'Twas the Night Before Christmas--Fandom Style

‘Twas the night before Yule Ball in Gryffindor house,
And Hermione, Ron, and Harry began to rouse.
The invisible cloak was draped on them with care
So they could sneak to Hogsmeade and have some fun there.

The demigods were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of Olympus danced in their heads;
But seven were out somewhere on the world map
Wishing Hypnos or Somnus would grant them a nap!

Sam, Cas, and Dean’s fighting caused such a clatter
The whole town woke to see what was the matter.
Quick to the Impala they flew like a flash,
And off to Bobby’s they tore in a dash.

And Katniss would never obey President Snow
Choosing to rebel with her arrow and bow.
But what memories would haunt her everywhere
But those of Rue and Prim and Finnick Odair?

Then there was the Doctor, so lively and quick
Opening his sonic with just a quick flick.
Decade after decade new companions came,
But who would ever learn the Time Lord’s real name?

On Malcolm! On River! On Book, Wash, and Zoe!
On Simon! On Inara! On Jayne and Kaylee!
Outrunning Alliance from here to Whitefall
Serenity will make it and keep us safe all!

As Hobbits out of Mordor on eagles do fly,
So the Nazgul also do take to the sky.
Parties are fun if you invite a dwarf or two,
And the Precious binds all in darkness, it’s true.

And there, freefalling from St. Bart’s high roof
Was Sherlock, the man who can always deduce proof.
Whether at Baskerville or the Underground
He won’t rest or eat until the answer is found.

Jon Snow was dressed in fur from his head to his foot,
And for Daenerys did all the dragons root.
One day from the throne one king will rule the whole pack
If all Westeros isn’t flat dead on their backs.

Leia loves Han; he knows; and so they will marry.
Yoda, all over Dagobah, Luke must carry.
On Tatooine Darth Vader was born and did grow.
And we know who shot first:  Han, and not Greedo.

The X-Men have a school with a jet underneath.
On Fury’s desk, the Avengers hung a wreath.
Spider-Man something about great power knows.
And Coulson leads SHIELD against Hydra foes.

Kirk must remind Bones that Spock’s Vulcan, not Elf,
But he laughed at the prank, in spite of himself.
Stockings decked out Enterprise’s bridge with care
In hopes that that rotund red shirt would soon be there.

Merlin can’t say a word about his true work,
But from Arthur his duty will never shirk.
And maybe in the future King Arthur will know,
And deep thankfulness towards his old friend will flow.

Aquaman sprang up, to his team gave a whistle,
And Superman saved the earth from some evil missile,
And Flash heard one proclaim as they stopped that great plan,
“Happy Christmas to all, and to all I’M BATMAN!”

Hey, guys, sorry I couldn’t fit in every single fandom, but I tried to make it the length of the original poem, and this is what happened.  I hope you enjoy it! :)