our Queen more than she does me now…which is saying something.”

They both exchanged a look. Tyrion’s lips twitched upwards.

Jon felt his heart, which was so full only hours ago, sink deeper and deeper into a deep black crevice that it would never escape from. He thought he knew what Tyrion was getting at here. His face fell as he looked back out at Rhaegal.

“And you don’t think it would be appropriate for a bastard of Winterfell, with a false title of King in the North to marry the most powerful woman in the world.”

Tyrion was silent for a long time as Jon felt his heart breaking. He could feel his eyes boring into him.

“Quite the opposite, actually,” said Tyrion softly. Jon looked at him. “A marriage alliance between the Rightful Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and the King in the North is quite a powerful alliance indeed.”

Jon felt his lips part. His heart jumped into his throat.

“It has a precedence,” he continued, “and I do believe it is our only shot at convincing the Northern Lords to accept our Queen while keeping you, who has already bent the knee, in power.

"Aside from that, our Queen has the largest army. The North-which you control-has the second largest army. Winterfell and the North is a strategic location that we cannot afford to lose-especially in regards to the threat beyond the wall, and with Winter here…. I am glad you decided to bend the knee.”

Tyrion smiled weakly at Jon.

“But I’m afraid it won’t be enough for your people. You were elected. You can be un-elected. And Northerlings are strange, fickle beings. If they do not accept your fealty to our Queen, they will put someone else in your place-I am sure of it. Sansa being the most likely choice, and, personally, I think she would make a wonderful Warden of the North. And that is a very distinct difference from Queen in the North.

"And contrary to what you may believe-I do not want you to lose your title as King in the North. Neither does our Queen.”

Tyrion was silent.

Jon took a deep, shaky breath.

“So you mean-”

“Yes,” said Tyrion sadly. “I was going to advise Daenerys that she marry you. You are her age, young, strong, relatively handsome-unmarried. In a powerful position as King in the North, which, I believe, far overpowers your bastard status, and makes you worthy…not that being a Noble really matters anymore anyway, the last two Kings to sit on the Iron Throne were bastards anyway. Plus you have achieved many great deeds in your life and your time at the wall and afterwards. You were by far the superior choice to anyone else in the world.”

Jon took another heavy breath. His heart was hammering. He looked out at Rhaegal, was silent as he watched the great green dragon spread his wings and take off out of the water with great gusts of wind and spray of the sea cause by several heavy flaps of his massive wings. Jon Snow watched, as Rhagael let out a roar and flew into the air to join his brother. His heart was soaring again with the Dragon. He could marry Daenerys.

-But-” began Tyrion, bringing Jon back down to reality with a hard crash. Anything before the word ‘But’ is horseshit. “I did not want it like this.”

Jon felt his heart break.

“What do you mean?” he said, confused.

“Feelings only complicate the matter. Like I said, love…” he spat the word out, like he despised it. “Only makes people reckless. It brings into question every decision a person makes. The northern lords, superstitious, simplistic folk as they are, will think you have been bewitched by the dragon queen-a foreigner who only wants you for strategy. It does not matter what the truth is-and you cannot hide it. More will see. More have seen than I would already have liked. You are completely and utterly in love with her. It complicates things. Extremely.”

Jon hung his head. He could not deny it. He knew he would not try to deny it.

“It shouldn’t matter,” he said.

“No, it shouldn’t,” said Tyrion sadly. He looked at Jon softly. “I don’t blame you, you know. You’re not the first to fall for our Queen and you certainly won’t be the last. She is a very-extraordinary-woman.”

Jon looked at him, brow furrowed.

“Do you-?”

Tyrion let out a burst of laughter, loud and hard. But Jon knew he was masking a severe internal pain. “Me? No. No. No, I will never love again.”

That piqued Jon’s curiosity. Though he knew if he asked, Tyrion would lie. He was very good at it.


“Don’t ask what you don’t want to know, Jon Snow.”

Tyrion’s face was a hard, painful mask.

Jon was silent for a moment.

“I do,” said Jon, in his heavy northern accent. “You’re right. I do - I love her. Nothing could stop that now, I tried to resist, but…she’s…she’s…” he could not describe it. But Tyrion seemed to understand. The dwarf nodded his head.

“And she loves you,” said Tyrion, looking at him.

Jon was silent.

“You know, it’s funny. I’ve seen the Dragon Queen do so many things. Wonderful things. Terrible things. I’ve seen her seek her counselors advice. I’ve seen her threaten her advisers. I’ve seen her tell them to come to her if they ever had doubts about her rule-to tell her if she made a questionable decision instead of plotting behind her back… I’ve seen her free slaves. I’ve seen her capable of great compassion and I’ve seen her capable of great cruelty for those who would harm the innocent. She is ruthless and yet compassionate. I’ve seen her set people on fire with her dragons and I’ve seen her torn apart as she locked them away because they killed a sheepherder’s son. She seeks the advice of those wiser than her, weighs all of her options, and then makes her own that are a far better solution than anyone could have offered her before. I have seen her make many mistakes and she always knew the moment she had made them and learns from them-that is a rare gift. She is a remarkable woman. She will make an extraordinary queen. Far better than my sister. Or cruel Joffery. Or weak Tommen-rest his poor little soul-and She will be far better than foolish Robert Baratheon ever was. Far - far - better than the Mad King. But only-

"Only with the right people by her side.

"She continually…surprises me. I should expect it by now. I thought I’d seen everything from her. I never thought-I never thought I would see her fall in love. But she has. with you, of all people. The Bastard of Winterfell.” Tyrion said with some amusement. “I have to say, I did not see this coming when I met you in Winterfell’s courtyard all those years ago, Jon Snow.”

They exchanged a long look. Tyrion’s face faltered.

“Do you remember what I said to you?” Tyrion asked, face hard and sharp and intelligent.

“All dwarves are bastards in their fathers eyes.” Jon repeated his word’s from so long ago.

“Aye, and what else did I say?”

Jon took a deep breath.

“Wear it like armor, so it can never be used to hurt you.”

They exchanged a long, knowing look.

“Wise words that I’ve taken to heart,” said Jon after a while.

“I’ve had to remind myself … more than a few times.” mumbled Tyrion.

They were silent for a long moment, both deep in thought.

“I do believe, Jon, you will make a wonderful King for our Queen,” said Tyrion finally. “But you must wear your love for each other like armor against the world. So that it might never be used to hurt you. And it will. Believe me. They will use it to hurt you.”

Tyrion’s voice broke. Jon thought he saw Tyrion’s eyes grow shiny, but the small man who was more akin to a giant looked out to sea, hiding his eyes from Jon. There was a very long moment of silence.

“What was her name?” Jon asked quietly and carefully after a while.

Tyrion was silent for a very long time. For a moment Jon thought he might not answer but finally he did.

“Shae,” he murmered silently, the name rolling off his tongue softly, like it was simultaneously the most beautiful and ugliest word to him. It sounded like smooth river rocks coming from the back of his throat, strangling him. Jon suspected he had not said her name in a long time.

Jon was silent for a moment.

“What happened to her?” he asked quietly.

Tyrion’s face grew into a cold, hard scowl.

“I strangled her after I found her in my father’s bed.”

He looked at Jon, and their eyes met with a sharp jolt. Jon knew he saw tears in the Lannister’s eyes then. And Jon suddenly realized it would be very dangerous to cross this man.

“Love is a powerful and dangerous thing, Jon Snow,” he said seriously, his voice was barely more than a cracked whisper. “You could get lost in it. You both could. Don’t forget your duty. Don’t forget her duty. And don’t-whatever you do-Don’t let them use it against you.”

And then he was gone.

Jon took a deep, shaky breath, swaying silently with the rocking of the boat, staring out to sea, his eyes wide, deep in thought, his throat tight. He watched the dragons fly above him for a long time, until he finally decided to return below decks, to his Queen.

He stripped naked again and lay down beside her, pulling her to him and spooning her body with his, clinging to her like she was the only thing that mattered. Kissed her neck as she snuggled deeper into his arms, wiggling her bottom so that his cock nestled between her legs.

“I love you, Daenerys Targaryen. My Queen,” he breathed in her ear. “I will never let any one hurt you. I will never let anyone hurt us.”

Her eyes flickered open sleepily and she twisted to met his eyes. Her gaze softened, but her brows bowed, growing worried.

“What happened, Jon?” she asked.

“Nothing,” he said softly. “Just…let me hold you.”

Her face softened. Her fingers brushed his cheek. She kissed him softly. He felt his cock twitch.

They broke apart.

“I love you too, Jon Snow. Whatever it is, we can face it together.”

He smiled softly. Nodded.


a/n: yeah, yeah, no sex. But conversations with Tyrion. Just as important. Trust me, you haven’t seen the last of Jon riding the dragon. Proud of this one :) Please REBLOG! <3

Klance Frog Prince AU

When Lance was a little kid, he watched the movie Princess and the Frog. Shortly thereafter, he began chasing after frogs himself and kissing them, in the hopes that he would be able to break the curse and save some unfortunate soul.

When the other kids at school found out, he was teased and bullied for doing something which in Lance’s opinion, was a noble deed.

That night, while he was staring out of the window and gazing up at the big, white moon, his attention was caught by a little green amphibian that had hopped up to his window sill. Although he was used to seeing such creatures all the time, he was startled upon seeing one come up to him willingly.

He chuckled and talked to it for a while before, once again, he jumped upon hearing his mother call out to him to go to bed. Lance quickly gathered the frog into his small hands and ran outside. Pocketing the frog, he rode on his bicycle to the little pond located a few blocks away.

Lance didn’t really know why he was riding so ferociously. It seemed like he was on a mission where the clock was his greatest enemy. He scrambled off his bike and ran towards the pond, the wheels spinning wildly behind him.

He took out the little frog from his pocket and underneath the shining moonlight, gave it a kiss before bidding his goodbye.

Lance never went back to that pond again. He surely didn’t kiss another frog either. He doesn’t even know if a curse was ever broken. Whether he ever became a hero, or if he ever won that race against the clock.

Next week in school, there is a new boy who transfers into his class. Now Lance is certain he has never met him before but he can’t help but shake the feeling that he has.

It’s something in those eyes…



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♪ AUGUST 2016 ♪

Dork s/o crying because their fav died.

QN’s s/o is told he is out of their league.

Starish making up after a bad argument with s/o.

S/O kissed their gay male bestie.

(NSFW) First Time (s/o in pain)

♪ SEPTEMBER 2016 ♪

Reiji reflecting on his seemingly emotionless s/o.

S/o defending Reiji from the rest of QN.

Starish suddenly kissed by crush.

Satsuki experiencing love for the first time.

♪ OCTOBER 2016 ♪

Starish waking up next to their s/o the morning after.

Pregnant s/o is growing more visible.

Ren, Syo and Ranmaru has an assignment together.

S/o wants to put make up on them.

The Birds and the Bees talk- STARISH.

The boys meet their seiyuu.

Starish standing up to bullies.

Favorite place to do “the do”

Dirty pick up lines this time.

Ren with girl bestie headcannons.

QN standing up to bullies.

Best-Worst decorators

Halloween Celebration(+Costumes)












Starish going to a haunted house with their s/o.

♪ NOVEMBER 2016 ♪

Anger headcannons for QN

(NSFW) Tokiya.

If their child walked in on them about to do the do.

Seeing s/o’s tattoos for the first time.

Taking care of their sick lover.

Reiji, Masato, Otoya and Cecil’s s/o can’t have kids.

First date with Reiji.

Ai conversation that wasn’t what it sounds like.

QN gossiping about Starish.

The time they were a little too rough.

If their s/o stole their instrument.

Syo’s short girlfriend.

Their child winning a school talent show.

S/o playing in their hair.

S/o is jealous over his kissing scene.

Starish & QN plays truth or dare.

♪ DECEMBER 2016 ♪

They boys have set a pic of their sleeping s/o as their wallpaper.

Take my sweater.

Moving in with Starish.

Starish Christmas Headcannons

QN Christmas Headcannons

Heavens Christmas Headcannons


♪ JANUARY 2017 ♪

Ren’s wife goes into labor.

Starish Phone/ Texting Headcannons.

QN giving their s/o a massage.

Ren and Reiji’s cat related prank on Ranmaru.

Starish finds out their s/o used to date their senpai.




♪ MAY 2017 ♪

Quartet Night Phone/ Texting Headcannons.

Restaurant AU.

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After-sex cuddling

Originally posted by jenesuispasunefilleparfaite

Fuck I am passionate about post-sex okay there’s something about it idk it’s more fun to write than the actual smut itself; but anyways let’s get down to business and create headcanons

  • During sex, the two of them glimmer with sweat and saliva and when they make love in the evening they shine underneath the moonlight. But, when they’re lying together with post-orgasm smiles and slowly calming breathing, they fucking glow.
  • Yuri’s head has a go-to spot on Otabek’s chest, just beneath his head so he has options to nuzzle his nose against his neck or to look up and stare at his lover in the eyes. It also gives him the option to run his fingers along his chest, stenciling little patterns in the skin and twirling the hair that grows there. 
  • Otabek would hold Yuri by his arms, one still and the other gently swooshing his thumb back and forth along the skin he held there. Since Yuri’s head wasn’t too far from his lips, he would take full advantage to leave kisses on his scalp or forehead. 
  • Things are only so much gentler if it’s aftercare. 
  • Beka would practically treat his kitten as if he were made of glass, taking the time to give him a warm bath or leave feather-like massages – anything to let the boy just rest while he would take care of him, making sure to whisper how good he was and how much he loves him along with all of the little reasons why. 
  • The reasons alternate every time. 
  • Who’s getting taken care of more often depended on who initiated the sex in the first place. Typically it’s Yuri because that tease, but when it’s Otabek and he needs his lovings, Yuri does not let any ounce of care go to waste. 
  • He’d smother the man in kisses and shoulder rubs and whispering to him what a good Daddy he is and how he loves having the Kazakh around, making sure to mention “I don’t even want to imagine a life where you’re not in it.”
  • Sometimes they chose to shower together afterwards, or a bath, depending on if Yuri needed to be cleaned out, but regardless they end up sleeping together completely naked in the bed. 
  • Yuri’s hair tends to get everywhere during sex – long hair problems. But while they snuggle up against each other Otabek would take his time to run his fingers through the locks and scratch his scalp. Yuri would just purr, melting into the touch, and he’s already passed out by the time Otabek starts to braid it.
  • If the sex was emotionally harrowing (AKA the post-fake-breakup sex to try and forget that incident), they don’t say anything. They don’t do anything, either. They just hold each other, losing themselves to the breathing until they finally fall asleep. 
  • Otabek typically wakes up first in the morning, and he’s the one that makes breakfast, while sleepy Yuri just wakes up halfway through the cooking and hugs him from behind, a warm smile on his face. 
  • “I love you.” 
  • “Forever and always.”

~A little something to tide you guys over while I work on fic requests, and because my hatred of country music does not extend to this Carrie Underwood song

The after-finals party was everything it was expected to be at Auradon Prep.  

With the moon just beginning to rise, the music started, flowing loud and free like a wave through the open air of the front courtyard.  The lawn was full, grass crunching under everyone’s shoes in time to their steps, the shuffles and bounces of their dancing along with the frequent trips to the punch bowl and buffet table. The only thing louder than the music was the laughter; the happiness and joy hung thickly in the air like a sweet smelling perfume, wafting and winding as each individual body moved through the night.

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when ravenpaw was just a kit, he would sit in the shade a few tail lengths away from the nursery and the prying eyes of the other kits. he would swipe is hand over the dirt, smooth it out into an even plane, and with painstaking care, etch out design after design into the dirt.

every now and then a warrior or elder would wander over and marvel at the designs he carved into the dirt and his soul. swirling spirals, sweeping arches, harsh strokes, soft bends, jagged spikes - a mural of intricate lines which could have been tattooed onto any warrior.

it was a talent that he held close to his heart. those who saw kept his secret diligently and didn’t utter a word - after all, respect and trust was the foundation of a strong clan.

however, despite drawing countless tattoos into the soft earth beneath him, ravenkit could never bring it upon himself to sketch out his own tattoo. it was something that almost every apprentice and kit did - dream of their warriror ceremony, fantasise about their cool name, and design possible warrior tattoos.

it was almost a tradition - those who had spent hours underneath the moonlight sketch tattoos onto reed paper would wake to their mentor gently grasping their charcoal-stained fingers with gently eyes and a knowing smile.

charcoal paws, they were affectionately called.

but ravenpaw never allowed himself to be stained by the charcoal of a wistful apprentice’s dream. never allowed himself to take the tattoo he held in his soul and lay it out on fragile, fragile paper, when he knew that his own life lay on equally fragile grounds.

tigerclaw had taken redtail’s life, and judging by the dark looks the older man threw at him, ravenpaw would be the next on that list.

he would never get his warrrior name, never get is clan band, never get his tattoo.

and unsurprisingly, he never did get any of the above.

but surprisngly, he survived.

he’s alive. alive. something he never expected to happen. for the past few months, he had resigned himself to a bloody and horrifying death beneath tigerclaw’s bladed brass knuckles, but as always, firepaw seemed to contradict everything he ever thought.

including becoming an honest-to-starclan leader.

including leading the clans away from the colonisation of ignorant kittypets.

including granting ravenpaw his tattoo.

it had been one hell of a surprise, that’s for damn sure.

he had never allowed himself to design his tattoo, because every stroke and line before had felt so completely and utterly wrong.

but as he sat in front of firestar, in front of every clan in the forest, huddled in an abandoned twoleg shelter, ravenpaw had found his hands going through the practiced motions which had been ingrained in him since kithood.

sweep your left hand through the dirt. Smooth the surface. Grab a small handful of fine dust. Sprinkle over the earth. extend the thumb and curl the rest of the fingers for better control.

touch the tip of your thumb to the earth.

pour your soul out.

and he does.

rounded lines which created the paw pads. Short, sharp strokes for the claws. Sweeping lines for the wings. Crips edges for detailing.

it had never felt so right and so perfect, and when mousefur etched the design onto his chest underneath the ever shining lights of silverpelt, it was as if ravenpaw was coming home.

he wasn’t a warrrior - never had the chance to be one, and was probably destined for failure. He wasn’t a loner - the clans were so ingrained into his being and sense of self identity the he could never truly separate from it.

he is ravenpaw, and as he traces the arching wings and soft paw pads that decorate his collarbone, he now knows why warriors cherish their tattoo so dearly.

it’s like discovering a part of him that he could never truly find.

a part of him that had always been there, never left, just waiting patiently at the other side of the thicket of trees for him to find himself.

he is who he is - no title or rank can change that, and for ravenpaw, that’s all he needs.

Together In Tandem
  • Title: Together In Tandem.
  • Pairing: Jake x MC
  • Warnings: Mostly fluff. (There’s mention of kissing and sex but I don’t think that qualifies as NSFW?)
  • Words: 3.100
  • Summary: A little fic inspired by the song “Juntos a la par” that you can listen to here (original) or here (cover, and you might have to forward a little for the song ‘casue it’s a clip from a tv show). I tried to translate the lyrics as best as I could. 


Originally posted by pinkcollapse

Le he pedido tanto a Dios,                                 (I’ve asked so much from God
que al final oyó mi voz,                                that in the end He heard my voice
por la noche a más tardar,                                              in the end of the night
yendo juntos a la par.                                            we go together side by side)

Jake’s eyes were fixated on the starry sky, his eyes drifting over the celestial bodies slowly while his legs dangled from the hammock aimlessly. His hand played with the dog-tags hanging from the silver chain around his neck absentmindedly, his eyes closing moments later as a sigh fell past his lips.

Tonight it was one of those nights he finally admitted to himself, one of those nights in which he couldn’t erase the feeling of solitude that surrounded him. The pilot had been able to hide the sensation from himself for such a long time, but there were times when it was impossible for him to escape it, to escape the memories that he shared with Mike, to escape the emptiness that he left inside of his heart when he was ripped from his life.

His fingers tightened around the metal pieces, holding them with such strength that it’d probably leave marks in his palms, but it helped him concentrate. Jake had lost count on how many times he wished to whatever was up there to erase some of the solitude, to give him someone that would help him cope with his past, someone that would help him forget what the feeling of being utterly alone felt like.

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V Route: Zen’s Motorbike Accident (More Depth) + CG of his driver’s licence + his parents

It’s like 1:40 AM for me (when i started typing) and I just finished the latest chat room message. (Day 3 now)

And my god… the feels in my soul. T-T 

Bittersweet, yet… conflicting.

Spoilers commencing:

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harsh reality || baekhyun

[1] [2] [3]

AU prompt : a mark appears where your soulmate touches you.

4417 words; soulmate!au; baekhyun/reader scenario; general

“Well aren’t you a little dazzling tonight,” a familiar deep voice chuckles from over your left shoulder. A small smile tugs at your lips, and you find yourself spinning around with such excitement, you nearly stumble over your own feet.

“Yifan!” you exclaim, feeling your cheeks flush ever so slightly. The said man laughs wholeheartedly, a large hand darting out to grasp your arm to help steady your clumsy self. Once balanced, he releases you and you clear your throat, brushing off any imaginary dust that might have landed on your dress during your little moment.

“Is that how you greet the Second Prince of your neighbouring kingdom?” Yifan scolds lightly, pulling a chuckle from you.

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Cancer – Summer by the Moonlight

Cancer is the sign that kicks off the summer season. This gives Cancer an energy where they feel they must be initiators. They are a water sign which ties into their ruling planet, the Moon, and their animal, the crab, both relating to the ocean. The moon controls the ocean tides, which are constantly changing, similar to Cancer’s changing moods. Their emotional temperament is extremely volatile, changing from day to day. Like the ocean, their mood can be calm and still or can create a hurricane. It is no coincidence Cancer time begins near the beginning of hurricane season. Their ruling symbol is the crab, which are commonly found in the ocean. Crabs hide in their shell when in danger and Cancer does the same thing when their feelings are in danger. Nothing is more important to a Cancer than protecting their feelings and the feelings of the people they love. Like the ocean, Cancer’s emotions have depth which take can take them into dangerous territory from which they must find a way to the surface and swim underneath the moonlight.

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Hey White Hat and Slug! We heard you two are getting married! Who proposed to who and what kind of wedding are you two having? ^^

WH: *excited beaming* oh it’s going to be lovely, blue and white flowers everywhere, my dear friend Songbird will be there to entertain *clasp hands together and swoon* my sluggie and I will read our vows underneath the moonlight.. *soft sigh*

Slug: I’m gonna get wasted.


She simply shone underneath the moonlight. Her eyes were engaged in her surroundings, giving Mayson a chance to take in each of her features as if he was looking at her for the first time and maybe he was for he could not look at her without remembering the events at the party. 

He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t notice when she looked over at him. Surprised, he lowered his head down to his hands which were folded in front of him. 

Chelsie: This was nice of you to do. Did you do this entire set up today?

Mayson: Maybe I did. I can’t tell you because it’ll mess with my coolness. 

Chelsie: You don’t need to see me your coolness, silly. Friends don’t try to pick up friends. 

Mayson: I guess not… I thought… this is going to sound dumb and uncool. 

Chelsie: Try me.

Mayson: I thought you deserved something special… after everything. You said it’s what you wanted but Chels, with a guy like me, in a place like that, you deserved more. I was hoping to give you something a little special. 

He looked away then, surprised at his own words, shocked at his honesty. He couldn’t remember the last time he told a female how he really felt. They were friends but his words referred to no platonic thoughts. 

Dancing Heels 7

Warnings: Smut Smut Smut, moments that will made your heart melt

Rating: M

Taglist: @oldfashionedvanilla @rubyventure


He reached over pushing his jacket off of her so that it was not resting on her shoulders anymore. The jacket made a silent sound as he dropped it on the wooden floor. Betty wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. It was a whole new kind of kiss. Jughead’s kisses were normally aggressive and heated but this time it was tender.

Her body felt hot, it was something new that she never felt before. She wanted more, she wanted him. And that’s when she knew it. She was going to give him this night. This will be the night she will give him all of her. He will be her first and somehow she knew she that someday he might be her last. Jughead was slightly thrown off being led by Betty. It wasn’t like Betty that she would usually let him lead. She was normally submissive, letting him teach her, about dance and about intimacy. But tonight was different now she wanted him and she wanted him to want her too.

He could tell by her heavy breaths and eager hands. He wanted her too, he had wanted to take her in the studio just a few days before. His aching groin begged to be near her but he had controlled himself, stepping away with heated breaths. Jughead pulled away slightly to look in her eyes, they were dark pooled with desire. He quickly stepped forward pinning Betty’s back against the wall behind his bed. He slipped his tongue into her slightly parted lips and deepened the kiss. His hands found themselves on her hips, his thumbs grazing her hip bones. He dragged her hips to his, making their bodies clash together.

“Is this okay?” He asked with a heavy breath, his eyes studying her already sweaty face. His arousal peaked, he was beginning to lose control. He started to grind his hips against hers making her let out a small moan. She nodded not even able to say yes, her moans answering his question. The closeness of their bodies and the touch of his rough hands made her dizzy.

They both needed and deserved this love. Betty thought raced of many nights like this one. They would spend forever doing this. “Yeah?” He asked again searching her face for any sign of doubt. “Yeah” was all she managed to get out nodding again before she leaned in again kissing him. The crash of her lips on his was all he needed, his last sliver of self-control left him.

He grabbed at her light blue dress sliding the sleeves down her shoulders. Betty sat up against him, reaching behind her zipper. Jughead pushed her hand away, his lips still ravishing her. He took ahold of the zipper pulling it down the expanse of her spine. His left hand joined his right as they traveled softly back up her back. He took her sleeves in his hands and pushed the fabric slowly down her slender body revealing her pale skin which shimmered underneath the moonlight.

"God, you’re so beautiful” He blurred out before leaning down placing a soft kiss on her shoulder. His lips making their way down her body, laying kisses on her neck, collarbone, chest, and stomach. Her skin was so soft, he wanted to touch and kiss it always. He didn’t know if he would be able to keep his hands off of her after tonight.

He reached to look at her panties. They’re pink. Perfect. He pushed her thighs apart sleeping his finger along her pussy raining a song as he noticed how wet she already is. He looked up at her only to see her staring back at him. Her cheeks were flushed a deep red and her eyes were dark with lust. Her lips had the most beautiful smile on them. She was perfect.

She pulled her bottom lip into her mouth biting on it softly. Jughead’s eyes darkened at the sight. He quickly moved to kiss her again. “Don’t do that.” He instructed untucking her lip with his thumb and biting gently on it. She moaned softly only audible enough to tickle his ears, a shiver running down his body. Releasing her lip he kissed her again, his hand traveling down her body. He reached his destination and slipped his hand under the cotton fabric. His index finger rubbed softly against her nub, his lips moving to her neck. Betty gasped throwing her head back. Her hips bucking against his touch. He Let out a low groan as he felt her wetness tickle all over his fingers as he moved them against her heated core.

Jughead kissed her neck skillfully, biting and sucking. She whimpered and moaned with every touch. He dipped his finger slowly into her core to gain wetness before rubbing circles onto her clit, where no one had touched her before, not even herself. She moaned loudly and gripped the sheets. “Holy mother of God!” She exclaimed as he sped up his pace. He kissed her as she came undone under his touch. He took time to care for her with his fingers, her core getting wetter by the minute. She moaned and ripped at the sheets overwhelmed by the sudden pleasure. He attached his lips to her neck once again sucking and biting, going at her tender skin as he started to rub quicker and more intense circles onto her clit. Suddenly he let his fingers sink into her wetness this only made her moan his name out again, louder, as he began to slowly thrust in and out of her with his fingers at the slow and steady pace.

“Jughead” She moaned out as he entered another finger curling them upwards, making her feel things she never felt before. The sudden mixture of feelings she has never experience before was pushing her over the edge. His fingers curled up one last time she found her stomach muscles tighten. Her body wouldn’t listen to her anymore as they started to shake. “That’s right baby. Come for me” He looked up at her not fully understanding what he’s doing to her. Giving her something she never had before. That’s all she needed, his words letting her know it was okay. She let herself go and the feeling of pure pleasure took over her body.

Her breaths were ragged as her body sunk into bed, relaxing from the orgasm. Her muscles lost their tension and loosened, her whole body in bliss. Jughead smiled at her pleasure and kissed her gently. Betty tucked away his stray hair that fell to his face with a smile. “Done? We can wait til another day.” Jughead asked noting her exhaustion. Betty immediately shook her head no and kissed him, her hands encasing his neck and pulling him closer to her. She grabbed the hem of his shirt and tugged it off his body, throwing it to the floor with the jacket she wore earlier. “Hell no. It’s your turn.” She said pushing his unbuckled jeans away.

Jughead grinned at her eagerness and pressed his groin to hers. She gasped at the sheer solid mass, it was obvious he wanted her desperately. He rocked into her core grinding against her clit, sending her wild. “Jug! No more teasing!” She pleaded as she grabbed onto his waistband, tugging at it. He ignored her cue, he wanted her naked. He reached behind her and unhooked her bra swiftly, thanking God it came off quickly. He was getting impatient with her needy eyes watching him.

Within seconds their undergarments were shed to the bottom of the bed. He looked at her, her face read of desire and innocence. Jughead traced his tip along her entrance, Betty’s body shivering in response. Jughead lined up to her entrance, his hands massaging her hips. “Ready?” He looked into her eyes. She was nervous but she wanted this, she wanted this with Jughead. She interlaced her fingers with his and smiled at him, letting him know it was okay.

His slid into her carefully, watching his stride into her. Once inside, he looked to her. Her eyes laid closed, her breathing steady. He rubbed her hands gently hoping it didn’t hurt. Before his worries could carry him away, she opened her eyes. He smiled at her and moved so he was laying on top of her. She giggled and ran her hand through his dark locks. “Hi.” She whispered to him. Jughead chuckled quietly before kissing her. He began to move slowly, his thrusts steady. She moaned placing her forehead against his.

Her eyes were no longer full of need and lust, now she looked at him with affection and awe. He kept things slow with her, their movements no longer rushed. He slowly eased in and out her, her face soft with pure pleasure. He kissed her gently capturing her moans in his mouth. He continued to move inside her until she was uncoiled under him in pleasure.

He pulled out slowly, rolling over to lay next to her. He pulled her close against her chest and traced him fingers lightly down her arms. It was cool out in the late summer weather, the cool breeze blowing against their skin. Betty hand laid gently on his chest. Her fingers stretched slightly to curl into a fist. It was unlike her normal tight fists when she was angry. Instead it was relaxed, no pressure building up in her system to spill over into her palms.

Jughead noticed her eyes examining her hand and took it into his own and flipped it over so her palm was facing him. “Oh Betty.” He said pulling her palm to his lips placing soft kisses on them. “Why?” Here whispered into her hand.

“I just get so mad. I have to release that anger somewhere.” Betty explained with a sigh, “Jughead?”

He looked down at her, “yeah?”

A smile formed on Betty’s lips. “Did you just call me Betty?” Her insides churned with love and giddiness.

“Yeah I did Betty.” He admitted with a half smile sitting smug on his face. “Betty…” He muttered moving so his face was over hers and kissing her forehead, “Betty…” the corner of her eye, “Betty…” and the corner of her mouth.

Betty giggled as she took a hold of his mouth with her own, battling for dominance. “Jughead.” She mumbled against his lips. “Thank you.” He pulled away looking into her eyes. “Forsythe.”

Betty arches an eyebrow. “What?”

“Call me Forsythe. Forsythe is my real name.”

“Hold on you chose Jughead over Forsythe?” Betty giggled, here she thought his parents named him Jughead. He laughed at her. “Are you mocking me?” He asked tickling her. She laughed failing against the bed like a dried up fish. He stopped abruptly, “My dad always call me Jughead, it stuck. I hate the name Forsythe and Jughead helps my street cred.” He paused, “Only certain people are allowed to call me Forsythe.” Betty smiled knowing this was a big deal to him and here he was allowing her to care for him.

“But!” He exclaimed pointing a finger at her. “Don’t use it in public or you’ll be in trouble.” She giggled again muttering a “yes and sir” to which Jughead kissed, effectively pinning her against the bed.

After a few minutes of talking, Jughead fell asleep Betty curled up underneath his arm. She was still awake relishing in the feel of his touch. She was propped on his chest so she could see his face, brushing back stray hair from his eyes.

She gazed upon him taking in all of his features. His dark curly hair, his porcelain nose, and his crooked smile as he dreamt. She lazily ran her fingers through his hair and started to sing.

“Baby…” Her voice soft like a lullaby.

“My sweet baby…” Betty pressed a kiss to his forehead.

“You’re the one.” She ended with a whisper, biting her lip almost regretting she said it. Jughead didn’t stir from his slumber making Betty breathe a sigh of relief. Betty smiled down at him and places a soft kiss on his forehead. “Juggle?” She asked softly hoping to gently shake him from his sleep.

Jughead stirred softly, his eyes fluttering. Betty let her hand rest on his chest. Jughead opened his eyes taking in his surroundings. “What time is it?” He asked noticing the still darkness.

“I’m not sure but I need to sneak back into my cabin before dawn.” Betty explained quietly as she played with his stray strands of curly hair. Jughead nodded and got out of bed pulling on his boxers. Betty flushed at the sight of his bare bottom before pulling on her own clothes.

Betty slivered out the door as Jughead watched from the doorframe. “Betts?” He called after her. She turned around a rosy smile still plastered to her face. She loved when he used her real name.

“Yes?” She asked walking back to him, her eyes raking over his naked chest.

Jughead dipped his head down to kiss her. Licking the outline of her lips before pulling away. “You are welcome here anytime.” He said softly kissing her again.

Betty smiled as he pulled away and released her chin from his fingers. She nodded and walked quickly from the cabin.

Jughead sighed, resting his head against the doorframe. He knew he was in too deep already but he couldn’t help but want to swim in her.

Shadilver - Lips Of An Angel

Author: randomcitizen12
Genre: Angst/Romance
Rating: M



   "Wha….?“ A deep, drowsy voice was heard in the dark room, along with the buzzing and the soft and quiet snoring from another person — or rather hedgehog in the room.

  Shadow, the crimson-streaked black hedgehog who had woken up to the sound of a faint, quiet buzzing in his ears, groaned lowly in frustration as he was woken up from a peaceful sleep with his lover, Sonic, who apparently wasn’t bothered by the buzzing at all as he can hear how the other was slightly snoring and saw him drooling on his pillow, despite it being completely pitch black in the room.



   He sat up slowly as to not wake up his sleeping lover, then looked down at his pillow to see a bright light shining from underneath it. Oh… So that’s what the noise was.



  Reaching under his pillow, he grabbed his phone and brought it up to his face, grunting a bit from the bright light but adjusting quickly to it. He raised an eyeridge in confusion as his ruby eyes locked onto a number. Someone was calling him.

   ”Why would someone call me in the middle of the night?“ The ebony hedgehog mentally asked himself as he stared at the number. It was a number he hasn’t seen before, but, something was telling to answer. And normally, if there was a number he didn’t know, he’d just ignore it or drop the call… However… Tonight, he decided to trust his instincts.

   Slowly, he scooted himself to the edge of the bed as he answered the call. I mean, what could go wrong? It was either some person who got the wrong number or maybe some prankster who thinks it’s a good idea to call someone at this ungodly hour.

  Whoever it was, he couldn’t wait to get it over with so he could go back and join his precious blue hedgehog in sweet slumber.

   "Hello…?” He spoke softly, making sure not to wake up Sonic.
       "Um.. Is… Is t-this Shadow?“

♫~Honey why you calling me so late?
It’s kinda hard to talk right now~

  “Silver?” Shadow spoke quietly but in a shocked tone, now more awake than before from hearing the ivory hedgehog’s voice.

  “Oh, h-hey Shadow.” Silver spoke from the other end, who also spoke quietly. “It’s um… Good to see you still have the same phone number.”

    To say that Shadow was surprised is a complete understatement.

    He is practically speechless to hear the ivory hedgehog’s voice after so many years of silence, especially at this hour.

   "I find it impractical to change my number. Besides, it’s what everyone has" Shadow finally answered, drawing a breath as he whispers “So, how are you?” Honestly, he had no idea what to talk to Silver about, and the latter seems to sense this.

♫~Honey why are you crying, is everything okay?
I gotta whisper cause I can’t be too loud~

   There was a moment of silence on both lines, both hesitating to speak for a moment, the silence awkward for the both of them.

   "I just want to apologize. For everything" the ivory male began, his quiet voice quivering.
       "Silver, are you okay? Are… are you crying?“ Shadow was concerned; if Silver was crying and suddenly calling him in the middle of the night… it must be something big.
       "Silver, you can talk to me, it’s okay”

 He heard the other drew a breath on the other line, and spoke softly once again.

♫~Well, my girl’s in the next room
Sometimes I wish she was you~

   "I’m alright. Really I am" Silver continued “I really just want to apologize. F-for suddenly disappearing on you, and not contacting you for years. I guess I couldn’t bear to face you for my own stupidity”

   The ebony hedgehog only hummed, keeping his voice as quiet as he could as to not wake his partner peacefully sleeping beside him, a space Silver used to occupy before.

    Just what exactly happened between them? The ebony male couldn’t recall how he and Silver just… fell out of place.

♫~I guess we never really moved on~

   On Silver’s end, his partner shifted in his sleep. The ivory male tensed suddenly, gasping, fearing he had woken Mephiles up. He stayed quiet, careful not to make a single noise, before calming himself down. Mephiles didn’t wake up. Good.

    “Silver, are you still there?” Came Shadow’s worried whisper. He realized he must’ve went suddenly quiet for a while. Biting his lips, he replied in a more hushed tone, now being much more careful.

    “Yeah, I’m still here. Mephiles suddenly moved, and I thought I woke him up. Sorry for going quiet all of a sudden” Silver explained, his heart still pounding from the fright he just had.

   "It’s alright. I’m trying to keep as quiet as possible too; wouldn’t wake to wake Sonic up"
       "But really, sorry about that"

   A small smile formed on Shadow’s tan muzzle as he slowly shook his head.

♫~It’s really good to hear your voice saying my name
It sounds so sweet~

   "You know Silver" The dark hedgehog began “This reminds me of when we used to stay up late and talk back then”
       "It does?“
       "Yeah; you and I talked a lot about ourselves, and share our problems with one another”

    Shadow heard a small chuckle on the other side “Yeah, you always had helpful advice and you listen attentively” Silver answered with a quiet sigh, and a smile on his own lips. “I on the other hand didn’t have any helpful advice”

    Then Shadow continued “Remember that time when we found that butterfly with broken wings?”
       "I remember that one; we nursed it back to health even though you said it was impossible"
       "You were persistent, and I couldn’t say no; you wouldn’t accept a no to someone or something that needs help"
       "But we managed to fix the wing didn’t we Shadow?“
       "Mm hm; you had such a wide smile when the butterfly started flying”

    Chaos above, Shadow hadn’t realized how much he missed hearing the ivory male’s voice saying his name until this moment. He couldn’t help but smile.

♫~Coming from the lips of an angel
Hearing those words it makes me weak~

   "And when I made you breakfast, you always liked your coffee with only two tablespoons of sugar and creamer" Silver continued on.
       "And you prefer having hot chocolate over coffee"
       "Remember when we were watching that chick flick cause there was nothing else good on tv? You nearly knocked yourself out at how laughably cringy it was"

    This time Shadow’s grin widened “Who wouldn’t laugh at that line? ‘You… complete me’ it was over the top in my opinion”

    And he heard more light, soft chuckling on Silver’s line. Hearing the snow-furred hedgehog speak after so long was making the dark hedgehog happier.

♫~And I never wanna say goodbye
But girl you make it hard to be faithful
With the lips of an angel~

   They continued to talk about the memories, with Shadow recalling all the happy moments he had spent with Silver, recalling how happy they both where when they were living together. Everything was simply perfect, like straight out of a fairy-tale perfect.

   The two males traveled further down memory lane, both are now very much awake but still kept their voices low as not to wake their respective partners.

    “There was also that one time in the beach, it was a small summer blowout, but everyone was happy and enjoying themselves” There was a melancholic tone in Silver’s voice as he spoke “Everyone had fallen asleep, but, because of my stupid thoughts and self-doubt and insecurities, it was keeping me awake and couldn’t sleep at all… remember that?”

   This time it was Shadow with a sad smile “Yeah, I remember that clearly. You were crying a lot that time”

       "And you stayed by my side even though you clearly needed to sleep and get up early for work the next day"
           "I was rubbing your back to calm you down…“
           "And I got your shoulders wet cause of the tears falling from my face”

   There was a short pause “I thumbed away tears from your face and stared into your eyes. You were simply mesmerizing underneath the moonlight”
       "Then…“ pink dusted the pale hedgehog’s face as he continued "You kissed me passionately, and held me tightly, promising me the world.”
       "Then you were finally able to sleep peacefully"

   A longer pause was held between the calls “Y-yeah.. I was, wasn’t I? It was all thanks to you. You were always there when I needed you the most”

   Listening to their conversation, Shadow couldn’t help but think to himself ’What went wrong? When did it go wrong? How did it come to this? Why did he leave? What did I do to him? Did I lack in anything? Was there something I had done to make him leave? Did I unconsciously push away? Was I at fault?’

He could feel the tears building up.

♫~It’s funny that you’re calling me tonight
And, yes, I’ve dreamt of you too~

The dark hedgehog took a deep breath, willing the tears away. He could feel a warmth enveloping his heart, the more he spoke to the ivory hedgehog, the longer he listened to his soft voice.

Chaos, he missed it, missed him so much…


Shadow’s voice quivered as he spoke “It’s funny that you decided to call me on this particular night” he tried to lighten the mood and hide from Silver the fact that his heart was breaking and swelling at the same time.

   "Is it really?“

       "It’s… It’s just been 5 years since you’ve made any contact with me, or any of us”

       "… sorry"

       "It’s alright. I dreamt of you recently actually"

       "Y-you have?“


   There was a short silence on Silver’s end.

   "What.. did you dream about?“

       "You leaving me”

       "…. oh…“

       "You must’ve had your reasons why you left”


   The ebony male bit his lip. What he said must’ve upset the other even further. Commanding his voice to calm down, he decided that it’s important to cheer Silver up, given how the younger male went out of his way to call him. The silence that hovered between them was thick and enough to choke air out of a man. The last thing he wants to do now was upset his former lover.

  But what the ivory hedgehog said next was the last thing Shadow had expected to hear from him.

   "By the way, how’s life with Sonic? Looking back, it’s sort of funny how you and him are together because you really didn’t like him; Don’t get the wrong idea tho! I’m really happy you two are happy with one another, honestly!” Silver quietly explained, wishing that Shadow doesn’t think otherwise.

   After all, it was him that left, it was him that ruined their happy relationship by leaving. He didn’t have the right to get mad or jealous of who is now taking his place beside Shadow’s bed.

   Shadow took a breath before answering “He made my life better, and he’s been there for me since” he replied. However, his thoughts were slowly becoming a mess as his more honest feelings were coming out.


'He helped me when I was at my darkest moment in my life after you left. He was there when I was was lost, guiding me back into reality. He found me, and never left. He stayed by my side after you left me alone, hurt, heartbroken, confused, lost, angry, betrayed. He made me feel what it’s like to love someone after spending so long in desperation and desolation. You ruined me, but he brought me together again’

   The dark male could feel his blood boiling as he remembered the pain he endured when Silver left him without a word.

♫~And does he know you’re talking to me
Will it start a fight?
No I don’t think she has a clue~

   "Shadow? Shadow? Did you fall asleep?“ The younger hedgehog spoke, bringing Shadow out of his thoughts. It was only now that he realized how tightly he was grabbing the sheets beneath him. Clearing his throat, Shadow did his best to calm his raging emotions. He had gotten over that; he’s supposed to have gotten over that.

   "I’m awake; I saw Sonic move” A lie “Anyway; How are you and.. Mephiles? Does he know you’re calling me? He might get mad”

   This made Silver look over his shoulder and see his sleeping lover oh so lovingly spooning him. Smiling softly, he put his hand over the other’s and intertwined their fingers.

   "He won’t. He was actually the one who insisted that I’d call you"

♫~Well, my girl’s in the next room
Sometimes I wish she was you~

    ’He did what?’

Crimson eyes widened, and the only words he could think of was “Why?”

   Shadow heard Silver take a deep breath “He said I needed it. For closure” A sigh escape from the other’s lips “I guess I really do need the closure; it’s been so long, and I want to tell you everything, but it’ll take me forever to explain. B-But I want to say that, after disappearing for five years, I hope you can still find it in your heart to forgive me”

♫~I guess we never really moved on~


The younger male then squeezed his lover’s hand in his, his thumb gently caressing the engagement rings.

   "I had to find myself, Shadow, find myself for who I am and what I can do. And while I was searching… I found him. And he helped me find myself Shadow. I never left you out of hate; I left because I thought it would be for the best"

   When Silver didn’t hear a reply from Shadow, he continued.

   "I found it funny tho; I never thought that I’d fall in love with someone who looked like you. I guess, in a way, I’m never over you" He let out a bitter chuckle.

♫~It’s really good to hear your voice saying my name
It sounds so sweet~


   "I missed you a lot Shadow; I really do.“ The ivory hedgehog added "I missed talking to you, I missed hearing your voice, so much. Looking back, sometimes I imagine how our lives would be if I… if I hadn’t been stupid. We were happy.”

'We WERE happy’

Shadow mentally repeated, ruby eyes wandering to the sleeping form of his partner. Then, his eyes ventured to the necklace dangling from Sonic’s neck, the main piece being the ring he bought. His heart broke into two.

'That ring was supposed to be for Silver as a surprise; it was a ring he always looked at whenever we passed by the jewelry store, so I began working extra hours to earn enough money for it. I wanted to surprise him, I got promoted as well. The day I finally bought it to propose to him, I come home only to find that Silver was gone.’

The dark hedgehog felt a lone tear down his cheek

'Now, Sonic wears it around his neck; a promise that he’ll never leave my side’

♫~Coming from the lips of an angel
Hearing those words it makes me weak~


Blinking away the tear, Shadow finally replied “If you’re wondering, yes I forgive you. Maybe it was for the best that this happened.” he said “I’m not saying that I’m glad you left; maybe that incident can be a lesson for the both of us”

   He heard Silver hum “Y-yeah… maybe it is. And thank you Shadow. For forgiving me. Honestly, I was expecting you’d drop the call the moment you found out it was me” he younger one admitted.

♫~And I never wanna say goodbye
But girl you make it hard to be faithful
With the lips of an angel~


A part of his heart was still yearning for Silver, wanting to hold his precious ivory snowflake in his arms, to have him sleep by his side and to wake up to his bright smile. Another part however, is completely filled with his love for Sonic, and the wish to never hurt the azure hedgehog, just like how Silver hurt him. Then, a thought came to mind.

   "May I ask actually" Shadow began “Why did you call me suddenly? And closure for what?”

   Silver hesitated.

♫~It’s really good to hear your voice saying my name
It sounds so sweet~

   Silver glanced at his lover once more, as if he trying to gather the courage to tell Shadow. He squeezed Mephiles’ hand tighter

   "I called because… Mephiles and I are getting married in a few weeks.“

♫~Coming from the lips of an angel
Hearing those words it makes me weak~


Hearing those words, Shadow felt his knees go weak.

They were engaged? Getting married?? All these years of silence and he calls to tell him he was getting married to someone else??


The crimson-streaked male felt a lump form in his throat, his mind blank. How would anyone react to that?? Your former lover leaves you behind for whatever reason, have not contacted for five years, suddenly calls one night only to say they’re getting married!

   Shadow felt his heart break even more at the thought of Silver getting married to someone else; his precious ivory whom he’s made so many promises and dreams with. Then, he felt another part of his heart form, saying that Silver belongs to him and no one else.

   As if sensing his distress, Silver gratefully spoke "It’s a shock, I know, I honestly… I couldn’t… Mephiles said that I really needed to talk to you for closure.” His voice began to quiver again “These past few weeks after he proposed, I couldn’t sleep well; the guilt was beginning to eat me alive. I remember all the promises we’ve made, and m-my thoughts were getting the best of me again after fighting against them so hard in the p-past years and…” He had to stop; the tears were threatening to come out and he was sure that if he continued to speak, he would end up sobbing again.

   He loves Mephiles with all his heart, no doubt there. He wouldn’t trade Mephiles for the world, since he helped him grow stronger. Shadow may have held his heart, but Mephiles was the one who fixed it.

♫~And I never wanna say goodbye
But girl you make it hard to be faithful
With the lips of an angel~


And what Shadow said next made Silver tear up even more, and break his heart.

   "Shhh, calm down Silver, please. I don’t ever want to hear you upset.“ Oh Chaos even now Shadow was the one calming him down, even now he’s still the stronger of one of them, and even now, his concern for his well-being is heartfelt, just like old times.

   That was one of the things that Mephiles lacks; yes, he comforts him but for Silver, sometimes it was never enough. He missed the way Shadow was overly concerned for him. His fiance is not as romantically expressive as his previous lover, and in a way that was good, because he realized that he had become dependent to constant praising and assurance.

   Still, it didn’t mean that he longs for it from time to time.

   "No more tears, okay Snowflake?” The dark hedgehog whispered softly, using the pet name he gave the other all those years ago. And funny; he could almost see Silver in front of him, and, out of habit, reached out a hand to try and wipe the tears on the ivory male’s face, only to stop and realize that Silver wasn’t actually there.

   Shadow heard Silver take deep breaths, calming himself down.

♫~And I never wanna say goodbye
But girl you make it hard to be faithful~

    “I’m still as useless as ever after all this years” Silver joked, his voice still quivering but he has a better hold of himself now. “Thanks Shadow” He let out a breath “B-but yeah.. I really needed to get the weight off of my chest. Mephy was right; I really needed closure. I just wish I’d done it sooner than well… now. I called at a terrible time”
       "It’s alright" Shadow had to tell himself over and over that it didn’t hurt him one bit when he heard the nickname Silver gave his current lover.

   And he’s gonna regret asking this, but he was curious “What ring did he give you?”

   Now it was Silver’s turn to be confused, but he answered nonetheless “He bought me the ring I’ve always wanted; I don’t know how he knew that I really like the silver one with the turquoise finish since I never said anything. He just said that it suits me and complements my eyes”

   'So it’s the exact ring I bought for you…’

He knew he was gonna regret it. Oh how his heart was breaking even further, and he was starting to become possessive of the ivory hedgehog once more but he stopped himself. No, he shouldn’t be selfish; Silver deserves to be happy, even if it meant that he was no longer the reason the other was happy. Even if he was no longer the one making him happy. What they had in the past was part of the past; Silver has Mephiles, and he has Sonic. That is the present. That is the reality they are facing with right now.

   He has to truly and finally let go.

   "I remember you always looked at it when we passed by the jewelry shop. And your fiance is right; it does suit you. I’m happy you found someone who’ll make you happy for the rest of your life Silver, and who you’ll make happy" Shadow managed to smile softly. He meant what he said, every word.

♫~With the lips of an angel~


Ruby eyes darted to the digital clock by the bedside table, surprising him.

It’s already 3:20 in the morning?


“Oh wow” He uttered


       "It’s past 3 am in the morning”

       "Really? Wow.. We’ve been talking for over three hours"

       "It would seem so"

   They both shared a moment of silence.

   "I’m sorry for keeping you up this late" The ivory male was the first to break the silence.

       "It’s fine; it was good hearing from you again"

       "And it’s good talking to you again. I feel like something heavy finally lifted from my chest. Thanks for listening to me Shadow"

   Shadow felt his heart grow warm, and hummed as a reply.

   "Oh and Shadow?“ Silver suddenly added.


   Silver cuddled closer to Mephiles, who’s embrace tightened around his waist “You and Sonic are welcome to the wedding. I’ll send you an invitation, if you want to go, that is. I’m planning on sending everyone invitations actually” he yawned. He hadn’t realized just how tired he was.

   "Of course we’d go. Although, you better prepare yourself for the barrage of questions they’re gonna ask" The ebony male chuckled softly in the end


“Y-yeah. I’m still actually mentally and emotionally preparing myself for that, if they ever want to attend at least”

      “Trust me. They would all attend. They miss you a lot, and are very worried about you”

   This time Shadow had decided to finally lay down beside Sonic, his free arm wrapping around his lover’s torso and his head sinking into the pillows.

   "Does this mean that you’ll contact us more often now Silver?“

       ”… yeah actually. I’d love to hang out with everybody again, just like old times.“

       "Silver, I just need to ask you; are you truly happy with Mephiles? You don’t have any regrets?” Shadow suddenly added. He wanted to make sure that Silver really was happy with his decision

   "Yes Shadow; I am truly happy and I am truly in love with Mephiles. What about you?“ Silver returned the question. And Shadow immediately answered.

       "I am very happy with my life with Sonic, and I wouldn’t trade him for the world.”

   Another yawn, although it was uncertain whose line it came from. Both were tired but both didn’t want the call to end, but they knew they had to end it, no matter how bittersweet they both felt. They had their own lives to live now, after all.

   "Well, thanks again Shadow. For everything. See you at the wedding?“

   Shadow nodded on his end "We’ll see you on your wedding day. Goodnight Silver”

       "Goodnight Shadow"

   And Silver was the first to drop the call.

  The ebony hedgehog sighed, placing the phone back beneath his pillow. He held Sonic close, taking in his scent. His heart was filled with so many emotions right now, and he had to sort them out once he wakes up from his sleep. Shadow buried his face in Sonic’s soft quills. Eyes closing, he finally joined his lover in slumber.

♫~Honey why you calling me so late?~