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Cannikin was detonated on November 6, Amchitka island, Alaska, 1971. It was the largest underground nuclear test in US history. The ground lifted 20 feet caused by an explosive force almost 400 times the power of the Hiroshima bomb. The explosion caused a seismic shock of 7.0 on the Richter scale, causing rockfalls and turf slides of a total of 35,000 square feet Though earthquakes and tsunamis predicted by environmentalists did not occur, a number of small tectonic events did occur in the following weeks, thought to be due to the interaction of the explosion with local tectonic stresses. (Source)

I like this game, but I can’t help but feel a little disappointed at a missed opportunity.

Both words is the title are five letters long and have an “N” in the middle and if you swap the letters after or before the “N” you get:

I know I’m not the only person who noticed that.

The game is already stuffed full of references to some pretty obscure shit, you couldn’t have given them a poster in the background or something? I know a Sonic Underground reference would be kind of out of place, but certainly not as out of place as Puyo Puyo!

I can’t imagine DiC would be too upset about it, what with them being out of business and all.


This Monday is ഓണം so let’s prepare for this amazing celebration. ഓണം onam is Kerala’s equivalent of New Year celebration. There is a misconception among non-Malayalees that ഓണം is only celebrated by Hindus. Although the origin of ഓണം is of Hindu religion and beliefs, it’s loved and celebrated by every Malayalee, regardless of religion on this planet. Schools give out a week long break even adults get few days off, everyone goes shopping for new clothes, we have a dress code :)

Google will give you a more detailed story, so the short version of the myth behind ഓണം is മാവേലി Maveli, a just and kind king, was asked by a disguised Vishnu (a poor brahmin) if he could have three feet/steps of land and the king agreed. Since this was a test for Maveli, Vishnu grew so large that with the first step he covered the entire earth and the second the skies. Now he doesn’t have place for the third step and he tells Maveli this and in response Maveli said he can place the third step on his head and Vishnu does, sending Maveli to nether world/underground. Having passed the test and he gets a wish but the king only had one request, to visit his kingdom, Kerala, once a year. Vishnu moved by all this granted it. So on the day of തിരുവോണം, the final day of onam season, Maveli visits Kerala.

We’ll cover the Malayalam months first, which is based on the കൊല്ലവർഷം (Kollam Year.) Right now the year is 1193! On a day to day basis we do follow the gregorian calendar but for things like festivals, farming, and birth charts etc we use the Malayalam months because കൊല്ലവർഷം is solar calendar and the months are named and based on constellation position (there is lot more science involved but we don’t know all of it).

Based on Gregorian Calendar the year starts in August-September time frame. So the months are:

ചിങ്ങം Chingam

കന്നി Kanni

തുലാം Thulam

വൃശ്ചികം Vrishchikam

ധനു Dhanu

മകരം Makaram

കുംഭം Kumbham

മീനം Meenam

മേടം Medam

ഇടവം Edavam

മിഥുനം Midhunam

കര്‍ക്കടകം Karkkadakam

And so Onam is celebrated in ചിങ്ങം! It’s a season, 10 days long, on the 10th day is തിരുവോണം, the actual day malayalees go all out and celebrate it! This year it’s from the 25th of August to the 4th of September.

Now let’s truly prepare for the festivities so you can wish people and more importantly ask for more food!

ഓണാശംസകൾ! Onnashamsakal (lit trans: onam greetings) Make sure to greet everyone on Monday!

പൂക്കളം pookkalam = A flower arrangement done with different kinds of petals in a colourful design

പുലികളി pulikali = tiger dance

വള്ളംകളി vallamkali = a traditional boat race that looks AMAZING when you see it happening irl

ഓണാ സാധ്യ ona sadhya = a meal with variety of traditional dishes( **vegetables only for onam!**) are served on a banana leaf, this meal is during lunch only

Next are types of dishes you can make with almost any vegetables, or even fruits!

തോരൻ thoran = coconut shavings based veggies, for example: beans thoran

പുലിശയറി or മോര് pulisseri or morru= yogurt curry

അവിയൽ avial = vegetable potluck

എരിശേരി erisseri = spicy coconut paste base with one or multiple veggies

പരിപ്പ് കറി parippu curry = lentil curry (what westerners drink as soup)

സാംബാർ sambar = the essential curry to all South Indians, spicy red color vegetable mix, soup consistency

മെഴുകുവാര്ടി mayukkuvarti = kerala equivalent of stir fry

അച്ചാർ aCHar = pickle (you can turn any food item into achar, even meat but this onam so only veggies)

Dont forget the പപ്പടം! Pappadam = a thin crispy kind of food so your sadhya is more crunchy

പായസം paayasam = the milk based dessert that ties everything together in the end

This is like extra fancy having that many sides, but we hope everyone gets to eat this many sides cause it is heavenly~ And bless you all with at least two types of payasam :D

Eat with your hands like a proper Indian, and fold the leaf top to bottom to show that you’ve enjoyed the meal and you’ll come again! (If you fold it from the bottom, it’s disrespectful!)

Happy Onam!

History lesson #1: The Beginning

Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: humans and monsters. One day, war broke out between the two races. After a long battle, the humans were victorious. They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell.

Unfortunately, the humans miscalculated their powers. The Barrier was successfully created but a surplus of magic was lost, stuck in the Underground alongside the monsters. The excess of magic boiled down, condensed and finally bloomed in a rather unexpected way.

Whereas all of the science people, including Dr. Gaster, the Royal Scientist, had predicted a devastating explosion, the magic instead gathered itself at the top of the caves they were buried in. It kept expanding until almost half of the caves was immersed in it.

Then it started to glow, more and more. Monsters had hidden themselves in a smaller cave, far away from the Barrier, where rock above their heads was concealing the magic growing. They were hugging their relatives tight, saying their last words to their loved ones. For a moment outside, the light was so dazzling that there was nothing but white, and then all was over.

After a very long time, monsters coyly opened their eyes, looked around them. Nothing had changed. They were still underground, still next to their loved ones, still alive. There was no trace of dust. They breathed again all at once, and they started working.

The scientists had stated the rock of this smaller cave had protected them from the explosion. No one had heard anything, but who knew anything about that much excess of magic? They built a whole city in the small cavern and organized their lives underground.

They were still too numerous for that place, though. Not so long after the city was finished, monsters talked about peeking outside to see if the rest of the Underground had truly been destroyed. Asgore ordered the Royal Scientist and his team to organize an expedition.

Said expedition went way more quickly and smoothly than they thought it’d be.

They found out instantly that the whole ensemble of caves was good as new. Nothing showed signs of explosion; but at the ceiling, where the magic had concentrated, was what seemed to be an immense mirror reflected all of the Underground. After some quick tests to check the stability of magic, Dr. Gaster came back and announced monsters would be able to move out and expand their new home.

And so they did. It took some time to get used to always have movement above their heads, but everybody eventually started to forget it. It was nothing bad, just a weird magic huge mirror, right? Honestly, they had better things to worry about.

A few years passed.

One day, someone walked next to a mirror and jumped so violently they fell on the floor. Their reflection, when they had seen them, had stopped being synchronised and had raised their hand, waving and saying a polite hello. They rushed to the lab of the Royal Scientist to explain what they just saw.

Dr. Gaster had to run some more tests, a lot more tests. He eventually found out the truth: that mirror wasn’t a real mirror. The synchronisation would keep getting worst and worst, and the reflections would end up having a life of their own. The future proved him right.

It is slow, but it is here. The more the reflections separate their ways from their original selves, the more they lose colours. But they also gained hope and joy and they wouldn’t trade it back for anything else. They don’t have any memory of an era when they’d be elsewhere; their life started in the Underground and they have no interest at all in the Surface.

They’re not really reflections anymore and there is probably a lot of monsters convinced it has never been the case.

They’ll fight using any means to keep what they were offered.


Illusion Confusion

Drabble for @portalportalau and the AU where Max dreams of Portal but it’s actually clones of him doing tests! I love this idea!!
Warnings: Swearing!

Testing. He hated it. No, hate was too weak of a word. He loathed testing. It only went on and on and on and you get the point. Max loathed it because it never ended, neither did the dreams too.

It was strange. Strange how every night when Max tucked himself away on that shitty chest the camp called a bed, he dreamt of testing. Underground chambers, robots, killer turrets, portal guns, Max saw it all. The whole aspect of it seemed insane, practically a perfect heaven for mad scientists.

Once Max closed his eyes he only woke up in his dream world, so he called it. He’d be wearing the same ugly puke-orange jumpsuit that smelled like it could use a couple washes. Funny, you usually can’t access your other senses in a dream, but in this never-ending nightmare, Max could.

He could smell the charring air around the lasers, see how detailed and thought out the test chambers were. And even taste the blood on his tongue from a turret who finally hit its mark.

The hate didn’t stop there. No, no, no, the list was long, very long. Another reason he hated it was because the dream kept coming back to haunt him. Night after night with the only release being the hell-hole Camp Campbell with fucking happy-go-lucky David.

That’s right. David. David was in his dream as well.

Granted, the David Max experienced in the dream was quite the contrary to his. He actually would’ve liked this new David if it weren’t for the fact he forced him in testing. Wait, was it even considered he? Sounded like one, yes, but truthfully no. This David was a robot, an AI specifically.

There was the other reason to hate the dream world, dream David was a robot. His voice sounded so autotuned, the first time Max heard it he thought he was listening to a Vocaloid song. How he couldn’t stop laughing.

Or maybe it was the laughing gas…

And ehhhhh because I don’t know how to end this ;-; sorry for leading you on

Failure of containment during an underground nuclear test of French Atomic bomb, In Eker Algeria, 1962

The “Béryl incident” was a French nuclear test, conducted on May 1, 1962, during which nine soldiers of the 621st Groupe d'Armes Spéciales unit were heavily contaminated by radioactivity.The test took place at In Eker, Algeria, then a French department, and was designed as an underground shaft test.Due to improper sealing of the shaft, radioactive rock and dust were released into the atmosphere. The soldiers were exposed to as much as 600 mSv. As many as 100 additional personnel were exposed to lower levels of radiation, estimated at about 50 mSv, when the radioactive cloud produced by the blast passed over the command post, due to an unexpected change in wind direction. Among those exposed were several French government officials, including French Defense Minister Pierre Messmer and Gaston Palewski.

North Korea Update! (Because I feel like you guys should know)

On 9/2/17, the leader of N Korea detonated a HYDROGEN BOMB underground at their testing facility, causing an earthquake. Since it was underground no one was killed.

If you guys don’t know, hydrogen bombs are above nuclear.

Trump (as well as several other leaders of other countries) have said this WILL not be tolerated.

Australia, South Korea, and Japan have all mentioned that if N Korea attacks anyone, these countries said they WILL get involved. India is being armed in order to help as well. China has pledged that they will NOT help N Korea if N Korea attacks.

Stay safe, followers in Asia and the West Coast of the US!

Sources (note, the paragraph about the other countries is from July - August but is still valid) :