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silverryu25  asked:

Hi! I have a question about Angels in the Underground. We are meeting new kinds of angels with each chapter so I was wondering what are the ranks and power differences between the angel classes (if it isn't a spoiler)? I understand Sans is one of the strongest angels, and Papy is a weaker kind, but what about the other classes? ^^

Not a spoiler at all! I stuck mostly to established judeo-christian mythology for the angel ranks in this fic, though I did rearrange some since you can find like fifty different lists of them on the internet XD From strongest to weakest it’s:

Seraphim >  Cherubim > Archangels > Thrones > Dominions > Virtues > Powers > Principalities > Angels, Grigori

As a side note, the ranking system isn’t based strictly on strength (though it’s a good rule of thumb to go by), but also serves as a sort of social ranking in the court of heaven. For example, Alphys is a Throne, but is significantly weaker (physically and magically) than Grillby, who is a Dominion. 

We’ll find out more detailed info on some of these types of angels as the story unfolds ;)