yoongi really was desperate to debut

he came into bighit as a rapper- an underground rapper from daegu who only performed for crowds of two and made a couple of cents off of his tracks, which came up to not even be enough to buy ramen.

and when he began training at bighit, he didn’t want to burden his parents either so he paid for everything himself by getting a part time job even though he was a busy trainee/student. sometimes he would have to make the choice between eating that day or not having enough money to pay for the bus fare and being forced to walk two hours to get to where he needed to be. he went to school with wealthy students who would get foreign-made cars for their graduation present and he would have to swallow down his jealousy after seeing them get what they wanted so easily. and he fought with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and compulsion since he was eighteen years old.

yoongi came into bighit thinking that he was going to be in a hip hop group with namjoon and some of the original members of bts, but even though the group concept changed- he still stuck with it because he desperately wanted a chance to be on stage and create his own music. he learned to dance and even acted as a backdancer/mv extra for a little bit despite originally having the intentions of just being a simple rapper and even when he shattered his shoulders from an accident during his part time job as a delivery boy, he still persevered and worked hard to improve himself and prepare for debut. 

and the only point where he wanted to truly give up was when he thought that the day of his debut was never going to come. like, this man has been through so many physical/mental difficulties and changes- he literally gripped onto the thought of a chance to be on stage to survive and the only point where he wanted to give up was when he thought that he was never going to get that chance. 

I don’t know how to even put this in words and I don’t want to come across as simply using his life story for attention, but yoongi’s life is the ultimate example of hardwork and determination. I have no idea how he was able to handle all of b-free’s demeaning comments so well and I have no idea how people can say that b-free “got it right”.

and just knowing that yoongi still works himself to the bone till this day- working on his music and bringing his equipment wherever he goes ( whether it be during his vacation or on the airplane or in the waiting room) and staying in his studio until the very early morning- and still dealt with battles with his mental health and physical health  after his debut just amazes me because he never lets it show or he never lets it take him aback and somehow we still have the audacity to just label him as “lazy” and “coldhearted”.

yoongi truly is a symbol of persistence and dreams and he really is a role model for me. his lyric “though the beginning may be humble, the end will be prosperous” really did become a reality for him and it only came to him because he never gave up despite all what life threw at him. he motivates me to keep on moving forward in my life and I really do hope that all of you guys see and love him for all that he stands for.

Giuro, non so
Tra chi collocarti:
Non so se stai fra le armature
Oppure fra le armi,
Fra le cure o i tagli.
—  Mezzosangue, Armonia e Caos
support our lil' mark 💕

ok but honestly i think it’s going to be really stressful for mark bc

1. sm hardly ever sends their idols to these kind of survival programs because it may damage their reputation due to manipulative editing

2. i’m really scared the people will bully him because idol rappers are more often than not looked down upon (just watch unpretty rapstar, the underground rappers straightaway cancel out the idol rappers from their “list of competitors” once they find out)

3. he’s sooooo younggggggggg my goodness idk why sm thinks it’s ok to debut him in 3 units, 4 songs consecutively, and now there’s this schedule??? that is a lot of burden to carry for an 18 year old on top of school

so i really hope we can stick together and give him all the support he needs and deserves. i sincerely hope and trust that he can do well and boost the reputation of idol rappers!!! (and, by extension, sm rappers as well)

like you (m) | 01

pairings: min yoongi x reader x park jimin
genre/warnings: angst, romance, smut / themes of heartbreak and mentions of drinking
word count: 13,031
description: former underground rapper, min yoongi took advantage of everything he had and lost it. three years have gone by since you left, content and happy, you’re not sure how things’ll go now he’s finally taken up your offer for help all those years ago.
a/n: i read through this monster not too long ago, and found some spark of inspiration! can’t say when i’ll update for sure but i definitely won’t throw this on the back burner for too long!

chapters: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06


“Your phone’s ringing.”

You were laying in bed after another day of work. At age 23, you were doing well as a talent scout, having a keen eye for the creative scene ever since you were in high school. Those were the days when Namjoon begged you to accompany him to underground rap battles and helped him nurse injuries from his angry opponents. It only seemed logical that your time was spent finding the next big thing.

Your cheeky boyfriend was pouting as his spiel about his day of practices and photoshoots were put to a halt. The sound of your constantly ringing work phone was often silenced by the time you were home though. It was your personal phone that you kept on just in case of any emergencies, so that did pique your interest. Only a few of your closest family members and friends ever dared to contact you there.

“Sorry, babe.” You said, wiping away his feigned sorrow with a quick peck before grabbing your phone. You cooed, “Gimme a sec, yeah?”

He nodded, feeling just as satisfied with that said. “Alright,” His lips pulling into a proper grin once again.

You hadn’t looked at the caller ID when you pressed ‘accept,’ not thinking much of whoever might’ve been calling you. Although you were guessing it was probably Namjoon or something. He usually had some philosophical thing to talk your ear off about.

Before you could say, ‘hello,’ the person on the other line had said, “Y/N?” You felt your smile falter just a little bit and your heart was beating erratically.

“…Yoongi?” You asked in disbelief, rising from the bed.

Jimin was giving you a questioning look, but you mouthed, ‘Later.’ His dark mop of hair nodded before he pulled your free hand over to his lips and pressed a small peck on them.

You had a long story to get through after this conversation. But that was all you could think about now was Yoongi…

“Hey… Y/N.” He breathed deeply into the phone.

You felt a lump in your throat begin to form and your mind seemed to be flashing back to eons ago. It weighed heavily now, being brought back to the time when you were a young, stupid girl in love. What was he doing calling you again after nearly 3 years of silence? Was it the ultimatum you left him?

Your heart trembled at the thought.

“I -um- wanted to take you up on that offer from a few years ago…” He spoke again, answering your unspoken question.

You asked immediately, “What’s that exactly, Yoongi?”

“I… I need your help.”

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EXO Boyfriend Aesthetic ~ City/Millionaire Boy | Park Chanyeol

Kris | Sehun | Tao | Suho | Chen | Lay | D.O | Xiumin | Chanyeol | Luhan | Baekhyun | Kai

  • During the day he goes by the identity of Park Chanyeol, the rich kid who could probably turn you to stone with a single look
  • By night Chanyeol goes by the identity of PCY, an infamous underground rapper and goes to different places across Seoul showing off.
  • Never lost a rap battle ever since he started off as an underground rapper until you challenged him one night when you overheard people talking about how he was unbeatable.
  • Yeol felt like he was going to cry when he lost to a girl but yet again was impressed by your skills
  • You knew who Chanyeol was even though hid his identity and you didn’t treat him any differently as you knew he just wanted a change in his life too.
  • He started to become your personal little stalker, which you didn’t mind at all.
  • Even though he didn’t think it existed, Chanyeol started to fall in love with you and your individuality.  

A Kwon Jiyong/G-Dragon Fanfiction (College AU) (Reader X JiYong)

Summary: Kwon JiYong has a secret: he lives a double life. At College, he’s a normal student like many others; but like in SuperHero movies, at night he turns: - not into Spiderman, not into Batman, but into G-Dragon - an underground rapper. One of the main reasons why he keeps his rapper life a secret is because his parents highly disapprove such thing. ‘’Kwon JiYong? My son is the best student in his class; we expect him to become either a lawyer or a doctor.’’ Hidden tattos under layers of cotton sweaters and fiercy eyes hidden behind a pair of nerdy glasses is his daily disguise. But will his secret last? What’ll happen when he gets assigned to tutor you and inevitably falls for you? Will he show you to his secret life? Or will you be kept in the shadows as well?



JiYong barged inside his dorm, ignoring the couple making out on SeungHyun’s bed and the yelp they both released - “AH! AREN’T YOU SUPPOSED TO BE IN CLASS?” 

SeungHyun pulled the white sheet in a haste, using the slim fabric to cover his modesty and urging the girl to hurry out. She huffed at the boy, stealing a nervous glance at an angry looking JiYong, and quickly puling the black dress down her body. “Call me later then. We’ll continue.” She winked at the younger boy, bending down to reach for her heels and purse.

JiYong scoffed. “I think he’ll have a hard time finding your name among all the noonas in his contact list, right SeungHyun?”

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