I miss you;

It sux not havin’ u around. It’s just not d same lyk it has always bin. Y'know, we’ve bin thru a lot n this we nid, but I just hafta say, I miss you. I hope u r doing well werever u r. I’m doin’ gr8. I love you…

The way you held my arms when you were with me, it fell right between shyness (that we might blush in the middle of the streets and embarrass ourselves with giggles and laughters) and security (that I am, slightly in front of you, guarding you, though in the safety of the streets that we were in, you need me by your side to feel safe). I have to tell you, I felt safe, too–that in this complex of a situation that we’re in, I still could say that when I’m with you, nothing could go wrong.