underneath it all part 2

lost and found

pairing: tododeku

word count: 1.9k

summary: When Shouto was born, his father placed the weight of the world on his shoulders. His mother spent years trying to alleviate this weight until she gave in underneath it.

part 2 of the series all we have, all we need

“You’re too young for this,” Shouto’s mother mutters as she brushes Shouto’s hair out of his eyes with her thumbs, cupping his face in her palms. “You’re too young.”

Shouto sniffles, eyes the bruise that blooms high on his mother’s cheekbone, like deep purple blush. He wonders if it aches the way his arms do, littered with their own bruises and scrapes. He wonders if it aches the way his heart does, like his father has reached in and crushed it in a fist.

Suddenly, Shouto’s mother’s hands fall from his face, and she lets them hover over Shouto’s arms. Her hands glow softly, like a fluorescent light bulb has been flicked on underneath her skin. Carefully, she drags her fingertips down Shouto’s arms, grazing his cuts and bruises. He lets his eyes shut as his mother heals him, taking away the pain inflicted from the harsh training regime of his father.

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