Donald Trump ­actually kicked us out of his hotel once. You wouldn’t believe it. It was about [meeting] his daughter. He phoned up our manager and we were asleep. He said, ‘Well, wake them up’ and I was like ‘No’ and then he wouldn’t let us use the underground garage. Obviously in New York we can’t really go outside. New York is ruthless for us. So he was like, ‘OK, then I don’t want you in my hotel.’ So we had to leave.
—  Liam for Rollacoaster magazine 
­Donald Trump actually kicked [One Direction] out of his hotel once. You wouldn’t believe it. It was about [meeting] his daughter. He phoned up our manager and we were asleep. He said, ‘Well, wake them up’ and I was like ‘No’ and then he wouldn’t let us use the underground garage. Obviously in New York we can’t really go outside. New York is ruthless for us. So he was like, ‘OK, then I don’t want you in my hotel.’ So we had to leave.
—  Liam to Rollacoaster Magazine (via thedailypayne)

TORONTO REPORTBACK:  A tiny group of Soldiers of Odin and Jewish Defence League fascists were completely overwhelmed and drowned out by antifascists at City Hall. After initially being chased out of an underground parking garage earlier in the day, the fascists later had to rely on dozens of riot and bike cops to form a human barricade to allow a second escape after holding their ground for barely an hour.

I Am Not Peggy

Pairing/Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader, Peggy Carter (mentioned)

Warnings: Nothing much, swearing, violence, angst

Summary: You are Captain America’s girlfriend and you find that you will always be compared to a certain piece of Steve’s past.
Word Count:
A/N: This was really bad and Steve’s a bit of a dick tbh but I can see where they’re both coming from… this is dedicated to my favourite, the steve to my bucky @sickplanets <3 I am open to do a part two!!!

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OMFG!!! THAT’S SO POWERFUL AND POIGNANT AF! How far have these two people come in those 4 months since they met; how much have they matured and grown and how much have their relatioship changed?! From being complete strangers to a point where they would die for each other.

“I’m not leaving without you. I’ll stay by your side.”

4 months ago in his company’s underground garage, MH teasingly told BS that she should die rather them him, now he is on the rooftop using every last bit of his strength to save her and get to her while a bomb is attached to her body; until his hand is all bloody, torn by the chains that keep him from BS. And when it all fails he is willing go with her to the abyss or afterlife or whatever follows after death, all the while protecting her until the end in the only way he can - soothing her, telling her not to cry, not to be afraid, repeating that he won’t leave her over and over again, no matter how much she begs him to save himself. Which is the complete opposite of that happened all those months ago - a heartwrenching irony.

“We’ll go together.”

People fear death mostly because there are things they cling to, things they don’t want to lose - those are the reasons for living; but Min Hyuk’s reason is behind those doors, Do Bong Soon - the center his universe revolves around. So he decides to go with her because he has nothing and nowhere to return to. How would his life look without Bong Soon? He would return to his infinite loneliness and spend every day of his life looking at her portrait in his closet. It was her who saved him from that loneliness, she refused to leave him alone so many times and he isn’t leaving her alone either; he isn’t returning to that loneliness ever again.

Mr. Min - Chapter 01

Description:  Your CEO caught your attention the first day you started your new job and it seems the attraction is mutual.  Too bad he’s only interested in a relationship that benefits him.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 8641

Warning: Dom!Yoongi, light breath play, cum play, punishment, demeaning names

A/N: I ended up having to split this chapter in two because it was getting so long.  I hope you enjoy it anyways!

Prologue - Ch 02 - Ch 03 - Ch 04 - Ch 05 - Ch 06

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IKEA trip - William Nylander


Word count: 1207

Warnings: nope.

Master list

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“Will, remind me why I am here.” You complain, pushing the cart behind him.

“Because you are a girl and I need your good taste.” He says, stopping in front of a pre-made living room.

Will and you have been friends for two years, and oh, doesn’t the word ‘friends’ hurt. You have been in love with William for what it seems like an eternity, but he is too focused on hockey and hockey and hockey and nothing but hockey, to actually think about love.

“Why being a girl means that I have good taste?” You ask, shaking your head at a blanket he is looking.

“Because girls have better taste in general.” He answers, putting it down with a pout. “And I want my house to be nice.”

William has bought a pretty nice maisonette after his three years contract extension with the Toronto Maple Leafs and he decided that the house would feel more like home, like Sweden home, if he got the furniture for it in IKEA. The house is completely empty aside from the bathrooms and kitchen, that are fully furnitured.

“So instead of paying an interior designer to do the job you thought that I could do it.” You say, pointing at a dark dining room table. “Without even paying me a penny.”

“I’ll buy you a plate of Swedish meatballs when we are done.” He jokes and you are about to slap his shoulder, but he catches your hand before it makes contact.

Will and you walk around the store, grabbing small pieces like lamps, glasses, plates, silverware… and taking pictures of the bigger pieces of furniture so you can find them later on the warehouse part of the store.

“What does ‘sanning’ mean?” You ask him, looking at the tag of one of the plates you have chosen.

“Truth.” He says, smiling at me.

“And ‘variera’?” You ask again, reading another tag.

“Vary.” He translates for you again, grabbing a set of spatulas and looking at them.

You nod, looking at more stuff for his kitchen. You know that he isn’t going to cook that much, but you are trying to get everything that it’s convenient to have. You show him a big bowl that could be used for salads or snacks and he nods, smiling when he sees the name of the container.

“What is it so funny?” You wonder, putting it in the cart.

“ ‘Vargaden’ means everyday life.” He explains and you nod again. Will loves to speak Swedish to you, but just because he knows that you don’t understand a word and it amuses him. “Come on min kära, let’s get all the heavy duty and go home.”

It takes you another half an hour to get all the pieces of furniture and pay. You get the smaller things in Will’s car and arrange the delivery of the couches, tables and beds for tomorrow.

Will drives us to his new home, which is in much better neighborhood than yours. He parks his car in the underground garage and you two make three or four trips up and down the building to carry everything to his house.

“So, where are my meatballs?” You ask, putting the last bag of stuff down and rubbing your sore hands from carrying stuff.

“I want Thai food.” He shrugs, looking at the boxes, trying to decide what to put together first. “What should we put together first? The bedside tables or that bookshelf?”

“We? Uh uh, blondie.” You say, sitting on the floor and taking your shoes off. “I am not putting together anything. I am just here for the food.”

“Well, order some take out if you are just going to sit on your pretty butt all night.” He huffs, choosing the bookshelf’s box and starting to open it and taking all the pieces out.

You order some Thai food for both of you and sit on the floor with your back against the wall. Willy reads the instructions and tries to follow them, but two people are required to put it together.

“(y/n), please.” He begs after spending half an hour trying after giving up. “Help.”

“What are you going to give me in return?” You wonder, smirking at him.

“Vad du vill (whatever you want), (y/n)” He says in Swedish and you raise an eyebrow. “Just help me.”

“I want you to stop speaking to me in a language I don’t understand.” You complain, getting on your feet and walking towards him, helping him with the bookshelf.

By the time you finish working on the piece of furniture the food has gone cold and you two are sweaty and tired.

“Beer?” He asks, grabbing a couple bottles from the fridge and handing you one of them.

“Tack (Thank you).” You answer him and he smiles at you, loving your accent.

“I need to teach you more Swedish, it sounds good in your mouth.” He says, making you blush furiously.

“Then teach me.” You agree and he smirks, raising his beer.

“Öl.” He says, pointing at the bottle on his hand.

“Öl is beer?” You wonder and he nods. “Okay, next.”

“Hallå.” He says and you repeat, making him laugh. “That’s ‘hello’.”

“Next.” You request.

“Snygg.” You mimic his pronunciation, but he doesn’t translate it for you.

“What’s that?” You say and he shrugs.

“Take a wild guess?” He challenges you and you chew on your lower lip.

“Put it on a sentence for me?” You ask and he nods, thinking about it for a second.

“You are snygg.” He says and you frown, thinking about every mean thing that snygg could be.

“Dumb?” You ask and he rolls his eyes, shaking his head. “Short? Strong-headed?”

“Beautiful, (y/n). You are beautiful.” He says and you blush again. “Another?” He asks and you nod, looking down so he cannot see how red your face is. “Jar älskar dig.”

“That’s a long one.” You protest and he gives you an encouraging look. “Jar älska di?”

“Jar älskar dig.” And you repeat it, not getting it quite right but close enough.

“What does it mean?” You whisper.

William doesn’t speak at first, looking straight at your eyes and you feel like you are getting lost in those blue eyes. Will leans in, his lips just an inch away from yours.

“I love you.” He whispers back and you feel your heart flutter.

“It is what it means or what you mean?” Your voice is so quiet that you are not sure if he has heard you or not.

“Both.” He says, his lips crashing with yours.

“I hope that your new bed is more comfortable than this.” You whisper, rubbing circles on the skin of his chest.

You are laying on a blow out mattress, both of you wrapped around each other. Will is playing with strands of your hair, twisting and wrapping them around his fingers.

“It’s a good thing that you love all the furniture I’ve got.” He chuckles, massaging your scalp softly.

“Yeah well, you have good taste.” You mock him and he laughs.

“I definitely do.” He says, putting his finger under your chin and making you look at him, leaning in for a soft kiss.

Ankle Biter | 05

pairing: taehyung x reader - single dad! au

warnings/genre: major fluff, major angst, smut eventually I’m sure because of my thirsty ass

summary: You swear that your job sucks, except for the guy who keeps coming in every morning to order himself a black coffee, and his kid a strawberry milk and chocolate muffin. When you and Taehyung have an awkward run-in at the cafe thanks to his kid, feelings start to emerge and so do the secrets.

words: 4.8k

playlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04

warning: a lot of implied drug usage/mentions of drug usage

“Good morning, buddy.”

You looked up from your phone to see Taehyung leaning over the little body that was lying still in the hospital bed. The two of you had been here all night, taking turns sleeping on one another’s shoulders or laps while waiting for Taeji to wake up. It was 7:15 AM, and Taehyung’s phone rang so incessantly that you decided to get up for the day and let Beatrice know you won’t be coming in.

“I’m sorry,” Taehyung had whispered, kissing your cheek before hustling out of the room. But now, he was back and had promptly hung up as soon as he heard you calling for him. Taeji had woken up, his weary eyes puffy but not dim. The spark that always took refuge within Taeji was still there and for that, you’re thankful.

“How are you feeling?” Taehyung asked softly as his hand brushed the hair away from Taeji’s forehead, only for it to bounce back to place.

“I’m good, daddy. When can we go?” Taeji asked, struggling to sit up. Taehyung stepped backwards and helped prop him up against the pillows before pulling the blanket towards the little boy.

“Soon, buddy. We just gotta find your doctor to discharge you.”

Taehyung stands and you silently nod as he walks out of the room to find the doctor, and you’re left alone with Taeji. “That was a little scary yesterday, huh?”

Taeji nods. “But I still want another muffin.”

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Liam Payne reveals his love for Cheryl for the first time, saying she's been his dream girl forever
LIAM PAYNE is genuinely living out his childhood fantasies. He’s a multimillionaire, a music superstar and, to top if all off, about to have a baby with the woman of his dreams. For the first time,…

WE’RE SUPER HAPPY’ Liam Payne opens up about his love for Cheryl for the first time, saying she’s been his ‘dream girl’ since he was a teen

One Direction star gushes about his mum-to-be girlfriend in new interview

WORLD EXCLUSIVEFrom Dan Wootton’s Bizarre column16th March 2017, 10:01 pm Updated: 16th March 2017, 10:06 pm

LIAM PAYNE is genuinely living out his childhood fantasies.

He’s a multimillionaire, a music superstar and, to top if all off, about to have a baby with the woman of his dreams.

For the first time, the ONE ­DIRECTION star has broken his silence about his relationship with CHERYL, admitting the Geordie singer — ten years his senior — was the girl he lusted over as a scruffy teenager in Wolverhampton.

Liam said: “This is the thing. In a non-cliché way, it’s weird waking up every day and literally living out your dream. You wake up in the most beautiful places.

“Obviously I have the most ­beautiful girlfriend in the world and she’s absolutely amazing. She’s been my dream girl since I was younger. She’s so ace.”

Liam and Cheryl, who I revealed were dating in February last year, are UK music’s No1 power couple, amassing millions of record sales between them courtesy of their careers as part of the biggest boyband and girlband of their generation — 1D and GIRLS ALOUD.

They first met when Liam ­auditioned in front of judge Cheryl on the 2011 series of The X Factor, where he went on to form 1D with HARRY STYLES, LOUIS TOMLINSON, ZAYN MALIK and NIALL HORAN.

Her experience in the music industry is ­certainly appreciated by Liam, who’s about to embark on his solo career following an incredible five years with his band.

Speaking to Rollacoaster magazine, he said: “She is a wonderful, wonderful person and it’s amazing to have someone who can relate to so much of things — someone who’s taken greater steps than me.

“Her solo career was ­amazing. She’s been in the ­industry for 14 years now.

“She fully supports me. We’re super happy. It’s a very personal, precious time for us. I’m still ­learning. I’m only 23.”

Cheryl is a wonderful, wonderful person and it’s amazing to have someone who can relate to so much of things — someone who’s taken greater steps than me

Liam will soon become the fourth member of the band to release his own material, with Harry still ­keeping the fanbase waiting.

The singer, however, refuses to ­distance himself from the record-breaking boyband, showing his loyalty by his decision to accept the award for Best British Music Video at the Brits last month.

He clearly has fond memories of being in the band, even looking back proudly at being thrown out of a hotel by the new President of the United States.

Liam said: “DONALD TRUMP ­actually kicked us out of his hotel once. You wouldn’t believe it.

“It was about [meeting] his daughter. He phoned up our manager and we were asleep. He said, ‘Well, wake them up’ and I was like ‘No’ and then he wouldn’t let us use the underground garage.

“Obviously in New York we can’t really go outside. New York is ruthless for us. So he was like, ‘OK, then I don’t want you in my hotel.’ So we had to leave.”

As well as speaking about Cheryl for the first time, Liam also addresses his secret ­friendship with JUSTIN BIEBER in his rare chat.

The singer revealed the pair confided in each other regarding the pressures of the industry and dealing with their “chaotic lives”.

Liam said: “He’s a great guy — inside there’s a really good heart.

“I said, ‘Look, the difference between me and you is I had four different boys going through the same thing to look to. He didn’t have that.’

“I said to him, ‘Take my number and any time you want a chat, let me know as I’m here and I understand exactly what you’re going through and I understand your world.’

“He needs somebody like that and in that position.”

Unlike Liam, who only has to roll over and speak to the person he’s sharing a bed with.

And wootton has the exclusive?????

Morgan Rielly - Part Five

I’m so excited for the next part in a few days! Hope you all like it so far. 

I scramble into the car without another thought. The interior is sleek, everything a faceless black from the steering wheel to the floor mats. I eye everything warily until Morgan catches my eye, a smirk meeting me as I look at him.

               “Nice car, huh?” He asks and I roll my eyes. “No? You can walk then…”

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The Pianist in Apartment 23

Inspired by this post. Liebestraum is Franz Liszt’s most famous piano piece, told in 3 parts. The 3rd part, the part Harvey requests, is said to be about unconditional, enduring love. The kind that never fades, that never dies.

The cold morning air is bracing, and Harvey relishes the feel of the wind on his face, the feel of his feet hitting the pavement, as he runs through the paths of Central Park.

He passes another runner coming from the opposite direction and he nods. The man nods back, giving Harvey a once-over with a leer and Harvey smiles to himself and keeps running, turning the corner. He reaches the sidewalk outside the park and is greeted by a couple of ladies running toward him. They smile and he gives them a winning grin that starts to widen when he hears them giggle to each other behind his quickly retreating back.

He loves his morning run.

Finally he reaches the front door of his building and he stops, nodding at the doorman.

“How was the run, Mr. Specter?”

He checks his heart rate with a couple of fingers pressed to the inside of his neck and says, “Good, Henry. Thanks.” He watches a moving van pull into the underground garage, a couple of guys in the cabin, and says, “Someone moving in today?”

He nods. “Apartment twenty-three. Nice guy.”

“He had to have been, for Mrs. Grosvenor to give it up. She loved her place.”

Henry gives him a secret smile. “The new tenant convinced her she loved her grandkids in Florida more.”

Harvey laughs, shakes his head. “Well done. He’s not a fellow lawyer, is he?”

Henry opens the door for Harvey as he shakes his head “He didn’t say. But I did see them move in a baby grand earlier.”


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Alright guys, here is the next thing I am working on. A Mystic Messenger/X-Men Crossover! I saw a 707 art with him holding a playing card and my mind immediately shouted GAMBIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! And thus, this crossover was born. Major kudos to my lovely Tumblr daughter @booyakasha516 who fueled my tangent and helped me flesh it out. Here is the premise, and the ‘in progress’ first chapter.

This is still in the works, so things might change once I post it on AO3, which I plan to do later…… Enjoy! I hope you enjoy it anyway

Saeyoung: Gambit

MC: Rogue

Yoosung: Ice Man

Jaehee: Mystique

Zen: Cyclops

Saeran: Pyro

V: Professor X V

Vanderwood: Wolverine

Saeyoung, MC, Yoosung, Jumin, and Zen are X-men under Professor V as the head. Professor V is blind instead of paralysed.

Jaehee and Saeran are part of Magneto’s group.

Vanderwood is a free agent, doing as he pleases according to his own preferences.

Rika is the head of the government agency that is tracking and covertly eliminating mutants, good or bad. Humanity First, ???? Might change the name….

Professor V set his cane on the conference table and sat at the head. He heard the others sit around him. Their minds bobbing waves of energy and thoughts. He stayed clear of entering, as per usual, he did not eavesdrop on people’s inner thoughts unless the need was great. Most times he entered it was because that mind cried out for help. As the others settled he read their moods out of habit.

Saeyoung was bright, his energy vast and tightly contained. He could tell he was playing with a deck of cards, even if he couldn’t see him. He heard the crackle of energy that infused the small rectangles, passing from his fingers to the card and back. He also heard his heavy boots hitting the table as he leaned back on the chair. Professor V sighed and shook his head, it would do no good to remind him the table was no place for feet. Saeyoung was the same as always, hiding his insecurities behind his humor and smiles.

Yoosung sat to his left, he seemed amused, Professor V could vaguely see that he watched Saeyoung, who sat across from him, they were particularly close. Yoosung’s mind was strong, his passion stronger. He was well liked by the students, even though he was barely much older than them. He had also been the butt of many pranks. His youthfulness, innocence, and trusting nature making him an easy target. While the pranks had died down, because it just became too easy and cruel to trick the blonde, Saeyoung still enjoyed playing his own practical jokes on him. Unlike Saeyoung, Yoosung’s cheerfulness was genuine. He enjoyed teaching the children and often had very deep and meaningful conversations with them. They trusted he would keep their confidence and that he would listen with empathy. Professor V was glad that he had asked Yoosung to stay at the academy as a teacher once he himself had graduated. There was a special place in his heart for the young man.

Zen sat next to Yoosung, his mood perturbed. If Professor V had to guess, the mood was probably due to Jumin. Those two had yet to get along, Zen often threatening to use his laser eyes on Jumin’s wings. He was breathing heavily and had certainly sat down crossing his arms immediately. He could imagine Zen glaring at Jumin through his shielded goggles, his lips pursed and huffing. Professor V grinned at the stunning figure he must cut with his long flowing white locks, his high cheekbones, and wide shoulders. He heard his teeth grinding in his jaw.

As Jumin sat next to Saeyoung and across from Zen Professor V heard the rustling of his black wings. He would spread them so that they lay to each side of the chair and he would not crush them beneath him. He leaned back, placing his hands on the table ever so softly. His breathing was even and steady. Whatever had transpired between Jumin and Zen, it had not affected the stoic man as much as it had affected Zen. Professor V did catch a feeling of annoyance from the man, but he was impressed by how perfectly Jumin held his emotions in. There were times he wished that he was not so good at it.

“We’re all here Professor.” Saeyoung yelled, moving his hand in front of the Professor’s eyes. Professor V turned and pushed Saeyoung’s hand down. “I’m not completely blind Saeyoung, I can tell everyone is here, even without eyes as you well know.” He grinned.

Saeyoung chuckled and leaned back in his chair once more, throwing his feet onto the table as well. Professor V took his cane and shoved at his ankle until his feet hit the floor. Saeyoung only chuckled more, leaning over the table and shuffling his cards on the surface.

“Do you have to keep doing that?” Zen asked, his arms still crossed and his mood still bad.

“No.” was the sharp answer, as Saeyoung continued to shuffle.

Yoosung giggled, then covered his mouth. Zen backhanded him lightly on the shoulder and Yoosung just shrugged.

“Alright, listen up, this is important. Humanity First is at it again. They’ve taken someone with tremendous strength, she won’t be alive for long. Her psychic scream was deafening. I was able to gather some information before her mind was closed off completely. Either by her own design, which I doubt, or by outward means. Her name is MC, her alias is Rogue. Currently she has the telepathic power, a strong one.”

“What do you mean ‘currently’?” Jumin asked, leaning forward, elbows on the table, arms crossed.

“It seems as if her mutant power is the ability to steal other mutant’s powers, or, sadly, the life of humans.”

Yoosung gasped, his hands covering his mouth. “That sounds awful.” He said.

“Indeed. I did some research, she has been on her own for a little over four years now. Apparently, her powers manifested during an intimate encounter with her boyfriend. A single kiss was enough to drain him of his life force.”

“She killed him?” Yoosung gasped again. He couldn’t imagine killing anyone. Although he had the power to do just that, it was not something he ever contemplated seriously.

“I’m afraid so, people were afraid of her after that, including her own parents, so she ran away before they could put her in an institution. I’m not sure how she has survived up till now, but having done so for this many years, speaks of a great mind.”

“Do you know where they took her? Which facility?” Jumin asked.

“No, but I’ve narrowed it down to three.”

“How are we supposed to figure it out? We can’t just go in and check all of them.” Zen responded.

“No, we can’t, but I know someone who can.” Professor V answered. “Saeyoung has worked his magic and has all the details we need. I want you and Yoosung to go to Battalion Square, someone will meet you there with more information. Once you have ascertained which facility the girl is in, I will send the rest of the team to your location so that you can come up with a plan of attack.”

“Who are we meeting with?” Saeyoung asked.

“You’ll see, that will be all for now, I suggest you two get going, or you will be late.”

“Professor!” Saeyoung stood and pressed the Professor.

He sighed and placed a hand on Saeyoung’s shoulder, “Just, go Saeyoung. Trust me.”

Saeyoung’s lips thinned out but he nodded. He grabbed his cards and tucked them into his trenchcoat, he motioned for Yoosung to follow him and grabbed his staff as he headed out the door.

“Who do you think it is?” Yoosung asked.

Saeyoung clenched his teeth, “My brother.” He breathed out.

“Oh!” Yoosung had never met Saeyoung’s brother, but he knew that they had not parted under good terms. “But, but that means…”

“We’ll be working with Magneto again, yes. This new agency is a threat to all mutants, but I still don’t trust Magneto’s team.”

“Neither do I.” Yoosung agreed. They made their way to the underground garage and Saeyoung retracted his staff until it was no longer than twelve inches, he tucked it away next to his cards. He jumped into his convertible and Yoosung got into the passenger side. There were days when Saeyoung wished he had a cool traveling power, but, being behind the wheel of his sports cars was exhilarating in and of itself. He glanced over at Yoosung, at 21 he was still so much like a child. He wore ripped blue jeans and a white t-shirt with blue and yellow horizontal stripes. There were two hair clips that held his bangs away from his large amethyst eyes. The car was not moving and Yoosung looked over at Saeyoung.

“What?” he asked, his voice high pitched and sweet. Saeyoung grinned.

“Nothing, let’s go.” Yoosung put his seatbelt on and glanced at Saeyoung, he ran a hand over his yellow locks and wondered what it was that Saeyoung had been looking at. He was well aware that he did not quite measure up to the rest of the V-Men. He was the youngest, but it was more than that, he lacked any kind of experience. He only hoped that he would not let the team down, or Professor V.

They made it to the square in no time, Saeyoung ignoring all driving laws, Yoosung’s hair windblown and messy. He had also lost a hairclip along the way. He groaned as he looked at himself in the mirror, trying to make one hairclip work. He sighed and gave up, sliding it out of his hair and tossing it into the center console. His hair immediately flopped over his left eye and he blew at it to no avail. Saeyoung laughed and ruffled his hair.

“Stop it!” he pushed Saeyoung’s hand away and got out of the car. Saeyoung locked it and Yoosung arched his eyebrow.

“Gotta keep my baby safe.” He said, twirling his keychain around his finger.

“Saeyoung, the top is down, if someone wants to get into your car, it’s not that hard.”

“Oh really? Ok, smart water, go ahead, try it.” Yoosung rolled his eyes at Saeyoung’s attempted humor.

“Fine.” He reached a hand to the door and was about to jump in the car when the door flew open, knocking him down on his ass.

“Stay away or I’ll beat you senseless.” The car mocked him. Saeyoung bent over, slapping his knee and laughing.

Yoosung held his belly where the door had hit him, cursing at Saeyoung.

“What a mouth! You kiss your mother with that mouth?” Saeyoung’s eyes were wide in mock surprise.

“Shut up and help me up, that really hurt!” Yoosung held out his hand for Saeyoung to take. He yanked him and dusted him off, still snickering.

“Is this you get your kicks? Picking on children?” Came a sarcastic and nasty voice from behind them. They both turned around. The man, not much more than a boy himself, had shocking white hair with red tips, his eyes were an unnatural mint green, freckles across his nose. He had a thin red sweater on so loose at the collar that it fell off his right shoulder, although, the way it exposed a large tattoo of an intricate eye, he might be wearing it that way on purpose. He had a double choker around his neck and a spiked wrist band. His jeans were black and he wore motorcycle boots. Yoosung’s eyes widened.

“You’re, you’re twins!” he exclaimed.

“You’ve got a bright one here Saeyoung.” the man said as he tapped out a cigarette from his pack, tossing it into his mouth. He shoved the pack into his back pocket and with a snap of his fingers, he created a small flame to light it.

“Nice to see you too Saeran.” Saeyoung grated. The hand around Yoosung’s arm tightened and he could feel the crackle of kinetic energy along his skin.

The woman standing next to him had long brown hair and brown eyes. She was dressed in business attire. A white button blouse, black suit jacket and black pencil skirt. She wore little to no makeup and her heels looked too high to be worn in an office setting. She smirked at them both.

Saeran snickered and turned away from his brother, scanning the area, and exhaling smoke.

“I was told you had the location of the three facilities, let me have them. I also need someone to impersonate.”

“And you are?” Saeyoung’s eyebrows rose.

She held out her hand. Saeyoung smiled at her, his most charming smile and leaned in. “I don’t give it up that easily. What do I get?” he crooned. Yoosung rolled his eyes at the same time as Saeran, they stared at each other, Saeran narrowed his eyes and looked Yoosung up and down, as if for the first time. Yoosung blushed and turned away, letting his hair fall and cover his face.

“You get to stay alive, now give me the information.” She glared at Saeyoung dangerously. Saeyoung pouted, his charms usually worked.

Saeran snickered again. “Don’t mess with Jaeheee, she doesn’t have a funny bone. She’s a little boring, but.” He shrugged. She glowered sideways at him and pursed her lips but said nothing. He scoffed at her look, but kept all other comments to himself.

Saeyoung reluctantly pulled out the envelope and handed it to Jaehee. She took it in her long fingers and opened it, flipping through the information rapidly.

“Good, this will do, I will contact you when we learn which facility the girl is in.”

Saeyoung reached out to grab her arm, but the daggers in her eyes held him at bay.

“We go with you.”

“Why? You can’t help me, you would stick out like a sore thumb!”

“He can’t go in with you either, we’ll just keep him company, catch up, what do you say brother?” Saeyoung gestured towards Saeran who rolled his eyes again and puffed harder on his cigarette. Yoosung looked from one to the other, as did Jaehee.

“Whatever! He might be helpful if we need to hack.” Saeran conceded.

“Fine, but they are your responsibility!” Jaehee turned on her heels and walked off, Saeran glared at the other two and followed her. Saeyoung and Yoosung had no choice but to fall in line behind him. Yoosung was sure it was going to be a miserable few hours for him. He could feel the tension and aggression roiling off the two brothers. It was only a matter of time before it escaped, and he would be stuck in the middle.

Raised By A Gang

Title: Raised By A Gang-7

Pairing:Reader/Exo Mafia!au

Summary: After you parents passed you were raised by family friends,they just happened to be a gang.

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“Ok Y/N what do you need?” Luhan asked sitting on my bed as I started to pack up my bags. “I just need to grab my sketchbook and computer, all my clothes are packed” I answer back grabbing for one of my smaller bags to put those things in. I put my computer in the bag along with the charger, turning I notice Luhan standing there with my sketchbook in his hands “ready to go on a mini vacation?” he asks smirking I nod my head in response. I put my sketchbook in the bag putting it by my door with my other items “Do you have all your stuff now?” he asks walking up behind me. “Yes, I’m ready” I respond, we pick up my bags and start making our way downstairs to join the rest of the guys by the underground garage.

“Finally! Thought you would never be done” Tao says throwing his hands up in exaggeration. I giggle in response “I have a lot of stuff ok” I say throwing down my bag down next to theirs. “Hopefully not too much” Kris says picking up his bags to move to the cars.

“Alright Y/N you are traveling with Luhan, Yixing, Tao and me” Kris says staring to load my stuff in the trunk with theirs. “Ok, where will the rest of you guys be traveling?” I ask looking at Suho “I will be traveling with Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Chen. Kai, Kyungsoo, Xiumin and Sehun will be traveling together” he says. I grimace “did you lose a bet?” I ask “Hey!” Chen, Baekhyun and Chanyeol yell together. Suho nods standing behind them “hyung why would you say that!” Chen says looking at him. “I technically didn’t say anything” he says throwing his own stuff into his car, the others grumbling behind him.

Luhan slung his arm across my shoulders “ready to go kid?” he asks me moving me slowly towards the van. I smiled at him “yep” I moved forward to sit in the car “here Y/N come sit in the back with me” Tao says reaching for my hands. I climb between the seats and move back to sit next to him, so we were sitting on the three seats in the back “why do you wanna sit back here?” I asked him “so Yixing can sit with you too, besides it’s a long drive so you might wanna take a nap” he says pulling me close to him. Yixing had just gotten in the car approaching my other side, pulling my feet into his lap “how long is the drive?” I ask no one in particular. The sound of a door slamming pulls my attention to the front “it’s going to take 10 hours to get there” Kris says turning around to look at me from the front seat. I sighed and laid my head down looking at the time on my phone 7:00 am. I look back up watching as our car followed Kyungsoo’s.

As we began to drive my eyes started to grow heavy and I yawned resting my head down on Tao’s shoulder. Lay pulled my feet into his lap, removing my shoes. He began to rub my ankle with his thumb leaning forward to look at me “just go to sleep Y/N, we will wake you when we get there ok?” he said. Tao began to run his fingers through my hair lulling me to sleep “alright” I yawned again letting my eyes close “see you when you wake up” I heard Luhan say from the passenger seat.

I was pulled awake by a slow rocking motion. Opening my eyes I’m greeted by a strong chest in front of my face. I glance up to see that I’m being carried in Tao’s arms, he looks down at me. Probably feeling me shifting, he smiles “sorry for waking you” he whispers. “It’s alright, I thought you were gonna wake me when we got here?” I question looking at my new surroundings. It looks like we are in a hotel “we we’re but you looked so peaceful that we just decided to let you sleep” he said still carrying me. “You can put me down now if you want” I say shifting so I could land on my feet, he pulled me tighter to himself so I couldn’t get down “nope” he said popping the p. I glanced down the hallway looking at the rooms we were passing, we were on the 5th level “who am I staying with?” I asked looking over Tao’s shoulder to look at the rest of the guys trailing behind us. “You are staying with me, because the rest are too irresponsible to watch you” Luhan speaks up from behind us. “Hey!” Tao says turning and walking backwards, while doing this he trips over his own feet and falls onto his back dropping me in the process. “Point proven” Kris says lifting me to my feet letting Tao stay on his back.

“Come on your room is just up ahead” Kris said leading me to the left in front of room 509. I look back at the rest of the guys only to see half the guys there, I furrow my brows in confusion “where’s the rest of the guys?” I asking looking at Kris standing next to me. “Suho is making Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Chen get everyone’s stuff because they annoyed him, and the rest are staying on the floor below” he answered opening the door for me. I nod entering the room.

It has two beds, a tv, bathroom and a small kitchen area. Luhan walked into the room after me closing and locking the door “we will be going for dinner in a little while so we can just hang out for awhile” he said throwing himself down on the bed closest to the window. I take my shoes off that they must have put on for me and lay down in the other bed next to the wall. I look over at Luhan who has closed his eyes with his arms pulled behind his head. I roll onto my side looking over at him “what will be doing anyway?” I ask him, he turns his head to look at me. “Mostly just hanging out, then we will go to a meeting. If we have time we might be able to go walk around and explore” he says a slight smile on his lips. I smile contently closing my eyes about to fall asleep again until I’m interrupted by a loud banging outside the rooms.

The banging is followed by cursing in a deep voice that I know is Chanyeol’s. Then there is knock at the door. “We got your stuff, open the door!” the voice I know is Chen’s yells. I stand walking to the door and reach for the knob, yanking it open reveals them both standing there holding our stuff. “Wheres Baek?” I ask looking behind them “are we not good enough for you?” Chen asks faking a pout, I shake my head at them smiling “we left him with all the heavy bags” Chanyeol says smiling cheekily. I laugh reaching for my stuff and moving so they can bring in the rest. They put it on the floor before leaving me and Luhan alone again.

Dinner had gone really well, having the meeting while eating. Though I wasn’t paying that much attention to them and more on my food. Luhan told me it won’t be a mission that him and a few others need to go on because that would be to many members at once. So for the time the guys went for the mission we got to go sightseeing, I went with him, Kris, Sehun, Lay and Kyungsoo. Seeing a bunch of cool landmarks and different things that makes this place unique. I’m not even sure where we are only that we were 10 hours from home and that there was some important business going on here.

Nearing midnight we went back to our hotel rooms, the others still out on mission. They would probably be out till early morning.

Next to me Luhan was snoring loudly, happily sleeping. I can’t sleep though, I partially blame it on the fact I slept all day but also due to the fact that every time I closed my eyes I’m plagued by my nightmares. The nightmares have been happening for the last few weeks, coming and going in uneven patterns. I chose not to tell the guys about them, not wanting to worry them.

After a few minutes of laying there staring at the ceiling I hear shifting. I look to my right to see Luhan had turned my way and was staring at me. “Did I wake you?” I question him turning onto my side to face him. “No I just kinda woke up. Question is, why are you still awake?” he asks lifting himself so he is leaning on his arm. “Um… Just can’t sleep. Too much exciting stuff today” I say trying to lie to him. He stares for a minute “you are a terrible liar” he says nonchalantly “come here” he says opening the blanket so I can crawl in with him. “Is it nightmares again?” he asks me brushing my hair from my face “again?” I look up at him, he has a knowing look in his eyes “we know Y/N, we just decided that you would come to us when you want to” he says gently “You don’t have to do this on your own. You know that right?” he asks eyes widening slightly. “Yeah” I say even though I know I will probably continue to keep things to myself. “Good let’s go to bed” he says pulling me closer so my head is on his chest.

“You are squishing me” I mumble into his shirt. I hear him laugh above me “good, that’s means you are closer to my heart.”

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The Worst Surprise (Pt. 1)

  A/N This is my first time posting a fanfic. Please bare with me as I learn how to navigate it. <3 

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   Dancing at the club was my favorite part of every day. It felt so good to have everyone’s eyes on me as I lost myself in the all-consuming beat of the music pumping through the speakers hidden throughout the room. The other dancers and I were meant to distract the sweaty, drunk, possibly high crowd from the true business that went on at J’s club. If they managed to pull themselves out of the haze of alcohol, the first thing they laid eyes on was me and the girls. We were meant to entertain until they found another glass of alcohol and slipped back into their hazy state or they managed to stumble their way out of the club and into the night beyond. Either way, all eyes were on us, and I absolutely loved it.

   The club was were I watched J and his beloved Harley fall apart. I watched as she began to hate him, and I barely escaped the wave of destruction that came when she finally left him for good. The club is were J watched me, night after night until he finally called me into his office, demanding a “private dance” from his “favorite girl”. I thought he was going to shoot me right then and there when I refused, harshly spitting that I wasn’t a hooker before storming out. But J admired my courage (or stupidity, depending how you looked at it), and only laughed. After that, I became his beloved Y/N, and he did everything in his power to convince me to be his. It took a year for me to finally trust him, but eventually I fell for him and became his queen. It’s been a little over a year since then.

   Tonight J left for the club before me. My makeup was taking longer than I had expected, and J was pissed. He continued to pester me, yelling about how the King of Gotham couldn’t be late for a business meeting, until I finally just told him to go without me. After a moment of silence he grumbled out, “Fine,” and stormed out of the building. Rolling my eyes at my lover’s mood, I continued applying my eyeshadow.

   Thirty minutes later, after artfully fixing my makeup and slipping on a sexy purple and gold dress, I made my way downstairs. I found Frost sitting on the couch, looking at his phone and looking bored.

   “Awww, did J leave you to look after little ol’ me?” I asked, batting my eyes at him and looking as innocent as possible.

   Frost rolled his eyes and stood up, “Mr. J knows very well how easily you find trouble, Miss,” he gave my outfit a once over before continuing, “and how much you hate wearing clothing that you could hide a weapon or phone under.”

   “Mr. Frost, you underestimate me,” I grinned before pulling up the end of my skirt just enough to reveal the bottom of a knife strapped to my thigh.

   The henchman looked impressed, obviously not expecting me to be able to keep a weapon hidden under such a tight dress. He gave me a simple nod before turning and heading towards the garage.

   Smiling, I skipped after him, “So what car are we taking?”

   “It’s up to you, Y/N.”

    I squealed and immediately went to the turquoise and black Jeep sitting at the opposite side of the garage. The Jeep, my favorite car in my favorite colors, had been my birthday present last year. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to use it very often considering I didn’t usually go anywhere without J, and he preferred his Lamborghini. In fact, I had only been allowed to actually drive it once. J didn’t really trust my driving seeing how I didn’t particularly like to drive, which led to me being slightly reckless sometimes.

   Bouncing excitedly on my toes, I stood by the passenger door and waited for Frost to open it for me. Once he did, I stepped up into my Jeep and sighed as a settled into the seat. Running my hand over the expensive black leather, I spent a moment simply appreciating how much J spoiled me.

   Frost started up my Jeep, and I immediately turned on a playlist that helped me relax and forget any worries for the night. As he drove to the club, I began to get excited to see J watching me and I moved sensually in my cage. When I danced, I always had the goal of impressing J. I loved feeling his eyes land on me, captivated by the way my body moved. I loved when I opened my eyes and they met his, a dark look of need taking over his expression. Only I was able to completely capture J’s attention, and I absolutely loved it.

   When we got to the club, Frost drove into the underground garage and parked right next to J’s purple Lamborghini. I grinned as I slid out of my Jeep, thanking Frost before making my way inside. The security guard at the door immediately opened the door for me, and I smiled in thanks. I stepped into a richly decorated hallway with low, sensual lighting. At the end of the hallway was a doorway covered in heavy curtains, through which lay J’s favorite club.

   Before I could step through the curtains, Frost lightly grabbed my arm. I turned and gave him an impatient look, “What is it Frost?”

   “Mr. J is in his meeting and doesn’t want to be disturbed. He says to go straight to dancing and that he’ll find you when he’s done.” the henchman said, a serious look on his face.

   Frowning slightly, I nodded. It was unusual that J didn’t want to see me before I got in the cage. Normally he would walk me to it, helping me up and giving me a kiss to make sure any newcomers knew that I was his. This meeting must be really important for him to ask me not to interrupt it.

   I shrugged off my concern and made my way into the club. I was immediately met with the booming bass of the song that was currently being pushed through the speakers. The club was full, as always, sweaty bodies filling the space. J’s club was for the people wishing to escape their lives and experience a bit of dangerous. It was, after all, dangerous to be so close to the King of Gotham.

   Ignoring the bodies dancing around me, I made my way to my cage. It stood at the far end of the club, closest to the room J held his meetings in. J had it added when he was trying to win my affections, and it was the only cage that could see into his private room. As a result, I always had a view of my Mr. J and he always had a view of me.

   When I got to my cage, Frost, who had stuck close to me as I travelled through the crowd of strangers, helped me into it. I gave him a smile, and he motioned for me to bend down so that I could hear him.

   “Remember,” he said loudly, speaking into my ear, “don’t disturb Mr. J, wait for him to come to you. If you wish to leave the cave before he comes, motion for me and I will get you. Tonight is not the night to be wandering around and pissing him off.”

   Frost’s words had me even more confused than I was before. J didn’t particularly like it when I wandered around the club, but he didn’t usually care that much as long as I sat at the bar and didn’t mingle with any men besides Frost or whatever henchman he had assigned to me that night. He knew that I know how to take care of myself, at least until he could come and resolve the situation. J must be really on edge tonight to want me to stay in the cage or by Frost’s side all night.

   Shaking off my concern, I stood back up and focused on the music. It wasn’t long before I started moving my body and loosing myself in the music. The DJ was playing one of my favorite songs, which made it easy for me to forget about my worries. I could feel the adrenaline start to flow through my veins as a dipped and turned to the beat. As I got more comfortable, I started to grind against the side of the cage. Making sure not to do anything too inappropriate (J would have a fit and try to massacre the place if I did), I danced sensuously. I could feel the crowd start to notice me, getting excited as they watched me in my element. Thinking about how I captured their attention made me grin.

   After I few songs, I started to come back to myself a little. I noticed that I didn’t feel J’s heavy gaze on me like I normally would. Instead, I felt a sharp, critical gaze watching my every move. Curious as to who it could be, I opened my eyes and began to search through the room. I quickly noticed that it wasn’t coming from anyone on the dance floor. Turning to the bar, I saw that Frost, true to his word, was watching me, but the gaze didn’t belong to him. Dipping down and coming back up, I threw my hair around and turned my head to look behind me. My eyes found the owner of the harsh look, and my heart dropped.

   I was looking into J’s private room, and the sight I was seeing was not a pleasant one. J was sitting there in his handsome gold and black suit. His white shirt was partially unbuttoned and he was grinning at the man across from him. On his lap was a pale, but beautiful woman in a skimpy dress. Her grin matched J’s as she met my eyes, raising her eyebrow as if to say, “What are you gonna do about it?”

   Sitting on the lap of my Mr. J, my King, was Harley Quinn, the bitch who called herself his Queen.

Downfall [03]

Characters: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 5,094

Genre: Assassin AU

Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16

By the time the remnants of your mission are cleaned up and disposed of, the sun is already peaking its crown over the horizon. You spend the rest of dawn in a car, returning back to Seoul with a drive that takes the closer part of three hours—the perks of travelling out of the city to deal with clients’ requests. The trip is tedious, as per usual, but with Jimin taking responsibility of the wheel this time around, you don’t have much to complain about.

Through the entire duration of the ride, Taehyung is very adamant in keeping everyone’s ears occupied and mind alert by playing music through the car’s sound system.  Needless to say, there is a minimal effort required on your part to stay awake.

Once in a while, you hear his voice creep up from under the song before his excited singing overpowers the original artist’s vocals. Jimin can only look at you through the rear view mirror as you two exchange amused smiles, because no matter how ridiculously over-the-top Taehyung tries to sound, he’s still pretty damn good.

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