I love that everyone praises Bobby for winning SMTM3 but still hate on idol rappers as if he wasn’t one. Last time I checked Bobby is debuting under YG as a member of an idol boy group. “OH but he was really good and deserved to win.” So he was a fluke in the system and no other idol rappers can be good? 

Tablo from EPIK HIGH even said that some Idol rappers are better then underground rappers. Underground rappers have a strong sense of pride for hip hop and think they are better then anyone else who ‘tries to do hip hop’. 

Let me stop you right there. Underground rappers know very little about actual hip hop. They run around the stage hating on idol rappers, hating on their haters and just mindlessly cursing because that is what they see American Hip hop artists do. Hip hop is about communicating your struggles, hopes and dreams to the world. It isn’t about screaming “YEAH I’M THE F***ING BOSS MAN! BOW AND KISS MY FEET B*TCH!” 

That;s not hip hop, that’s you being a insecure person who just happens to have a microphone in their hand. Get off the stage and learn what hip hop really is. 


From [GRAZIA KOREA] interview , read all parts here , I skipped to the part that made me tear up and get all emotional..Yoongi deserves more than this, he suffered a lot at such young age…. He fought with his passion for musci!!     I really hope he’s feeling so much better now as a person,as a rapper, as a dreamer… /sighs/ read below..

Q: As a part time job? (making music when he was 13)

YOONGI: Right, when I was young, it would be more accurate to say that I worked rather than I worked on music. But that’s how I learned to compose and arrange. Some say that I did music as an underground rapper, but it would be more correct to say that I just did music in Daegu. As I worked in the studio, I sold the beats I made,and eventually started rapping.

Q: How much did you earn at that time?

YOONGI: None at all.

Q: What? I thought it was a part time job?

YOONGI: “That is how things go around in the field of music.I was just too busy paying for the transportation fee and food with the little sum of money I owned through that job. There was a small Jajjang noodle restaurant that costs 2000won next to the studio as well as another noodle store that costs 1000won. Everyday, I was in trouble choosing; If I eat 1000won noodle, I could go home by riding a bus. If I eat Jajjang noodle that costs 2000, I would have to go home walking for two hours. It was a harsh situation,but i was able to withstand that time thanks to my passion for music.”   

© jeonggukupdates 

This mixtape made me realize how different Yoongi, Suga and Agust D are from each other. Ya’ll may think i’m crazy or probably just thinking waaaay to into it but i truly believe he has 3 different personalities. If you sit back and listen to all of his verses, watch his interviews and logs, you’ll be able to spot the differences too.

The calm, chill demeanor and goofy personality belongs to Yoongi. He shows up during interviews, v app streams and through the old vlogs that they used to do.

Suga is the producer and rapper of BTS. He’s the ‘filtered’ idol version of Agust D and the only way to bring him out is through music.

Agust D is the underground rapper with no filter. He’s the one rapping Nevermind, Cypher Part 2 & 3. He doesn’t give a fuck about what the world thinks and is quick to call people out with no regrets. He’s also the one that likes to set shit on fire (i need u, young forever, fire etc.) As far as his mental and emotional state goes, he’s very troubled which explains his raw attitude towards certain things.

If you think this is total bullshit than that’s fine but at least it gives you something to think about …….


Min Yoongi opened up about having depression. He opened up about going to therapy. He opened up about his social anxiety. He opened up about how he’s scared to go outside, and because of this he has no one close to him, and he’s honestly scared to let people in and he doesn’t want it.

He’s opened up about being poor. He’s opened up about being lost and confused, the only clarity being alcohol. 

He’s shown this and so much more in his mixtape. He literally laid bare his heart and soul. He gave us, his fans, all of this in a form of a free CD. 

Two fucking years he’s poured himself into this CD just to tell us who he really, truly is. 

He’s not just SUGA of BTS. He’s not just Agust D the underground rapper.

He’s Min Yoongi, the mentally ill 23 year old boy from Daegu who had a dream to make it big and achieved it.

And now it all makes so much fucking sense why he was afraid to show us, his fans, and the world this side of him.

Min Yoongi is so fucking brave and I love him so much more for this.

As someone who suffers from the same illnesses and has looked up to him in some of my darkest moments, thank you, thank you so fucking much.

Music you should be fucking with

Yung Lean/ Sad Boys
Xavier Wulf/Hollow Squad
Chris Travis/ Water Boyz
Bones/ Team Sesh
Key Nyata/ Thraxx House
SpaceGhostPurro/ BRK/Celtics
Black Kray/ Goth Money Records
Luckaleannn/ Goth Money Records
Denzel AK Curry
Pouya/ SS
Robb Bank$/ SS
Dre Asakura/ OCEAN
Lil Shark
Spooky Black/Lil Spook
Acknowledge Tha God/GK
NickBag/ Action Pack
Nacho Picasso
All The Chicago Drill Rappers (Lil Jay, Billionaire Black, P Rico, Lil JoJoRIP, Swagg Dinero)
JK The Reaper & Fang
Lucille Ghati
Rahzi Tha Neptoon
Travi$ Scott
Sir Michael Rocks
Mac Miller (2013 - Present)

VIXX fans that are freaking out that Ravi got eliminated from SMTM4: 

Chill out. The judges know what they are doing. If they did get rid of him for responding to Bobby’s rap, then he has to deal with that. He made the track and he has to deal with the consequences. 

Besides, now STARLIGHTS don’t have to watch every episode and see Ravi get attacked for being an idol by talent-less underground“rappers”. 

6 Underground Artists that I believe will go Mainstream, with or without a Label

I listen to a good amount of music, especially rap/ hip hop/ lyricism. I LOVE Rap and from the years I’ve spent listening to Rappers like Lil Wayne, Tupac, Jay - Z, Kanye West, Tribe Called Quest, DMX, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, etc. These rappers I’ve just named are all the older generations of rap compared to rap today. There is a new wave of talent and Old Hip Hop heads should be wary of the New-Gen. Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, Wale, Drake, Wiz Khalifa, and 2 Chainz are just a few names. But this list isn’t about them. No, no, no. This list involves the ones who are fighting for a spot or comfortably sitting until their number gets called. Watch out, They might be better than some of your favorite rappers…….NO Particular order.

1. Curren$y

AD4: http://youtu.be/k5VNKkZJHLk

2. Mac Miller

I Am Who Am(Killin’ Time): http://youtu.be/jLTOuvBTLxA

3. Chance The Rapper

Acid Rain: http://youtu.be/jN1aj_godWE

4. Dom Kennedy

1 25: http://youtu.be/qPTSojbC8hI

5. Joey Badass

Unorthodox: http://youtu.be/2d307wz-dHk

6. Ab - Soul

Terrorist Threats: http://youtu.be/m_71q5lVEjc

Hopsin is L-E-G-I-T


External image

Hopsin is one of my favorite rappers, and certainly my favorite underground rapper. His style is like Eminems, but you can tell it’s his own flow. He raps about funny things, but also has serious songs. Give him a listen because he is a fantastic rapper and will be noticed sooner than later.


Check it out. Donate if you can. It would mean so much to me to be able to watch and learn so much more about such an amazing person. Spread the word!



1. TeenWitch Intro 00:00
2. BackToSchool 1:01
3. Klebold 2:18
4. FearTheNobodies 3:41
5. TroubledYouth 5:48
6. RampartRange 6:40
7. BlackDuffelBag 8:19
8. BombsInTheLunchRoom 9:34
9. ParkingLotWitness 11:24
10. WitchBoy 13:36
11. RunningForMyLife 15:26
12. Mud 17:02
13. TheCafeteria 18:10
14. Reb&Vodka (Feat. Xavier Wulf) 20:44
15. LibrarySuicide 22:22
16. Cotton (Feat. Fifty Grand) 24:02
17. HappinessIsOnlyRealWhenShared 25:30

Halloween Costume Ideas for Juggalos

With Halloween right around the corner, many juggalos are rejoicing. Juggalos, to put it simply, are fans of the Detroit rap duo Insane Clown Posse, best known to the mainstream for their over-the-top murderous clown persona. As such, juggalos have a love of outrageous imagery and costumes, as well as horror-movie style imagery. So Halloween is right up the juggalos alley. If you count yourself among this unique group, but haven’t thought of a Halloween costume yet, there’s no need to worry. There are a number of possible Halloween costume ideas for juggalos, and they’re easy to get together. Here are five dress-up possibilities for juggalos. A Juggalo: Juggalos are generally misunderstood by the mainstream public, and they’re known for their crazy looks. So you could always just get out your juggalo face paint and be a juggalo! Many other people use Halloween as an opportunity to dress crazy without a specific costume, so why not you too? You already have all the juggalo face paint and gear you need. You might even get an opportunity to educate people about juggalos if they notice your juggalo face paint and ask about your costume. ICP themselves: A similar idea would be to dress up as Insane Clown Posse themselves. This time around, you can use your juggalo face paint to imitate one of the juggalo face paint styles they wear onstage. Besides copying their juggalo face paint, you can style your hair like Shaggy 2 Dope or Violent J from your favorite time period in ICP’s career. You get extra credit for rapping your favorite lyrics while in costume. Boondox: Boondox is one of the Psychopathic Records artists most ripe for a Halloween costume tribute. Boondox is an up-and-comer but already beloved by fans for his crazy image, of a reanimated, murderous avenging scarecrow. To get the Boondox scarecrow look, one of the most important parts is the clothes. You’ll need old farmer-style rags, like a plaid shirt, old jeans, and work boots. On top of that, Boondox also wears juggalo face paint. The Boondox juggalo face paint design is solid black on plain skin, usually, instead of a white background. Study photos of Boondox to get his juggalo face paint right. Finally, Boondox always wears a black or straw cowboy-style hat. Blaze Ya Dead Homie: Another Psychopathic Records artist similarly theatrical to Boondox is Blaze Ya Dead Homie, whose persona is that of a reincarnated West Coast gang member. This one is slightly easier because he prefers typical hip-hop style clothing. What makes him scary-looking is his juggalo face paint, which incorporates a design that looks like black juggalo face paint spilling over a white background. Again, study photos to get it right. He tops this off with a gangster-style backwards hat. Other horror characters: Of course, your Halloween costume idea doesn’t have to be directly juggalo-related. A big part of juggalo culture is a love of horror movies, so think about your own personal favorite horror movies for inspiration. Try picking characters who don’t need many props or special clothing to identify them to make your costume assembly easier. You could also always go for the generic serial killer or victim in a pinch. Resource Box For countless photos of Insane Clown Posse and other Psychopathic Artists like Boondox, visit the web’s epicenter of juggalo culture, the official Insane Clown Posse web site at http://www.insaneclownposse.com. There you can get ideas for your own juggalo face paint and juggalo style for Halloween and beyond.