Show 662 Rock and Roll Circus is now available for streaming in The Underground Garage archives.
Come one, come all, and join us as we are celebrating the Rolling Stones’ Rock & Roll Circus, that featured the Who, Taj Mahal, the super group jam with Eric Clapton, John Lennon, Keith Richards, and Mitch Mitchell, and of course the Stones themselves introducing some new songs, like Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

Jay Park - Taken by surprise

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When the elevator door opened with a chime, you rummaged in your bag for your car keys as you stepped out of the elevator. You finally found them in between all of the other things in your bag. You knew you carried around too many useless things with you, and you repeatedly told yourself to empty your bag, but you always forgot.

Fishing out your car keys, you walked straight towards your car at a fast pace. You couldn’t stand underground garages. They were scary, especially when the lights were flicking as if they would bite the dust soon.
 You quickened your pace and when you finally saw your car at the end of the garage, you dropped your tensed shoulders in relief.

You were only several meters away from your car, when you heard a loud cough echoing through the silence which sent shivers down your spine. For a moment, you just stood there rooted to the ground, before mustering up your courage and slowly turning you head around to the direction of the voice.

 Your eyes went wide and you dropped your car keys in surprise upon seeing a familiar figure cooly standing there with his back leaned against the white Bentley you knew too well.

“Jay!” You called out loud excitedly. A huge smile appearing on your face.

“Hey pretty,” he greeted you with a wink and opened his arms for you.

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Golden Lane Estate Car Park by Laura McGregor
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Underground Cafe featuring Butch Walker

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Welcome to the Underground Cafe a new web exclusive series here on UndergroundGarage.com! The Underground Cafe will be a series of webcasts from friends of the Underground Garage, featuring artists, producers, writers, and more playing their favorite tracks from the show and occasionally venturing outside the playlist and format a bit as well.

For the debut episode we are featuring Butch Walker. Butch is an acclaimed producer, writer, and performer and has been featured on Little Steven’s Underground Garage with The Let’s Go Out Tonites including the track “Hot Girls in Good Moods” on Coolest Songs In the World Vol. 5 and his current band Butch Walker and The Black Widows have had 9 tracks from their new album “The Spade” added into rotation including former Coolest Song In the World “Summer of ‘89”.

So sit back and relax as Butch Walker welcomes you to the Underground Cafe!



Michael Stipe, Iggy Pop, Eddie Vedder and Bono congratulate Little Steven on his 500th episode of the Underground Garage

god, seeing green day last night made me so happy.

i missed seeing them so much. i cant even explain it.

im gonna post all my pics soon.

i got an awesome picture of billie’s socks

and im so happy all my friends got in and that i got see them, made the experience just that much better <3

and guys. when green day came out, it was a MAD house. everyone went nuts. no one else got a reaction from the crowd like them. if i was them, id feel like the shit. haha

Who was the most influential band of the last 30 years? Ultimate Spinach?…No. Modern Folk Quartet?…Good guess, but no. Gene Autry and the Singing Cowboys?…Wrong again! It’s The Ramones baby, and we are celebrating them, everybody who influenced them, everybody they covered, and everybody who covered them. Gabba Gabba Hey!
Available now in The Underground Garage archives.