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this is not a new years eve mix:

I. Video Games - Lana Del Rey II. Only For You - Heartless Bastards III. Baby Blue - King Krule IV. Tea Leaf Dancers ft. Andreya Triana - Flying Lotus V. Nostalgia - Chance The Rapper VI. Set It Off - xxyyxx VII. Zimbabwe (Flume Remix) - New Navy VIII. Luv, Hold Me Down - Drowners IX. Ritual Union - Little Dragon X. Sunday Morning - The Velvet Underground & Nico XI. Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2 ft. Jay Z - Drake

♡ L I S T E N  H E R E ♡

Let us turn to the Cypher bible and read Suga's verse

When you were playing underground, BTS was playing at ground level
Compared to you who sleeps all night, I’m a workaholic, shoppaholic
Overspending on my pens that are more in number than your fans

I love that everyone praises Bobby for winning SMTM3 but still hate on idol rappers as if he wasn’t one. Last time I checked Bobby is debuting under YG as a member of an idol boy group. “OH but he was really good and deserved to win.” So he was a fluke in the system and no other idol rappers can be good? 

Tablo from EPIK HIGH even said that some Idol rappers are better then underground rappers. Underground rappers have a strong sense of pride for hip hop and think they are better then anyone else who ‘tries to do hip hop’. 

Let me stop you right there. Underground rappers know very little about actual hip hop. They run around the stage hating on idol rappers, hating on their haters and just mindlessly cursing because that is what they see American Hip hop artists do. Hip hop is about communicating your struggles, hopes and dreams to the world. It isn’t about screaming “YEAH I’M THE F***ING BOSS MAN! BOW AND KISS MY FEET B*TCH!” 

That;s not hip hop, that’s you being a insecure person who just happens to have a microphone in their hand. Get off the stage and learn what hip hop really is.