underground test

So let’s recap everything we learned today! (as we stare terrified into the void)

This is a recap of Episode 67.

  • Cecil was around when those first settlers he mentioned in History week (Episode 7) came to Night Vale. They came in the year 1745.

    Cecil lived through all of the things he mentions in History week. That makes Cecil (as he was a teenager at that time, but what does that even mean these days) at least 285 earth years!

  • Cecil always had a thing for Scientists. I mean science. Very into science.

  • In 1983 there was obviously a nuclear explosion, that had to do with the fall of Nulogorsk as revealed in The Deft Bowman (Episode 40). “Sister City Nulogorsk Decimated By Nuclear Attack: No Known Survivors.”

    From the Night vale Wiki: 

    “On September 24th of 1983 the Soviet Union did have five underground nuclear tests. Earlier in the same year the NATO naval exercises known as Able Archer led Russia to ready their nuclear weapons. (its actually 6 but that’s okay)

    On September 26, 1983, the nuclear early warning system of the Soviet Union twice ‘falsely reported the launch of American Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missiles

    The alternate timeline was witnessed in the two different news reports of the same day. But I believe we actually heard the creation of the alternate timeline if those launches hadn’t been reported as false, if they had been believed and the Soviet union had retaliated, causing the destruction of Night Vale. The other time was erased, and Nulogorsk just stayed in 1983 forever. That’s really some mindfuckery.

  • Everything Simone Rigadeau ever said about the world ending 30-40 years ago was true. In a way.

  • Leonard Burton… ah Leonard poor thing… sentient… being. 

  • Old woman Josie’s full name is Josie Ortiz! She was always a prophet. Also she seems to be the only one ageing normally. Dunno what to make of that.

  • Cecil was around before the invention of the radio, it sounded like he was talking into a cave before with all the echoes around him, and then as he mentioned the radio, it become more static and tape recording like. So then, how was he talking, who was he talking to, where’d those recordings come from, what is a blood space war and why was there so much static. These aren’t real questions, I’ve given up.

  • This whole episode was a recording of recordings that shouldn’t exist.

  • Lee Marvin is eternal.