I just remembered that the W that Louis has been getting papped at has an underground garage that’s linked directly to the hotel elevators. He’s getting papped there on his own for a reason.

Ghost (I Don't Hear The Voices Anymore) [First Draft Home Demo]
  • Ghost (I Don't Hear The Voices Anymore) [First Draft Home Demo]
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she said,
“I don’t hear the voices anymore,
And I know just what it takes to make you sad.
If you knew me,
You’d know I don’t see the faces anymore
And I know just what it takes to make you mad.
If you loved me,
You wouldn’t leave.”

Ghost (I don’t hear the voices anymore) by @supermoviesband

Scary news. After the indictment announcement drops, these following things will be in effect:
  • Global Hawk will have all coms jammed in ferguson
  • 300 Department of Homeland Security SUVs parked in a 3 story underground garage in STL
  • Police are upset and speaking frequently about releasing names of family members
  • Conversation taking place online about Ferguson are being monitored by a Fusion Center which is currently acting as a Early Warning Station for “Terrorism” pertaining to Ferguson
  • There are 24 agencies in total, local police getting orders from federal agencies
  • There has been 23k spent on non lethal weaponry. 17k of that from a federal grant

Show 662 Rock and Roll Circus is now available for streaming in The Underground Garage archives.
Come one, come all, and join us as we are celebrating the Rolling Stones’ Rock & Roll Circus, that featured the Who, Taj Mahal, the super group jam with Eric Clapton, John Lennon, Keith Richards, and Mitch Mitchell, and of course the Stones themselves introducing some new songs, like Jumpin’ Jack Flash.